15 best binoculars

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Optical devices binoculars are used everywhere: on the hunt and fishing, in sports facilities and in the theater, on land and at sea for ease of navigation. There are nightly modifications with the ability visions in the absence of light, as well as telescopes and monoculars for observation with one eye.

How to choose binoculars

The selection of binoculars is huge. How to find the right one for a particular case model?

Lens size

The diameter measured by the outer large lens may be from 18 to 110 mm. The amount of light entering inside the device, respectively brightness, sharpness and accuracy the resulting image.

  1. A lens with a diameter of less than 30 mm is binoculars for children and theater-goers;
  2. d = 30 … 40 mm – for observing sporting events at stadiums, fishing;
  3. d = 40 … 60 mm – for orienteering, tourism, hunting;
  4. d = 60 mm or more – use at considerable distances, in including for observing space objects.

Prism view

Prisms are of two types:

  1. Porro (broken), the binoculars feature a wide body in which reflective systems for transmitting a light beam under angle of 450. The device is suitable for monitoring remote and objects where tracking distance and movement.
  2. Roof – a sophisticated reflection system to maximize accurate image, suitable for accurate viewing binoculars, for example, in the theater, tourism.


One of the key parameters of an optical proximity device, its minimum value is 2, found in toy binoculars. A value of 10-12 times is suitable for tourists and hunters, 12-25 times for biologists, hunters, astronomers and other researchers.

When choosing a magnification, it is important to consider the distance: different models work on different deletions with the possibility of approaching up to 40 times, include various field of view widths. For the convenience of hunters and Athletes rationally choose optics with a scale applied to the lens distances.

There are other selection options, such as angular and linear field of vision, enlightenment and pupil diameter, but this is already professional aspects.

Portal experts ranked the best binoculars in several categories based on device specifications and user reviews.

Rating of the best binoculars

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best binoculars for hunting and tourism 1 Canon 8×25 IS 17 722 rub.
2 Nikon Aculon A211 8-18×42 9 299 rub.
3 LEVENHUK Bruno PLUS 20×80 17 679 rub.
4 Zeiss Terra ED 10×42 27 990 rub.
5 Yukon Pro 10x50WA 5 563 rub.
6 BRESSER HUNTER 8-24X50 5 090 rub.
Best night observation binoculars 1 Yukon Tracker 2×24 LT 23 100 rub.
2 PULSAR Edge GS 2.7×50 32 300 rub.
The best theater binoculars 1 Veber Opera BGC 3×25 Lornet 1 519 rub.
Top spotting scopes 1 Yukon 6-100×100 13 380 rub.
2 KOMZ ZT 8-24×40 “Zenica” 5 600 rub.
3 BRESSER Spektar 9-27×50 9 603 rub.
The best monoculars 1 Zeiss Monocular 10×25 T 21 990 rub.
2 KOMZ MP 15×50 3 340 rub.
3 Veber Monty 18×70 4 629 rub.

The best binoculars for hunting and tourism

Optics for orientation in space and search for prey should focus well, give objects visibility to significant deletions, but of particular clarity for viewing images to such binoculars are not presented.

Canon 8×25 IS

Rating: 4.9

Canon 8x25 IS

The absolute leader in the ranking – lightweight and compact binoculars Canon 8×25 IS with eightx zoom and optical stabilizer. His the case is made of durable plastic, rubberized outside for facilities. Diopters are regulated within ± 3.0. Rubber eyecups are convenient for those who wear glasses – nozzles can be customized according to need, as well as the distance between the pupils within 56 … 72 mm

A wide view from 3.5 meters deserves attention: the field of view on 1 km is 115 meters or 49.5 degrees excellent result, especially for the hunter, when the game is necessary track within a wide range, binoculars will also appreciate travelers and lovers of large festivals to watch action on stage. Remarkably: optics stabilize itself image, so once again you do not need to adjust the image.


