14 best ski manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

If your vacation is in the winter, why not spend it on a visit to a ski resort? In this case, you will need money, a plane ticket and, in fact, skis. We draw your attention to the fact that now there are a huge number of alpine ski manufacturers. But not all of them produce quality products. If you want not to be mistaken with the choice, then it is better to stay on a product from one of those companies that are considered in this review.

How to choose downhill skiing?

Unlike cross-country skis, ski models are selected based on the slopes you intend to visit. If you plan on skiing on short arcs, short skis are fine. If you need to overcome long arcs, then the skis should be longer. Well, if you are going to ski outside the equipped trails, then you will need the longest alpine skis.

Professional athletes need to be guided by the requirements of the International Ski Federation. According to them, for example, men must use slalom skis with a length of 165 cm, and women – with a length of 155 cm, regardless of the height and weight of the athlete.

Of course, the first step is to pay attention to the type of alpine skiing, and not to their size. This should be done depending on what exactly you are going to do:

  1. Skiing on prepared slopes – in this case, you need to select equipment intended for use on fresh and artificial snow, which is usually covered with resorts;
  2. Universal skiing – there are also alpine skis that are sharpened for any type of surface, with the exception of virgin lands;
  3. Sports – for aggressive skiing on specially prepared tracks and slopes, special alpine skis are designed, usually sold at a very high price;
  4. Skiing in parks – in this case, you will need hard skis, sharpened for jumping and performing tricks;
  5. Freeride – to practice, they need mountain skis designed for skiing on natural slopes with fresh and deep snow, usually they are distinguished by a decent length.

Also, when choosing alpine skis, you need to pay attention to their rigidity. In fact, there are two options here:

  1. Soft skis are designed for beginners, they allow you to maneuver well at low speeds;
  2. Rigid skis are primarily designed for athletes as they provide maximum control at high speeds.

If you are not a professional athlete, then you will need to think about the length of the skis. Here you need to focus on your growth. The longest should be general-purpose skis, as well as park and freeride equipment. Well, the model for prepared slopes should be shorter. As for children's alpine skis, they should correspond to the child's height or be slightly shorter.

There are also special female models of alpine skiing. They are slightly lighter, softer and shorter than standard models. The performance characteristics of these skis are matched to the characteristics of the female anatomy. However, this does not mean that a woman cannot ski on men's skis.

Rating of the best manufacturers of alpine skiing

Nomination a place Name of product rating
The best all-round ski manufacturers 1 FISCHER 5.0
2 Salomon 4.9
3 HEAD 4.8
4 ATOMIC 4.7
The best freeride ski manufacturers 1 ROSSIGNOL 5.0
2 ZAG 4.9
3 ARMADA 4.8
4 VOLKL 4.7
The best manufacturers of alpine carving skis 1 VIST 5.0
2 ELAN 4.9
4 K2 4.7
5 Augment 4.6

The best all-round ski manufacturers


Rating: 5.0


If you decide to watch a major ski competition, then the inventory of the Austrian company FISCHER will surely be imprinted in your memory. Typically, these alpine skis have a bright and recognizable design, and the brand name is easy to remember. But why do professional athletes make their choice in favor of just such skis?

The fact is that it is the Austrians who are now using the most modern technologies. Their sports equipment represents the maximum that any manufacturer of such products is capable of. The models produced by FISCHER are incredibly light, yet firm enough to tackle even the tightest corners at very high speeds. Also, these alpine skis respond well to foot movements – they provide excellent control on the track.

The firm was founded by Josef Fischer the Elder in 1924. At first, he, along with several assistants, made carts and sleds. Later he started to create skis, after which the company became associated with just such an inventory.

FISCHER is now a huge company with several subsidiaries. As for factories, the largest of them are located in Austria and Ukraine. We can safely say that FISCHER is the richest manufacturer of skis and other winter sports equipment. It is now easy for Austrians to sponsor the most successful athletes in alpine skiing and ski jumping. Also, FISCHER products are actively advertised by the organizers of such events.

The assortment of the Austrian company includes a variety of alpine skis. Some are designed for athletes, others are universal, and others are generally tailored for a specific pastime. The greatest demand is, of course, for universal models. We draw your attention to the fact that even they cost a lot of money. Usually such skis are sold for no less than 48 thousand rubles! In this case, you will have to additionally buy ski poles, since the kit includes only skis and bindings. By the way, some FISCHER alpine skis include carbon. The use of this particular material makes the inventory lighter, while maintaining its rigidity.


