15 most popular perfumes for women

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

No woman can do without the use of perfume. A correctly selected scent successfully completes the image, but a wrong one can completely ruin the impression. Someone has worn the same perfume over the years. Some are eagerly awaiting the release of new products. But there are fragrances that are quickly forgotten, and there are those that become bestsellers.

In our review, there are 15 perfumes that are recognized as the most popular ever on the market. Their demand has passed the test of time, and the number of sales has not decreased over the years.

Nomination a place Name of product starting price
The most popular perfume among the legendary women's fragrances 1 Chanel No. 5 Chanel RUB 5,700
2 Miss dior dior RUB 5,000
3 Opium Yves Saint Laurent RUB 5 650
4 Shalimar guerlain RUB 2,680
5 212 Carolina Herrera RUB 2,900
The most popular evening perfume for women 1 Crystal noir versace RUB 3,700
2 La Petite Robe Noir Intense Guerlain RUB 3,620
3 Ange ou Demon Givenchy RUB 3,100
4 Si Passione Giorgio Armani RUB 2 850
5 Magnetism escada RUB 2,650
Most popular daytime perfume for women 1 J'Adore Christian Dior RUB 4,200
2 3 L’Imperatrice Dolce&Gabbana 2 300 rub.
3 L'eau Kenzo Pour Femme Kenzo RUB 2 200
4 Signature Chloe RUB 2,900
5 Eclat d'Arpege Lanvin RUB 1,900

Chanel No. 5 Chanel

Rating: 4.9

Chanel No. 5 Chanel.jpg

The leader is the legend that the French fashion house Chanel presented to women. Almost every lady on the dressing table must have a perfume that is ideal for special occasions. Despite the fact that they appeared almost a century ago, today they are also relevant and in demand.

According to history, the assignment of such a number was obtained thanks to the fifth sample selected from 10 options. Yes, and the favorite number of the famous Frenchwoman Coco Chanel is 5. A floral scent with a bright trail will not leave indifferent any man. The top notes are created by a combination of aldehyde molecules with bergamot, ylang-ylang, neroli, lemon. The base consists of vetiver, amber, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, oakmoss, vanilla. Heart notes are iris, jasmine, violet, rose, lily of the valley.

Luxurious, magnificent, refined, mysterious – all these epithets belong to Chanel No. 5. This perfume was used by Hollywood stars and other celebrities from different countries. Fashion experts recommend them for any season. Each time the fragrance is revealed in its own way, raising the mood of the wearer and the people around her. Perfume is recognized as one of the most feminine of all.

Miss dior dior

Rating: 4.8


On the second line – the perfume presented to the public in 1947. At the first show of the collection of the house of Dior, a subtle delicate scent emanated from the models, which was immediately remembered by the guests. But then no one knew its name. As soon as it was released for sale, the batch was instantly sold out. In recent years, new Miss Dior lines have been created. Although they differ from each other, the same floral scent is present in all. The first original perfume is presented today in new packaging and is called Miss Dior Originale.

Exciting notes are felt immediately after application. They are a mixture of scents composed of aldehydes, bergamot, sage, galbanum, gardenia. Further, jasmine, iris root, lily of the valley, narcissus, rose, neroli give a special charm. The sillage bouquet is a combination of leather, sandalwood, amber, vetiver, patchouli and moss aromas.

Nowadays, after 70 years, interest in this perfume remains. It is chosen by young girls and older women. It goes well with romantic and modern looks, emphasizing the tenderness and fragility of its owner. According to reviews, many men prefer to give their soul mates the legendary perfume from Dior.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent

Rating: 4.7

Opium Yves Saint Laurent1.jpg

The third place is taken by the aroma, which once excited the entire female half of the planet. It was introduced in 1977. Its name immediately caused an ambiguous reaction, and the advertising slogan was recognized as propaganda of drugs. For some time, the sale of perfume was banned in many countries around the world. Still, it was not in vain that Saint Laurent dared to undertake such an experiment. For him, millions of women were grateful to him, who wanted to feel the taste of freedom and the spirit of the new time.

An oriental spicy perfume suitable for evening and night time. It opens with citruses, cloves, plums, Indian laurel, coriander, bergamot, jasmine, pepper. Further, peach, rose, lily of the valley, cinnamon, sandalwood, rose begin to be felt. The sillage is rich, long-lasting, with the smell of incense, myrrh, coconut, vanilla, amber, cedar, labdanum, vetiver. The 'opium' perfume was appreciated by everyone: both men and women. He never experiences shortcomings in fans, because he always remains cult for many fashionistas, regardless of age.