  • Light weight (a little over 500 gr.) In a small rubberized case;

  • The design is regulated under the anatomy of any person;

  • 6 groups of optical elements for a wide view in eightfold approximation;

  • Automatic image stabilization.


  • The high price of about 19,000 rubles.

Nikon Aculon A211 8-18×42

Rating: 4.8

Nikon Aculon A211 8-18x42

Nikon Aculon binoculars with a lower review ranked second A211 8-18×42, which at a distance of 1000 meters shows only 80 meters of terrain with a visible viewing angle of only 350, and focusing of the binoculars starts from 13 meters. In this case a bit more massive than the leader, heavier – more than 800 grams. But there is the possibility of mounting on a tripod that will appreciate naturalists, biologists and hunters, approximation also eightfold.

Classic Porro lenses give you a 3D image with minimal light loss, for this reason is suitable for use at twilight or bright night.

The Nikon Aculon A211 8-18×42 housing is made of plastic with rubber coating protecting the device from dust and moisture – you can feel free to use even with wet hands.

The cost of binoculars is fully consistent with the characteristics and is about 10,000 rubles.


  • Ability to mount on a tripod;

  • The distance between the pupils is adjustable;

  • Minimal light absorption and use in dusk;

  • In general, a good viewing angle at a considerable distance;

  • Optimal cost.


  • Weak dust protection.


Rating: 4.7


Astronomical binoculars that can optically zoom in on an object up to 20 times, ranked third in the ranking of optical instruments. IN unlike previous models, LEVENHUK Bruno PLUS 20×80 provides a field of view at a distance of 1000 meters only 56 meters. Retractable lenses are adjusted to the anatomy of the face of the beholder, and for convenience of observation, a tripod mount is provided – the binoculars are uncomfortable to hold in their hands due to the large mass of 2.6 kg. Device Designed to study the near space those and phenomena, but can be used by travelers or hunters when the need to view objects at a considerable distance.

The advantage of the device is dust and moisture protection, complete set A case for storing and carrying binoculars is also provided.


  • Multiple approximation 2×20;

  • Rugged metal housing protecting multi-stage optics;

  • Ability to observe at dusk;

  • Ability to mount on a tripod.


  • Heavy weight;

  • The high price of about 22,000 rubles;

  • Narrow field of view.

Zeiss Terra ED 10×42

Rating: 4.6

Zeiss Terra ED 10x42

Zeiss Terra ED 10×42 binoculars equipped with optical system 10-fold increase, for which experts gave him only the fourth ranking place. But the field of view at a distance of 1 km is all 110 meters with the ability to focus from 1.6 meters. Adjustment ± 4D allows you to focus the picture in the desired clarity at minimal light loss, it is possible to use the device in dusk. The binoculars are optimal for use by hunters when hiking in familiar animal places. The device will appeal to travelers traveling familiar routes, as well as fans of stadium sports and theater on the stage.

The binoculars weigh a little – 690 grams, the case protects the optics from moisture and dust, you can safely take it with you in any weather conditions. However, with its capabilities worth the Zeiss Terra ED 10×42 a lot – about 28,000 rubles.


  • Sensitive optical system;

  • Wide field of view;

  • Ability to use at dusk;

  • Light weight;

  • The protected case.


  • High price;

  • Not suitable for observation over long distances.

Yukon Pro 10x50WA

Rating: 4.5

Yukon Pro 10x50WA

Brutal-design binoculars zoom in at ten times, but the field of view is reduced to 105 meters at a distance of 1 km, and minimum focus ability increased to 10 meters. At this diopter adjustment range ± 5D. Increased and weight – 1 kg, therefore, to use the device, the canopy will need hardy hands.

Advantage of the Yukon Pro 10x50WA binoculars – 2 light filters (orange and protective) for use at different times of the day and solar activity, a cover is provided with a complete set. Body plastic, but shockproof, it is protected from moisture. The device is optimal for use in a familiar area and in the absence of viewing very distant objects.

