13 best stands for VAZ cars

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The struts are key elements of the car's suspension, designed to compensate for uneven road surfaces and damp the resulting lateral vibrations of the body. As part of the current article, we will consider the most successful serial racks for VAZ cars, since this topic remains relevant throughout the entire modern stage of the existence of a domestic company. The criteria for selecting nominees for the consolidated rating were numerous consumer reviews, as well as the opinions of staff experts based on analytical data and research.

Rating of the best manufacturers of racks for VAZ

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
The best inexpensive racks for VAZ 1 Delphi De Carbon 4.8
2 Krosno 4.7
3 SAAZ 4.6
4 Fenox 4.5
5 BelMag 4.4
The best racks for VAZ in the middle and premium segments 1 KONI 4.9
3 BOGE 4.8
4 SACHS 4.8
6 KAYABA / KYB 4.6
7 TOKICO 4.5
8 MONROE 4.5

The best inexpensive racks for VAZ

Delphi De Carbon

Rating: 4.8


The British manufacturer of auto parts is the title supplier of parts and components to the conveyor plants of General Motors Corporation, which recently directly cooperates with PJSC AvtoVAZ. A key feature of Delphi, partly responsible for its colossal success in the world, is the ability to adapt to the needs and realities of a particular location, developing the corresponding segment of production. In the case of the domestic automotive industry, the undercarriage of cars became such a problem, and the British reaction to this nuance was not long in coming.

With more than a dozen prototypes of struts, from soft for bumps and bumps, to hard and pinched for road control and sportiness, Delphi's range of prototypes is relentlessly replenished with new prototypes and is successfully sold in retail. In particular, their front and rear struts are in greatest demand among the drivers of 'Prior' and VAZ-2110, which was noticed not only in the expert report, but also in the reviews of the consumers themselves. The high quality of the British part provides an increased service life. The manufacturers themselves talk about the possibility of going up to 150-200 thousand kilometers on one set … however, in domestic conditions, they rarely even live up to 100 thousand.


  • the choice of racks with different stiffness characteristics;
  • extremely popular with the owners of 'Prior' and 'Ten' (VAZ-2110);
  • increased change interval (highly dependent on the driving mode and the driver's accuracy).


  • high cost of the kit.


Rating: 4.7


Shock absorbers of the Polish manufacturer, which can be safely called one of the most technologically advanced in the segment of inexpensive car parts. The fact is that they use the principles of introducing collapsible housings, which make it possible to maintain and repair structural elements. The racks themselves are made in hydraulic and gas variations, so consumers have a choice.

The design feature of the rear vibration dampers from Crosno is the provided stem seal, which relieves the rubber-metal seal and additionally protects the unit from dirt, dust and ice chips. But, despite such competent design solutions, they have colossal problems with damping high-frequency oscillations. In general, these shock absorbers are positioned as parts for equipping cars of unhurried, restless and calm drivers who prefer a quiet and measured ride, and in this case they can walk up to 50-100 thousand kilometers, requiring periodic maintenance with disassembly. Otherwise, there is the likelihood of quickly reaching the limit state if you neglect the recommendations and often use them to travel to off-road locations.


  • low price coupled with good factory quality;
  • an abundance of competent design solutions, in particular, the ability to disassemble and assemble for maintenance and repair;
  • the presence of an additional seal on the rod, which removes part of the work from the gland;
  • long service life subject to the mode of use.


  • not adapted for off-road driving;
  • poorly dampen high-frequency vibrations.


Rating: 4.6


Another Russian manufacturer of spare parts for VAZ, which has an official contract for the supply of components straight to the production conveyor. Until recently, the strong point of the Skopino aggregate plant was the manufacture of hydraulic suspension struts, but current trends have forced the company to retrain for gas variations. Nominally, in terms of quality, they are in no way inferior to European counterparts, meeting the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. However, in reality, not everything is so rosy.

Among the advantages of the racks from SAAZ, consumers highlight good stability when picking up speed, no swaying and quick stabilization of the body when hitting irregularities in the track. The disadvantages are the dubious constructive reliability, which nevertheless meets the domestic GOST standards. And where there are complaints about a key technical property, there is a known problem with its component – durability. However, not everything is so fatal: with normal operation and infrequent off-road trips, the resource of shock absorbers is more than enough for several years.


