16 best elliptical trainers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Elliptical trainers are complex a training device that combines a treadmill, exercise bike and stepper, so you can practice several types of training: cardio, aerobic exercise for weight loss, strengthening muscles and the body as a whole. Moreover, without leaving home, not looking up from watching your favorite movie, broadcast or audio recordings. One simulator during system training is able to replace a trip to sports hall, you can buy a device at the price of a subscription for several months of training with a trainer.

A feature of elliptical trainers is the presence of a monitor with built-in computer. In real time you can monitor pulse, calories burned, mileage, and more training parameters. All models include selection programs on human body parameters, health status and necessary result.

The experts had a difficult task: to determine the most popular and effective elliptical trainers in several categories: inexpensive, electromagnetic, magnetic and aeromagnetic devices. The selection was based on characteristics, functionality, demand and cost equipment. We present the rating of the best elliptic simulators.

Key Points for Choosing an Elliptical Trainer

When choosing an ellipsoid, several important device parameters:

  1. The maximum load of the simulator depends on the weight user and is 120-180 kg. You should choose a model with a weight reserve of 15-20 kg to maintain the effectiveness of training and apparatus integrity.

  2. The material of the body and frame must be made of steel, optimal – with a good color coating. The design should be stable, it depends on the length of the frame: the larger the more comfortable training, the better the stability of the ellipsoid.

  3. A flywheel is a wheel with a certain weight, which determines the difficulty of pedaling and the effectiveness of training respectively. All elliptical trainers have a regulator load, so the heavier the flywheel, the wider the spectrum loads. Do not choose a flywheel lighter than 5 kg, optimally – from 8 kg

  4. The step length determines the ease of movement and depends on user growth: the smaller it is, the shorter the step should be and vice versa. To treat several people of different height optimally purchase a simulator with an adjustable step parameter 33 … 53 cm.

  5. Pedal tilt determines ride comfort and redistribution of load on other muscle groups. It is regulated mainly in expensive multifunction devices.

  6. The location of the drive. The front is considered the most comfortable from the point of view of biomechanics, convenient for training in the technique of running with tilt and ski walking, most suitable for intense fat burning workouts. Such a pedal has maximum close, which is convenient from the point of view of the anatomy of movement. Rear drive contributes to the high stability of the simulator and is suitable for all types of training.

  7. Computer and firmware. From the correctness of work sensors and their signal processing depends on the effectiveness of training, therefore, the presence of sensors and cardiopoiesis is a good addition to ellipsoid. Polychrome display of more expensive models usually contains more information and firmware to achieve different tasks.

Rating of the best elliptical trainers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best low-cost elliptical trainers – budget up to 20,000 rubles 1 Body Sculpture BE-6600HKG 19 950 rub.
2 Oxygen peak e 15 490 rub.
3 Carbon Fitness E704 18 490 rub.
The best electromagnetic elliptical trainers 1 AMMITY Dream DE 20 63 740 rub.
2 Proxima veritas 47 690 rub.
3 Oxygen EX-55 HRC 57 690 rub.
4 Horizon Endurance 5 (2013) 122,490 rubles
5 SVENSSON BODY LABS StrideLine EZA 41 990 rub.
The best magnetic ellipsoids 1 Dender E-2300 Black Hawk 49 990 rub.
2 Hasttings cardio cross 44 890 rub.
3 Body Sculpture BE-7200GHKG-HB 28 900 rub.
4 FAMILY VR20 25 990 rub.
5 Oxygen cariba ii 35 890 rub.
6 SVENSSON BODY LABS ComfortLine ESM 25 490 rub.
The best aeromagnetic elliptical trainers 1 AMMITY Ocean OE 40 120 000 rub.
2 Bowflex Max Trainer M5 128 500 rub.

Best low-cost elliptical trainers – budget up to 20,000 rubles

Elliptical trainers in the budget category are available for shopping for everyone. They are usually small in size and modest in size. functionality, but they have everything necessary for a full workout at home.

Body Sculpture BE-6600HKG

Rating: 4.8

Body Sculpture BE-6600HKG

Elliptical trainer of the British brand Body Sculpture BE-6600HKG allows you to engage in mode without leaving their home intensive walking, jogging, cycling or skiing, i.e. combines 4 simulators at once. Use it to reset weight, maintain muscle tone and at the same time save space in indoors, replacing multiple devices with one.

The load on all muscle groups is distributed evenly and smoothly due to the Hi-Tech magnetic system and seven-kilogram flywheel. Behind the progress of the lesson is monitored by a computer with a monitor, it displays training duration, distance traveled, speed movement and calories burned. 8 modes allow gradual increase the intensity of the load for a quality study of all the muscles. Wide rubberized pedals lock the foot while moving and prevent slipping.