The fragrance has been reinterpreted several times. But still that first, unforgettable, daring, in popularity bypasses all perfumes created by Yves Saint Laurent.

Shalimar guerlain

Rating: 4.6

Shalimar Guerlain1.jpg

The fourth most popular perfume is the same age as Chanel No. 5, and is just as legendary as they are. They were presented to the public only 4 years after their creation, that is, in 1925. Fashion to the East did not leave aside the famous couturier, who personally developed Shalimar. In translation, the name means 'temple of love'. The languid, bewitching fragrance was really invented with great love, which served to develop its popularity for many decades. Jacques Guerlain was inspired by the true love story of the Indian Shah for his concubine, which prompted the creation of such a sensual perfume.

Bright opening is conditioned by the combination of bergamot, lemon, tangerine and cedar. The base notes are leather, sandalwood, vanilla, incense, civet. In the heart is hidden the fragrance of a garden with sensual scents of tonka beans, rose, retiver, iris, jasmine.

The perfume has become popular among connoisseurs of spicy oriental fragrances. They are suitable for an evening look. It is worn in any season of the year, feeling the dissimilarity of opening. Alluring, fatal, enveloping, magical, enchanting, mysterious, wayward. If you are used to such a description of the fragrance, then exactly 'Shalimar' is what you need.

212 Carolina Herrera

Rating: 4.5


1997 was marked by the release of perfumes, which are still at the peak of popularity. And although they cannot boast of a long history compared to the ones listed above, our experts and users called this fragrance one of the most sought-after ever created and gave it the fifth place. Many wondered why the perfume has such a name. The answer was pretty simple. 212 is the code for New York, the founder's favorite city.

Carolina Herrera herself described the fragrance as purebred and fresh, exactly corresponding to the metropolis. It combines the energy, dynamism, strength, vitality inherent in young modern New Yorkers. Top notes are bergamot, orange, mandarin and cactus flower. Further, the composition opens with lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, peony, lily, camellia, white freesia, gardenia. The woody-musky sillage leaves an indelible impression on its owner.

The brand's bestseller has become one of the most beloved fragrances for many. Its popularity does not decrease over time, but, on the contrary, increases. It is designed to be worn at any time of the year, but it opens especially in spring. Perfumes are suitable for a daytime look, but many people choose them for evening events.

Crystal noir versace

Rating: 4.9

Crystal Noir Versace.jpg

The best popular evening fragrance is Crystal Noir (translated as night crystal), which belongs to the class of oriental florals. For 15 years now, it has not lost its relevance because of its mystery, femininity and sophistication. Spirits are preferred by confident representatives of the weaker sex who are not afraid of the attention of the stronger half. They are considered the benchmark of impeccable taste and one of the most sought-after fragrances created by Versace perfumers.

The composition immediately conquers from the opening notes. Ginger, cardamom, and pink pepper come first. They are joined by coconut, gardenia, peony and orange blossom. The sillage is long-lasting, excitingly sexy, bold, with notes of amber, sandalwood and musk. The perfume opens up perfectly in rainy weather, although it is difficult to miss it at any time of the year and at any temperature.

According to reviews, the perfume is popular with middle-aged women and ladies of elegant age. Although girls who love captivating and exciting evening fragrances also do not disregard them. Sweet, viscous perfume with sharp, prominent notes invariably evokes compliments, leaving in memory a languid cocktail of feelings and emotions. The bottle is elegant, the cap is made in the form of a precious crystal.

La Petite Robe Noir Intense Guerlain

Rating: 4.8

La Petite Robe Noir Intense Guerlain.jpg

The second place is taken by a bright oriental perfume, which women met in 2016. It is a more intense and richer version of La Petite Robe Noir, released in 2012. The perfume completes the classic look, emphasizing the sophistication of its owner. The scent combines a storm of emotions and feelings. Here is the first love, and cheerfulness, and a wonderful mood.

The top notes of the pyramid are delicious ripe raspberries, cotton candy, blueberries and bergamot. Further, they are set off by the smells of damask rose, orange blossom and jasmine. The train not only attracts the attention of others, but also provokes the carrier to bold, sometimes daring actions. Noble and expensive – this is how customers say about this smell. Fascinating and seductive is the opinion of men. The most important moments of life are associated with it, so the perfume is always at hand when you need to make a special impression.

