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Fashion dictates its own rules, and girls try to follow them unswervingly. This applies not only to clothing, but also to hair. Either short haircuts are in trend, then long curls are again becoming popular. Today you are a blonde with straightened strands, tomorrow you are a brown-haired woman with curls. We cut and extend hair, dye and perm, use irons and hairdryers every day. Our hair cannot say 'thank you' for this. Naturally inherited beautiful and healthy curls turn into brittle, lifeless strands over time, and we ourselves are to blame. You can fix the situation, the main thing is to start on time.

There are many different salon treatments and home remedies that help restore lost health, strength and shine to curls. Recently, botox for hair has become very popular. Many people mistakenly think that this is the same procedure as applied to the face. But this is not the case. The decision to call this complex botox came because of the same effective rejuvenation results.

The composition, getting inside the hair, fills the voids, seals the scales, thereby leveling it and eliminating split ends. The strands acquire elasticity and shine, and static stress is reduced. In addition to the obvious visual effect, follicles are restored, metabolic processes are improved, hair growth is stimulated. Botox enhances the color after staining, makes it brighter and more saturated, removes yellowness in blond shades.

The procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Of course, it is better to entrust it to a master in the salon, but at home you can carry it out without problems. Rejuvenation occurs in several stages.

  1. Step 1: the hair is thoroughly cleaned with shampoo from the residues of styling products, dust and dirt, preparing them for the application of a special composition.
  2. Step 2: Botox is applied to the dried curls and after 15-40 minutes (the time depends on the specific composition and is indicated in the instructions) a hairdryer is used again, alternating hot and cold air.
  3. Step 3: straighten the strands with an iron using the heating temperature for thin hair – 180 ° C, dyed – 210 ° C, hard – 230 ° C. The final stage: the head is washed and a mask is applied along the entire length, which prolongs the effect of Botox. The effect lasts for 2-3 months, depending on the frequency of hair washing and their individual characteristics.

Today, our rating includes 5 Botox manufacturers and their best hair restoration and health products.

Rating of the best botox for hair

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best botox for hair 1 Fox Professional Oleo de Monoi (Brazil) 4.9
2 Kaypro Critical Recovery (Italy) 4.8
3 Honma Tokyo H-BRUSH Capillary Reconstruction 100 (Japan / Brazil) 4.8
4 Research Inverto (USA) 4.7
5 INOAR BotoHAIR (Brazil) 4.6

Fox Professional Oleo de Monoi (Brazil)

Rating: 4.9

Fox Professional (Brazil) Oleo de Monoi

We are the first to introduce a brand from a distant and mysterious country for us – Brazil. “Your hair is a reflection of beauty and health” – it is on this principle that unique formulations are created from exotic, rare, environmentally friendly ingredients, and professional care cosmetics finds its loyal fans among hairdressers and ordinary users around the world.

Oleo de Monoi Botox for hair is a complex for hair restoration, including shampoo and mask based on Tahitian monoi oil. It strengthens, moisturizes and repairs damaged hair, protects it from the sun, wind and sea salt. After application, the curls acquire incredible shine and softness, they are leveled along the entire length, they can be easily styled into any hairstyle, and also taken care of after washing. The scalp becomes hydrated, dandruff and dryness disappear.

Phase 1: thoroughly remove all impurities from the hair and scalp with shampoo. Phase 2: apply the mask for 40 minutes, cover with a plastic cap and dry well with a hairdryer, alternately using hot and cold air.

Kaypro Critical Recovery (Italy)

Rating: 4.8


Kaypro is an Italian brand specializing in the production of professional salon care products. Despite this, many women began to enjoy using her products at home. The main motto of the brand: 'The company at the service of beauty'. Without deviating from this principle, Kaypro produces highly effective products that combine natural ingredients and the latest scientific developments in formulas.

For severely damaged, brittle hair, an intensive recovery complex was created, which includes several stages. The first is cleansing with shampoo. Second and third steps: spray and mask application. The composition of the funds includes plant peptides that stimulate internal regeneration, saturate with useful substances, care for colored hair, smooth it and give it shine.

Botox gently affects the curls and scalp. Formulated with camellia oil, citric acid and keratin proteins. Radish root extract is used as a natural preservative.

Honma Tokyo H-BRUSH Capillary Reconstruction 100 (Japan / Brazil)

Rating: 4.8

Honma Tokyo H-BRUSH Capillary Reconstruction 100

Further, the rating included a company whose founder combined the power of natural ingredients from different parts of the world in his products. Oriental ancient recipes of Japanese gurus and unique plants of Brazil create real miracles, restoring lost beauty and health to hair. Today, Honma Tokyo cosmetics are used by hairdressers around the world, as well as women who value the safety and effectiveness of their care products.

The Intensive Recovery Kit includes two products: a shampoo and a reconstructor mask. Means No. 1, containing amino acids and plant extracts, gently and carefully washes away impurities, has an antioxidant effect, promotes the disclosure of scales for better penetration of reducing substances into the hair structure.

The mask contains elastin, green tea leaf oil and a high concentration of other active ingredients. They penetrate deeply into the hair, restore curls severely damaged by coloring and perm, strengthen the shaft, improve natural processes, smooth and give shine. The composition is enriched with pigments that prevent hair from fading in the sun ..

Research Inverto (USA)

Rating: 4.7

Research Inverto

The company produces professional care products that do not contain sulfates and formaldehydes, gently cleanse and intensively restore hair of all types with the most complex damage. All formulations are safe, each of them includes liquid keratin – a natural assistant in the fight against imperfections in curls.

The Keratin Research Inverto kit includes botox, shampoo and conditioner. First, there is cleaning from the remains of styling products and other contaminants. Then Botox is applied, and after 20-30 minutes the curls are thoroughly dried with a hairdryer. After straightening with an iron, the hair is washed again and the mask is applied.

The effect of the procedure lasts for 2-3 months. The revolutionary Inverto Complex is a proprietary formula that includes keratin polypeptides. After exposure to high temperatures, they seal off the scales, covering each hair with a protective film. As a result, the curls look healthy, well-groomed, they are smoothed, the section and fragility disappear.

INOAR BotoHAIR (Brazil)

Rating: 4.6


At the end of our rating is another brand from Brazil, which produces premium products for professional and home use. The main direction is hair restoration using keratin straightening. The procedure helps not only to improve the external condition of the curls, but also to restore health after regular dyeing, perms, use of irons and hair dryers.

BotoHAIR botox does not contain formaldehyde, enriched with wheat, soy and silk proteins, macadamia and argan oils. It delicately cleanses and rejuvenates damaged curls, smoothes them, adds volume at the roots and an iridescent diamond shine. The set includes shampoo, collagen complex and reconstructor mask.

Botox is suitable for use on both long and short hair, helps to retain the required level of moisture, protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and burnout, and maintains the straightening effect for a long time. To prolong the action, it is recommended to use shampoos and balms manufactured by INOAR.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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