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Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

For those who like to travel a lot, sooner or later the question of buying a mobile home arises. This does not require constant search and booking of a place to stay, but allows you to stay wherever and whenever you want. It is easy to transport your favorite utensils, dishes and belongings in a motorhome. Our experts have collected the TOP 16 of the best motorhomes on their own chassis to help you see the variety of products in this industry and make your choice.

Rating of the best motorhomes

Nomination a place Motorhome price
The best motorhomes for space and comfort 1 Elemment Palazzo RUB 200,000,000
2 Volkner Mobil Performance RUB 70,000,000
3 Fleetwood Discovery LXE RUB 28,000,000
4 MORELO PALACE 93 MB RUB 22,000,000
5 Bimobil ST 702 RUB 21,000,000
6 Dethleffs Globetrotter XXL RUB 15,000,000
7 KNAUS SUN I 900 LEG RUB 9,500,000
8 Carthago Liner RUB 7,000,000
Best compact motorhomes 1 HYMER ML-T 570 RUB 7,100,000
2 Carthago Premium Van RUB 7,000,000
5 HOBBY VANTANA K60 FT RUB 5,000,000
6 BELA EDITION P76 RUB 5,300,000
Best camper vans 1 Mercedes – Benz Marco Polo RUB 4,000,000

The best motorhomes for space and comfort

In this category, the experts have collected the most spacious motorhomes, which have many sleeping places, free aisles and spacious showers. But such amenities require large body dimensions with a length of 8-12 m, which makes it difficult to find a parking space. Large motorhomes also weigh 6-20 tons and can easily get stuck on a washed-out dirt road, so it's better not to drive them off the asphalt.

Elemment Palazzo – 200 million

Rating: 4.9

Elemment Palazzo - 200 million

In the first place, experts put the most expensive motorhome in the world from Marchi Mobile, which looks like a cruise liner. The car is designed with three tiers, where there is a sleeping area, a section for rest and receiving guests, and a roof deck. The latter is equipped with a small canopy, under which you can spend time outdoors. The model has a 'bio-design' with increased aerodynamics, helping to reduce fuel consumption when driving a huge vehicle. Inside there is a 40-inch plasma TV, internet and satellite TV. The machine weighs 20 tons, but thanks to a 500 hp engine. capable of moving at a speed of 150 km / h.

The motorhome is recognized as the best in terms of comfort. It doesn't feel the difference between living in a car or in a small luxury apartment. Those who have seen it in person report the huge bedroom, a fireplace in the living room, and a tropical shower in the bathroom. It is the choice for the most demanding users who want to travel, but do not want to part with comfort.


  • futuristic appearance;
  • folding steps like an airplane;
  • many boxes for storing things;
  • high aerodynamics.


  • crazy cost;
  • difficult to find a parking space;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • huge weight of 20 tons.

Volkner Mobil Performance – 70 million

Rating: 4.8

Volkner Mobil Performance

In second place is a motorhome in a rectangular body, which looks like a huge truck, but inside it is distinguished by increased comfort. The model has dimensions of 12×2.55×3.85 m and weighs 18 tons. The platform is located on two bridges, and the diesel engine is the heart of the car. Inside, the manufacturer offers: automatic air conditioning, auxiliary heater, leather seats with armrests, separate shower, TV, toilet, awning, bedroom with bed. In the reviews, users are satisfied with the solar system that powers the electrical equipment. Wooden tables, rugs on the floor and spotlights in the ceiling give a cozy atmosphere.

The main feature of this motorhome is the built-in parking for a passenger car. On the starboard side there is a retractable compartment on the hydraulic cylinders, where a sports supercar of the type Porsche Boxer, Mercedes SLS AMG GT, BMW 8, Alfa Romeo 8C Spider is easily placed. You can reach your destination in a huge motorhome, and then explore the area 'light' in a compact coupe.


  • large observable windshield makes it easy to maneuver in the parking lot;
  • a 10-inch display that displays data from all-round cameras;
  • The battery is recharged by solar panels;
  • configuration options are available for a bachelor and a family with children.


  • high aerodynamic resistance of the body;
  • complicated delivery with customs clearance;
  • heavy weight 18 tons.

