12 best travel dryers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A travel hairdryer, unlike its full-size 'brother', is much lighter, often cheaper, and the design feature is the presence of a folding handle to save space in a bag or suitcase. Manufacturers, moreover, often complete equipment with travel covers. Some models are as powerful as conventional hair dryers, so they can be in the arsenal of devices for daily hair care. Here's a roundup of the 12 best travel dryers of 2019.

Rating of the best travel dryers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best travel dryers 1 Philips BHD007 EssentialCare RUB 2,900
2 AEG HT 5650 RUB 2,900
3 Rowenta CV 4751 2 380 rub.
4 Braun HD 350 Satin Hair 3 RUB 2,150
5 Scarlett HD70IT24 RUB 1,979
6 Xiaomi Smate Hair Dryer RUB 2,100
7 AEG HTD 5649 RUB 1,715
8 BaByliss 5250E RUB 1,780
9 GA.MA Eolic Travel CX (GH0202) RUB 1,690
10 Braun HD 130 Satin Hair 1 RUB 1,690
11 Beurer HC 25 1 280 rub.
12 Rowenta CV 3620 1 460 rub.

Philips BHD007 EssentialCare

Rating: 4.9


One of the best travel dryers is the popular Philips BHD007 EssentialCare. A completely inexpensive device (looking ahead, we note – the cheapest in the rating) is equipped with a good set of functions: ionization that improves the quality of hair and the duration of styling, cold airflow, 2 drying modes. The design is foldable, the product is very light (450 gr.), While it works silently, without overheating. There is only one nozzle in the kit – a concentrator, but this is a standard for travel dryers. The manufacturer packed the device in a case, and provided a loop on the handle for easy storage. There will be no problems when choosing a place for drying hair relative to the outlet – the length of the cord is 1.8 meters, which will allow you to move away from the power source and not restrain movement.

Users leave mostly positive reviews about the Philips BHD007 EssentialCare, we did not find significant shortcomings. Another nice aspect is the low price. A hairdryer can be bought on average from 1100 rubles.


  • Compact and lightweight folding design;
  • Laconic design;
  • 3 operating modes;
  • Long power cord.


  • Not defined.

AEG HT 5650

Rating: 4.8

AEG HT 5650.jpg

The second most popular hair dryer of not the most recognizable brand AEG HT 5650, like its predecessor, is compact and foldable. Plus in his favor – 4 modes of air blowing: 3 warm and 1 cold at a power of 2100 W. Another advantage is the automatic reeling of the 1.6 meter cord. The AEG HT 5650 model has an ionization function to prevent damage and overdrying of hair, a removable filter, and the mechanism is protected from overheating. The manufacturer included only a hub-attachment with the device.

Despite the purpose (domestic use), the AEG HT 5650 hair dryer is suitable for semi-professional use, it is in the arsenal of hairdressers working on the road. The only moment that can be confusing when choosing is the price of about 3300 rubles, which is almost equivalent to an ordinary hair dryer with decent characteristics. Users note flawless handling, good speed modes and low weight of the device.


  • Retractable cord;
  • Lightweight design with foldable loop handle;
  • Precise gear shifting.


  • High price for a travel hair dryer.

Rowenta CV 4751

Rating: 4.8

ROWENTA CV 4751.jpg

This hairdryer is chosen by people for whom styling should be flawless in any conditions, including far from home or beauty salons. The Rowenta CV 4751 model is a device with an increased power of 2200 W, which is slightly higher than that of the previously reviewed rating representatives. In general, the CV 4751 model belongs to the For men series, which determined its brutal design, but the hairdryer is popular mainly among women. It dries hair quickly in three speeds and two temperature settings, independently adjustable. There is one nozzle in the kit – a concentrator. The design provides for a removable filter, a loop for hanging, the ability to fold the product for compact storage and transportation. There is no ionization function in this hair dryer model, as well as overheating protection. The length of the power cord is good – 1.8 meters.

The average price of the Rowenta CV 4751 hair dryer is about 3300 rubles, with the presence of speed and temperature regulation, the length of the cord, it is quite reasonable.


  • 3 speeds and 2 temperature settings with independent regulation;
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good build;
  • Long cord.


  • Lack of ionization, cover.