Rating: 4.9


Salomon also manufactures wonderful versatile alpine skis. This is despite the fact that we most often associate the French exclusively with sneakers and other sports shoes.

It can be assumed that the Salomon brand appeared quite recently, because in Russia they first heard about it about 10 years ago. However, in fact, the foundation of the enterprise took place in 1947. Then François Salomon was engaged in the production of saw blades. At the same time, in the same workshop, ski edges were created, as well as the development of more advanced sports equipment. The very next year after its founding, Salomon managed to come up with a new fastening system, much more convenient. As a result, it began to be supplied to all ski manufacturers in Austria, France, Switzerland and the USA. Later, the company will come up with several more types of mounts. For example, in 1966, the world's first free-base mount was invented.

For many years, Salomon has created mainly ski bindings. The skis themselves faded into the background. However, later, the French company still switched to skis and shoes. And in the 1980s, athletes using Salomon skis and bindings began to win all sorts of awards, including Olympic medals. This made the company even more recognizable. So much so that it was bought by the world famous brand Adidas. This is how the Adidas-Salomon AG alliance was born. The trade mark was not destroyed, many products under it continue to be produced to this day. Including, of course, downhill skiing.

It should be noted that Salomon is aimed at those who practice alpine skiing on a professional basis. That is why many models produced by this company cost 50 and even 60 thousand rubles. However, you can find on store shelves and downhill skis, which are sold for significantly less money, especially if we talk about teenage models. Although not every resident of our country will agree to give 14 thousand rubles.

When it comes to Salomon's top alpine skis, they come with branded bindings that have never been better. The core of these models is made of poplar wood, which gives the athlete maximum control when carving on any prepared track. Salomon's top alpine skis use a laminate construction with full length ABS sidewalls. And how many layers such skis consist of! There are even two layers of titanal here, thanks to which the behavior of the equipment on hard snow is improved. Not forgotten by the manufacturer and carbon fiber, which significantly reduces the weight of the product. And also such skis perfectly absorb impacts. In short, this is almost ideal!

Rating: 4.8


Continuing the story about premium alpine ski manufacturers, one cannot fail to mention HEAD UK Ltd. This company creates a wide variety of products. The main focus is on skiing goods, but other sports are not forgotten: tennis, diving and not only. However, not everything is branded under the HEAD trademark: ski bindings, tennis balls and diving equipment are sold under different names.

HEAD is headquartered in Austria. And you yourself know very well what gorgeous conditions there are for skiing, especially in the mountains. The products of this company are often used by famous athletes. For example, skiers such as Ted Ligeti, Anna Veit, Andre Mirer and many others made a choice in her favor.

For HEAD, it all began in the middle of the 20th century, when Howard Head founded this company. Then the company was located in the American city of Baltimore. Howard decided to create his own skis after an unfortunate fall while descending the Stowe slope. He then blamed not himself, but the skis he was wearing. The company formed by him began to produce skis of the 'sandwich' type, consisting of several materials at once. They were the first in the world to be reinforced with a steel edging and a metal plate.

In the first year, six factory workers assembled 300 pairs of skis by hand. Now, hundreds of thousands of pairs of equipment are coming off the assembly line of HEAD factories, already much more perfect. The main production facilities of the company are located in the Czech Republic, Italy and Austria. Products distributed under the HEAD brand are divided into different series. The most advanced of them can be considered a line designed for competitions in slalom and giant according to the FIS rules. It includes fast and biting models with a radius of 12.5 m. The cost of such skis can easily reach 98 thousand rubles. If you have not yet grown to compete at such a high level, it is better to choose something from the Racing series. Such alpine skiing will also provide a treasure trove of modern technology. Their radius is 14 mm, and inside the inventory is a workshop titanal 0.8 mm thick with a graphene layer. For these skis they ask from 60 to 75 thousand rubles.

HEAD and less expensive alpine skis are also available. But this company does not have absolutely cheap models. Even children's skiing is estimated at 15-20 thousand rubles. I am glad that in any case, you will receive not only the skis themselves, but also an advanced mount that makes the control on the slope as precise and responsive as possible.


Rating: 4.7


Many modern alpine skiing manufacturers also create other sports equipment. But not ATOMIC. This Austrian company has focused strictly on skiing. Of course, even she does not only produce skis – you can also find bags, boots, poles, bindings and all kinds of protection on sale. But it is on skiing that the main focus of several hundred employees is concentrated.

