14 best hair volumizing products

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Volume can be added to hair with a comb, hair dryer and special products – sprays, mousses, shampoos and conditioners. They should be chosen taking into account the length and volume of the hair, sometimes the environmental conditions (humidity, sun, wind). The most effective are professional stylers and care products. However, even they do not always manage to cope with thick and heavy hair – only a properly selected form of haircut and styling can lift such at the roots.

Here's a roundup of 14 of the best volumizing products tested by hairdressing professionals and women at home.

Rating of the best products for adding volume to hair

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best sprays to add volume to hair 1 Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier RUB 1,660
2 Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Spray 1 032 rub.
3 Moroccanoil Root Boost 985 RUB
4 Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Root Lift RUB 1,140
Best mousses 1 Redken volume aerate 1 170 RUB
2 Nioxin Bodifying Foam 1 221 RUB
3 Sexy Hair Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse RUB 2 210
4 Kerastase Couture Styling Mouss Bouffante Mousse RUB 1,168
Best air conditioners 1 CHI Magnified Volume Conditioner 880 RUB
2 Volumize Leave-In Conditioner 883 r
3 Redken conditioner high rise 1 420 RUB
The best shampoos 1 Kerastase Resistance Volumifique 1 320 RUB
2 Redken Shampoo Beach Envy 1 235 RUB
3 Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Extra Big Volume Shampoo RUB 2,027

The best sprays to add volume to hair

Sprays for hair volume are divided into 2 types: applied along the entire length or only on the roots. The first ones contribute to giving puffiness to the hair, allowing you to create complex hairstyles, the second ones are suitable for lovers of extreme volume, bold haircuts and styling.

Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier

Rating: 5.0


One of the best root volume sprays is Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier. It is suitable for hair of any length: on short hair, you can make bold 'standing' styling, and a hairstyle with long and heavy hair visually becomes lighter and more magnificent within a few minutes after using the product. At the same time, the spray does not glue the hair at all, does not make the hair heavier, and the effect of its use lasts for the whole day, there have been cases of maintaining the volume and shape of the hairstyle even after a day, even after sleep.

Clean-feel technology allows you to get the most luxuriant hairstyles, as evidenced by the reviews of experienced hairdressers. It is convenient to use the product with both dry and damp hair before drying with a hairdryer – a few sprays from a convenient dispenser are enough to achieve the desired moving volume effect.

Volume – 250 ml. The average price is 950 rubles.


  • For long and short hair;
  • The most magnificent volume;
  • Long-term preservation of the effect;
  • Doesn't weigh hair down;
  • Convenient dispenser – economical consumption.


  • High price for small volume;
  • Sold only in professional stores and online sites.

Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Spray

Rating: 4.9


This styling has a double effect: it lifts the roots of the hair, giving the hair volume, and also fixes the styling, but does not create a feeling of stickiness and weight. UV filters and panthenol have sun protection and color fading properties. Another feature of the product is its water-repellent properties: hair does not frizz at high humidity, and the hairstyle, even in such conditions, retains its shape.

Styling Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Spray is designed to be used on fine, short hair, but suitable for any length. Not suitable for people with high oily scalp. You need to apply the product on undried hair along the entire length, after which you can do the styling in the usual way.

Styling has a subtle lemon scent. You can buy the product in a bottle of 75 or 200 ml at a price of about 1200 and 1800 rubles. respectively.


  • Suitable for fine to normal hair;
  • Fixes the volume and shape of the styling;
  • Sunscreen and moisture-repellent effect;
  • Pleasant lemon scent.


  • High price;
  • Relatively fast consumption, if necessary, spray along the entire length.

Moroccanoil Root Boost

Rating: 4.8


A noticeable root volume can be created by blow-drying with Moroccanoil Root Boost. Styling lifts the hair and strengthens the roots, protects the hair structure from overheating, fading. Moroccanoil Root Boost contains argan oil that closes the hair scales and gives hair a well-groomed and healthy shine without weighing it down. As it dries, the styling creates a movable volumetric base for creating any hairstyles and styling, and the effect lasts up to several days – this leads to a small consumption of the composition. The spray is especially useful in the winter dry period – a thin protective film forms on the hair, eliminating static electricity.