Fleetwood Discovery LXE – 28 million

Rating: 4.8

Fleetwood Discovery LXE

The third place is taken by a motorhome disguised as a huge bus. The manufacturer even positioned the side windows to resemble a conventional commercial conveyor. Thanks to this, the car does not attract too much attention on the road or in the parking lot. But you feel all the chic when you get inside the car. 'Fleetwood Discovery' is equipped with wooden furniture, an upholstered corner sofa, marble countertop with an electric hob. In reviews, users love the driver's and front passenger's captain's seat, making extended travel easier.

Experts have recognized this motorhome as the best for organizing a parking lot with a large area. From the starboard side, the walls are raised using hydraulic cylinders, which forms a huge canopy. This helps create an additional covered area next to the car where you can barbecue, sun loungers, tables and other utensils. The motorhome is also notable for its sliding walls, which extend the bedroom, kitchen and rest area.


  • retractable steps to enter the salon;
  • does not attract too much attention to itself;
  • the driver's and passenger's seat is made in the style of the captain's chairs;
  • expanding salon.


  • little storage space compared to the leaders in the review;
  • the TV is inconveniently located – you have to watch with your neck twisted.

MORELO PALACE 93 MB – 22 million

Rating: 4.8


The motorhome in the 93 MB modification is the largest model in the manufacturer's lineup. The structure is built on the basis of the Iveco bus with a length of 9.5 m and is equipped with two captain's chairs in the front, which rotate 360 ​​degrees. During periods of parking, they serve as additional seats in the living room. Directly behind them is a table and an L-shaped sofa. This is followed by a kitchen with an electric stove, sink and cupboards. Further down the aisle, there is a sanitary compartment with a shower, a second sink and a toilet. Behind separate doors there is a bedroom with a double bed 2×1.6 m. There are 12 and 230 V sockets for connecting electrical appliances. Powerful 3.0 liter motor with 170 hp. provides a comfortable cruising speed of 100-120 km / h on the highway.

Users like the reviews for a lot of light in the living room, which is provided by the large windshield, side windows and a panoramic sunroof. This helps to conserve battery power and feel more spacious in an enclosed space. For this feature, the motorhome is recognized as the best.


  • induction hob for three burners;
  • built-in shower cabin;
  • full-size refrigerator;
  • spacious wardrobe.


  • the area with the toilet is not fenced off by anything;
  • motorhome for a maximum of 3 people (if one sleeps on the couch);
  • only with front wheel drive.

Bimobil ST 702 – 21 million

Rating: 4.7

Bimobil ST 702

New in 2019 for lovers of motorhomes, which can already be purchased in Moscow. The model is built on the basis of a Mercedes Sprinter with a diesel engine. Transmission options are available with manual transmission and automatic transmission. The design of the motorhome no longer resembles a bus, but has a clearly marked cabin and sleeping compartment. Inside there is a kitchen with sink and hob, wardrobe, table and four chairs. A flow-through boiler with a 10-liter tank allows you to wash in the shower and rinse dishes in hot water. Lamps sconces, curtains on the windows, soft upholstery of sofas add coziness to the atmosphere. Owners love the 4×4 all-wheel drive, which allows the motorhome to drive into the most interesting places (beach, forest edge, mountainous terrain), and not only be content with life in the parking lot.

This caravan is the leader in the number of berths. The camper van can accommodate 7 people at once. In the alcove there is a large bed 1.53×2.06 m for two, there is also a front seating area of ​​1.1×1.9 m, and three beds 0.76×2.0 m in the back are laid out.This equipment with sleeping places allows you to travel with friends or invite guests to your place for the night .


  • a 240 l fresh water tank is mounted;
  • there is a capacity of 140 liters for storing waste water;
  • a refrigerating chamber with a volume of 124 liters and a freezing chamber of 26 liters;
  • four-wheel drive.


  • some in the reviews do not like the look;
  • low aerodynamics;
  • access to the bed in the rear alcove through a separate hatch.

Dethleffs Globetrotter XXL – 15 million

Rating: 4.7

Dethleffs Globetrotter XXL

And here is a motorhome based on the Iveco minibus. The model is equipped with a 3.0 liter engine with 180 hp. The car moves on a rear-wheel drive with double chassis, which increases the stability of the body and the smoothness of the ride. Inside, the structure has a living room with three sofas immediately behind the cockpit, followed by a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. The user can choose the color of the sofa upholstery white or black, which allows you to decorate the interior to your liking. In the reviews, the owners like the large number of lockers that allow you to neatly place dishes and other personal items so as not to put them in the outer luggage compartments.