The company was founded in 1955. Initially, she was engaged in the repair and independent manufacture of wooden wheels. It soon became clear that these products were gradually becoming unnecessary. As a result, it was decided to use wood for the production of skis and sledges. By 1958, the Austrians began to produce up to five thousand pairs of multilayer wooden skis with metal edging annually. And that was not enough! Alois Rohrmoser, the founder of the company, decided to switch from manual labor to an automated process, as a result of which the number of skis produced annually began to grow even more.

Now the main factory of the company is located in the Austrian city of Altenmarkt. About 700 thousand pairs of skis are produced here every year. And these are not only mountain, but also running models. Alas, at one time the ATOMIC brand began to experience certain problems. It got to the point that the company went bankrupt, which is why it bought out the Finnish company Amer Sports.

Now the ATOMIC brand is not forgotten, a variety of alpine skis continue to be produced under it. And these are not only multi-purpose models for beginners! The range of Austrians even includes sports models. Some of the participants in the World Cup do not shy away from them. Such skis perform well on a prepared track consisting of hard snow.

If you went to a ski resort, it is recommended to look towards the equipment from the Savor series. Such skis are easy to use, they forgive many mistakes. They also come in a variety of color options, while sports models are most often in red. And if we talk about color, then the ATOMIC assortment includes the unique Bent Chetler alpine skis, the surface of which is decorated with the drawing of the legendary Chris Benchetler. Moreover, such skis will suit even daredevils, since they are able to withstand almost any overload, giving the athlete maximum control over what is happening.

The best freeride ski manufacturers


Rating: 5.0


It just so happened that the best ski manufacturers are located in those countries where there is access to the mountains. In particular, many of these companies are located in France. One of them is ROSSIGNOL. As you might guess, it is named after the founder.

Abel Rossignol set up a small business in 1907. It was engaged in the production of textiles and skis. Everything was done, of course, in manual mode. Soon, athletes using ROSSIGNOL skis began to win all kinds of awards. This made it possible to develop production. Gradually a press and a conveyor appeared at the Rossignola factory. Technology also began to develop. All this has led to the fact that now the company produces almost perfect alpine skis. They are lightweight and tough. Now ROSSIGNOL products are often used by many athletes, including those participating in FIS competitions.

Now the range of the company is a wide variety of alpine skis. Its pinnacle is models intended for international competition. These are skis for the elite, for which you will have to spend at least 90 thousand rubles. For this money, you will receive a treasure trove of modern technologies. At the same time, you will be provided not only with the skis themselves, but also with innovative mounts. For some time now, the top alpine skis ROSSIGNOL have been able to boast of a DLC piston, the main task of which is to press the equipment against the snow and dampen small vibrations. If we talk about cheaper models, then instead of a piston, they use a special extensive insert on the toe – it also dampens vibrations.

A wide variety of alpine skis are currently rolling off the ROSSIGNOL assembly line. Some are designed for giant slalom, others for freeriding, and others for freestyle. They are united by one thing – this is far from the cheapest inventory. If you only need alpine skis to visit the respective resorts, then it is better to consider a model from some other manufacturer.

By the way, the ROSSIGNOL range even includes women's alpine skis. They are designed with the anatomy of the female leg in mind, and they are also brightly colored.


Rating: 4.9


A large number of ski manufacturers are based in France. Some of them have been actively working since the beginning or at least the middle of the 20th century. However, some companies are new to this business, and you can't tell for them! For example, the founding of ZAG took place in the not so distant 2002. And if her competitors are trying to produce a variety of skis, then she herself tries to concentrate her attention on equipment for freeride and ski touring.

ZAG is headquartered in the village of Argentière, right at the foot of the Gran Monte, which reaches 3 km in height. It's no wonder that the company's products are so good, because its prototypes are tested by experienced athletes right here!

ZAG Slap skis are in greatest demand among amateurs. They are created for ski resorts. However, this does not mean that the skis will fail in front of serious prepared tracks. At the heart of this inventory is a solid wood core. Additionally, the skis are reinforced with two layers of multi-directional fiberglass. As a result, the inventory received a good torsional rigidity, which allows it to be controlled without any problems even on blown and broken areas. The manufacturer also claims that his creation is perfectly protected from delamination in side impacts. This allows us to hope for the durability of the inventory, even with its extraordinary lightness!