The cost of binoculars is consistent with its averaged characteristics – about 11,000 rubles.


  • Wide range of diopter adjustment;

  • Light filters and case included;

  • Optimum field of view at a distance of 1 km;

  • Impact resistance;

  • Reasonable cost.


  • Weightiness (1 kg);

  • Lack of fasteners for a tripod.


Rating: 4.5


Closes the rating of binoculars for outdoor activities and observations optical device BRESSER HUNTER 8-24X50. From the name it’s clear – increase up to 24 times, but users note a loss of clarity images at minimum and maximum values. Focusing starts from 8 meters, and the field of view at 1 km – only 78 meters. The binoculars are optimal for use in medium focus, then there is for observation at a relatively short distance.

The design is adjusted to the particular eye of the beholder, there is tripod mount – a useful feature when the weight of the optics is 810 grams. Special protection against moisture and dust is not provided, therefore, users should be careful.

The cost of the BRESSER HUNTER 8-24X50 is the lowest – about 6,000 rubles.


  • Mount for tripod;

  • Multiple increase.


  • Narrow field of vision;

  • Problems with picture clarity at minimum and maximum distances.

Best night observation binoculars

To observe objects or search for roads in the absence of light ordinary binoculars do not fit – most low models absorbing light are able to work only at dusk. Optics night Vision equipped with infrared illumination – invisible infrared rays range invisible to humans and animals. It makes the hunt and scientific observation of animals is more effective.

Yukon Tracker 2×24 LT

Rating: 4.9

Yukon Tracker 2x24 LT

Binoculars with built-in infrared illuminator and double Zoom Yukon Tracker 2×24 LT designed for the professional use by fishermen, hunters, rescuers and builders. The device creates visibility even in complete darkness. It is compact and lightweight – only 0.6 kg, fits comfortably in the hand thanks to non-slip coverage.

Lens caps are not removable, but recline – their risk lose in the dark is simply not. For a comfortable view without hitting the optics of the green glow of the image intensifier tube have a single soft eyecup, snug against the face while viewing. According to the instructions, binoculars can be used at temperatures from -400С to + 400С – optimal range temperatures for Russia.

For ease of use, observers are located in the field of view. LED indicators to help you adjust picture vision in a field of 54 meters away from the binoculars 100 meters. For work optics require power from the built-in 3V element (CR123A), which is fully charged for 10 hours.


  • Powerful infrared light;

  • LED sensors

  • Convenient adjustment of viewing parameters;

  • A capacious battery to power the IR source.


  • Small zoom 2x;

  • The high price of about 23,000 rubles.

PULSAR Edge GS 2.7×50

Rating: 4.8

PULSAR Edge GS 2.7x50

In second place are the night vision binoculars rating categories PULSAR Edge GS 2.7×50 is located with stable quality wide field of view images with a drop in resolution to the edges pictures no more than 20%. Optoelectronic Converters regulated by built-in sensors and when the level is exceeded The illumination of their power ceases, energy is saved. IR radiation with a wavelength of 780 nm illuminates all objects even in pitch darkness, caught in the lens with a zoom of 2.7 times. The design of eyepieces and beveled eyecups is calculated as follows so that with any set parameters, the picture is clear and clearly visible, and the emitted rays were not visible to others and the pursued animal.

The body of the PULSAR Edge GS 2.7×50 binoculars is shockproof, moisture resistant, it is optimal for use by specialists in any field, which there is a need for night observations. True, the device noticeably heavier than the leader of the rating – it exceeds 800 grams.


  • Zoom 2.7x;

  • Effective image;

  • Powered by two AAA batteries;

  • Wide view;

  • EIA regulation.


  • High price from 35 000 rubles;

  • Tangible weight;

  • Insufficient fit of the eyecups to the face, as noted some users.