Judging by the reviews, Moroccanoil Root Boost works well on short hair – long hair is extremely difficult to lift. However, in this matter, the skill of correct styling also matters. Of the significant advantages, we note the rapid absorption during drying without weighting.

The average price of a 250 ml bottle is 1125 rubles.


  • Extreme volume on short hair;
  • Dries quickly and fixes the hairstyle;
  • Does not weigh down the hair and does not clog its structure;
  • Contains care argan oil.


  • High price;
  • Not suitable for long, heavy hair.

Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Root Lift

Rating: 4.7


This spray is applied to the root zone of dry or damp hair – in both cases, the effect is identical. The styler helps to create a chic, stable volume, while not sticking the hair together or weighing it down.

Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Root Lift has a convenient dispenser – the product is applied to the desired area from a distance of 15 cm. The spray fraction ensures the most uniform treatment of the hair and the minimum consumption of the styler. In addition to volume, the product gives the hair an incredible shine thanks to the oils included in the composition, and also protects the hair structure from sunburn and overheating during hot styling.

Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Root Lift, a universal spray-care for hair volume, is sold in 200 ml bottles and costs about 1,500 rubles – this is the most expensive product in the category.


  • Apparent volume on short to medium hair;
  • Care, hair tightening at the roots and volume;
  • Saving the effect for at least a day;
  • Convenient nozzle for application.


  • High price;
  • The dosage must be observed so as not to weigh the hair down.

Best mousses

It is more convenient to apply the foam to damp hair – so the product is evenly distributed, you should start styling with a hairdryer right away. Mousse can be either in the form of a foam or a light whipped cream of a pleasant weightless consistency. The product is easy to dose and apply to hair.

Redken volume aerate

Rating: 5.0


This cream mousse is designed to add volume to short to medium length hair. Redken Volume Aerate also gives shine to hair, smoothness to hair ends and smoothness to hair without sticking together. The styler is suitable for all types of hair, including colored ones – it seals the scales, blocking the pigment in them, and also protects against burnout in the sun and overheating when styling with a hairdryer and iron.

Women who use Redken Volume Aerate for styling experience a light texture and a comfortable application that needs to be adjusted so as not to weigh down their hair with too much cream. The mousse is not fixed immediately, so you can fix your hairstyle within a few minutes after styling.

For short hair, Redken Volume Aerate is a real find, it ensures long-term wear of the hairstyle – from morning to evening, you definitely don't need to worry about its shape. With long and thick hair, such an effect cannot be expected, and this is an obvious disadvantage.

Cream mousse from the legendary Redken brand can be bought for an average of 1200 rubles. for 125 gr. For use on short hair, the product will last for a long time – the consumption of the styler is minimal.


  • Movable volume on short to medium length hair;
  • Minimum consumption;
  • Nice light consistency;
  • Maintaining the effect throughout the day.


  • High price.

Nioxin Bodifying Foam

Rating: 4.9


The owners of thin and thin hair suffer from a lack of volume in their hairstyles. Just for these, the Nioxin Bodifying Foam mousse was created, which has two effects: thickening the hair at the base and thereby giving root volume. At the same time, the hairstyle does not remain motionless – there is a feeling of a complete lack of styling agent!

Nioxin Bodifying Foam is ideal for short hair. They become manageable for styling and shiny. In addition, it remains possible to adjust the styling without harming the hair structure – the composition has protective properties, preventing moisture loss from the hair dryer, tongs and the sun. The mousse is suitable for daily use, does not irritate the skin, does not accumulate in the hair, and has an unobtrusive scent.

The average price of 200 ml of Nioxin Bodifying Foam mousse is about 1100 rubles.


