12 best online auto parts stores

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The market of auto accessories in our country is keeping pace with time. He is increasingly moving into the online segment, walking to meet the wishes of customers. Since cars are on the road Russia is becoming more, then online parts stores experiencing rapid development. Even young projects in a few years manage to acquire an enviable customer base (tens and hundreds thousands of people). Large turnover allows you to work with minimum margin, which becomes an attractive factor for new customers. Choose the right one an online store is not so simple, recommendations of our experts help you find the most profitable site.

Recommendations for choosing an online auto parts store

  1. Territorial factor. World Wide Web Blurs Boundaries to move goods. You can order car accessories even in America, even in China. But you have to wait for such packages for a long time, often they do not reach the addressee at all. Therefore, given actual saying “time is money”, place orders preferably on Russian sites that work with specific region.
  2. Delivery Features. Many online stores auto parts are ready to send an order to anywhere in our vast Homeland and neighboring countries. But delivery is carried out most often by transport companies. They have different prices, from Delivery method depends on the form of payment. For example, with postal shipments from the buyer may require an advance payment. When non-receipt of goods money is very difficult to return.
  3. Search for details on the site. Since online stores create different developers, the interface can be very different. Often the search for the part takes several hours, while the design ordering occurs within minutes. It is very useful help of consultants. But in popular stores all the telephone lines are busy, but online support is not available. Therefore, some users find the part number on others sites, and then use a combination of numbers and letters to drive a cipher details in the store search bar.
  4. Originals and analogues. It is no secret that many motorists prefer to buy aftermarket parts for a simple reason – due to lower price. In a number of online stores when selecting details by article or VIN code are displayed not only original spare parts, but also their substitutes. This search design makes it easy inexperienced motorists.
  5. Additional services. To attract as much as possible buyers, many online stores resort to additional services. Some resources acquire their own fleets for prompt and cheap delivery. Others offer free help consultants. Specialized services make free tire or diagnostic work. Customer succeeds save some amount of money, with his experience he subsequently will share with friends or colleagues.

We have selected 12 of the best online auto parts stores in our review. They successfully work in the vastness of Russia, sending goods to all regions. When allocating seats, the editorial board of the magazine studied the opinions experts, and also analyzed the reviews of domestic motorists.

Rating of the best online auto parts stores

Nomination a place Online store rating
Rating of the best online auto parts stores 1 Exist.ru 5.0
2 Emex.ru 4.9
3 euroauto.ru 4.8
4 Autodoc.ru 4.7
5 AvtoRus 4.6
6 yulsun.ru 4.5
7 AutoCompas.ru 4.4
8 1001z.ru 4.3
9 Apex.ru 4.2
10 Autopiter.ru 4.1
11 Yurbel 4.0
12 kolesa-darom.ru 3.9


Rating: 5.0


He has been working in the Russian auto parts market for 20 years. online store Exist.ru. During this time, company employees managed place over 75 million orders. Such a resource success experts explain by an extensive catalog where there are details, as for domestic cars and for most popular foreign cars. By going to the page of the site, you can get detailed information on selected spare parts, starting from the manufacturer and ending with dimensions. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, everyone The client relies on a personal manager. He helps with the selection details, with payment and order tracking. The editors gave online store palm in our review.

Domestic motorists are satisfied with the quality and price of parts, speed of order processing and prompt delivery.


  • huge assortment;
  • acceptable prices;
  • personal manager;
  • prompt delivery.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.9


Another online store specializing in the supply of auto parts, offers a wide range of products. Playground Emex, according to experts, has a record number items (more than 70 million pcs.). The catalog contains not only parts for cars, but also products for trucks and special equipment. The advantages of the site include ease of search. But more all attracted motorists availability in the range of spare parts for exclusive cars. The asset online store can be attributed exact terms of delivery of parts, qualified advisory help, as well as the possibility of obtaining a 20% discount for members the club.

The second position is explained by such shortcomings as long delivery, difficulties with the return of spare parts.


  • rich assortment;
  • simple search;
  • exact timing of the appearance of spare parts;
  • discounts to club members.


  • delivery and return problems.


Rating: 4.8


For the most economical motorists created an online store euroauto.ru. The catalog contains a large number auto parts from showdowns (over 2 million items). To the experts I liked the responsible approach of the trading platform. Before sale all parts undergo a mandatory assessment, after which they the percent of working capacity is assigned (30-100%). Yet the online store provides services for the redemption of used cars in major cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. At this provides legal support and evacuation faulty cars. The resource wins bronze in our review.

Domestic users criticize in address of consultants and long waiting times for the order.


  • rich assortment of used spare parts;
  • redemption of cars in some cities;
  • vehicle maintenance;
  • reasonable prices.


  • It takes a long time to wait for the order.


Rating: 4.7


A modern approach to sales of auto parts demonstrates Autodoc.ru online store. Buyers are offered discounts and promotions, for regular customers there are gifts and special offers. But not only this attitude to the matter allowed the resource to get into our overview. Experts praised a large selection of parts, accessories and auto chemical goods. The specialists are satisfied with the quality of the products. To quickly monitor the catalog of the store, developed a mobile Appendix. With it, you can quickly make a purchase, and then observe all stages of order fulfillment. If you have problems with by searching or selecting parts, you can contact a consultant.

Russian motorists are satisfied with the simple ordering algorithm, various payment options. Of the minuses, there is a lack descriptions of details.


  • fast delivery;
  • many discounts and promotions;
  • wide range of spare parts;
  • quality products.


  • no product description.