The best theater binoculars

May many manufacturers and experts bless ordinary binoculars to go to the theater, go to a cultural place with such the device is inconvenient and not aesthetically pleasing. Especially for theatergoers created compact optical instruments in a classic frame. In our ranking is the best representative of the “theater family”.

Veber Opera BGC 3×25 Lornet

Rating: 4.9

Veber Opera BGC 3x25 lorgnet

This exquisite binoculars will be appreciated by theatergoers ideas, because it’s much more convenient to have your own tool, what to use public. Moreover, buy Veber Opera BGTs 3×25 lorgnet inconsistently – it costs about 1,500 rubles.

Optics brings the image up to 3 times with the lens diameter 25 mm. The picture at a distance of 100 meters wide – 131 m, can be seen action on the whole stage, not just one character. Lorgnett body metal, but light – only 200 grams, it is convenient to keep it in the course of theatrical performance without fatigue.


  • Threefold approach;

  • Light weight;

  • Interesting and neat design;

  • Low price;

  • The clarity of the picture and a wide field of view.


  • Not defined.

Top spotting scopes

The telescope differs from binoculars in one visual eyepiece. As a rule, it is used for static monitoring of objects, in most cases, mounted on a tripod. Another the difference is a more powerful zoom. Spotting scopes can be found on observation platforms, planetariums, observation reserves after animals, etc.

Yukon 6-100×100

Rating: 4.9

Yukon 6-100x100

The telescope with the maximum hundredfold zoom is essentially telescope for beginners. It is suitable for observing space bodies. Yukon 6-100×100 Feature – Feature connecting photographic equipment to capture what he saw Images.

The optical system can be adjusted to a distance of 6 to 100 times with setting high-definition pictures with linear magnifier in within 6 … 25 times and the lever in the range of 25 … 100 times. View convenient thanks to a bevelled at an angle of 450 eyepiece, therefore, you can observe objects while standing, and sitting, and lying on the earth.

The disadvantage of the device is instability to negative temperatures, i.e.Yukon 6-100×100 can only be used in warm season. When used as recommended the manufacturer gives an unlimited warranty on optics.

The cost of the Yukon 6-100×100 spyglass is about 15,000 rubles.


  • Approximation 6 … 100 times;

  • Ability to mount on a tripod;

  • Suitable for astronomical observations;

  • Convenient beveled rotary eyepiece;

  • Lifetime Warranty.


  • Instability to freezing temperatures.

KOMZ ZT 8-24×40 “Zenica”

Rating: 4.8

KOMZ ZT 8-24x40 Zenica

In second place in the ranking of the “Zenica” telescope is classic type folding tube with rotating optical system and 3x pancratic eyepiece, providing zoom up to 24 times. The kit includes a case with a strap, the pipe can be carried on the shoulder or in the hands – its weight is only 560 grams in the presence of a metal strong case. Optics can mount on a tripod for easy observation of objects, but the fasteners are not the most stable and the pipe sways when bend.

There are no problems with the accuracy of approach at KOMZ ZT 8-24×40 “Zenica”, the picture is well read at any zoom, but at maximum you can see an orange tint due to the structure of the lenses. Judging by reviews, it becomes invisible after getting used to the device. Not enough brightness filter, for example, to observe the moon. On the in the cold, the pipe is not as good as in the warmth, so in winter it should be Use only indoors.

The cost of KOMZ ZT 8-24×40 “Zenica” is about 4,500 rubles, it will be useful for schoolchildren and naturalist lovers.


  • Optimum magnification from 8 to 24 times;

  • Light weight;

  • Optimal cost;

  • Mounting on a tripod.


  • Mount instability for tripod;

  • Chromatism (flare) was noted.

BRESSER Spektar 9-27×50

Rating: 4.7

BRESSER Spektar 9-27x50

BRESSER Spektar closes spyglass rating 9-27×50 with a reduced field of view at maximum approximation (up to 70 meters at a distance of 1 km). Optics are convenient for observing single objects moving in the sky and on the earth.