The elliptical trainer is suitable for training people with mass body no more than 120 kg. It’s convenient to move without scratching the floor, thanks to the wheels.


  • Smooth running;

  • The optimal cost is about 20,000 rubles;

  • Wheels for moving;

  • There are cardiac sensors;

  • Comfortable pedals;

  • Monitor with training data output;

  • 8 load modes;

  • Flywheel 7 kg;


  • not identified.

Oxygen peak e

Rating: 4.7

Oxygen Peak E

A device for comprehensive muscle training from a German brand Oxygen (Neotren GmbH) ranks second in the ranking categories of budget simulators. Peak E is equipped with a six kilogram a flywheel suitable for moderate loads for beginners and people with weakened muscle corset. To control your workout data on The simulator has a black and white display.

Smooth running provides a magnetic drive with increased the number of magnets, a well-assembled propulsion system and pressed bearings. Oxygen Peak E – one of the best offers among elliptical trainers in the price segment for people weighing up to 110 kg.


  • Flywheel 6 kg;

  • Ergonomic design and small dimensions;

  • Affordable price from 15,490 rubles;

  • The increased number of magnets;

  • Reliable design;


  • Some users notice a creak or crunch of mechanisms at work, but this does not affect the quality of movement.

Carbon Fitness E704

Rating: 4.6

Carbon Fitness E704

The elliptical trainer Carbon Fitness E704 is powered flywheel with an inertial weight of 13.2 kg (actual – 5 kg). 12muscle loading levels with power from 10 to 350 watts for people weighing up to 110 kg allow you to choose the optimal load size and gradually increase it to develop and improve results workouts. Additionally, the firmware provides 4 programs, addicted to heart rate for cardio training at 55, 75, 90 or 100% of the actual intensity of the heartbeat. Also the user can write 4 own programs himself.

A feature of the elliptical trainer is the presence of an ergonomic function, fixing the optimal level of load for the body and in subsequently supporting it later regardless of pedal speed.

The cost of the simulator is about 18,500 rubles.


  • Electromagnetic load;

  • Ergonometric function;

  • Cardiotraining;

  • 16 programs 4 additional;

  • Flywheel 5 kg;


  • 5 kg flywheel is the lightest among those presented in categories;

  • Small stride length 31 cm.

The best electromagnetic elliptical trainers

The electromagnetic field from the mains acts on the flywheel, setting it in motion. Thus the load can be adjusted as accurately as possible, the simulator works silently and for a very long time – The mechanism is reliable and debugged.

This category contains the rating of the 5 best models. elliptical trainers with different characteristics and cost.

AMMITY Dream DE 20

Rating: 4.9

AMMITY Dream DE 20

AMMITY Dream DE 20 front-wheel ergometer designed with focusing on the correct body mechanics: optimal stride length 510 mm, height 90 mm, a small Q-factor contribute to the construction of true high-efficiency motion paths from the process workouts. This is achieved by using Japanese assemblies. bearings and high-quality components – a reliable steel frame, track, PlastPRO ™ drive systems capable of providing complete training a person weighing up to 150 kg and growing 155 … 200 cm.

Process control is provided by integrated motion sensors and heart rate that displays data on a 5 ”display screen with Russified feed, APP can be connected to the device iOS / Android applications. The software has 12 training modes, 5 cardioprograms. The simulator can be used by 4 people, for each of them in the computer has a separate profile.

The functionality of the elliptical trainer is fully corresponds to its cost – from 63,000 rubles.


  • Natural anatomical step;

  • 5 years warranty from the manufacturer;

  • Connection iOS / Android;

  • Convenient arrangement of pedals;

  • Reliable design;

  • Interface with 4 personal profiles;

  • Takes up a little space;

  • High stability;

  • Flywheel 10 kg;


  • Price. But this is a problem of all quality and functional elliptical trainers.

Proxima veritas

Rating: 4.8

Proxima Veritas

High-tech elliptical trainer Taiwan assembly Proxima Veritas rear-wheel drive with contactless loading system ECBTM allows you to train in one of 16 modes loads with a fixed resistance level. Smooth running and noiseless movement – the result of the introduction of FLOW technology STEPm.

Long base allows user to adjust stride length from 40 to 51 cm, so they can use one simulator several people with different height and weight. Device Feature – QUICK KEYTM load management technology, click keys on the handles without interrupting the training process. On the a five-inch display with a clear interface displays the whole Information: pulse, intensity, calories.