The bottle is adorned with a small black dress – a symbol of good taste that every woman has in her wardrobe. The lid is shaped like an inverted heart. The aroma is most suitable for the winter time, as it has a very rich and bright aftertaste.

Ange ou Demon Givenchy

Rating: 4.7

Ange ou Demon Givenchy.jpg

A multifaceted, passionate, adventurous fragrance that has conquered women all over the world – in third place on the list. In 2006, they learned about him and started talking. Never before has Givenchy released such controversial fragrances. Astringent and saturated, it will definitely not let you get lost in the crowd, and even among the most beautiful women, the carrier of the perfume will become the most attractive for the opposite sex.

The first notes sound very seductive. They are made from mandarin, sage and thyme. Further included are ylang-ylang, orchid and lily, emphasizing femininity. The final part of the polyphonic composition is shades of oak moss, rosewood, vanilla, tonka bean. New emotions, new feelings, new ideas – this is how they briefly characterize the unique scent of the brand.

It wasn't just the content that made the perfume so popular. The design of the bottle attracts attention. Its exquisite black and white crystal shape faithfully reproduces the unpredictable nature of the wearer. She can be gentle and bold, love and hate, be docile and rebellious. And which of the women did not want to be an angel and a demon at the same time? Many people say that this is the best scent for fall and winter. It is ideal for festive events or parties.

Si Passione Giorgio Armani

Rating: 4.6

Si Passione Giorgio Armani

With the fourth nominee, every woman will be able to conquer with her passion and beauty. The Italian brand has created a unique composition that will not go unnoticed by either the opposite sex or other ladies. She adds spice to a date, makes any evening event memorable and interesting, and adds charm to any chosen image.

The top notes are black currant, pink pepper and pear. The heart opens with the scent of jasmine, rose and heliotrope. The final accord is composed of vanilla and white cedar. The trail is very intense, but not sharp, capable of capturing with its passion and languor. Harmony and balance are the main secret of the success of the original perfume. There are no obvious berry, floral or woody nuances here.

According to men, this is one of the sexiest fragrances for women. He combines fragility and audacity, which is why he is so eye-catching to his wearer. The vibrant bottle in red attracts attention just like its precious contents after being applied to the skin. The new spicy scent retained the character of the original version, but was able to overtake many top perfumes in popularity and is not going to give up its position further.

Magnetism escada

Rating: 4.5

Magnetism Escada.jpg

On the fifth line is the popular fragrance from Escada, which was introduced in 2003. It belongs to the group of oriental gourmands. The charismatic and elegant perfume was appreciated by women who prefer luxury. The slightly heady scent attracts men who cannot resist a seductive and passionate lady.

The composition begins with black currant, pineapple, melon, lychee and cassia. Then come basil, magnolia, lily of the valley, jasmine, cumin, iris, freesia, heliotrope. The trail of a passionate aroma is created by vanilla-spicy scents of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musk, coconut, vetiver, caramel. The perfume is very persistent, it is felt on the skin and at a sufficiently large distance from the wearer, fully justifies its name.

Dizzying, attractive and sexy – this was the assessment given to the scent of a man. That is why many women choose Magnetism to enhance the effect and emphasize their charm. He is out of time and out of mood. Any party will turn into a memorable event when the look is complemented by this spectacular scent. The bottle also attracts attention, like a magic expensive crystal, enclosed in a precious frame.

J'Adore Christian Dior

Rating: 4.9

J'Adore Christian Dior.jpg

Perfume released in 1999 becomes the leader among daytime fragrances. He is the undoubted sales record holder and by this indicator has overtaken many legendary perfumes. Feminine and luxurious, they seduce nearby men and envy all women around them.

The bright aroma is replaced by a delicate, exquisite trail, which delicately accompanies its wearer throughout the day. J'Adore opens with bergamot, peach, magnolia, melon, pear and tangerine. After a few minutes, they are replaced by the smells of orchids, violets, freesia, tuberose, lily of the valley and Nepalese rose. Musk, vanilla, blackberry, amaranth, Texas cedar make up the base of the composition.

A work of art is considered to be a crystal bottle with a gold lid, in which the perfume is enclosed. He seems to recreate a female silhouette, emphasizing its beauty and grace. According to customers, this perfume from the famous house of Dior is the perfect combination of tenderness and courage. The exquisite aroma has become one of the most beloved among Russian girls and middle-aged women. It is used with pleasure in winter and summer, but it is especially popular in spring and autumn, when nature falls asleep or, conversely, wakes up from sleep.