Braun HD 350 Satin Hair 3

Rating: 4.7


The travel hair dryer next in our review is lightweight – only 280 grams with dimensions 75x190x145 mm and a power of 1600 watts sufficient for normal drying. It is made of high temperature resistant polymer, which is pleasant to the touch. The hair dryer is equipped with an ionization function, two heating modes and an air flow rate. The only catalyst nozzle in the kit rotates, allowing you to adjust the air flow to the desired angle.

The lightweight design is protected by a heat regulator to prevent plastic melting and scalding. The length of the power cord is 160 cm – optimal for convenient drying at a short distance from the outlet. The design of the hair dryer is foldable, there is a suspension on the handle. The device is very compact when folded, so it is in demand among avid travelers who save space in a suitcase or bag. Ideal for business trips.

The average price of Braun HD 350 Satin Hair 3 is about 3,300 rubles, it is due to the build quality of the brand's products, but in terms of functional characteristics, we consider it somewhat overestimated.


  • Reliable construction and good build;
  • Very compact size and light weight of only 280 g.;
  • Long cord.


  • High price with the declared functionality.

Scarlett HD70IT24

Rating: 4.6


Foldable compact hair dryer from Scarlett HD70IT24 is equipped with an ionizer, two speed and three temperature settings. The power of the device is good for a compact folding model – 2400 watts. He has nothing more to boast about – the only nozzle-concentrator, a removable grill, a folding handle, a loop for suspension. The weight of the product is 400 grams.

Users note the Scarlett HD70IT24's ergonomics, good drying behavior, compact dimensions and light weight. The color of the product is brown, closer to chocolate, and this gives the hair dryer the personality that some women prefer.

The average price is about 2800 rubles.


  • Aesthetic performance;
  • 2 speeds and 3 heating temperatures;
  • Ergonomic foldable design;
  • There is an ionizer.


  • Not defined.

Xiaomi Smate Hair Dryer

Rating: 4.5


The Chinese brand Xiaomi has a Smate Hair Dryer in its line of 'smart' everyday appliances. It is a state-of-the-art device with a negative ionization function, for which a separate channel is provided. The hair dryer has a professional motor (the first in our review) with a power of 1600 W, and the air flow rate reaches 15 m / s, which allows drying very quickly. There are only 2 speed modes, as well as temperature modes, which is unexpectedly not enough for a Chinese manufacturer, but users note: this is quite enough. To prevent overheating of the structure and hair, the hair dryer has a built-in temperature sensor with auto power off if the upper thermal threshold is reached. Another interesting feature is the magnetic concentrator, which converts wide air flow into directional one.

Hair dryer Xiaomi Smate Hair Dryer is foldable, very compact, easy to use, it has an unusual technological design.

The average price is only 2,100 rubles.


  • Gentle effect on hair;
  • Good and fast airflow;
  • Clear management;
  • Airflow concentration.


  • Total speed and temperature.

AEG HTD 5649

Rating: 4.5

AEG HTD 5649.jpg

Above we have already reviewed the AEG brand hairdryer, but the HTD 5649 model differs from its predecessor in the review: the device has a 2200 W motor, it has an ionization function, a folding handle, and a removable filter. The speeds, as in the previous model, are two, and the temperature modes are 3, they can be adjusted independently of each other, choosing the optimal parameters for drying and styling hair. The cord of the device is long – 1.7 meters, but there is no automatic twisting yet. The compact design when folded takes up minimal space in a travel bag or suitcase.

The main difference between the AEG HTD 5649 hair dryer from all the previously listed models is the presence in the complex of a replaceable diffuser nozzle to create styling with light curls. The hub, of course, is also available.

To protect hair and structure from overheating, the manufacturer has provided a temperature sensor. The handle has a suspension loop.

The average price of the device is about 1,700 rubles.


  • 2 nozzles included;
  • Semi-professional engine;
  • Convenient switching of speeds and heating temperatures;
  • Ionizer.


  • Not defined.

BaByliss 5250E

Rating: 4.5

BABYLISS 5250E.jpg

The BaByliss 5250E compact travel hairdryer is the simplest device with three temperature and speed settings. It does not have an ionization function, and the main power is quite low – 1200 W, however, users note that it is enough for a leisurely drying. Switching modes is convenient, the set temperature parameter is reached quickly, but some women consider the heating to be too strong and prefer cold air.