  • a very wide range of hydraulic and gas vibration dampers;
  • low price for products;
  • compliance with domestic and international quality standards;
  • excellent compensation for rocking the car when rakhgon.


  • there are certain reliability problems, possibly due to falsification.


Rating: 4.5


A major supplier of oil racks for domestic cars from Belarus, an honorable place in the rating due to loyalty to the AvtoVAZ concern and maintaining the brand regardless of political differences. Fenox has always supplied Russian conveyors with spare parts, and also provided a massive 'throw-in' of parts at retail. Speaking specifically about the struts, their distinctive feature is the black and red design, low price, as well as good performance, allowing cars to feel a little more confident on the road.

If we talk about the weaknesses of Fenox shock absorbers, then first of all it is worth highlighting their not the best adaptability to off-road driving. Several inaccurately caught small bumps and potholes lead to oil leakage, which automatically puts the kit (or one item) in need of replacement. Fortunately, everything is offset by the low cost and the aforementioned stability, especially when cornering and high speed.


  • very low price;
  • popularity among the owners of 'Niva', VAZ-2107, VAZ-2109;
  • provide increased vehicle stability when entering curves and a set of high speeds.


  • with frequent off-road trips, their resource is usually enough for no more than a year.


Rating: 4.4


An inexpensive and moderately high-quality version of front and rear struts for VAZ cars is offered by the Russian company BelMag, whose production facilities are located in Magnitogorsk. Its path to the rating cannot be called easy and unimpeded, if only because some time ago it went through a disbandment and closure, having received a second chance to exist due to the influx of funding.

According to consumers, the most popular in the assortment of BelMag are oil shock-absorber struts, which provide good controllability and durability under adequate operating conditions. They are not afraid of trips to difficult off-road conditions, compensating for most of the unevenness of the soil surface with potholes and bumps. Most often they can be seen in the running ten, Niv and twelfth models, which can be traced from the report of the staff experts. As a disadvantage of the BelMag struts, excessive softness is highlighted, leading to slight body swaying at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour, which require tighter steering control from the driver.


  • very low price per item;
  • excellent safety margin;
  • damping vibrations and shocks from unevenness of the ground surface when driving off-road;
  • wide range of choices.


  • excessive softness, provoking the body to sway when driving at high speed (from 100 km / h).

The best racks for VAZ in the middle and premium segments


Rating: 4.9


One of the two recognized leaders in the spare parts market segment, with a desire to make a product an order of magnitude better than the one that is installed on cars straight from the factory. Supplier of shock absorber struts for the production lines of Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari and other premium brands. However, one of the divisions of the concern took over the production of vibration dampers for the segment of conveyor-made vehicles, which includes the domestic VAZ.

Original KONIs allow you to adjust the stiffness level to reduce the degree of wear during operation, and therefore, their safety margin is often enough for 200 or even 300 thousand kilometers. Another important rule: the obligatory check of the rack on the stand to determine the values ​​of the performance characteristics. The larger the error shown in the test, the less the product costs … in Germany. Domestic distributors do not bother with such a moment, setting a single price for everything – and what you get, chance will decide. From the point of view of a simple consumer, their cost often exceeds all conceivable limits (for this group of parts), but in view of the highest quality, everything looks more than fair.


  • very high quality of the original racks;
  • mandatory performance control before releasing the product for sale;
  • extremely high mileage for one set – the highest reliability and durability.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.8


The second undisputed leader in the category of premium rack manufacturers, until recently (and the location of factories in China and Spain) was considered the standard of originality and quality. There are two extremes within the Bilstein product: Sport shocks in yellow individually wrapped and Standard shocks in blue. For VAZ needs and, in principle, on the market, consumers most often come across standard racks, the main feature of which is moderation and balance. They are reliable, capable of driving up to 300 thousand kilometers without replacement and provide excellent vehicle stability both on asphalt and in gravel road conditions.