The computer’s workout modes are varied: reset Weights, Cardio, RPM, and Watt programs – selectable as needed or write your own. There is a connector for connecting and charging devices USB, bottle holder, floor roughness compensator for ideal installation in working position.


  • A variety of training programs;

  • Convenient switching during training on the arms;

  • Clear interface;

  • Smooth running and good loads;

  • Reliable assembly;

  • Adjustable stride length;


  • Sometimes a tightening of the fixing screws is required;

  • High price from 53 000 rubles.

  • Some users report an incorrect heart rate monitor;

Oxygen EX-55 HRC

Rating: 4.7

Oxygen EX-55 HRC

The third German-rated electromagnetic trainer Build Oxygen EX-55 HRC, which belongs to the premium class. The location of the 12 kg flywheel in the front design is that contributes to the most correct biomechanics when training on elliptical device and smooth ride with optimal trajectories of movement and uniform load on muscles and joints.

On the simulator you can engage people up to 150 kg: power up to 350 W is gradually increasing, a convenient average step for any complexion and growth – 503 mm. At the same time, the device has folding function, reversible travel, read sensor heart rate with cardiopoiesis.

The computer on the simulator with a color display, 12 programs for the development of speed, endurance, weight loss and strengthening the cardiovascular system. In addition to predefined programs have a mode of self-adjustment of parameters, as well as heart rate algorithms.

A distinctive feature is the Recovery function, which evaluates condition and ability of the cardiovascular system to recovery, and the fat analyzer will determine a more accurate condition organism and the effectiveness of training.


  • Good step;

  • Fat analyzer;

  • Many programs;

  • Color clear display;

  • Sophisticated biomechanics;

  • Folding simulator;

  • Uniform operation of the mechanism;


  • Swinging at work (depending on the weight of the trainee);

  • English interface;

  • Inconvenient folding

Horizon Endurance 5 (2013)

Rating: 4.7

Horizon Endurance 5 (2013)

American Front-Wheel Drive Elliptical Trainer Horizon Endurance 5 (2013) assembled using a technological frame SixStar Certified ™, a self-developed concern providing verified biomechanical stroke. ZEROgap ™ Technology Eliminates distance between pedals, taking into account the intersecting trajectory, Q-Factor (distance between the feet) as convenient as possible – 43 mm. The body position during training is vertical, imitating natural state while running, it contributes to proper distribution of load on muscles and joints without overloading them on throughout the training process. Pitch Length 508 mm, 14 the programs provided changeable tilt angle contribute conducting a comfortable workout.

SixStar Certified ™ Frame Levers Suitable For People With Different build and growth. A low start of 24.5 cm is convenient for low and elderly people, eliminates the risk of injury, and also contributes to maximum stability of the simulator on the floor.

Goal Center ™ (goal management center) accumulates training data and evaluates from the point of view of efficiency. Construction speakers are provided with high-quality sound, as well as built-in fan.


  • Wide functionality;
  • Many training modes;
  • Perfect biomechanics;
  • Reliable assembly;
  • Low starting position.


  • Very high price from 122,000 rubles;

  • Weak monochrome display for a simulator of this level.


Rating: 4.6


Complex elliptical trainer SVENSSON BODY LABS StrideLine EZA is a development of the Swedish company JÖrgen Svensson LLC. His design features – a system of dynamic measurements of special Orto-SpringTM orthopedic springs and anatomical position of fly-StrideTM pedals at any point on the course. Rear-wheel elliptical trainer is able to train a person weighing up to 150 kg in 19 program modes of varying complexity and intensity. His step is similar to a professional gym equipment, adjustable within 41 … 55 cm. Muscle loads and the joints are evenly distributed, this is also facilitated damping springs and smooth running.

Touch heart rate sensors, telemetry receiver, color touch-screen display allows you to control the training process.

The simulator ranks fifth in the electromagnetic category devices due to flaws: users observe a creak in mechanism, in plastic parts of the case, not fully thought out tilt system. There are also difficulties installing in ideal working position. These shortcomings can be attributed to factory defects, which is removed under warranty.


  • 19 programs;

  • The ability to control mode parameters;

  • Color touch screen;

  • Smooth running;

  • Anatomical arrangement of parts;

  • Adjustable pitch;

  • Maximum user weight 150 kg;


  • Stability is violated;

  • The high price for a unit with such disadvantages is about 42,000 rubles.

