5 best car TVs

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Long car trips are very exhausting. The driver gets unpleasant emotions while standing in traffic jams. TO fortunately, not only a smartphone with its tiny screen. TV can help in this regard. Sure But not ordinary, but automobile. The range of such devices cannot be broad, nevertheless we were able to select the top five car TVs, the purchase of which is unlikely to disappoint especially if you get acquainted in advance not only with the merits purchased device, but also with its shortcomings (without them not cost no model).

Rating of the best car TVs

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best car TVs 1 Alpine PKG-2100P 38 900 rub.
2 AVEL AVS1550MPP 15 900 rub.
3 AVEL AVS0945T 11 500 rub.
4 Digma DCL-1020 5 986 rub.
5 Eplutus EP-1019 5 150 rub.

Alpine PKG-2100P

Rating: 4.9

Alpine PKG-2100P

Inside the car, space is quite limited. IN therefore, there are usually exactly two places – head restraints and a ceiling. Alpine PKG-2100P uses second option. Its main unit is attached to the ceiling, so this The device is usually bought by owners of SUVs. It should be noted that the device is being sold for very big money – in Russian stores ask about 39 thousand rubles for it, which makes TV the most expensive in our ranking. But he is one of the most functional! The fact is that there is not only 10.2-inch tilt display, but also for interior lighting – they are never superfluous, right?

This car TV can be called full media center. The device is capable of playing movies with DVD media – for this there is an optical drive. And not movies are required – the product has support for MP3 music and JPEG images. You can listen to songs, including wireless infrared headphones – one pair Comes complete. There is also a remote control in the box with the device The remote control with which most settings are made. However, several buttons can be found on the TV.

Alpine PKG-2100P includes analog and digital TV tuners. But you can immediately forget about the second, since he understands only DVB-T standard, which has ceased to exist for a very long time. For analog TV viewing screen installed here It fits perfectly, because it has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. IN the number of device features can be entered and the availability FM transmitter. The rest of the device, unfortunately, is not happy. Most of all, he disappoints with the lack of a USB flash drive slot – not every motorist wants to regularly record content on a disc or from time to time go to a department selling DVD movies. But most of all, of course, value introduces into a stupor. For such I want to get money much more advanced in terms of technical characteristics of the device.


  • Mounting to the ceiling is possible;

  • Foldable design used;

  • There are a large number of connectors;

  • Supported DVD-RW discs;

  • Available to play DVD movies;

  • There is an analogue TV tuner;

  • Included are a remote control and headphones;


  • No support for DVB-T2 standard;

  • Low screen resolution

  • There is no slot for a memory card or USB interface;

  • Very high cost;


Rating: 4.8


It is under the AVEL brand that the largest quantity is produced car tvs. Model called AVS1550MPP is, so to speak, the flagship decision manufacturer. There are also illuminating the interior lights, and tiltable display, and FM transmitter. The latter helps in wireless transmission of sound to the car radio, which is already uses its own speakers. As you already understood, this TV is ceiling – almost half of these are our rating. At the same time, the manufacturer himself calls his creation monitor. And rightly so, because there’s no TV tuner here – neither analogue or digital. To worry about this is not worth it. Instead of a TV channel, it’s much easier to watch a movie, pre-saved on a USB stick. You can even download the video in very good quality, as it is to be watched on 15.6-inch screen with Full HD resolution.

Despite the rather large thickness, the device does not have in its DVD player included. But this TV has a lot of connectors – here even an HDMI input is present, allowing, for example, place a modern game console in the car (if you figure out how to power it). Regarding supported media files, the device is not limited to videos – see on the monitor you can take pictures, not to mention listening to music. At the same time, support for infrared headphones is also implemented here.

As expected, the TV control is implemented through remote control Despite the very advanced features, the device can not be called terribly expensive – in Russian stores for him asking for no more than 16 thousand rubles. Slightly upsetting the buyer may only the complete absence of speakers. That is, without interacting with car radio or connecting wireless headphones not get along.


  • High resolution LCD;

  • The TV is supplemented by lighting shades;

  • Supported IR Headphones;

  • There is an FM transmitter;

  • There is a slot for a USB stick;

  • There are a large number of connectors;

  • Convenient folding design;


  • No TV tuner;

  • The price can not be called low.


