5 best carp rods

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Rating of the best carp rods

Nomination a place Name of product price
TOP best carp rods 1 SHIMANO CATANA CX SPECIMEN 12300 P3 10 750 rub.
2 Daiwa Windcast WNCT 3312-AD 4 764 rub.
3 SHIMANO ALIVIO DX SPECIMEN 13-350 6 600 rub.
4 MIKADO SAKANA HANTA CARP, 3.90M 3 545 rub.
5 KAIDA BIG FISH TELE CARP (118) 420 / 60-120 1 570 rub.


Rating: 4.9


The new fishing season from the company Shimano was so successful development that in the shortest possible time has gained popularity in the world carpole arena. Becoming best seller on the shores of Misty Albion, CATANA carp fishing rod CX SPECIMEN 12300 P3 began active conquest of domestic fishermen, and despite the increased prices, I was able to get rows of loyal fans. The classic three-section came out a little shorter than opponents by rating (366 centimeters), but at the same time added strength through the use of composite material XT40. The form turned out to be traditionally thin and powerful, capable of resist even violent, aggressive attacks of carp.

The only weak spot SHIMANO CATANA CX SPECIMEN 12300 P3 relative to competitors has become a level of value. While others “fight” for primacy in the budget segment, this carp fishing rod took a step forward, a little beyond relevant price. But anyway, today she considered the best in its category, with which we can not argue can not.


  • great balance;

  • good ergonomic parameters;

  • test within 0-140 grams;

  • optimal rigidity and strength parameters;

  • high popularity on the world stage;

  • XT40 hardened composite material blank;


  • not detected.

Daiwa Windcast WNCT 3312-AD

Rating: 4.8

Daiwa Windcast WNCT 3312-AD

Daiwa carp fishing rod is one of the most advanced in the Windcast line, even though obviously weakened construction. Its main advantages are exhaustively described. in four words: subtlety, accuracy, speed and power. At 390 centimeters long manufacturers managed to keep the weight on level 390 grams, mainly due to the use of a new high strength carbon fiber. Speed ​​in turn provided by the characteristics of the form, allowing long casts and provide unlimited control of the bait during posting. This also implies the accuracy of actions.

As for the power of Windcast WNCT 3312-AD, then this the parameter manifests itself during the process of fishing prey. Despite a serious deflection, the rod stably resists applied load without plastic deformations or kinks, leaving the winner of all the “skirmishes” with cyprinids.


  • relatively low cost;

  • ergonomic indicators;

  • small nominal weight (350 grams);

  • good margin of safety (even considering telescopic designs);

  • the ability to fully control the bait during casting and wiring;


  • expressed no.


Rating: 4.7


ALIVIO DX SPECIMEN 13-350 Carp Fishing Rod Is Not Top Shimano’s carp model, however, relies on technologies used to create elite series. Possesses fast formation, which is why it shows excellent results in casting distance, as well as a confident game of bait in weight variations from 0 to 140 grams. Consists of two plug sections than provides proper rigidity and virtually high loading capacity of the form.

According to anglers, carp fishing rod SHIMANO ALIVIO DX SPECIMEN 13-350 is able to work in the most aggressive, difficult modes, pulling from the depths of the trophy carp weighing up to 15-20 kilograms. AND even if in recent years a steady price increase has been observed on the model, specifications continue to hold steady demand high level.


  • high strength and load indicators;

  • good casting distance (due to the construction of the rod);

  • wide range of bait dough;

  • basing development on advanced technologies of the company;


  • massiveness without additional equipment (437 grams with a length of 396 centimeters);

    gradual increase in market prices.


Rating: 4.6


Another very popular ranking in the ranking representative of carp feeder rods designed by Polish company Mikado. Unlike KAIDA carp rods, SAKANA HANTA CARP is more ergonomically oriented, which is clearly reflected in its weight parameters. At almost identical strength and slightly shorter length (390 centimeters) the weight of this model is only 270 grams. Besides moreover, the wider test on lures also pleases, the upper bound which is 140 grams.

According to anglers reviews, MIKADO SAKANA HANTA CARP is almost the best carp fishing rod in the category, combining in low cost and good technical and ergonomic specifications, and high build quality. Objective shortcomings not here, but merits – more than enough.


  • wide range of bait dough (up to 140 grams);

  • reduced weight without loss of strength;

  • high-quality assembly and high durability of the form;

  • good catching ability checked by fishers;

  • low price (even in the conditions of universal rise in price);


  • not detected.

KAIDA BIG FISH TELE CARP (118) 420 / 60-120

Rating: 4.5


Inexpensive and functional carp fishing rod for hunting large carp, the test of which varies between 60-120 grams. It has a good margin of safety largely due to its massiveness – without snap its weight is an impressive 0.45 kilograms. However, for a length of 420 centimeters, this is quite normal: when underestimating the weight characteristic, such a large shoulder rods can simply break.

According to users, KAIDA BIG FISH TELE carp fishing rods CARP does not favor light baits too, showing mediocre sensitivity results. Adequate whip reactions and forms appear only at the upper bounds of the test, therefore anglers prefer to use carp rods exclusively on heavy gear for a large predator. Otherwise, he is very good, as evidenced by good sales figures in the territory Of Russia.


  • wide range of weights used (from 60 to 120 gram);

  • prevalence in a network of retail fishing stores Russia;

  • low cost;

  • good indicators of elasticity and strength of the form;


  • low sensitivity at the bottom of the test;

  • heavy weight when not equipped.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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