The system zoom is set in the range of 9 … 27 times, you can look for near and distant objects on hunting, fishing, in travel. It’s convenient to use the device due to the relatively light weight 705 grams, if necessary, it can be installed on a tripod. Perhaps use at dusk, as well as in extreme conditions of high humidity and heavy traffic (shockproof housing).

The manufacturer gives a 5 year warranty on the BRESSER Spektar pipe 9-27×50, while the cost of the device is about 10,000 rubles.


  • Universality of use in view of the wide zoom;

  • 5 year warranty;

  • High image clarity at different zoom steps.


  • Not the best build quality;

  • Dust, however, penetrates into the housing, we assign it to the factory marriage.

The best monoculars

Monocular is a special device for monitoring remote objects. The advantage of a monocular over binoculars is compactness and price, as well as predominantly smaller zoom. The lack of a field of view is compensated by turning the head.

Zeiss Monocular 10×25 T

Rating: 4.9

Zeiss Monocular 10x25 T

In the first place of this rating is a monocular with tenfold zoom and 25 mm Zeiss Monocular 10×25 T lens. The device is real mini hiking pipe with a length of only 10 cm and a weight of 88 g., comfortable for travelers, researchers, concert spectators and festivals. Optical lenses transmit the picture clearly and brightly without significant light loss, which is facilitated by a multilayer T coating by Carl Zeiss. It is allows you to observe objects even with a shortage of light at dusk and overcast days.

With compact body dimensions, the monocular opens wide overview – at a distance of 1 km all 88 meters are visible. The appliance is suitable for use in any weather at temperatures from -20 to + 400C, in conditions of high humidity.

The price of a miniature and powerful optical device is 21 000 rubles, almost like a full-fledged binoculars.


  • Compact size, can be carried in your pocket;

  • Zoom x 10;

  • Protected housing;

  • Effective light coating of lenses;

  • Wide view and clear picture.


  • High price.

KOMZ MP 15×50

Rating: 4.8

KOMZ MP 15x50

In second place rating is more functional, but less mobile in comparison with the leader, the KOMZ MP 15×50 monocular. is he brings objects up to 15 times through a 50 mm lens, but weighs everything a pound, and its length is almost 20 cm – you can’t put it in your pocket. Device – compact version of full-fledged binoculars for hunters and researchers. For convenience, distance measurements are applied to the lens. dimensional grid, the observer opens a field with a width of 114 meters on 1 km away.

The operating temperature range of the KOMZ MP 15×50 monocular is wide – from -40 to + 500С, this is one of the best results among approximate optical instruments in general.

With decent characteristics like binoculars, the monocular It costs only 3,900 rubles, which seems incredible. Device really good, but not so comfortable compared to the compact Zeiss Monocular Model.


  • Significant approximation;

  • Good clarity and wide view;

  • Wide temperature range of use;

  • Low price.


  • Large for a compact monocular;

  • The absence of a tripod mount, and with such a weight, it could to be;

  • Not quite comfortable eyepiece (rests on the eye, and not on the bone).

Veber Monty 18×70

Rating: 4.7

Veber Monty 18x70

The largest exhibit closes the monocular rating – Veber Monty 18×70. He brings the image as close as possible in his group – up to 18 times, and with minimum and maximum clarity is maintained at a high level. The case is a two-knee retractable a tube weighing about 800 grams is a real mini-pipe, in a set to which a tripod is provided, however, only 25 cm (universal thread allows you to install the device on any other camera tripod).

Clear coated monocular lenses observation at dusk. The device is not very convenient for hunters in kind of weight, but its zoom is similar to many good binoculars and convenient to track game. The price is also quite affordable – about 4 800 rubles. Veber Monty 18×70 will appeal to forest researchers, and also novice astronomers.


  • 18x zoom

  • Average review 63/1000 meters;

  • High definition picture;

  • Tripod included

  • The best price.


  • Large weight and dimensions for the monocular.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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