4 best DVRs Xiaomi

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The Chinese company Xiaomi in recent years has acquired well-deserved worldwide fame thanks to its fairly high quality and mostly inexpensive electronics. Wearable gadgets have become especially widespread, in the category of which, with a slight stretch, modern DVRs can be attributed. The editorial staff, based on the conclusions of our specialists, prepared for you a small rating of DVRs for true connoisseurs of this brand.

Rating of the best DVRs Xiaomi

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best DVRs Xiaomi 1 Xiaomi Smart Rearview Mirror RUB 5,990
2 Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02 RUB 4 800
3 Xiaomi Mi Jia Car Driving Recorder Camera RUB 3 800
4 Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Midrive D01 1 390 rub.

Xiaomi Smart Rearview Mirror

Rating: 4.9

Xiaomi Smart Rearview Mirror

First of all, we will consider a video recorder, which is far ahead of most of such devices in class and functionality, including those from other manufacturers. In fact, this is a whole additional on-board computer with a narrow specialization.

The first thing that attracts attention in this model is its design. The video recorder is made in the form factor of a rear-view mirror with a liquid crystal screen. Dimensions of the device – 304x76x40 mm, net weight – 393 g. Screen size – 8.88 “diagonal, touch screen. Operating temperature range – from -20 to +70 degrees. If the screen is turned off, the gadget itself turns into a rear-view mirror with minimal dimming.

The device runs on a rather powerful processor in this context – MT8665, equipped with one camera and one microphone. One channel is allocated for recording image and sound. The camera is capable of recording video in high definition HD – up to 1920 × 1080 with a frame rate of up to 30 fps. The viewing angle is 160 degrees. The direction of the camera's 'view' can be easily changed manually.

In addition to its direct function – recording what is happening on the road, the gadget is also able to fix the location using the satellites of the GPS and GLONASS systems. The built-in G-sensor allows you to record the actual force of the impact in the event of an accident. All information collected on the road is recorded on a microSD or microSDHC flash card up to 64 GB.

The camera is connected wired and wirelessly – via Wi-Fi or 3G networks. Autonomous work is provided by its own battery with a capacity of 370 mAh. You can also power the device from the vehicle's on-board network.

Useful additional functions: communication via Bluetooth, cloud storage, FM radio, on-board ADAS assistant, voice prompts.

As of the end of 2018, this DVR remains a novelty, which was released primarily for the PRC domestic market. Therefore, at the point of sale, be sure to ask about the presence of Russian localization.


  • original form factor;
  • ease of use;
  • functional;
  • touch screen;
  • general 'high tech'.


  • high price;
  • it is not easy to find Russian localization.

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02

Rating: 4.8

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02

The second registrar on the list in our rating is not as original as the above-described model, but in terms of functionality it does not lag behind much, and at the same time costs on average three times cheaper.

The dimensions of the recorder body are 88x53x18 mm. The construction and design are rather laconic, but pleasing to the eye and fit well into the salon with any interior. The device is equipped with one camera with a viewing angle of 140 degrees diagonally and one 2-inch display 320 × 240 pixels.

For recording, one channel is allocated for video and sound. The 5 million pixel camera sensor allows recording at 2560 × 1440 resolution. Built-in WDR function. There is a G-sensor to register the force of the impact in the event of an accident.

The network connection of the recorder is carried out via Wi-Fi. For data storage, you can use external microSDHC or microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 64 GB. The device works from its own 500 mAh battery or from the car's on-board network.

Users especially appreciate this DVR for its high-quality optics, lightning-fast switching on with the start of recording, convenient and high-quality cigarette lighter adapter, and overall reliability.


  • high-quality optics;
  • hassle-free automatic installation of English firmware;
  • ease of use;
  • fast work;
  • reliability.


  • rare claims to the reliability of the fastening.

Xiaomi Mi Jia Car Driving Recorder Camera

Rating: 4.7

Xiaomi Mi Jia Car Driving Recorder Camera

Now, within the framework of the rating, we will consider another noteworthy DVR Xiaomi. This is an even simpler model from a structural point of view and a little cheaper in cost.

The device is made in a monoblock form factor with dimensions 88x53x18 mm, net weight – 90 g. Standard mount – on a suction cup. Equipped with a camera, microphone, speaker and a 3-inch diagonal touchscreen.

The camera with a viewing angle of 160 degrees diagonally is capable of shooting in high definition HD – 1920 × 1080 with a frame rate of 30 fps. The recording is carried out cyclically. In parallel, the date and time are also recorded, as well as the force of the impact in the event of an accident thanks to the G-sensor.

The performance of the recorder electronics is provided by a sufficiently powerful Mstar MSC8328P central processor. For efficient compression of the video stream, the H.264 video codec is used. The function of recording events in a separate file is supported.

The device connects to the network wirelessly – via Wi-Fi. Power can be supplied from its own battery with a capacity of 240 mAh or via a separate wire from the vehicle's electrical system.

When using for the first time after connecting via Wi-Fi to a smartphone using a special application, the DVR automatically receives and installs the latest updates. Users are advised to use the MI DASH CAM app instead of the MI HOME recommended by the manufacturer, but this is more a matter of personal preference.

From the description of the technical characteristics, it can be seen that the battery in this DVR is two times less capacious than that of the previous model. According to user reviews, it can be judged that even a full charge is not enough for long-term shooting, that is, the battery plays exclusively the role of a settings keeper.


  • long wire 3.5 meters;
  • shooting quality;
  • detachable screen;
  • build quality.


  • the battery is clearly not for shooting, but only for data storage.

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Midrive D01

Rating: 4.6

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Midrive D01

And the rating of the best DVRs Xiaomi is completed by the most affordable, but quite functional model. The only striking difference is the lack of a screen.

The device is made in an interesting and original form factor – a cylindrical body with a matte surface made of high-quality plastic. Equipped with one 130-degree diagonal camera.

The camera and microphone record video with sound with the same quality parameters as the previous model in the review – HD 1920 × 1080 resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps. The recording is carried out cyclically, the date, time and force of the impact (G-sensor) are recorded.

This model uses a slightly simplified model of the processor of the same series as in the above-described registrar – MStar MSC8328. Video is processed using the same codec – H.264. Events can be recorded in separate files. It supports exactly the same memory cards – microSDHC / microSD up to 64 GB. Connection to gadgets and networks – Wi-Fi. There is a voice control.

The capacity of its own battery is the same as that of the previous model, only a charged battery is already enough for 6-8 hours of continuous work in recording mode.


  • the most affordable price;
  • original design;
  • voice control;
  • wide enough functionality for such a cost;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • no screen

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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