Our experts singled out the motorhome as the best for traveling during the cooler seasons. Its walls are 45 mm thick and made using Lifetime-Plus technology. The motorhome also has a double floor with a height of 356 mm, equipped with heating. This not only allows you to walk on it without shoes, but also simplifies the storage of communication pipes that will not freeze – water and drain will always work.


  • double tires on the rear chassis provide increased stability and softness while riding;
  • hot water heater, which simultaneously preheats the internal combustion engine;
  • insulated body with a thickness of 45 mm;
  • cozy soft sofas inside.


  • some in the reviews do not like the sleeping place hanging over the cabin;
  • little space between the bed and the ceiling;
  • narrow doors between the cabin and the living room;
  • poor aerodynamics.

KNAUS SUN I 900 LEG – 9.5 million

Rating: 4.7


Manufacturer Knaus offers the Sun I 900 Leg, a four-person motorhome. The bus is 8.8 m long and weighs 4 tons. The width of the van is 2.34 m. The machine is equipped with a 2.3-liter engine with a capacity of 130 hp. The model has been produced on the FIAT DUCATO chassis since 2016 and has already collected enough reviews. In them, users praise the drop-down bed for its softness and size of 2×1.5 m. The owners are also pleased with the spacious refrigerator with a volume of 190 liters. The motorhome has three separate doors (central, from the cockpit, from the bedroom), which simplifies access to various departments and does not require moving through a narrow interior. There are two fresh water tanks for 40 and 180 liters, as well as a reservoir for collecting waste water for 170 liters.

The motorhome stands out for its thoughtfulness of little things. It has a mini-bar with recesses for placing glasses, all the bottles in the kitchen are fixed with clamps, curtains in the form of roller shutters are lowered on the windows, the windshield is closed with a large curtain. German pedantry is evident throughout and makes you feel at home.


  • the toilet has doors;
  • beautiful wood trim;
  • there is a refrigerator and a shower cabin;
  • heating is provided by ALDE.


  • when moving from the cab to the salon, the table interferes – you need to fold it;
  • little overhead space in front of the car.

Carthago Liner – 7 million

Rating: 4.6

Carthago Liner

The motorhome is based on the MAN TGL with a 4.6 liter engine producing 206 hp. It is a powerful rear wheel drive vehicle that is suitable for driving on mountain serpentines. The fuel tank holds 90 liters and is enough for 700 kilometers. The overall dimensions of the motorhome are 8.8×2.5×3.45 m. The vehicle weighs 6 tons. During parking, additional supports will need to be extended, but this makes the body more stable. Inside are provided: a separate shower and cassette toilet, ALDE heater, panoramic hatches, a 142 liter refrigerator. Customers are pleased with the presence of a door and hatches in the base with a mosquito net, which allows them to ventilate the van in the parking lot and not chase after mosquitoes. The 220 V connector allows you to use a TV and other electrical appliances.

The motorhome was remembered by experts for its autonomy. It has a tank for a supply of 300 liters of clean water. You can collect waste liquids in a tank with a volume of also 300 liters. This allows you to make longer trips without having to stop looking for a place to replenish water supplies or drain the sewer.


  • there is a refrigerating chamber with a volume of 142 liters;
  • three-burner kitchen stove;
  • rotating seats in the cab;
  • 1 key for all locks.


  • the oven is installed for a fee;
  • no TV – only holder in the wall.

Best compact motorhomes

The category collected vehicles of relatively small size from 4 to 7 meters. This makes it easier to find a parking space and easier to maneuver in the traffic flow of a large city. But the reduced size affects the interior space and the number of berths.

HYMER ML-T 570 – 7.1 million

Rating: 4.9


Although the model is called 'Hamer', the caravan is built on the chassis Mercedes Sprinter. The dimensions of the 'mobile home' are 6.74х2.12х2.9 m. Inside there are 4 seats and two sleeping places. It is possible to add one more bed, but for a fee. The owners in the reviews love that the ceiling height inside the compact van is 198 cm, so the motorhome is suitable even for tall people. At the same time, the roof insulation is 34 mm, and the floor insulation has a cross section of 46 mm, which will not freeze even when traveling in winter. The fresh water supply is stored in a 120 liter tank. The waste water tank has a capacity of 100 liters.

This is another 4×4 all-wheel drive motorhome. This design of the chassis allows you to drive into the thick of the forest, drive to the coast or park far from civilization. For winter travel enthusiasts, a sudden snowfall will not require you to break your rest to get back on the track, and you can continue to relax according to your planned trip schedule.