Rating: 4.6


A large number of car dealerships, service centers and official car dealers unites the Internet platform AvtoRus. In addition to retail, wholesale supplies of spare parts have been established. IN the catalog of the online store you can find parts and consumables, batteries, tools, wheels and tires, etc. Experts draw attention to the fact that AvtoRus is a distributor of a number of well-known car factories. Therefore, the products of brands such as VW, Audi, Lada, Ford, Kia, Honda, Hyundai set the minimum extra charges. The buyer receives a guarantee on the purchased parts, defective products can be returned without any problems.

Of the shortcomings, users note the entry of substandard goods and the incompetence of consultants.


  • rich assortment;
  • reasonable prices;
  • hassle-free money back;
  • prompt dispatch of the order.


  • incompetent consultants;
  • defective parts come across.


Rating: 4.5


The largest dynamic online store auto parts is yulsun.ru. Only for the period from 2013 to 2017 sales growth increased by more than 40 times. Brand YULSUN appeared in 2012, setting itself challenging tasks. With one prices should be low, and on the other, developed network of regional offices. Experts have included the resource in TOP 6 of our review for a rich assortment and quality support from managers. But independently find the right part on The site is very difficult.

Users are satisfied with affordable prices and a wide range spare parts. Of the wishes, most often clients mention development catalog and the entire site. Some completed orders for a long time appear in the status of “extradition”.


  • reasonable prices;
  • rich assortment;
  • polite managers;
  • fast delivery.


  • inconvenient search;
  • untimely updated order information.


Rating: 4.4

AutoCompas.ru. jpg

The maximum flexibility in the work demonstrates the online store AutoCompas.ru. The brand boasts a rich assortment auto parts (over 12 million items) for domestic and foreign cars. Experts Appreciated High Quality goods, all components have manufacturer certificates. TO the advantages of the resource include continuous website optimization, the ability to make a purchase without complicated registration. Order formed and sent within a day. Auto parts delivery carry out large transport companies KIT, Russian Post, PEC, SDEC.

Domestic motorists have a number of claims to work service. The main one is the high price and poor quality. service.


  • rich assortment;
  • regular site updates;
  • quick order formation;
  • prompt delivery.


  • high prices;
  • bad feedback.


Rating: 4.3


Since 2001, the brand 1001 has been operating in the Russian market The spare part. At first it was an ordinary store, and since 2007 it earned Internet resource. By 2016, the number of customers has exceeded the mark 350 thousand people. Experts praised the site for quality parts, fast delivery times, a large base of auto parts. IN In the catalog, buyers can find not only spare parts, but also oils, tires, wheels, batteries, car chemistry, light bulbs and other accessories. The online store is in eighth place in our review.

Motorists based on their experience with the resource identified such advantages as affordable prices and availability of spare parts schemes. There are also Cons: this is an advance payment, difficulties with a refund or exchange spare parts.


  • high-quality auto parts;
  • prompt delivery of orders;
  • a wide range of;
  • there are spare parts schemes.


  • prepayment;
  • It is difficult to exchange parts or return money.


Rating: 4.2


Wholesale and retail trade of imported spare parts carries out the online store Apex.ru. Experts rightfully consider resource one of the best online services for the sale of automotive components for cars of foreign manufacture. In the catalog there is how original spare parts and quality substitutes. A potential buyer is invited to independently search for a part by catalog number or use online selection using store consultant. The order is delivered to various points in Russia, in including the Crimean peninsula.

Domestic motorists in reviews praise the Internet resource for reasonable prices, intuitive interface, expert help with side consultants. The disadvantages include frequent violation specified delivery times.


  • rich assortment;
  • acceptable prices;
  • convenient selection;
  • delivery to different regions.


  • delivery times are not respected.


Rating: 4.1

Autopiter.ru 1.jpg

Highly popular with service station owners and small Auto repair shop uses Autopiter.ru online store. Resource attracts people with special schemes of work and personal discounts. IN the catalog contains not only parts for cars, but also spare parts for motorcycles. Extensive accessories are widely represented, e.g. tools, anti-theft devices, car gadgets, cases, etc. The company has its own fleet, thanks who manages to quickly deliver orders to customers. Track Parcel can be in your account after registration.

Experts believe that the resource should be optimized, for example, make navigation easier. The difficulty of finding parts is reported in reviews and users. Delivery times are often disrupted.


  • flexible payment system;
  • personal discounts;
  • many additional accessories;
  • fast delivery.


  • problematic search;
  • delivery deadlines are broken.


Rating: 4.0


In 2007, the first Yurbel car shop was opened, and after another 3 years the company has a wholesale warehouse of spare parts. Online site earned in 2014, combining the best suppliers of automotive components. The brand was able to quickly succeed due to a competent policy in pricing and a wide range (over 50 million items). Of particular interest in the online store are large organizations and representatives of private business. To wholesale buyers favorable conditions are offered, which attracts new customers.

With some flaws, the creators of the online store will have to to work. Not all users like 30% prepayment when sending cash on delivery. Often parts are not in stock which are designated as “in stock”.


  • competent pricing policy;
  • a wide range of;
  • discount system;
  • intuitive interface.


  • prepayment;
  • no spare parts.


Rating: 3.9


The federal chain of stores “Wheels Free” has been engaged in 10 years supply of tires and wheels for cars and motorcycles. At the first When visiting the site, a number of potential clients are offered preferences, starting with free tire fitting and ending with payment Order accumulated bonuses. The project covers more than 130 cities Russia, as well as some CIS countries (Belarus and Kazakhstan). The assortment of goods is about 100 thousand items. The last three years the online store kolesa-darom.ru is the leader in our country in terms of sales of wheels and tires.

Of the obvious shortcomings that our experts and domestic users, mention should be made of disorganization and staff negligence. Even with tire service, it’s better to be next to the workers.


  • convenient site;
  • many tires and wheels;
  • acceptable prices;
  • free tire fitting.


  • narrow specialization;
  • negligent attitude of staff.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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