13 best skateboards and logboards

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Most people think a skateboard is a board with Wheels for riding on a flat road or performing stunts. Few who knows that there are several varieties of this type of transport, the main ones are skateboards and longboards, fundamentally different apart from each other.

Differences and rules for choosing a skateboard and longboard

  1. A skateboard is a board (deck) with the ends bent up, both design and strategically necessary item to control. The purpose of the skate is to perform tricks, therefore, it is equipped with wheels with strong bearings. Sizes boards can be different, when choosing, the weight of the rider and specifics of use.
  2. Longboard features oblong and straight deck shape. It can be used for tricks, but more suitable for riding on a flat road, capable of developing significant speed and coast. Deck size varies depending on the age, skill and weight of the rider.

When choosing a skateboard for stunts or skating, it’s important consider:

  1. The weight of a person to select a structure sufficient strength.
  2. The deck material is plastic or glued board. The polymer is resistant to water and adverse effects, it is more durable, the tree is considered a more solid solution, but requiring attention and care.
  3. The size of the wheels and the board is determined by the method of riding and athlete’s experience: wheels are suitable for riding on smooth asphalt medium hardness, for tricks – increased elasticity; for inexperienced riders should choose a small deck that mimics the shape legs.
  4. Deck clearance for riding on a flat road can be underestimated to achieve a better balance on a significant speed.
  5. Deck dimensions are always indicated by inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm).

On sale there are large skateboards and longboards for adults, children’s models, and also copies with electric driven. Experts studied the range of boards for skating and performing tricks and determined the best instances in several categories.

Rating of the best skateboards and longboards

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best skateboards 1 GLOBE Bantam 6 350 rub.
2 HELLO WOOD Scull 3 199 rub.
3 Ridex Prime 31 ” 4 490 rub.
Best longboards 1 Penny Original 22 ” 2 690 rub.
2 Action PW-509 3 099 rub.
3 Arbor woody 5 490 rub.
Best kids skateboards 1 Fun4u cool 2 252 rub.
2 SK (Sports Collection) Muffin JR 1 215 rub.
3 MaxCity MC-PB22 1 570 rub.
The best electro skateboards 1 Evolve Bamboo GT Street 98 000 rub.
3 Joy Automatic MC-251-400W 18 990 rub.

The best skateboards

Let’s start with the classics: skateboards – this is the most popular type boards on wheels for both stunts and riding. Raised rounded edges will not allow to confuse skate with a longboard.

GLOBE Bantam

Rating: 4.9

GLOBE Bantam

Skateboard GLOBE Bantam is a symbiosis of retro design and modern technology. 24 x 7-inch deck made of high-strength plastic, and its shape resembles the progenitors of boards for skiing from the 70s. The wheels are hard and relatively large – 62 mm in diameter, they give versatility to a skateboard, it suitable for both riding and tricks, for comfort and safety ABEC 7 bearings meet. In the reliability of the skateboard design no doubt – the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the suspension. On the one hand, this is a guarantee of a good investment (for the purchase will have to be paid back about 5,000 rubles), on the other hand – excellent a marketing move that attracts most fans and skateboarding professionals. For this customer care skateboard GLOBE Bantam gets first place in our ranking.


  • Durable plastic deck;

  • Holds speed after acceleration;

  • Universal use for skating and stunts;

  • Warranty on the suspension for the entire period of operation;

  • High quality and reliable bearings;


  • Available in black only;

  • The price is high (but fully justified by the quality).


Rating: 4.8


HELLO WOOD Scull wide skateboard deck 31×7.75 inches made of seven layers of Canadian maple lamellas, thanks which achieved high surface strength. Steel suspension designed for adult users and withstands different loads from ordinary skiing to difficult jumps. The wheels of the model are small – 53 mm, very stiff (100 A), which makes you feel while riding all the irregularities of the coating and there is some discomfort, judging by user reviews, which led to second place in rating.

Special attention should be paid to ABEC 7 bearings: they provide the wheels with the preservation of speed in linear riding or performing stunts. Expressive will not go unnoticed design: bright colors are silkscreen resistant to abrasion and fading for a long time.

The cost of the HELLO WOOD Scull skateboard is optimal – about 2900 rubles.