  • convenient passage between the front passenger seat and the cab;
  • there is a sink and a three-burner hob;
  • spacious refrigerator for 142 liters;
  • floor insulation 46 mm.


  • only two berths;
  • very narrow shower cubicle;
  • one common sink for kitchen and toilet.

Carthago Premium Van – 7 million

Rating: 4.8

Carthago Premium Van

The next motorhome in the category of compact models is built on the chassis Fiat Ducato and has dimensions of 6x2x2.6 m. The car has 4 doors: two in the cab, one in the middle and one in the back. Inside the motorhome there are: a refrigerator, an electric stove for two burners, a sink, a toilet and a shower. True, the latter is not full, but takes up the entire space of the toilet (water goes under the floor into the tank. For eating there is a small table and a sofa with a back. A round stand is pulled out under the table in case guests arrive, expanding the area of ​​the table top.

This model was included in the list of the best because of the richness of interior design options. Buyers can choose the color of the interior wood paneling (light or dark), as well as the size of the beds by height (there are versions of the motorhome with an enlarged bedroom due to the body length of 6.3 m). The number of drawers and cabinets (two on each side or one) is also user-selectable. A wide range of equipment is practical for residents with different needs and requirements.


  • easy to park in a regular parking lot near a house or supermarket;
  • there are many lockers in the bedroom;
  • streamlined body;
  • beautiful wood paneling inside.


  • a combined bathroom – while one is washing, the second cannot get into the toilet;
  • there is no separate sink in the kitchen.


Rating: 4.7


And here is a residential minivan from the POSSL company. The ROADCRUISER modification, created on the basis of Citroen, is one of the largest in the range of this manufacturer and is designed for road travel. The machine is equipped with a 160 hp diesel engine. and a manual transmission. The presence of cruise control allows the driver to relax and get less tired from long journeys. The marquise is responsible for heating. Many motorhome users enjoy the simple controls with power steering, ABS brakes and central locking. The motorhome weighs 3.5 tons and has dimensions of 6.3x2x2.6 m. Inside there are three sleeping places, a toilet and a dining table. A single folding bed is located above the driver's cabin.

The model of a residential minivan is notable for a special mount on the roof, to which a bar and a roll-up awning are attached. When organizing a halt, the dense material is untwisted, and the structure is supported by two telescopic racks. The result is additional covered space next to the motorhome.


  • there is a built-in manual air conditioner;
  • Cruise control;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • durable upholstery material.


  • it is inconvenient to climb onto the bed above the cabin;
  • low ceiling above the driver and front passenger.

CHALLENGER GENESIS C 394 GA – 5.5 million

Rating: 4.7


The modification is based on Ford Transit 2.0 l 130 hp. The diesel engine uses EcoBlue TDCi technology and belongs to the Euro 6 emission class, which makes it possible to travel on a motorhome throughout Europe without restrictions on entering individual cities. The caravan has dimensions of 7.2×2.35×3.1 m and weighs 3.5 tons. There is a 120 liter tank for storing clean water, and the effluent is collected in a 100 liter tank. The stove is powered by two gas cylinders hidden in a special niche. The owners in the reviews like the very roomy trunk, which can be accessed from both sides. A rear-view camera also makes parking on large vehicles easier.

This motorhome stands out for its 4-bike rack. If you like to travel far and there to explore the surroundings not on foot, then this is the best option. There is also a floor height of 63 mm, so users are not cold even without heating in the autumn. The third advantage of the motorhome is the availability of 6 beds, which is a rarity in the compact category.


  • large electrically adjustable mirrors;
  • deployable awning on the side;
  • blackout curtains are provided in the cab windows;
  • the bed above the cabin is also covered with curtains.


  • the bulky part of the body above the cab creates air resistance when driving;
  • can only be bought in Germany and driven to Russia.

HOBBY VANTANA K60 FT – 5 million

Rating: 4.6


Residential minivan is designed on the Ducato 2.0 l chassis with 115 hp. The model runs on light-alloy wheels with a diameter of 15 inches. Inside there is a dining table, a sofa with a back, a refrigerator, a bathroom, a stove and a sink. In the back there is a double bed. The front seat, table and sofa are transformed into another berth, so three people can travel in the motorhome. An air conditioner is available for climate control. An antenna is mounted in the outside mirror, so radio is available to users. Owners in the reviews love the opening windows, which are equipped with double glazing to help keep warm.