3 L’Imperatrice Dolce&Gabbana

Rating: 4.8

3 L’Imperatrice Dolce&Gabbana.jpg

In second place is the floral-citrus perfume, which has not lost its popularity for 10 years. This is one of six fragrances that are united in one line, but have their own character and sound. Italian designers showed in 3 L'Imperatrice the whole range of feelings and emotions, originality and creativity. The perfume symbolizes the tarot card, which represents a happy life. The passionate scent matches the temperament of the Sicilians, who are the trendsetters in the world.

The perfume was introduced to the general public in 2009. They are suitable for girls and women of all ages, combined with any style. The aroma is not heavy for hot seasons and opens up well in winter. Spring and fall are also suitable for him. The sillage is not too intense, unobtrusive, delicate, ideal in terms of firmness and saturation for the daytime.

The composition begins with pink pepper, rhubarb and kiwi. Next come watermelon, jasmine and cyclamen. The polyphony is completed by a combination of sandalwood, lemon wood and musk. The perfume is invigorating and refreshing, it cheers up both its wearer and the people around. The laconic shape of the bottle does not distract from the main jewel – its contents.

L'eau Kenzo Pour Femme

Rating: 4.7

L'eau Kenzo Pour Femme Kenzo.jpg

The third place is occupied by perfumes, which are popular among lovers of fresh, watery fragrances. They were created more than 20 years ago, but they still remain fashionable and in demand among customers. A mesmerizing composition is combined with any daytime look, be it a business style or a more relaxed urban style. They are especially relevant in summer, although in winter many people use them, making up for the lack of bright colors.

The floral-fruity bouquet is composed of water lilies, ice, mint, vanilla and blue cedar. Heart notes open with white peach and amaryllis. Mandarin and reed form the base of the composition. It is worth noting that on every woman, perfumes appear in different ways, from sparkling to transparent shades, so some have a very thin, delicate sillage, while others have a more saturated one.

Everything from the fragrance to the design of the bottle and packaging reminds of the invigorating freshness and energy of nature. No unnecessary details, everything is harmonious and sophisticated. The wearer of the perfume is like plunging into the cool water of the endless ocean and feeling the sea breeze on her skin. This feeling lasts all day, but without obsession and harshness, but calmly, tenderly and sensually.

Signature Chloe

Rating: 4.6


The harmonious fragrance, created in 2008, is in fourth position. Floral notes are strongly expressed by the regal rose, which is the central part of the composition. Further, the brand's perfumers, like experienced florists, made an exquisite bouquet, whose mystery is still a mystery. Perfume is liked by sensual women who have achieved a lot in life, but still remain fragile and weak, so the man next to him wants, first of all, to protect, and then admire the object of his adoration.

The top sound starts with freesia, peony and lychee. Next come the rose, magnolia and lily of the valley. The final chord is notes of cedar, amba, musk, powdery tones. A soft honey fragrant trail, steady. It is felt both on the skin and at a distance.

The aroma lasts up to 6 hours. Indoors it is more intense, but not intrusive. On the street, it seems to flutter in the wind, creating a delicate and delicate floral aura. The perfume is suitable for all seasons, but the most favorable are summer, early spring and autumn. In winter, he least of all shows himself and opens up. The bottle is created in the style of the Chloe woman, who is distinguished by beauty, sensuality and tenderness.

Eclat d'Arpege Lanvin

Rating: 4.5

Eclat d'Arpege Lanvin.jpg

Closes the top five popular daytime fragrances, perfumes that symbolize tenderness and femininity, while contributing to the manifestation of individuality, charm and charisma. In this they are helped by an exquisite bouquet of floral and fruit shades. It seems to be woven from reality and fiction, it allows one to abstract and dream.

The pyramid is diverse, it feels different throughout the entire wearing. Top notes of lemon and lilac leaves open up the heart of green tea and peach blossom. The final accord is composed of musk, amber, Chinese osmanthus and Lebanese cedar. An excellent balance is created due to the softening of the floral beginning with the fruity components.

Cool and light aroma will be appropriate everywhere: in the office, at school, on a walk. It charges with its energy at any time of the year, pleases with a polyphonic sound, adapts to any skin type. On cold days, it keeps you warm. In summer and off-season, it gives off its incredible freshness. The perfume will appeal to romantic, sensual natures who prefer feminine fragrances to unisex lines. The bottle has already become recognizable and is on the dressing table of many girls and older ladies.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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