It must be admitted that the alpine skis we have described are sold at a very high price. If you want to buy them, you will have to spend about 55 thousand rubles. If you want a cheaper option, then you can think about purchasing a less advanced option. However, there are no budget models in the ZAG range. Even the most inexpensive alpine skis are sold for a very impressive 30 thousand rubles. But on the other hand, you will receive durable inventory, from which you can not expect unpleasant surprises. If you visit the ski slopes once or twice a year then this will be your best buy!


Rating: 4.8


At the turn of the century, a considerable number of completely new ski destinations were born. It is not surprising that new successful ski companies emerged during this period. One of them is ARMADA. It was under this brand that several young professional skiers began to produce freestyle equipment. A year later, they started producing skis for freeriding. Wide skis with a short radius proved to be right for both beginners and experienced athletes!

Today ARMADA is one of the leading manufacturers of freeride skis. The creations of this company have repeatedly received all kinds of awards. Experts praised the products for both design and innovation.

It's hard to argue that freeride skiing can't be cheap. It just so happened that this is a very expensive hobby. However, ARMADA does not even think to ask for 60 thousand rubles or more for its products. No, you can easily get ARMADA alpine skis for 25-35 thousand rubles. And it will be a solid inventory that is unlikely to be damaged even with a very aggressive driving! It should be noted that the assortment of the company is attractive because it even includes female and junior models.

Basically, ARMADA alpine skis are intended for experienced athletes. Most often, the equipment is capable of boasting a soft toe, thanks to which the approach to the springboard becomes faster. Well, the hard cape allows you to perform a variety of tricks in flight. In general, the skis are still not so soft that something happens to them if you unsuccessfully perform a trick, when you fall on your back. Inside ARMADA skis, there is usually a poplar and ash core.

It seems that the products of this company are mainly intended for those who are seriously interested in freeriding. At the same time, skis cannot be called particularly expensive. If the hobby suddenly passes, and you never reach a professional level, you are unlikely to regret the money spent. On the contrary, you will regularly remember those delightful moments that were presented to you!


Rating: 4.7


VOLKL was founded by Franz Völkl. He believed that everything can always be done better. And he confirms this with his example, each time improving the alpine skis produced by his company. Now these are not the same models that were produced a couple of years ago, not to mention an even longer period.

In fact, almost perfect alpine skis are produced under the VOLKL brand. That is why their cost is appropriate. Even a far from top model can be estimated by the manufacturer at 60 thousand rubles. Well, for VOLKL Racetiger they ask for 75 thousand rubles. These skis stand out as they meet all FIS requirements. This means that they can compete in all international competitions of the highest class.

The aforementioned top model is made of wood and titanal. This is a workshop model, but it received some of the features familiar to production skis. For example, it includes the UVO vibration damping element. This is a technological trick that should make ski control even more precise.

As mentioned above, the company's range is not limited to a model designed for top athletes. VOLKL also offers skis for more mass consumers. Some models also have a UVO element. Also, such inventory is capable of boasting 3D Ridge Technology. VOLKL sport skis have a trapezoidal cross-section for direct power transmission to the edge. Well, closer to the ends, the skis turn into their classic rectangular shape, this is done to save weight and for the sake of avoiding losses in torsional rigidity.

I am glad that VOLKL does not forget about those who travel to ski resorts once a year at most. For such people, male and female models are created that cost only 12-15 thousand rubles. They all come with very comfortable fittings, the disadvantages of which will only be noticed by experienced athletes. The company also produces children's alpine skis! They have bright colors, small sizes and a price tag that usually does not exceed 9 thousand rubles (unless we are talking about October-November, when the cost of such equipment is inevitably growing).

The best manufacturers of alpine carving skis


Rating: 5.0


Italy is a wonderful country, which has all the conditions for a wonderful pastime in the mountains. It is not surprising that beginner skiers regularly come here. It is also here that several stages of the FIS World Cup take place. And, of course, there are several ski companies based in Italy. One of them is VIST.

The products of this company should appeal to both novice skiers and experienced athletes. VIST produces both universal models and carving skis. She also tries not to deprive women of the attention, some models are designed specifically for them – such skis take into account the anatomy of the female leg.

Experts note that VIST alpine skis rarely go off the trajectory even off the piste. Such permeability is provided by a special geometry. It should also be noted that the skis do not hit the soles, thereby helping to hold on to sharp turns and serious turns. The skis also respond perfectly to the actions of the athlete, providing maximum reaction accuracy in any situation.