The feature of the motorhome is a spacious shower. Despite the compact dimensions of the body, this is made possible by the innovative Thetford swivel toilet. This design has a swivel base, which allows you to move it close to the wall when using the shower and free up additional space. Ergonomics can be seen in the implementation of the basin mixer, which has a pull-out shower head on the hose. It is suitable for both washing hands and taking a shower.


  • stainless steel kitchen sink;
  • a stove for two burners with electric ignition;
  • LED cabin lighting;
  • boiler for 10 liters.


  • gradually the particulate filter will clog and will require expensive replacement or dismantling;
  • small refrigerator 70 liters.

BELA EDITION P76 – 5.3 million

Rating: 4.6


Next on the list of compact motorhomes is BELA EDITION P76, which is 7.4 meters long. In the daytime, users have access to a table with a sofa, two captain's chairs and two single beds. Inside there is already a refrigerator, TV, toilet with shower and sink. At night, the dining area is transformed into another double bed, which ultimately allows four users to rest comfortably in the salon at once. For the carriage of luggage, there are external compartments that help not to clutter up the space inside. All three sections of the salon have wooden sliding doors, so everyone can retreat for relaxation or medical treatment.

Experts singled out the motorhome because of the non-standard location of the toilet. Here it is brought to the very rear of the body. Most competitors have a bathroom located next to the kitchen and dining area, and here it is as far as possible from these areas. People who are especially sensitive to odors should pay attention to the motorhome.


  • there is a TV and a refrigerator;
  • two sinks – in the kitchen and in the toilet;
  • several skylights;
  • enough space for luggage.


  • thin walls 33 mm;
  • you have to climb onto the bed above the table using the stairs.


Rating: 4.5


The motorhome is developed on the 'GAZelle NEXT' chassis with a 2.7-liter gasoline engine producing 107 hp. This is a joint Russian-German “brainchild”, therefore, increased demands are made on the level of comfort. The car has a six-speed manual transmission and weighs 3.5 tons. Inside, the owner receives: a cassette-type dry closet, shower equipment with a pull-out watering can, a compressor refrigerator with a freezer, a sink and a hob. An 80 l tank is provided for the supply of clean water, and the waste is collected in an 85 l tank. The water is supplied by an electric pump. Warm water goes into the kitchen and toilet. Reviews users love the special coating on the kitchen sink for cutting vegetables without a board.

Experts have recognized this motorhome as the best in spaciousness among compact models. With body dimensions 6.1×2.1×2 m, 6 berths are provided inside. They are located in front of the top, in the middle of the body, in the middle on the second floor, in the back in two tiers.


  • furniture decorated with Passion Cherry panels;
  • 80 liter gas tank made of plastic;
  • gas stove with three stainless steel burners;
  • there is a cover for cutting vegetables and fruits.


  • a ceiling height of 181 cm will be inconvenient for taller users;
  • refrigerator only 65 liters.

Best camper vans

This name means small cars in which you can comfortably spend the night on a full bed, cook food and wash the dishes. But they do not have a toilet and a shower, so it will be possible to live in them for a long time only at special camping sites, where these services are provided separately.

Mercedes – Benz Marco Polo – 4 million

Rating: 4.9

Mercedes - Benz Marco Polo

This model is a premium camper. The motorhome is mounted on a Mercedes chassis. The machine is equipped with a diesel engine with a city fuel consumption of 7.5 liters. On the highway, this figure drops to 6.5 liters per 100 km. ICE 190 hp helps to accelerate a compact minivan to 150-220 km / h, so the car is definitely suitable for those who like speed.

Our experts liked the motorhome for its business class design, where all household items are hidden. Upon entering the salon, you will not see a stove, sink and dining table, or a bed, although these are all included as standard. Only a spacious hall and super comfortable leather chairs await you. Access to various household items is opened by lifting the decorative panels. Thus, the car is suitable for a business person, and if you get out of it in a suit and with your dad, then no one will smile. But when traveling, a motorhome allows you to stop and spend the night anywhere.


  • roll-up awning on the roof;
  • panoramic sunroof;
  • the floor is trimmed 'wood-like' with imitation of a ship's deck;
  • the rear window opens for ventilation regardless of the position of the rear doors;
  • captain's front seats.


  • for a 180-degree turn, a road width of 12 m is required;
  • more than 50 kg cannot be mounted on the roof;
  • no toilet and shower;
  • little space for luggage.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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