  • Reliable suspension with bearings;

  • Optimal cost;

  • Seven-layer deck from real Canadian maple;

  • Vivid colors applied using silk-screen printing technique;

  • Durable wide deck;


  • Inadequate cushioning, tough running.

Ridex Prime 31 ”

Rating: 4.8

Ridex Prime 31

In third place in the ranking, experts placed a skateboard with concise design Ridex Prime 31 “: black eight-layer deck of Canadian maple reinforced with a layer of fiberglass (material based fiberglass), the lower part is marked with the logo of the brand Ridex. The form classic boards, its dimensions are 31 x 8.13 inches. The wheels are small in diameter of 52 mm, in stiffness they are similar to those previously considered the HELLO WOOD Scull skateboard is 100 A.

Aluminum pendant, the creators calculated its weight user up to 100 kg, within these limits there are no problems with the design fixed. ABEC 7 bearings, as in previously considered models, they hold the course well and slightly compensate load when jumping. Buy Ridex Prime 31 “on average for 4 500 rubles.


  • Large board sizes;

  • Wide and reliable suspension, but within the established weight

  • Fiberglass reinforced eight-layer maple deck;

  • Classic design;


  • High price for quality presented;

  • Hard depreciation.


Rating: 4.7


HELLO WOOD model closes the four in the rating of the best skateboards Strip. It embodies compactness with a deck size of 31×7.75 inches comfort provided by ABEC 5 bearings; excellent controllability thanks to 53 mm wheels with a rigidity of 95 A and steel suspension. On a skateboard, both children and teenagers, and adult athletes. Impossible not to pay attention on the bright design of the seven-layer deck with the original drawing applied in the technique of silk screen printing. The concave (end bend) of the board is defined structurally, an improved aerodynamic balance has been achieved.


  • Bright design light deck;

  • The optimal cost is about 2 800 rubles;

  • Improved Concave;


  • Reduced bearing class;

  • Stiff suspension;

  • Reduced board sizes;

Best longboards

Longboards designed for off-road or asphalt driving, do not have bends on the board. Sometimes find application in skate parks.

Penny Original 22 ”

Rating: 4.9

Penny Original 22

This longboard fit embodies the classics of the 70s by form and design. A deck 22 “long and 6” wide is made of hardened plastic with anti-slip coating, its color can choose from 11 solutions. The balance of the miniature longboard provides The narrow suspension is only 3 inches wide, so for riding need skill. But the wheels with a diameter of 59 mm, their stiffness average 78 A with ABEC 7 bearings, it is comfortable to drive on asphalt no additional depreciation.

The compact size, stability and good ride made Penny Original 22 “worldwide sales leader: longboard suitable for skating even with irregularities, it can be put in a backpack.

The average price of a Penny Original 22 “mini longboard is 5,600 rubles.


  • Convenient shape and size of the deck, despite its compactness;

  • Small turning radius;

  • The plastic deck is suitable for skiing in any weather;

  • Wide wheels of medium hardness;

  • Reliable suspension with hardy bearings;


  • You need a skill to ride.

Action PW-509

Rating: 4.8

Action PW-509

Big and bright Action PW-509 longboard with a deck from the Canadian and Chinese maple is designed for an adult athlete up to 100 kg. Glued nine-layer board measuring 40.16 x 9.06 inches mounted on a wide six-inch aluminum suspension, wheels with a diameter of 70 mm and a thickness of 42 mm make the ride comfortable even on uneven asphalt, they are responsible for rolling and partial depreciation bearings ABEC 5. Despite the impressive dimensions, the longboard weighs only 3.4 kg, it is convenient to carry it in your hands, but in a regular backpack such a giant does not fit.

Action PW-509 does not require skill for riding, it is convenient keep a balance, which is especially true for beginners. Ratio price and quality makes longboard second in the category rating.

You can buy Action PW-509 for 2 900 rubles.


  • Large deck size;

  • Affordable price;

  • Good roll;

  • Wide suspension with large wheels of medium stiffness;

  • Bright design;


  • Unstable pattern;

  • On the road, the wheel cover is erased.

Arbor woody

Rating: 4.7

Arbor Woody

Bright and hardy longboard Arbor Woody is suitable for athletes with experience and dexterity: a small deck 23.50 x 6 inches installed on narrow 3 “suspension, partially compensate for the stability problem wide wheels with a diameter of 59 mm. The board is glued from 7 thin layers anti-slip Canadian maple lamellas and is capable of withstand up to 100 kg of weight, including on uneven surfaces and fast ride. Wheels work properly and accurately thanks to ABEC 5 bearings.

