12 best sillage fragrances for women

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Every woman has her own preferences, and today you can choose perfumes from a variety of groups of fragrances: floral, woody, musky, aquatic, – which differ in intensity and persistence. Some women like the first notes to be the strongest. But others prefer the scent to remind of the wearer for a long time.

The trail perfume has a strong scent that remains in the room even after the person has left it. This perfume is appropriate for special occasions, romantic dates, parties. But during the day, not everyone around will appreciate this choice. In especially sensitive people, the aroma can cause unwanted reactions: dizziness, nausea. But it all depends on the intensity of the scent, so you can choose a persistent but delicate perfume that will not affect others.

Manufacturers do not disregard trail perfumes, developing original novelties that are on a par with bestsellers. They are consistently popular and top sellers all over the world. We've selected 12 fragrances for which beauty experts and casual customers have voted, identifying them as 'the best trail perfume for women'.

Rating of the best sillage fragrances for women

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best sillage fragrances for women 1 Chanel coco mademoiselle RUB 1,410
2 Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium RUB 8,599
3 Lancome poeme 4 192 RUB
4 Dior Poison RUB 10,410
5 Giorgio Armani Si Intense Night Light RUB 4,252
6 Marc jacobs daisy RUB 3,066
7 Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum Roberto Cavalli RUB 2,475
8 Guerlain samsara 2 369 RUB
9 Nina ricci pretty nina 2 342 rub.
10 Bvlgari jasmin noir RUB 8 809
11 Prada Candy L'Eau 1 336 rub.
12 Escada Escada Collection RUB 5,930

Chanel coco mademoiselle

Rating: 4.9


The first place is taken by the fragrance, recognized as the most trailing in the world. Luxurious, sophisticated and feminine, it is impossible not to remember him. Even once they feel Coco Mademoiselle, others will never forget it. The composition unfolds gradually, but from the very first minutes it begins to convey the oriental-floral scent of a multifaceted bouquet. The owner is a woman with character, independent, defiant, impudent and at the same time light and charming.

On contact with the skin, the classic combination of fresh citrus fruits: orange, tangerine, grapefruit – and bergamot begins to appear. Then Turkish rose, lychee, mimosa, ylang-ylang and jasmine enter the composition. A long, inviting trail of vanilla, white musk, vetiver and patchouli will accompany you for hours. He creates a special aura that makes you admire and win the attention of the surrounding men.

Flawless and elegant – this is how many describe an elite perfume. Men give it to their lovers, as it enhances sensuality, and makes a woman even more desirable and seductive. Laconic design does not detract from the content itself. The crystal bottle will take its rightful place on the dressing table.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Rating: 4.8

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

The second is an elite fragrance with an intriguing name. It belongs to the oriental woody group. A luxurious train will accompany the wearer for 10-11 hours. The spicy scent does not get boring like many persistent perfumes. After being applied to the skin, it literally intoxicates, creating a cloud of many scents around, which its creators have collected into a single composition.

The first notes are pink pepper, orange flowers, pear. Then accords of coffee, almond, jasmine and licorice are revealed with a fragrant bouquet. The sillage is created with a mixture of patchouli, cashmere wood and vanilla. Despite the fact that Black Opium has already turned 40 years old and many new products have appeared in the world, it is also relevant and does not lose its position. He was recognized as the most famous creation of the fashion house. The modern version of the legendary perfume was presented in 2009.

The bottle is as highly regarded as its contents. The dark glass is strewn with sparkles, and the main accent is the brand logo, located in the center, like the brightest star in the universe. The perfume goes well enough with any image. Women noted that they wear it with pleasure not only in the evening, but also during the day.

Lancome poeme

Rating: 4.7

Poeme by Lancome

The bronze medalist is a perfume that has not lost its popularity for the third decade. They have been recognized by many experts in the fashion world. They were worn and are worn by world stars and ordinary girls in different countries of the world. The scent trail is created from bright, sensual scents. It stays everywhere, envelops every object in the room with a sweet luxurious cloud and does not let you forget about its owner for a minute.

The perfume is created with a French accent. Those who prefer Poeme love the quiet streets of Paris and consider it the most romantic place in the world. The rich floral bouquet begins with black currant, plum, daffodil, mandarin, peach, bergamot, Himalayan poppy and datura. Then comes a bright composition of rose, vanilla flowers, mimosa, jasmine, leather, freesia, heliotrope, ylang.

Sugary-sweetish sillage is created by a mix of amber, musk, orange blossom, vanilla. You want to feel it in sunny summer weather. But, nevertheless, in the cold season, the fragrance will be appropriate at a gala event or party. A pronounced perfume knows no age. Both young girls and mature women use it with pleasure. Many of them note that this is one of the longest-lasting fragrances known.

