12 best food for neutered cats

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The community of cat owners is divided into two camps: some support only natural food, others – ready-made food. So what to feed the animal?

Natural food, that is, homemade products. Veterinarians unanimously point out that it is very difficult to balance the diet on your own, especially taking into account the load on the genitourinary system of a sterilized animal.

Ready-made feeds are carefully verified in terms of mineral and nutritional composition, they have no contraindications. It is important to stick to the recommended amount so that the animal does not overeat.

The finished feed can be dry or wet. Dry is suitable for an adult cat or a cat capable of chewing and swallowing a 'crouton'. Wet is recommended for young kittens or older animals when the strength in the jaw is no longer the same. Also, there is a better assimilation of wet feed due to the lower need of the animal for water, but in general it is recommended to mix these types of ready-made food.

Undoubtedly, the best and wholesome feeds belong to the premium class, where the content of natural components is maximum. The magazine's experts have compiled a rating of the best ready-made food for neutered cats based on the opinions of veterinarians, as well as feedback from pet owners.

Rating of the best food for sterilized cats

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best dry food for neutered cats 1 NOW natural holistic weight control for cats with turkey, duck and vegetables RUB 1,422
2 Purina Pro Plan for neutered cats rabbit and chicken RUB 1,822
3 Bozita super premium for domestic and neutered cats RUB 1 183
4 Frank's ProGold for domestic and neutered cats RUB 1,203
5 Almo nature for Neutered Cats with Beef and Rice 1 255 rub.
6 Royal canin Neutered Skin Young Male RUB 879
7 Purina cat chow for neutered cats 496 r
Best wet food for neutered cats 1 Almo nature for Neutered Cats and Cats with Indo-Pacific Spotted Tuna RUB 75
2 Purina Pro Plan for Neutered Cats with Oceanic Fish RUB 62
3 Animonda for castrated cats with turkey and cheese RUB 86
4 Royal canin (veterinary feed). Perfect skin and coat (1-7 years old) RUB 68
5 Royal Canin. Pieces in sauce for castrated cats 1-7 years old 52 RUB

The best dry food for neutered cats

It is convenient to measure dry food in portions and store. It is important to remember: there must be a cup of water next to the food bowl, because to digest the croutons need to be soaked, from which, by the way, they significantly increase in volume in the stomach – for this reason, it seems to us that the manufacturer offers a very small portion per day.

NOW natural holistic weight control for cats with turkey, duck and vegetables

Rating: 4.9

NOW Natural holistic

In spayed cats, 'sick' is a tendency towards obesity, which can be successfully controlled with a balanced holistic food (from the word 'whole'). The pieces are made from fresh turkey meat, vegetables, they have a high content of animal protein necessary for vital activity, as well as beneficial omega acids and bacteria to improve digestion. A high concentration of protein is absorbed almost in full, and there is little fat in the composition – this is a prerequisite for controlling a cat's weight.

NOW Natural holistic Weight Management is free of grains and gluten, which can lead to digestive problems, as well as high levels of slow carbohydrates. The food is suitable for spayed cats from one year old, as well as for adult animals over 7 years old.

Price per kilogram from 538 rubles.


  • Lack of cereals, growth hormones and low-value by-products;

  • Whole meat is used for manufacturing;

  • Perfect balance of BJU;

  • Prevention of urolithiasis;

  • Like cats.


  • Not available in all stores;

  • High price per kilogram.

Purina Pro Plan for neutered cats rabbit and chicken

Rating: 4.8

Purina Pro Plan

The second place in the rating was given to the more famous PRO PLAN brand of the Sterilized series, created specially for cats and cats that have undergone sterilization. The composition of the feed has been developed taking into account the animal's daily requirement of proteins (41%), fats and carbohydrates, minerals and fatty acids (OPTIRENAL® complex). The ideal balance of acidity is maintained in the urine of a cat, so the risk of calcium crystallization and the occurrence of urolithiasis tends to zero. In addition, PURINA studies have proven that cats fed PRO PLAN Sterilized do not gain weight when the product is dosed correctly.

Another advantage of the food is the 'dentist' effect, plaque does not accumulate on the teeth, mechanical cleaning occurs when the granules are chewed.

The cost of feed per kilogram is from 470 rubles.


  • High protein content from dietary rabbit and chicken;

  • Balanced mineralogical and nutritional composition;

  • Prevention of plaque formation;

  • Prevention of excess weight.