  • Creak;

  • Factory marriage occurs;

  • Large overall dimensions;

The best magnetic ellipsoids

Magnetic ellipsoidal simulators work without an electrical network according to the laws of physics: the magnet moves near the flywheel, when they convergence there is intense resistance, which when the distance decreases.

An interesting feature of the devices is when training with the person involved has a feeling of weightlessness, in which all muscle groups are maximally activated according to the full program, which leads to a better result.

Dender E-2300 Black Hawk

Rating: 4.9

Dender E-2300 Black Hawk

Elliptical trainer with magnetic drive Dender E-2300 Black Hawk creates the conditions for deep muscle development – this contributes to a heavy flywheel weighing 38 kg. High strength frame steel, rubberized pedals with their convenient arrangement and step 560 mm, pulse measurement, display – the simulator has everything you need for a full training of a person with a body weight of 180 kg in 5 modes. Taiwanese assembly controlled by German developers mostly solid and does not cause questions. A great high precision elliptical trainer for the best price – from 50 000 rubles.


  • Sustainability;

  • Suitable for people with great weight and height;

  • There are shipping wheels;

  • Smooth running with comfortable pedal position;

  • Large display with intuitive interface;

  • Accurate reading of heart rate indicators;


  • Not identified.

Hasttings cardio cross

Rating: 4.8

Hasttings Cardio Cross

Experts awarded second place to training ellipsoid British assembly Hasttings Cardio Cross, designed for home use. Smooth running, Q-factor is very low for devices of this class, close to ideal biomechanics with loading the muscle corset, not the joints. In built 24 programs of trainings are entered the computer, one is pulse-dependent and four can be personalized for each user.

The step length is slightly reduced – 41 cm, but the course is smooth and convenient. The device is designed for loads up to 150 kg.

The elliptical trainer Hasttings Cardio Cross pinpoints the pulse through the sensors on the handles, displays it on monitor, like calorie, mileage. The price of the device is optimal – about 45,000 rubles.


  • Many training programs;

  • Steady design;

  • Soft running with comfortable pedals;

  • High-quality assembly without comments from users;

  • Accurate cardiological sensor;


  • Poor paint or its application – inscriptions and coating erased by scratching.

Body Sculpture BE-7200GHKG-HB

Rating: 4.7

Body Sculpture BE-7200GHKG-HB

Ellipsoid Body Sculpture BE-7200GHKG-HB suitable for use by people with body weight up to 130 kg – it is assembled on a durable steel frame with reliable and smooth pedals ergonomic but not for all convenient handles, for which the device receives only the third ranking place in the category of magnetic simulators.

An ellipsoid can be bought on average for 35 000 rubles, for this money the user gets a silent training apparatus with a smooth convenient stroke, 12 ready-made programs and 16 power modes, embedded in the firmware, high-precision grease analyzer BodyFat, hand-held heart rate sensors. Standard model of the exercise machine with good functionality.


  • Body Sculpture BE-7200GHKG-HB is suitable for professional use;

  • Assembly without claims to quality;

  • Quiet and smooth ride;

  • There is a user program for the necessary parameters training


  • Non-anatomical design for some users (need try on for convenience);

  • Sometimes individual elements of the mechanical equipment.


Rating: 4.6


The experts gave the fourth elliptical trainer FAMILY VR20 a place for the optimal ratio of quality and price for the category. You can buy it on average for 26,000 rubles – not bad for integrated training devices. At the same time, quality claims no – the assembly is accurate, quality components are used for mechanisms.

The type of drive of the ellipsoid is rear magnetic with a 18 kg flywheel. Despite the rear location of the main mechanism, the design the simulator is comfortable: the pedals are anatomically located, the move is comfortable, but not for a tall person – a step of only 36 cm. But the pedals take 3 position, you can adjust the load on the desired muscles with a choice one of 6 ready-made programs and 8 load modes. Heart rate meters – These are gray sensors on fixed handrails. Balanced flywheel movement system provides anatomically correct biomechanics with the exception of the “dead” (uncomfortable and anatomically wrong) zones.

The unique Body Fat analyzer not only measures quantities body fat, but also the effectiveness of training for their timely correction.


  • High-quality assembly;

  • Low price for the category;

  • Graphic display;

  • Accurate heart rate monitor;

  • Sophisticated biomechanics;

  • Big flywheel of 18 kg for deep study of muscles;


  • Small step;

  • There could be more modes;

  • Manual load adjustment

Oxygen cariba ii

Rating: 4.5

Oxygen Cariba II

This elliptical trainer is designed for loads up to 135 kg for home use. Ellipsoid with eight load levels provides only 4 workout programs, but good thoughtful and effective for strengthening muscles and losing weight. The maximum load is very substantial, so the program It is recommended to install from simple to complex.