Dior Poison

Rating: 4.7


On the fourth line is a captivating fragrance that has gathered a multi-million army of fans around the world. The year of its release on sale is 1985. And to this day there is a luxurious bottle on many dressing tables, and the oriental-floral scent is clearly felt at parties and special events. The best time to wear is during autumn evenings. But many do not give up their favorite scent in other seasons of the year.

The composition is deep and rich. Top notes: rosewood, coriander, anise, plum, wild berries. The next fragrant wave is created from cloves, cinnamon, incense, jasmine, African orange blossom, rose, opoponax and white honey. A beautiful exquisite sillage is formed due to the combination of amber, vanilla, heliotrope, Virginia cedar, vetiver, musk, sandalwood.

Poison, unlike many other perfumes, opens only on the skin. He literally envelops and dresses up a woman, attracting the attention of everyone around her. A viscous, thick scent designed to seduce. No perfume ever created has ever been so sensual. This is the opinion of both women and men. The experts of our magazine agreed with him 100%.

Giorgio Armani Si Intense Night Light

Rating: 4.6


The fifth place is occupied by a trail scent that will appeal to an elegant and sensual woman. All compositions created by the famous Fashion House are invariably bestsellers. Si Intense Night Light, released in 2016, did not escape this. The unique combination creates a unique aroma, the cloud from which accompanies the wearer for 10-12 hours and remains where she was for a long time.

A bright aroma is especially relevant in the cold winter-autumn period. Despite its high durability, it is actively used during the day, since it does not form an intense smell that irritates the sense of smell, leaving a light citrus-fruity flair. A few minutes after application, notes of mandarin, black currant and its leaves, bergamot and white freesia are immediately caught. Osmanthus, neroli, rose and artemisia follow.

The finishing touch is patchouli, vanilla, woody notes, ambroxan. Like other perfumes of the brand, the fragrance is dressed in an exquisite bottle. According to numerous reviews, this is one of the most sensual fragrances that will not leave indifferent the nearby men. Women will also definitely notice him and will certainly want to become the owners of luxurious perfumes from Giorgio Armani.

Marc jacobs daisy

Rating: 4.6

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

The sixth in our review is the perfume of the American brand, presented in 2007 and retaining its leading position to this day. He conquered admirers of floral woody-musky fragrances. The members of the jury also could not resist, giving him honorable first places at international competitions in 2008. The fragrance is suitable for fashion parties, where it will show itself at its best. The carrier is a woman with a sense of humor, charging those around her with her lightness and positiveness.

An unusual composition combines contrasting components, which, when combined into a single whole, give a whole range of feelings and emotions. Strawberry, grapefruit and violet leaves are clearly heard in the upper sound. Immediately followed by the aromas of jasmine, violet and gardenia. A fragrant cloud of light wood, musk and vanilla will accompany you for several hours, adding energy and strength.

A delicious cocktail in an equally luxurious package. The design of the bottle is light and airy, no dark tones. Transparent glass does not hide precious content. On the lid, voluminous flowers are coquettishly located, which will delight the eye even in winter. The amazing secret of the magical attractiveness of the fragrance was able to reveal its owners, but for those around it, it will forever remain a mystery.

Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum Roberto Cavalli

Rating: 4.5


The seventh place fragrance was launched by the famous Italian Maison in 2012. Its difference is an unpretentious name, as if the creators did not want to distract attention from the main thing – an incredibly sensual, floral-oriental scent. The energy is felt immediately after opening the bottle. After application to the skin, a multi-level magic sound of valuable components is formed, which gave the composition their best properties.

The captivating scent of pink pepper from Madagascar comes in first. It is followed by African orange blossom. Base notes: vanilla, tonka and Siamese benzoin. Long sounding is not sharp, pleasant. It persists for several hours, causing only positive associations.

The design is delightful. The bottle is decorated with a tiara-shaped cap with the brand's logo. The dominance of gold in design speaks for itself. Elite perfumery looks luxurious and presentable. A rich almond-vanilla trail will tell about the character of the carrier of the perfume. Anyone who prefers not to hide sexuality, but to emphasize it, will certainly love the bestseller from Roberto Cavalli.

Guerlain samsara

Rating: 4.5

Samsara by Guerlain

The distant 1989 was marked by the release of the eighth nominee for our review. The fragrance was created with special love, as it was intended for the wife of a French perfumer. In translation, the name means 'eternal rebirth' or 'wheel of life'. A long-lasting perfume lasts 7-8 hours on the skin and more than 12 hours on clothes. An oriental-woody scent is created by a multi-component composition, the initial batch of which belongs to lemon, peach, ylang-ylang, bergamot. Further, a charming motif of jasmine, violet, rose, daffodil and iris sounds.