  • Cereal gluten in the composition, for some cats – an allergen.

  • Contains preservatives.

Bozita super premium for domestic and neutered cats

Rating: 4.7

Bozita Super Premium

In third place is the dry food Bozita super premium, which is not the most famous, but is in demand among cat breeders. For sterilized animals, it is available with chicken and rice, there are no other flavor variations in the line.

The composition of the dry food is completely natural, it includes at least 90% of Swedish chicken meat, pork, yeast rich in vitamins and L-carnitine. BZHU indicators are balanced, as well as the mineral composition. The fiber included in the composition promotes the removal of hairballs from the stomach of the animal and natural cleansing of the body, and amino acids accelerate the metabolism, improving the digestion processes in general.

A feature of Bozita super premium food is the presence of MacroGard® in the immunostimulant.

The cost of feed per kilogram is about 470 rubles.


  • 90% of chicken meat in the composition, 10% – natural ingredients without chemical additives;

  • The effectiveness of weight management has been proven over the years;

  • Suitable for aging animals and overweight for its regulation;

  • Immunity-improving component.


  • Over time, an allergy to gluten (from flour and cereals in the composition) may appear;

  • Come across small pieces (marriage) that not all animals eat.

Frank's ProGold for domestic and neutered cats

Rating: 4.6

Frank's ProGold

Frank's ProGold extra-class dry balanced food has taken the fourth place in the ranking of granular ready-made diets for neutered cats. It is made from dehydrated chicken, grains and vegetables. The composition is fully adapted to the needs of domestic cats for proteins, carbohydrates, fats and energy costs.

Frank's ProGold diet is developed and produced in the Netherlands, where it is certified.

The cost of feed per kilogram is the most affordable of those previously presented – from 390 rubles.


  • Verified composition;

  • Lots of fiber;

  • Use of selected raw materials for production;

  • High nutritional value;

  • Optimal price.


  • Not all pets enjoy it.

Almo nature for Neutered Cats with Beef and Rice

Rating: 4.5

Almo nature

Almo Nature food based on beef and rice ranks fifth in the ranking, which is due to the lower content of the main components, 15% and 14%, respectively, which is lower than previously presented feeds. The rest is protein extract, which slightly reduces the quality nutritional value, as well as plant derivatives (fiber, FOS), flaxseed.

When fed according to the diet table, castrated cats have a high energy level and no excess weight, and the genitourinary system is also in order.

The cost of feed is about 600 rubles / kg.


  • Proven effect of weight control and prevention of urolithiasis;

  • Most cats like it.


  • Not the most natural composition;

  • According to experts and breeders, the price does not match the quality.

Royal Canin Neutered Skin Young Male

Rating: 4.4

Royal Canin Neutered Skin Young Male

The famous Royal Canin presents Neutered Skin Young Male dry food, suitable for sterilized cats with an infrequent ailment – irritability and soreness of the skin, as a result of hair loss. A dry diet solves the problem of maintaining the tone of the muscle corset, which is not always possible with other foods. In addition, the complex reduces the skin's ability to lose moisture, which reduces its sensitivity and shedding.

Neutered Skin Young Male pellets have an enhanced taste, obtained by using ingredients that are attractive and beneficial to animals.

Despite the high protein content, there is almost no fresh meat in the feed, its extract is used. At the same time, the cost of a product for 1 kg starts at 600 rubles.


  • Mineral-acid system introduced;

  • Effective prevention of urolithiasis, obesity;

  • Reduces irritability of the skin and inhibits hair loss;

  • Can be used immediately after castration surgery.


  • Not all pets enjoy it.

Purina cat chow for neutered cats

Rating: 4.4

Purina Cat Chow

Closing the rating is another product of the Purina company of the Cat Chow line. The diet includes high quality poultry protein, plant components, yeast (a source of vitamin B) and a prebiotic.

Purina Cat Chow dry food for neutered cats helps the pet to stay healthy, energetic and beautiful.

The cost of pellets per kilogram starts at 312 rubles.


  • High taste and aromatic qualities obtained from natural herbs and meat components;

  • Self-contained ration feed;

  • Optimized fat to protein ratio.


  • High price for non-meat feed;

  • Not suitable for active cats.

Best wet food for neutered cats

Wet food does not require drinking, they are better absorbed, which means that they do not cause a water deficit in the body, which, by the way, cats feel very badly, because of that they drink little. The product is produced in spider bags or in cans, the difference is mainly in the quantity.

