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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

During hunting or practice shooting at a shooting range, organ protection hearing is paramount. Weapons at work can make very loud sounds and form a shockwave, which can damage the eardrum. And for protection arrow from these negative factors are designed active shooting headphones.

Active shooting headphones are equipped with two special systems – muting sound and amplifying it. The first is intended directly to protect your hearing. She “puts out” the pops of shots. A sound amplification system is needed to collaborate with other members in teamwork and good hunting – it makes louder speech and small noises around the user. So thanks to her, you can hear the sounds breaking branches from a deer walking in the distance.

Especially for professional hunters who spend a lot of time in the field and in the dash, we made a rating of the top 5 active headphones – from expensive models to budget but practical options.

Rating of the best active headphones

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best active headphones 1 3M Peltor Sporttac Hunting (MT16H210F-478-GN) 14 300 rub.
2 MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X 14 700 rub.
3 Howard Leight Impact Sport 5 240 rub.
4 Peltor Sport RangeGuard 5 790 rub.
5 Veber “Bear” Camo 2 170 rub.

3M Peltor Sporttac Hunting (MT16H210F-478-GN)

Rating: 4.9


Why they are: High acoustic performance, good amplification sound.

Flagship active headphones that are designed for professional hunters or specialists engaged in explosive or construction work. Feature superior acoustic efficiency – reduce noise and rumble by 26 dB. Design also includes several directional microphones that pick up surrounding “useful” sounds (eg human speech) and reinforcing them.

Headphones require two AAA batteries. Due to the good energy optimization of these batteries enough for 600 hours of constant use. In addition, these active headphones turn off automatically after 2 hours inaction to maintain a supply of food.

The cups of the device are made of plastic and wood, as well as padded with foam padding and ear pads high quality eco leather. Replaceable pads included orange and dark green (khaki) flowers.


  • Quality housing materials that improve passive sound insulation;
  • Interchangeable cups of different colors in the kit;
  • Long battery life – up to 600 hours from two AAA batteries.


  • Relatively high price;
  • Extremely frontal directional microphones;
  • The average quality of the ear pads materials.

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X

Rating: 4.8


Why are they: Designed by American militaristic quality standards.

These active headphones have been developed in strict accordance with a set of MIL standards that apply to technology, used by US troops. Thanks to this they Excellent acoustic performance Suppression of loud impulse sounds to a safe level of 82 db

At the same time they are equipped with four directional microphones with windproof, providing an acoustic “tracking” field in 360 degrees. Quiet ambient sounds such as speech or rustling foliage, enhanced to optimal for human hearing 27 db

The cups of these active headphones are made of multi-layer polymer, which are durable and good soundproofing properties. Ear pads – foam, soft and tight to the head. The headband is made of a spring steel with excellent strength and fabric coated for softening and wearing comfort in cold weather.


  • High-quality materials of which active headphones;
  • Excellent autonomy, up to 600 hours of active use with 2 batteries
  • Excellent ambient sound amplification, excellent audibility speech.


  • The ears under them quickly heat up and sweat;
  • Not very convenient and practical access to the battery compartment;
  • Relatively high price.

Howard Leight Impact Sport

Rating: 4.7


Why they are: Slim body and low price.

Unlike previous models in the ranking, these active Headphones have been designed specifically for shooting sports. Therefore, they are not only functional, but also as convenient as possible. A thin profile makes it easy to use shotguns with these headphones, and a small mass of only 280 grams eliminates fatigue heads even with prolonged wear.

At the same time, they differ in very good technical characteristics. Noise reduction system provides a coefficient 22 dB NRR Pulse external sounds (in particular, from shots) are locked up to a safe volume of 82 dB. Two directed microphones pick up and amplify “useful” ambient noise, including human speech, and transmit them in the form of volumetric stereo sound.

The device also has a practical control system. It equipped with one regulator, which serves to turn on and to volume settings.


  • Thin profile (convenient when using shotguns) and small weight;
  • One knob to control one hand movement;
  • Excellent capture and amplification of ambient noise.


  • A fairly large percentage of fakes;
  • Strange pricing – blacks and greens are more expensive dark brown;
  • Do not protect too well when used indoors – for example, in a dash.

Peltor Sport RangeGuard

Rating: 4.6


Why they are: Low price and a good level of protection against loud impulse noise.

Active Peltor Sport RangeGuard earphones run in special thin-profile configuration that simplifies use with guns and similar small arms. But at the same time they provide good noise reduction – NRR is 21 dB. The volume of external pulsed sounds, such as rumble of shots, “muffled” to safe for human hearing 80 dB

Like the previous active headphones in the ranking, these are equipped with special control system – one regulator, designed to turn on and to adjust the volume ambient sounds. This improves usability. There is a connector 3.5 mm “jack”, which is designed to connect walkie-talkies, MP3 players and other compatible devices.

The device is equipped with special directional microphones for stereo sound. The arrangement of these elements protects them from the wind and splashing water.


  • Good combination of price and specifications;
  • Long battery life (as for budget models), up to 300 hours from two standard batteries AAA;
  • Convenient folding design and robust housing.


  • Unsuccessful placement of “hangers”, taken far beyond calyx;
  • Difficult access to the battery compartment, no moisture protection batteries
  • A slight delay in blocking the first shot.

Veber “Bear” Camo

Rating: 4.5


Why they are: Low price and reliable design.

These Russian-made active headphones fit well for use both during hunting and in dashes. Special device design, including a minimum of protruding elements and protection of sensitive microphone receivers provides high reliability even during transportation and use in extreme conditions.

Headphones are excellent – for their price – technical specifications. So, noise attenuation coefficient NRR is 24 dB and SNR is 27 dB. Thanks to this, loud impulse sounds of shots instantly “cut off”, and quiet surrounding (speech, for example) – on the contrary, amplify. Two microphones with wind and splash protection provide stereo sound with the ability to clearly determine the direction of the source.

To turn on and control the volume, use one switch. Active headphones are powered by two AAA batteries, and they are enough for 180 hours.


  • The lowest price in the rating;
  • Excellent acoustic performance (noise reduction factors) NRR and SNR);
  • Robust construction with quality materials, minimum protruding elements.


  • There is no moisture protection; it is better than rain during rain or similar weather. do not use;
  • Different technical characteristics of black and green Headphones
  • Designed more for trap shooting than for hunting.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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