Sweet floral notes balance sandalwood, amber, musk, tonka bean, vanilla. The warm aroma is especially evident during the cold season. It instantly asserts itself, but over time, a long, but delicate, not harsh sillage remains.

A declaration of love to his chosen one has become a symbol of romanticism for many years. Men choose Samsara as a gift, as with it they will be able to express all feelings and emotions that are difficult to convey in words. Sophistication and sophistication is evident in everything, including the magnificent decoration. The classic of perfumery does not lose its relevance and, according to many girls, is a favorite scent for all seasons of the year.

Nina ricci pretty nina

Rating: 4.5


The ninth place is occupied by the perfume released in 2009. It is suitable for young girls or those of the fair sex who prefer 'tasty', candy flavors. It opens with the scent of grapefruit, joined by raspberries, jasmine and green apple. The aromatic trail remains in the form of a mix of vanilla, musk and caramel. The fragrance is not heavy, so it is worn not only in the evening. During the day, it will also suit any style.

The bottle accurately conveys the history of its contents. You want to hold it in your hands and enjoy it when it is on the dressing table. After application to the skin, people around you smell the vanilla-sugar dessert. But it's not luscious, it's light. And even a long-lasting trail does not irritate the sense of smell, but improves mood and gives a positive.

A universal scent is chosen by many customers, since you can not refuse your favorite perfume in any season, at any time of the day. Its high durability makes it economical to use one package. Many have noted that they choose Pretty Nina as a gift, and it always satisfies even the most sophisticated fashionista. Experts recommend these perfumes for those who like not heavy trails, but at the same time persistent aromas.

Bvlgari jasmin noir

Rating: 4.4

Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari

The tenth is the perfume of the Italian luxury brand, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. It belongs to the floral oriental group. For those who prefer intense spicy scents, Jasmin Noir is the perfect option to complete an evening look. Its popularity is due to the fact that both a man and a woman took part in the creation. Because of this, the theme of the most precious flower in perfumery is played so uniquely, and the result is a multifaceted, enchanting scent.

Jasmine sambac, which has become the main ingredient, is native to India and has always been used as an aphrodisiac. That is why so much sensuality is contained in every drop of an elite perfume. It is created out of contradictions where contrast has become an advantage, not a disadvantage. The composition begins with green notes and gardenia. Almonds and jasmine follow. The unique sounding is completed by chords of noble wood species, amber, tonka bean, patchouli, licorice, and musk.

An intense trail lasts a long time on the skin, clothing and indoors. There is not much to say about the bottle. Its design will speak for itself. The nobility and luxury of black and gold tones gives incredible aesthetic pleasure, enhancing the sensation of using perfume.

Prada candy l'eau

Rating: 4.4

Candy L'Eau by Prada

On the eleventh line is the fragrance of 2013, which became the new version of the Candy perfume. Both were created by Daniela Andrier. The sweet bouquet becomes a powerful stimulus for good mood and positiveness. Citrus fruits and flowers form a great-sounding composition that lasts up to 10 hours on the skin, and on clothes for several days. The train is not sharp, a little delicate, but still will not let you forget about its wearer.

The first accords belong to Sicilian tangerine and lemon. Then there are sweet peas, followed by aromas of vanilla, caramel, white musk and benzoin. The perfume was created for lovers of sunny, positive, caramel aromas. He does not get bored, despite the high resistance. The aroma is comfortable both in the evening and in the afternoon.

In the reviews, women note the versatility of the perfume. It is relevant at any time of the year, each time revealing itself in different ways. Moderately playful, moderately sensual, moderately sexy – that's what most of the users said about him. Candy L'Eau has collected a lot of emotions and feelings and is happy to share them with others. The fragrance was not left unnoticed by the world's celebrities, who wear it themselves and recommend it to others.

Escada Escada Collection

Rating: 4.3

Escada Collection by Escada

The TOP-12 of the best lasting fragrances for women includes a perfume created in 1997. It became the hallmark of the House of Escada and is still in trend. Seductive, elegant scent belongs to the oriental group. It is designed for young, bold, bright girls who do not want to be 'gray mice', but want to always be in the spotlight.

Softly and delicately enveloping, the aroma makes you forget about problems. It is suitable for a romantic evening and will be the perfect completion of the created image. The composition will be appreciated by real gourmets. It contains all the best that is used in oriental perfumery. First notes: caramel and plum. The following: jasmine, white flowers, orange blossom, rose. The sweetness is very delicate and powdery. Intense and at the same time delicate trail is woven of exquisite aromas of white cedar, sandalwood, musk and tonka bean.

Escada Collection is considered a classic. Harmony is felt in everything. The design of the bottle, created 20 years ago, is still not outdated, but is an example of elegance and sophistication. A limited edition perfume is difficult to buy today. But those who are lucky enough to do this will become the owners of a magical scent that has become a world bestseller.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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