The principle of choosing wet food is similar to the choice of dry: the more natural ingredients, balanced composition and mineral value, the better. Our rating includes the 5 best feeds on the advice of veterinarians and the recommendations of animal owners.

Almo Nature for Neutered Cats and Cats with Indo-Pacific Spotted Tuna

Rating: 4.9

Almo Nature

Almo Nature is an exceptionally natural food made with half the size of a spider broth, selected tuna from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and rice. Despite the fact that fish is not a natural food for a cat (an animal does not fish on its own), tuna, similar in composition, texture and value to beef, is perfectly absorbed by the feline system, improving the functioning of the digestive tract.

Naturalness and careful selection of ingredients made Almo Nature the first place in the rating category for neutered cats. In addition, the composition is carefully calibrated according to the animal's need for proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The cost of a spider 55 grams is about 78 rubles.


  • Exceptionally natural and verified composition;

  • Tuna rich in essential minerals;

  • The food is to the taste of cats.


  • Comparative high cost of a portion, provided that 2-4 packets are consumed per day.

  • There is no information on the package in Russian.

Purina Pro Plan for Neutered Cats with Oceanic Fish

Rating: 4.8

Purina Pro Plan1

Second place is taken by Purina Pro Plan, small dry nuggets in a sauce for castrated cats with fish from the ocean, rich in minerals and valuable protein. The product is designed for sterilized cats, it stabilizes the normal state of the genitourinary and digestive systems, when served in the recommended amount, eliminates the risk of obesity. Antioxidants help support the body's immune resistance. Cats love the taste of the spicy sauce with fish, which is noted by all pet owners without exception.

The cost of one spider is 55 gr. – from 55 rubles.


  • Pure natural composition;

  • Maintaining the health of the digestive tract and genitourinary system;

  • Lots of antioxidants in the composition.


  • Fish in the composition of at least 4%, that is, the food is not entirely fishy, ​​the basis is meat.

Animonda for castrated cats with turkey and cheese

Rating: 4.8


The experts awarded the second place in the rating to wet food of the Animonda brand, or rather to canned food with turkey and cheese. The product is made from turkey meat (53%), broth and cheese (4%), which gives the feed the necessary level of nutrition and fat content. All ingredients are carefully combined in terms of mineralogical and flavor composition; canned food is popular with cats all over the world.

You can buy Animonda wet canned food with turkey and cheese in a 100 grams package for 88 rubles.


  • Necessary substances (BZHU, minerals and acids) from natural ingredients without chemistry;

  • Meat at least 53%;

  • Portion cup packaging.


  • Little protein – 12%.

Royal Canin (veterinary feed). Perfect skin and coat (1-7 years old)

Rating: 4.7

Royal Canin 1

The wet diet of the same name can be used in conjunction with the previously mentioned Royal Canin dry food for neutered cats and cats with sensitive skin and coats. It is created from meat and by-products, protein extracts, cereals and additional mineral components. The composition of the food takes into account the needs of neutered cats for nutritional control, hormonal regulation and energy balance. The complex of proteins and vitamins prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin and reduces its sensitivity.

It is recommended to feed Royal Canin wet veterinary feed for neutered cats and cats “Perfect skin and coat” (1-7 years) in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

The cost of a spider 100 grams is 88 rubles.


  • Produced on the basis of natural ingredients without the use of chemicals;

  • Reduces skin sensitivity and hair loss;

  • Increases muscle tone.


  • The amount must be strictly dosed – the absence of water-retaining additives leads to a quick drying of the feed.

Royal Canin. Pieces in sauce for castrated cats 1-7 years old

Rating: 4.6

Royal Canin

In the fifth place in the ranking is the Royal Canin food similar to the previous one, pieces in sauce for sterilized cats 1-7 years old, but without the improving complex for the skin and wool coat. This does not mean the worst quality of the product, it is suitable for all adult cats after castration, as well as adults who have crossed the seven-year barrier.

It contains natural meat, by-products and protein extract, which contribute to the healthy growth and development of the animal, especially after sterilization and a failure in the hormonal system. A balanced diet fulfills the functions assigned to it to maintain the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system, as well as energy balance.

You can buy a spider 85 grams for 56 rubles.


  • Suitable for neutered cats and cats of all ages;

  • Improved mineral composition;

  • Improved taste with natural ingredients.


  • Some users have noted small bites that cats do not always eat.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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