The VIST assortment is far from wide. This company mainly produces alpine carving skis. However, she also offers serious models for slalom and even giant slalom. You can also purchase a universal model – there is only one in the company's assortment. As for the cost, it all depends on the class of the inventory. The Gran Risa and Tofana models have such a storehouse of modern technologies that they ask for about 80 thousand rubles. And this is not the maximum! In a word, VIST alpine skiing is the choice of a person who wants to practice this sport on an ongoing basis. Only in this case, such an expensive purchase may seem reasonable. In other situations, it is better to refuse to view the range of VIST, choosing skis from some other company.


Rating: 4.9


Modern alpine skiing comes in many different shapes. But more often than not, we are already getting used to it. And only the products of the Slovenian company ELAN still seem very interesting. But most of all they are liked by athletes due to the fact that their production has never been transferred anywhere from Western Europe.

Alpine skiing ELAN is that rare case when they were well known even in the USSR. The athletes of this country appreciated the step of the Slovenes in 1980, when they decided to change the radius of the side cutout, greatly reducing it. As a result, such alpine skis were born, which are now considered carving. At that moment, the decision of the Slovenian company seemed completely incomprehensible.

Now ELAN also regularly releases unusual products. The company continues to look for atypical solutions to improve riding technique, achieving more and more directional control. Testing of alpine skis and other products is carried out on the Möltol glacier, located in Austria. In fact, it's less than an hour's drive from the factory!

If you think about the most interesting technologies used in the creation of modern ELAN skis, then one cannot fail to note the Amphiblo cross-rocker. Without going into details, let's just say that it allows the athlete to spend less energy. Many skiers also value ELAN's top-of-the-line products for their WaveFlex wave profile, which provides longitudinal flexibility and torsional rigidity. In cheaper skis, another asymmetric profile is used, called the PowerSpine. This power cage is slightly more powerful and includes a carbon fiber ridge. The equipment using it is also able to serve for any length of time, withstanding even the most severe loads.

As you may have guessed, ELAN alpine skis cannot be cheap. Of course, this is not manual labor, but it is already very close to that. The factory of this Slovenian company annually produces not the largest number of skis, only because of this they cost very decent money. We recommend focusing on the amount of 35-45 thousand rubles. By spending that kind of money, you will get a high-tech product that allows you to drive on a prepared track at very high speeds, overcoming almost any bend. ELAN skis are usually supplied with bindings, which also have no complaints.

By visiting the appropriate store, you can find ELAN alpine skis for 9-10 thousand rubles. These are beginner models. They are intended for those who purchase equipment for a one-time visit to the ski resort. It is unlikely that you will be delighted with such skis when you start doing this sport professionally.


Rating: 4.8


As you may have noticed, the best alpine ski manufacturers are in those countries that have direct access to the competition venues. In particular, one of these companies is located in Switzerland. As you know, excellent wristwatches are made in this country. And to create them, you need to pay attention to the little things. As for STOCKLI, they adopted this practice, this company also pays attention to absolutely every little thing! That is why it is extremely difficult to find fault with its products. Unless we consider the budget models, which are not produced in Switzerland.

When choosing STOCKLI skis, be sure to look at the markings. It must show that the inventory is made in Switzerland. However, most of the assortment is created here – about 90%. Rest assured, if the model is made in Switzerland, then here it is also tested. Also, you can be sure that you will be able to choose skis for absolutely any skiing style. But what can I say, for some time now STOCKLI has even made children's skis!

The assortment of the Swiss company is divided into several categories:

  1. Racing – the fastest skis, which should only be purchased by professionals participating in the most serious competitions;
  2. Allround – these skis are also designed for piste skiing, but novice athletes can already use them;
  3. Allmountain – this inventory can be called universal, as it shows itself perfectly both on the track and off it;
  4. Freeride Tour – skis of this series are designed for the conquest of virgin lands;
  5. Kids – these skis are designed for children, they have an accelerated length and increased stability.

Swiss watches are expensive. Alas, the same can be said about STOCKLI skis. Especially if you want to purchase their products that meet the FIS requirements, for which they can ask for over 110 thousand rubles. Of course, most of the assortment is still a little more simplified models, but they can be estimated at 50-60 thousand rubles, which someone will consider a robbery. But on the other hand, such skis will allow you to glide along the mountain slope at a very high speed, without losing control of the situation.