Overall, Arbor Woody receives good user reviews: maneuverable ride, bright design, rigid deck. Of the disadvantages marked roughness on rough roads and tiles, as well as price 5 300 rubles.


  • Compact size, fits in a backpack;

  • If necessary, replacement of components is possible;

  • Reliable operation of the wheel and bearing system;

  • Maneuverability and precision control;

  • The rigid deck does not bend under weight even at maximum load


  • High vibration transmission when driving on rough roads;

  • Price.

Best kids skateboards

Skateboards for small children are small and more convenient for training and construction management. Usually, boards are designed for riders from 5-6 years old and up to 60-80 kg, but with growth convenience is noticeably reduced due to the growth of the leg and weight of the young athlete. The choice of skate for the child needs to be approached especially carefully, because the health and safety of the little one is at stake man! Experts have identified the 3 most convenient and reliable models Skateboards for riding.

Fun4u cool

Rating: 4.9

FUN4U  Cool

The classic skateboard is designed for children and adolescents up to 60 kg The nine-layer glued deck of Chinese maple is durable, not bends when riding and performing tricks, it is set to aluminum suspension with stable wheels with a diameter of 54 mm. By the way, their rigidity is average (86 A), so the movement even along uneven terrain feels comfortable without strong vibration. ABEC 3 bearings are designed for children’s weight and non-aggressive the ride.

The skateboard is small, the deck size is 30 “x 8”, and the weight is only 2.5 kg, therefore, the board is convenient to carry, it fits in a backpack. FUN4UCool is suitable for learning how to ride and tricks, and for riders with experience, but not for the professional class. Buy a skate in an average of 2,400 rubles.


  • A wide deck of a classical form and with a large margin strength;

  • Light weight;

  • Optimal price;

  • Interesting design for kids and teens;

  • Medium stiffness of the wheels on the hardy design load bearings;


  • Not suitable for aggressive riding, even when a child reaches appropriate skill level.

SK (Sports Collection) Muffin JR

Rating: 4.8

SK (Sports Collection) Muffin JR

Smaller Skateboard Compared to Rating Leader children’s boards, the width of the deck is 6.5 inches, and the length is 22 inches. With one hand, this is good: it’s convenient to take a skate with you, put it in a backpack, it weighs only 2 kg with a similar design of a board of 9 layers Chinese maple. On the other hand, it’s more difficult to catch a balance therefore, the child will need some dexterity or help coach, parents, therefore, the product of domestic sports brand ranks second in the ranking.

Skateboard SC Muffin JR is designed for riders with experience: wide 5 “suspension, withstands loads of up to 80 kg, wheels 50 mm as hard as adult professional skateboards – 95A, at the same time bearings ABEC 1, suitable mainly for young Athletes, not teenagers, or just for a quiet ride.

Thus, SK (Sports Collection) Muffin JR though designed for children and adolescents up to 80 kg, it is still recommended for training and active skating of young athletes to save bearing integrity and overall comfortable ride. But to buy A skateboard can be inexpensive – about 1200 rubles.


  • Compact size;

  • Wide suspension with good stability;

  • Budget cost;

  • Light weight;


  • Rigid wheels without proper depreciation;

  • Bearings weak for full load, but for children – the most time.

MaxCity MC-PB22

Rating: 4.7

MaxCity MC-PB22

Third place goes to the most compact MaxCity MC-PB22 skateboard. with the dimensions of the only plastic deck in the rating 22.44 x 5.91 inches. By the way, with the smallest board, lightweight aluminum the suspension is the most stable – 6 inches wide, fixed on it large wheels 59 mm medium hardness 85 A (lowest in categories) with strong ABEC 5 bearings.

The design of the skateboard is designed for riders up to 80 kg, suitable for training and professional skating. Driving comfort and performing the first tricks provides the deck with a particularly elongated forms with one raised edge for stopping the legs before jumping and bends.

You can buy a MaxCity MC-PB22 skateboard inexpensively – around 1500 rubles.