  • Movable volume and the possibility of styling correction;
  • Protection against thermal effects and dehydration;
  • Suitable for daily use;
  • Thickens the hair roots.


  • High price.

Sexy Hair Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse

Rating: 4.8


The Sexy Hair brand specializes in enhancing the quality of hair, it is not surprising that its line includes an effective mousse for adding volume to the hair. The Sexy Hair Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse product is used at home by women and hairdressers, including at competitions of various levels. Professional styling makes styling easy and maintains its shape. Apply the foam to damp hair, and then immediately start drying with a hairdryer. Movable volume and hairstyle are maintained throughout the day, and often also 1-2 days after use, depending on the characteristics and length of the hair.

With all the advantages of Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse, we would like to highlight only one disadvantage – a very high price. For a bottle of 200 ml, you will have to pay about 1800 rubles.


  • Does not stick together or weigh hair down;
  • The shape and volume are preserved for a long time;
  • Simplifies the styling process;
  • Lightweight texture.


  • High price.

Kerastase Couture Styling Mouss Bouffante Mousse

Rating: 4.8


The fourth in our review, Kerastase Couture Styling Mouss Bouffante is a tool for adding volume to hair, easy styling and visual health of hair from root to tip. In addition, the styler has active thermal protection properties.

The composition of the Kerastase Couture Styling Mouss Bouffante contains polymers that simplify the styling process, but subsequently the film of them must be carefully combed off to avoid weight and untidy appearance. However, immediately after application, there is the effect of the absence of the product on the hair, and the volume remains throughout the day, in some cases even the next day.

The manufacturer produces Kerastase Couture Styling Mouss Bouffante mousse in 150 ml bottles, the average price is 1,700 rubles.


  • Volume along the entire length without weighting;
  • Thermal protection effect;
  • Pleasant aroma;
  • Simplification of the installation process;
  • Suitable for all types of short to medium hair.


  • High price.

Best air conditioners

Washing the head of most modern women does not do without conditioner. The effect on the hair often depends on the quality of this product: shine, care, volume – all of them are determined by the characteristics of the composition. Conditioners that give the hair splendor tighten the hair structure, make it elastic along the entire length, which ensures the volume of the hair after drying, even without special styling with a hairdryer. Professional products show the best effect.

CHI Magnified Volume Conditioner

Rating: 4.9


This conditioner is used primarily in professional environments by hairdressing professionals. CHI Magnified Volume Conditioner does not just add volume to the hair, it fills the hair with keratin and proteins, restoring its structure after damage of any nature – fading, dehydration. The conditioner works equally well on short, medium and long, but thin hair. The styling process is greatly simplified, and the use of additional stylers is not necessary.

NASA specialists had a hand in the creation of the air conditioner and other products of the line. Were used unique technologies to improve the structure of the hair without the use of harmful substances. At the same time, the healing process is not superficial, but deep with a cumulative effect.

The average price of 355 ml CHI Magnified Volume Conditioner is 2,100 rubles.


  • Environmentally friendly product;
  • Cumulative health-improving effect;
  • Simplifies styling;
  • Suitable for all hair types.


  • High price.

Volumize Leave-In Conditioner

Rating: 4.8


Conditioner from Wella under the Volumize Leave-In Conditioner is in demand in the professional environment among progressive hairdressers. The product is intended for use with shampoos and other Volumize products, but some women who use the conditioner at home note its versatility and the ability to combine with other brands of care products.

Wella SP Volumize Leave-in Conditioner is easy to rinse off: apply to damp hair, then blow-dry or straighten straight away. The product has a light, almost weightless texture, it is convenient to distribute it through the hair, the effect of raised roots becomes obvious immediately after drying. At the same time, the volume remains mobile, the hairstyle lends itself to adjustment, the play of curls is especially noticeable when curling. Hair becomes soft, shiny, silky without weight and stickiness.