As mentioned above, skis made outside Switzerland are also sold under the STOCKLI brand. You can easily buy them for 15 thousand rubles or even cheaper. In this case, you will receive a complete set with high-quality fasteners. But it will be a kind of walking option. You definitely don't need to think about it if you are going to go in for alpine skiing on an ongoing basis. If you choose equipment in order to visit the appropriate resort a couple of times a year, then such a purchase is quite acceptable.


Rating: 4.7


Alpine skiing enthusiasts have known about the existence of K2 for a very long time. Moreover, their parents may know about it too! The fact is that this brand was born about 50 years ago. This is not to say that the American company specializes only in the production of skis. On the contrary, she is doing her best to popularize her trademark, promoting all kinds of accessories under it – for example, masks, helmets, boots and even socks.

Unlike the companies discussed above, K2 tries to produce goods for the mass consumer. That is why you will be able to find K2 alpine skis in the fictional 'Sportmaster' located nearby. They will cost, of course, inexpensive. Alas, there are no specialists in K2 who are ready to develop completely new technologies, which would take the lion's share of the budget. This is partly why the K2 alpine skis have a familiar shape and their bindings are not ready to offer something unusual. But what is the assortment of the company! Americans offer several collections at once, which include skis for different skiing styles. For example, there are models for freeriding, thanks to which you can conquer some virgin land. If only it was located on a not very high mountain, because inexpensive skis simply cannot withstand particularly heavy loads. Also, under the K2 brand, alpine skis for carving are produced, mainly used on prepared tracks. Someone might find freestyle models useful. The range of the company also includes women's alpine skiing. They differ not only in their design, but also in their bright colors. Finally, we have not forgotten universal models, including those considered expert. On such skis, you can ride on the track, and ride outside it.

As for the cost of K2 products, it is not high. Even the most expensive models can be purchased for 20-23 thousand rubles. Therefore, it is a good choice for those who have just started skiing. Well, if you want to purchase equipment for any regular visit to ski resorts, then you can get a model for 10-15 thousand rubles, you are unlikely to be disappointed in it.


Rating: 4.6


Many Russians are completely unfamiliar with the Augment brand. The fact is that the Austrian company that owns it began to produce Augment alpine skis only in 2017. Prior to this, Austrian products were sold under the Croc brand. But she was not in great demand in our country either.

The main distinguishing feature of Augment is the individual selection of racing skis for juniors and athletes. A tiny by modern standards factory located in the Austrian town of Stulfelden is engaged in the production of inventory under this brand. Its employees produce about 30 pairs of skis a day. These are mainly sports models, some of them are custom-made. However, the Austrian manufacturer still does not forget about amateur skiers who do not even think about breaking records. However, this does not mean that you can find a relatively inexpensive ski model.

The principle of production of equipment is as simple as possible: in Augment they try to create skis according to strictly specified parameters. There is nothing difficult in this, because the company's annual production is very small.

Augment products have been used by many famous skiers for a very long time. They used to be called Mad Croc. However, in 2015, the company had problems with FIS – the brand name must be unique, whereas in Finland there is an energy drink with a similar name. I had to remove the Mad prefix, and then completely rebrand it.

All Augment skis are now similar in design. You will hardly find any technical sophistication in them, although they cannot be called simple. Basically, their filling is as follows:

A combination of poplar and ash is used as a core;

  1. The construction belongs to the 'sandwich' type;
  2. Skis have sports edges;
  3. Also, the manufacturer uses a sports slider;
  4. Additionally, almost all skis are reinforced with titanium.

Despite the similar design, the Augment skis can have ten stiffness options. That is why the manufacturer focuses on customer requirements. The stiffness index is indicated by the corresponding sticker on each pair.

Most often, Augment alpine skis are sold for about 100 thousand rubles. This is the kind of money you have to spend if you want to participate in international competitions under the auspices of the FIS. Fortunately, there are also less expensive models available. However, even they cannot be called cheap, because they ask for about 45 thousand rubles. There are no completely budget models in the Augment range, since small-scale production simply cannot contribute to this.


Now you know which companies make the best alpine skis. You should also understand that many of them tend to be present in one particular price segment. If you are going to be engaged in alpine skiing professionally, then it is better to consider the products of top manufacturers. If you only plan to visit the ski resort a couple of times, then the product of a less famous company will suit you.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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