Rating: 4.7


And this is a monitor, playing at the same time the role of the headrest. On sale You can find several color solutions for this device, because the buyer needs to get into the color of his seat. Of course, given only passengers located on rear seats. This is partly why car TV estimated at 11 thousand rubles.

TV AVEL AVS0945T ranked in our rating thanks to the ability to play videos from multiple sources. Here there is even a DVD player. But it’s much easier to throw content on an SD card, a slot for which is also available here, or on USB stick The sound output is carried out on the car radio, for why is the FM transmitter used. If you want to not distract driver, you can use the headphones. Here the user is waiting two options, since the product supports not only wired, but and infrared models that do not constrain movement.

A 9-inch display is used to display the image. complemented by a touch pad, thanks to which the TV does not remote control required. Screen resolution is 800×480 pixels. Perhaps this is the most significant drawback of the device, because now even smartphones can produce a more detailed picture. You can still note the absence of a TV tuner here, but it’s unlikely that this is seriously will disappoint.


  • There are a large number of connectors;

  • Cost is not prohibitive;

  • There is an FM transmitter;

  • Wired and infrared headphones are supported;

  • The headrest turned out to be very soft;

  • Used touch control;

  • There are some simple games;

  • Built-in optical drive;

  • USB flash drives and memory cards are supported;


  • Low resolution display;

  • Missing TV tuner.

Digma DCL-1020

Rating: 4.6

Digma DCL-1020

A very inexpensive car TV that is put on dashboard, receiving electricity from the cigarette lighter. The device is very small, and on its front panel located display, the diagonal of which is 10.1 inches. The resolution of 1024×600 pixels is enough to it is comfortable to watch a movie saved in AVI format. But it follows remember that viewing angles are by no means maximum.

Despite the relatively small size, the product received in its disposal a digital TV tuner. However, he only understands DVB-T standard, which is not used in our country. In connection with this device will be used to view video from the map memory, a slot for which is on one of the side ends, or with some kind of USB stick. This car TV is capable of boast of other connectors – in particular, there are inputs HDMI and VGA, as well as a linear audio output, not to mention a jack for headphones.

In a word, Digma DCL-1020 is such a mixture of a tablet and a TV. Here, even a built-in battery is available, which provides several hours of battery life without connecting to the cigarette lighter. Perhaps the device is well worth the 7 thousand rubles spent on it.


  • Convenient form factor;

  • Autonomous work is possible;

  • There is an HDMI connector;

  • Adequate cost;

  • The headphone jack is not forgotten;

  • The display cannot be called substandard;

  • There is a slot for an SD memory card, as well as a USB interface;


  • Viewing angles are 135 °;

  • Missing FM transmitter;

  • No support for DVB-T2 standard;

Eplutus EP-1019

Rating: 4.5

Eplutus EP-1019

The cheapest car TV in this rating. His the cost does not exceed 5 thousand rubles. What will the buyer get for these money? A relatively small device that looks like an ordinary Tablet PC. On the front panel of the device is LCD display with a diagonal of 10.2 inches. Its quality far from ideal – horizontal viewing angle does not exceed 120 ° (along vertical – 170 °). Resolution pleases a little stronger, but it doesn’t Reaches the HD parameter – 1024×600 pixels are waiting for the buyer.

Why did this device get into our selection? The fact is that there is a built-in battery that provides up to four hours without plugging in a cigarette lighter. Also Car TV is able to please the analog TV tuner. But, of course, it is not necessary to use the Eplutus EP-1019 strictly for watching television. There is a USB interface and a card slot memory, which allows you to watch movies downloaded from the Internet. There are other connectors here, including HDMI for connecting game console and headphone jack. Also, the manufacturer does not forgot the input for an external antenna, which can significantly improve signal reception quality.

Perhaps this device is worth the money. Nice that in headphones and a remote control are supplied with it. Complain the buyer can only on the screen, as mentioned above.


  • Small size and weight;

  • Very low price;

  • Convenient form factor;

  • There is a TV tuner;

  • It is possible to connect a USB flash drive and memory card;

  • A large number of connectors;

  • It can work for several hours from its own battery;


  • There is no support for digital TV;

  • There are instances with a battery of lower capacity;

  • The remote beats at a very short distance;

  • Built-in low quality screen;


This is a list of the best car TVs among existing at the time of writing. Note that we tried to tell strictly about those copies that are sold in Russian retail. There is a fairly large number devices designed exclusively for the US market, but there’s no point in writing about them – buying them through eBay It will cost too much.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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