The hair dryer has a long cord – 1.7 meters, foldable design. There is no removable filter, as well as a suspension loop. The structure and hair are protected from overheating by a sensor. The manufacturer packed the BaByliss 5250E in a travel storage case.

The average price of about 2,000 rubles with the declared characteristics seems overpriced.


  • Optimal power for slow drying;
  • Ergonomic design
  • Convenient gear shifting.


  • No suspension loop;
  • There is no ionization.

GA.MA Eolic Travel CX (GH0202)

Rating: 4.4


This compact hairdryer turned out to be the lightest in the review – 238 grams with dimensions of 70x230x140 mm, while not the weakest – its power of 1600 W is in average values ​​for such equipment. The device is equipped with a folding handle with a hanging loop, an ionizer to improve the quality of hair and hairstyle. The temperature and speed of the hair dryer are combined into 2 modes without independent adjustment. Users note high noise when working with a hair dryer.

Note that the GA.MA Eolic Travel CX (GH0202) does not have the cold air supply needed to gently dry or hold the styling. There is no overheating protection either. The complex has the only nozzle-concentrator, there is no cover. Fortunately, the cord is long – 1.7 m.With the stated characteristics, we can recommend a hairdryer only for those who do not need careful styling, but are looking only for a device for ordinary short-term hair drying.

The average price of the device is about 1,500 rubles.


  • Light weight – 238 grams;
  • Long cord 1.7 m;
  • 2 drying modes


  • There is no cold airflow;
  • No overheating protection.

Braun HD 130 Satin Hair 1

Rating: 4.3


The Braun HD 130 Satin Hair 1 dryer is just 2 grams heavier than the lightest device in our ranking – it weighs 240 grams. with dimensions 70x185x110 mm. It has a foldable handle and a suspension loop. Their functionality is only basic functions – with a power of 1200 W, there are two speed and temperature modes, ionization and cold airflow are absent. The manufacturer has provided protection against overheating, as well as a wide range of input voltage, so that the hair dryer can be safely used anywhere in the world. The length of the cord is good – 1.5 meters.

In general, the Braun HD 130 Satin Hair 1 is a good hair dryer for travel and business trips, it is compact and very light, but not suitable for owners of fragile hair who need careful drying and styling.

The average price is about 1,500 rubles.


  • Light weight;
  • Long cord;
  • Overheat protection.


  • Lack of ionization and cold airflow.

Beurer HC 25

Rating: 4.2

BEURER HC 25.jpg

Unlike its predecessors, poor in functionality, the Beurer HC 25 hairdryer has both a cold blower and an ion generator. It has 3 temperature settings, it has overheating protection, and there is a loop on the folding handle for hanging the device. The motor power is good – 1600 W, there are 3 temperature settings with a convenient switch, but the shutdown is slow, as noted by some users.

The design provides protection against overheating, switching voltage 220/110 W. And the hair dryer has an interesting design – the body is made of matte plastic, pleasant to the touch. Dimensions of the device 54x259x156 mm, weight – 470 grams.

The average price is about 1,500 rubles.


  • There is an ionizer and cold airflow;
  • 3 temperature settings;
  • Interesting design;
  • Convenient switching.


  • Tight switch button;
  • Noisy work.

Rowenta CV 3620

Rating: 4.1

ROWENTA CV 3620.jpg

Our review closes with the popular Rowenta CV 3620 hair dryer in a white case. The product has compact dimensions 70x250x200 mm and a weight of 400 g. When folded, the hair dryer is very compact, it is convenient to take it with you on travel and business trips. The hair dryer has a good power of 1700 W, while there are 4 temperature settings, 2 blowing speeds with independent regulation, there is air ionization. The cord is long – 1.8 meters, overheating protection is provided.

Despite a decent set of characteristics, some users complain about the noise of the hair dryer, some got products with poor-quality assembly, although these are, rather, isolated cases are not the rule.

The average price is from 1400 rubles.


  • Speeds and temperatures are independently controlled;
  • Long power cord;
  • Good power;
  • Ionization and cold airflow.


  • There have been cases of poor-quality assembly;
  • Noisy work.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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