  • Wide and light suspension;

  • Big wheels of medium hardness with natural depreciation;

  • Reliable bearings;

  • Wide color gamut;

  • Anti-slip plastic deck with one stop for legs;


  • In case of intensive skiing, the wheel cover is abraded.

The best electro skateboards

For lovers of a ride with the breeze without much effort there is progressive solution – electric skates (electric boards) with a drive. Bringing them into motion is carried out by the remote control, as well as speed regulation. When braking, most models goes into recovery mode, that is, the engine switches to generator mode and the battery stores energy from rolling the board by inertia. The main disadvantage of devices is the high price for compared to a regular skateboard.

Keep safety in mind: skate can develop significant speed, so when moving along the sidewalk extreme care must be taken. Movement on Roads on the SDA electric board are prohibited.

Evolve Bamboo GT Street

Rating: 4.9

Evolve Bamboo GT Street

The first place in the ranking of the best electric boards is the most powerful skateboard Evolve Bamboo GT Street. His heart is two engine with a total power of 3 kW, accelerating device to 42 km / h in four speed modes. Li-ion battery capacity 6.5 ampere-hour provides mileage up to 35 km, charges from the network for 3.5 hours.

The device is impressive in size: a glued nine-layer deck of Canadian maple and bamboo with 38×12 inches sides mounted on wide twelve-inch suspension with large 83 mm wheels medium hardness 76 A and very strong ABEC 9 bearings. the board is comfortable to stand and move without discomfort.

The features of the device include: the ability to overcome road slope up to 25% or 140, effective ABS braking system, remote control with LCD-display.

In addition to a skateboard, you can purchase a quick device charging, filling the battery in just 1 hour 20 minutes. For the skate Evolve Bamboo GT Street will have to pay about 98,000 rubles.


  • Large wooden deck with a strength of over 100 kg;

  • Powerful motors and capacious battery;

  • Optional fast charge;

  • Remote control

  • Big wheels of medium hardness compensate for irregularities pavement;

  • Wide balanced suspension;


  • High price;

  • Weight 7.9 kg.


Rating: 4.8


The electric board HOVERBOT LB-2R is equipped with a battery capacity of 4.4 Amp-hour, capable of providing 22 km mileage to an engine with a capacity of 1 kW with a maximum acceleration of up to 30 km / h, for which he receives the second ranking place. On the other hand, with a device weighing 7 kg carrying capacity is much higher – up to 130 kg, but it is worth considering speed reduction is proportional to the degree of loading the deck with dimensions 1080×380 mm (42.5×14.9 “).

Skateboard HOVERBOT LB-2R is able to overcome the slope of the road to 150, it is measured to operate at a temperature from -100C to + 500C, the battery and motor are protected from water and moisture, so the electric board is suitable for riding in any weather.

Another feature of the skateboard is the hole on the wooden deck, for which it is convenient to take the design for carrying. True hand can be stained if the shoes weren’t particularly clean when riding. The average cost of a HOVERBOT LB-2R is acceptable – about 35,000 rubles.


  • Relatively low cost for such a skateboard;

  • Removable battery with a full charge of 4 hours;

  • Carrying handle on the deck;

  • Optimum acceleration and power reserve;

  • Operation in any weather;

  • Big deck stable suspension;


  • You can get dirty when carrying the board;

  • Under heavy loading, the speed decreases.

Joy Automatic MC-251-400W

Rating: 4.7

Joy Automatic MC-251-400W

This is the only electric skateboard in our ranking, declared by the manufacturer as childish, but suitable for use by riders up to 100 kg, that is, both adolescents and by adults. Acceleration to 23 km / h provides a relatively weak the engine power is 400 watts, but the battery holds 7 ampere-hours charge up to 18 km, but it takes 5-6 hours to charge. To compensate for this the manufacturer provided for a drawback with a complete set of 2 battery.

The Joy Automatic MC-251-400W has large wheels with a diameter of 100 mm per steel suspension, deck made of non-slip plastic coated. The total weight of the structure is 15.5 kg, so carry the board difficult for children. Buy an electric skate on average for 20 000 rubles.


  • Polymer deck with folded sides for safe installation legs;

  • Optimal price;

  • 2 batteries;

  • Interesting design;

  • Good mileage on one charge;


  • Weak engine;

  • The desired speed is not always achieved;

  • Long charge;

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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