Racks of the 'Sport' category are uncompromising, passion and a colossal supply of working resources. Rumor has it that the durability of these kits exceeds the average service life of the car itself, as well as the fact that they are able to withstand the rally stage of the competition without special preparation. The third version of the racks from Bilstein – the development of the Chinese and Spanish factories – has little in common with the original, since it does not reach them either in quality or in terms of resources.


  • the highest quality of the original product;
  • two main series of racks – Standard (resource reserve – 300 thousand kilometers) and Sport ('live' longer than cars);
  • strict quality control at all stages of production.


  • by and large not, except for the difference in quality with the samples of branded racks made in Spain and China.


Rating: 4.8


The third German manufacturer according to the quality classification, entirely focused on the medium-sized consumer segment. BOGE stanchions do an excellent job of handling the harsh conditions of Russian roads, but are valued slightly more by professionals and experts than Japanese products from Tokico and Kayaba. True, almost all leading German manufacturers resort to their services, placing on flow cars Volvo, Audi, BMW, etc.

According to the official corporate classifier, BOGE shock absorbers are available in five series:

  1. Nivomat is a development for vehicles moving under high axle and chassis loads.
  2. Pro-Gas – Double-tube gas shock absorbers for enhanced and comfortable handling.
  3. Turbo24 is a Heavy Duty shock absorber designed for all-wheel drive vehicles and off-road driving (hello Niva).
  4. Turbo-Gas – sports shock absorbers with increased rigidity for controlling cars at high speeds.
  5. Automatic – standard gas shock absorbers used in 'peaceful' vehicles with a minimum of trips out of town.

Almost all rack models presented under the auspices of each of the series are available for purchase, including for cars of the VAZ group.


  • average price and fairly high quality of the product;
  • five standard series for various consumer needs;
  • the third strongest manufacturer in the European segment.


  • consumers complain about the uneven distribution of reliability parameters – each separately taken rack has its own 'unique' margin of safety.


Rating: 4.8


SACHS Handel GmbH is a manufacturer with a big name, almost on a par with another eminent German brand (we are talking about BOGE). He fosters and in every possible way preaches the style of unification and cheapening of production, for which he naturally “pays” by reducing the working life of spare parts, including shock absorbers. True, this approach still has some rationality. For example, consumers do not need to spend time looking for rack numbers in catalogs, wondering what will fit their car – the same model is capable of getting into the Niva and the conditional top ten.

If we talk about the serial production of shock absorbers from SACHS, then they also have their own gradation:

  1. SuperTouring – gas or oil shock absorbers of a standard type, comparable in terms of resource and quality with the original factory models;
  2. The Sporting Set is a set consisting of a spring and a strut designed for those who like fast and hard riding.
  3. Advantage – advanced shock absorbers for very whimsical drivers, improving the comfort and handling of the car on the road.

Buyers should remember that SACHS is the most counterfeit company, therefore, in order not to get the wrong opinion about their products, it is extremely important not to fall for a fake.


  • versatility of rack models suitable for use in various vehicles;
  • low price and high operational conditions;
  • three classes of shock absorbers designed for different conditions of use.


  • unification and cheapening of production led to problems with the resource of work;
  • a high degree of falsification in the domestic market.


Rating: 4.7


The fifth place in the rating is taken by the nominal representative of German production, now part of the Grunntech GmbH concern. It has existed on the domestic market since 1998, and as one of the oldest suppliers of spare parts, he founded a joint production here to equip VAZ cars. Mostly serial, ranging from VAZ-2106 and ending with VAZ-2115.

According to experts, recently Finwhale has chosen the same development strategy as the more significant competitor Sachs in the circles of manufacturers, embarking on the path of product unification in order to minimize production costs. And, it is worth noting that so far this has a predominantly positive effect – users have well received the new concept, noting the tenacious nature of the improved models and the ability to use them in mixed conditions (city + off-road). In addition, the Germans introduced a convenient rack maintenance system, constructing replaceable cartridges (gas or oil type) and releasing them for free sale.


  • average market value is slightly lower than that of competitors;
  • an abundance of shock absorbers for domestic cars;
  • unification of production, which made it possible to create universal racks suitable for various vehicles (both in terms of fastening and in capabilities);
  • the ability to service products by replacing cartridges with a working fluid.