The heart rate monitor is accurate, but it works with some delay, it’s should be considered. Sensors are on handles, located conveniently. It is noteworthy that the device at its price (35 000 rubles) and the quality category is well collected – it fits for almost any build and weight within acceptable limits. The picture a little clouded by a short step – only 33 cm.


  • Three-position pedals;

  • Ergonomic design

  • High strength steel frame coated in 2 indelible layer;

  • Good build for China;

  • 4 training programs;

  • The computer is designed for 4 profiles (user);


  • Not for everyone a convenient screen layout;

  • Untimely transmission of pulse data;

  • The batteries of the computer’s power quickly go down;

  • Short step;

  • Low-quality plastic bottle making;


Rating: 4.5


Closes the rating in the category of magnetic simulators SVENSSON BODY LABS ComfortLine ESM ellipsoid device (Jörgen Svensson, Sweden, assembly – China). No, it’s not a bad build or functionality, but in a set of modes inferior to the leaders mentioned higher in the number of programs (6) and load conditions (8). Inertial 20 kg flywheel weight contributes to an intense muscle load, the simulator design minimizes joint loading. Step average pedals – 42 cm, Q-factor – 19 cm (optimal indicator), the system is balanced for comfortable use by a person with any complexion.

The screen is black and white, but clear. Unfortunately, some users note either its inconvenient location, or incorrect display of data.


  • Compact size;

  • The optimal price is about 25,000 rubles;

  • Cardiac sensor;

  • Wheels for moving and compensating for uneven floors;

  • Estimated weight 130 kg;

  • Ergonomic biomechanics;


  • Compactness is uncomfortable for tall people – knees hurt handles;

  • Incorrect operation of computer programs.

The best aeromagnetic elliptical trainers

This type of simulators is similar in design to electromagnetic one difference: continuous power supply they don’t need to – just periodically charge the battery, it will supply the working mechanism with an electromagnetic field during a certain time. Each ellipsoid model has this indicator different.

AMMITY Ocean OE 40

Rating: 4.9

AMMITY Ocean OE 40

This simulator is suitable for training in the gym, and at home, it refers to advanced sports equipment. The design provides 24 load levels with accurate electronic adjustment, and finished programs 76: for any complexion, level preparation of tasks. Among them, 5 programs dependent on heart rate, 16 users can adjust for themselves. This diversity makes a weighty flywheel weighing 11.7 possible. kg

Pulse control is carried out by sensor sensors on the handles, optional wireless cardiopoies for more accurate data reading. Comfort during workout is achieved. three fans built into the simulator frame, capable of withstand the weight of a person up to 180 kg.

Features: the design provides a stand for books, bottles, built-in speakers. You can connect to a computer additional equipment, there is a bluetooth module. By the way, the computer Works precisely with fast data transfer. To the design, experts and users do not have functionality, except for the price 110 000 thousand is not accessible to everyone, but it fully justifies capabilities and build quality of the device.


  • Very large software;

  • Smooth running;

  • Durable materials for assembly;

  • Sophisticated design with proper biomechanics;

  • Fans

  • Bluetooth connection;

  • Increased power up to 400 W;

  • Accuracy of sensors;


  • High price.

Bowflex Max Trainer M5

Rating: 4.8

Bowflex Max Trainer M5

“Space” simulator for home and commercial use looks unusual for its appearance, it is impossible not to recognize in the hall or at the store’s booth thanks to the vertical installation of the main working case.

The device provides 16 load levels and 8 built-in programs, but I would like more for that kind of money – about 128,000 rubles. The sturdy frame is designed for users weighing up to 136 kg. Advantage – the design provides sensors on handles, and the cardiopanus is provided with a complete set.

Research proved: doing Bowflex Max Trainer M5 users spend up to 2.5 times more calories per unit time compared to similar ellipsoids and running paths. For this reason, the workouts recorded in the software are reduced. in duration while maintaining efficiency, which is convenient for time limited people. It should be noted: smart training, not heavy, they accelerate metabolism and the body even after A 14-minute workout continues to burn fat.

Control over the training process provides a computer. Max Trainer App (Android / iOS) syncs with Apple Health


  • Smart training with fitness assessment;

  • Shipping wheels and stabilizing compensators;

  • Connection with a smartphone;

  • Cardiopoies in a set;

  • Reliable design;

  • It requires a little space;

  • Ergonomic design

  • Effective fat burning;


  • High price;

  • Few programs (on the other hand, they are effective).

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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