Another thing hairdressers love about Wella SP Volumize Leave-in Conditioner is the conditioner's ability to make hair more pliable, regardless of length.

The average price of a product in a 150 ml bottle is 1,300 rubles.


  • Shine and healthy looking hair;
  • Simplifies styling;
  • Keeps the effect of a voluminous hairstyle for 1-2 days;
  • Acts from the inside, saturating the hair with useful components to tighten the structure.


  • Big price with low volume;
  • Very sweet smell.

Redken conditioner high rise

Rating: 4.8


The third line of the review is occupied by another air conditioner of the premium segment, Redken Conditioner High Rise. This is a universal care product: it restores the hair structure, gives it shine, smoothness, slightly thickens for a natural lift of the strands in the root area. With Redken Conditioner High Rise, no additional stylers are needed to create and hold the look.

The tool was developed for owners of thin and thin hair, but judging by the reviews, we conclude: Redken Conditioner High Rise copes with different lengths of hair, also helps to preserve color after dyeing, easy combing, prevents fragility and split ends. In general, the complex completely heals the hair and favors quick and beautiful styling with flexible volume.

It would seem that Redken Conditioner High Rise has no downsides, but the price scares many – about 3,000 rubles for 500 ml or 2,200 rubles. for 250 ml.


  • Suitable for light hair of different lengths;
  • Revitalizes hair from root to tip;
  • Promotes easy styling and combing.


  • The highest price in the category.

The best shampoos

By themselves, shampoos have only one property – gently but effectively wash off impurities in the hair and scalp: sweat marks, dust. Some professional products already contain ingredients in both mousses and styling sprays. We present the best in the review.

Kerastase Resistance Volumifique

Rating: 4.9


The unusual Kerastase Resistance Volumifique shampoo bath is part of the system for adding volume to the hair. In addition, the manufacturer offers jelly care that replaces the conditioner.

Kerastase Resistance Volumifique is recommended for women with weakened and damaged hair: the product saturates them with keratin and other 'building' components, making the hair soft, smooth and healthy looking with a cumulative effect. The shampoo gently removes fatty deposits from the sebaceous glands.

Average price – from 790 rubles. for 80 ml and from 2290 rubles – about 3390 rubles.


  • Heals hair from the inside;
  • Facilitates styling;
  • Gently and deeply cleanses hair.


  • High price;
  • Difficult to find in stores and pharmacies.

Redken Shampoo Beach Envy

Rating: 4.9


Another professional shampoo Redken Shampoo Beach Envy will help you get the desired volume of hair along the entire length. Even without complementing it with other products from the series for giving the hair a splendor, you can noticeably improve the condition of the hair. They keep the shape of the styling, the hairstyle is flexible, the freshness lasts for 2-3 days.

Shampoo works equally well on short and long hair, but in the second case, there is a rapid consumption of the product. Considering the cost of the product is about 1800 rubles. for 300 ml, this is not the cheapest pleasure, especially if you use a comprehensive program for maintaining the splendor of your hairstyle from the manufacturer.


  • Improving hair condition with constant use of shampoo;
  • Full length volume;
  • Suitable for all types of hair, especially for weakened ones;
  • Increased hair density.


  • Large consumption of funds on long hair;
  • High price.

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Extra Big Volume Shampoo

Rating: 4.8


Shampoo Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Extra Big Volume Shampoo took the honorable third place in the review category, although in terms of quality and effect it is not much inferior to its predecessors. It is suitable for all types of hair, including colored ones. The composition does not include parabens, sulfates, gluten and other substances that clog the hair structure.

Shampoo Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Extra Big Volume Shampoo is optimally used with other means for volume from the manufacturer's line – with a mask, with styling powder.

Average price – 2000 rubles. for 300 ml.


  • Safe formulation without sulfates and parabens;
  • Suitable for colored hair;
  • Hair visibly thickens and keeps volume;
  • Keeping fresh for up to several days.


  • High consumption on long hair;
  • High price.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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