  • a large number of fakes on the market.


Rating: 4.6


A young Japanese company, which in a few years managed to become the main supplier of shock absorbers and chassis parts for the main part of the production line of Japanese, American and Chinese car brands. Believe it or not, almost 80% of Japanese cars use a part developed by KAYABA – its main and older opponent TOKICO gets only 20%.

This is not surprising: this nominee of the rating is actively working on replenishing its product line, presenting more and more conceptually new developments to the world. So, in only one series of road shock absorbers, there are three types:

  1. Exel-G are typical gas-oil shock absorbers with a standard set of parameters.
  2. Premium – hydraulic struts with increased comfort and handling parameters.
  3. Gas-A-Just – reinforced gas models for installation on the rear wheels, taking on high load parameters of the car.

In turn, in the sports category, the Ultra SR series, adjustable AGX and MonoMax, working under high pressure (especially for trips to rally tracks) stand out.


  • each of the presented series is somehow suitable for installation in VAZ cars;
  • optimal combination of price and quality (originals);
  • an abundance of different series in the shock absorber line.


  • a huge market for fakes – the likelihood of stumbling upon a fake is very high.


Rating: 4.5


The main competitor of the KAYABA company, whose shock absorbers are famous for a rather long (about 50 thousand kilometers) service life, high nominal quality and average market value. TOKICO is one of the few representatives of the auto parts market, whose production facilities are concentrated in Japan and Thailand, where, in addition to struts, parts for brake systems are produced.

It is noteworthy that only every fifth Japanese car and very rare American ones are equipped with spare parts from this manufacturer, everything else is given to the provision of KAYABA. However, for domestic consumers, the mediocre popularity of racks in their homeland only played into the hands: because of this state of affairs, they are faked much less than a competitor, and some technological solutions look very attractive. For example, small calibration valves, thanks to which the racks can adapt to the conditions of the track being crossed. Moreover, this works even off-road – the main thing is not to overdo it with the applied loads, because no one is insured against leaks of the working fluid (gas or liquid).


  • low, relative to the main competitor, cost;
  • the presence of bypass valves in the rack system, allowing it to be adapted to road conditions;
  • high quality and concentration of production in Japan and Thailand;
  • support for a complete list of VAZ car models.


  • low popularity.


Rating: 4.5


Closes the top eight of the best American-Belgian brand, until recently, produced racks exclusively for the needs of the North American market. In the current environment, Monroe is almost the largest and most popular brand on the European continent, leading in terms of the number of shock absorbers sold as spare parts.

According to statistics, the average working resource of their products in domestic realities is about 40 thousand kilometers. This is not bad, considering that in terms of value, purchasing Monroe racks will be twice as profitable as buying BOGE or conventional Sachs. Unfortunately, when driving off-road, the efficiency drops several times, and it is good if, with periodic catching of potholes, the racks last at least 20 thousand kilometers. In general, all statistics recede into the background, if we take into account the fact that VAZ drivers rarely use specific series for their intended purpose. There are six of them, by the way, in the company's assortment:

  1. Reflex is a high-sensitivity gas-hydraulic shock absorber that reacts to the slightest body movements. It significantly increases comfort, dampens almost all vibrations, but serves much less than others. It is the leader among the owners of VAZ cars.
  2. Original – basic gas-filled or gas-hydraulic racks, the characteristics of which are comparable to the models mounted in cars on conveyors.
  3. Sensa-Trac – gas shock absorbers that increase the stability of vehicles when performing sharp maneuvers.
  4. Adventure – a more 'light' version of van-magnum, designed for those who like to ride on light to medium terrain;
  5. Ride-Leveler – special series racks designed for use in heavy-duty vehicles (transporting a trailer, or with a covered overall body).
  6. Van-Magnum are off-road shock absorbers with a margin of safety for at least 50,000 kilometers on winding and bumpy trails on rough terrain.


  • six full-fledged product lines in the assortment;
  • good mileage indicators;
  • widespread in the retail market and high popularity among users;
  • low cost and good factory quality.


  • improper use of racks by consumers for their intended purpose, as a result of which a rather controversial reputation of the company was created.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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