12 best dry shampoos

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Once upon a time the phrase 'dry shampoo' caused confusion because of the conflicting words. But then many became fans of such a tool, which helped to turn the untidy appearance of the hair into a well-groomed, clean hair in a few minutes. Its main advantage is a significant reduction in the time for the procedure. With shampoo, you do not need to wash and dry your hair. Once applied, it absorbs dirt, grease and dust for the same results as with water.

An alternative to washing hair was found back in ancient times, when flour was sprinkled on the head. Then they began to use starch, talc, chalk, salt. Dry shampoo was developed for bedridden patients. But gradually he became popular among the masses. Today, almost every cosmetic brand has a line of such products.

The specialists of our magazine analyzed the modern beauty market and selected 12 dry shampoos, which are considered by both fashion experts and ordinary users to be the best today and advise them for use.

Rating of the best dry shampoos

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best dry shampoos 1 CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil RUB 980
2 Batiste Oriental 350 RUB
3 Moroccanoil light tones 596 r
4 TIGI Livin 'the Dream 760 RUB
5 Nivea Fresh Revive 3 in 1 257 r
6 Syoss Volume Lift for fine and weak hair 239 r
7 Dove Refresh + Care 219 r
8 Wella Professionals Eimi Dry Me 240 RUB
9 got2b Fresh it Up Hot Chocolate For Brunettes 269 ​​r
10 Klorane dry shampoo with nettle extract 307 r
11 Kapous Professional Fast Help 216 r
12 Vitex Deep cleansing Deep cleansing course for hair 191 RUB

Dry shampoo CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil

Rating: 4.9

Dry shampoo CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil.jpg

The shampoo of the American brand becomes the leader, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by both stylists and real women. It not only instantly removes impurities, but also restores damaged hair structure. Rice starch serves as an absorbent that absorbs fat and residues of styling products. The formula is soft, delicate, does not irritate the scalp. With a quick-drying spray, you can create any type of styling, including complex voluminous hairstyles.

The recipe includes black cumin seed oil. It is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. The oil revitalizes the curls weakened after constant perm and dyeing, seals each hair, creating a protective film that does not allow aggressive factors from the outside and prevents the loss of nutrients.

Cumin has a rejuvenating effect, prevents the appearance of early gray hair, prevents hair loss, stimulates growth. The luxury product has expensive packaging. The bottle is made in austere black color with elements of rose gold.


  • valuable medicinal ingredient;
  • maximum cleansing of oily curls;
  • recovery at the cellular level;
  • the aroma of a luxury perfume;
  • creating hairstyles without the use of varnish.


  • quite high price.

Dry Shampoo Batiste Oriental

Rating: 4.8

Dry shampoo Batiste Oriental.jpg

On the second line is an effective spray shampoo that removes excess oil on oily hair and does not dry out thin and brittle curls. Rice starch absorbs any dirt. After combing, no white flakes remain and no sticking effect is created. The balanced formula promotes quick cleansing, does not injure the delicate scalp, does not cause discomfort.

Delicate oriental scent with notes of sandalwood and coconut neutralizes even the most persistent smells of sweat and tobacco. Freshness guaranteed for the whole day. The hair at the roots rises noticeably, forming volume not only on thick strands, but also on naughty thin ones. You can change your hairstyle at any time, since the shampoo does not stick them together, but leaves them naturally mobile.

The bright bottle attracts attention. The spray pump is smooth and comfortable. Women leave only positive reviews. The product is not dusty, completely invisible on the hair. They remain crumbly, voluminous, clean for a long time.


  • absorbent of natural origin;
  • completely combed out of the hair;
  • without overdrying;
  • hand-friendly spray;
  • attractive 'languid' smell.


  • not identified.

Dry Shampoo Moroccanoil Light Tones

Rating: 4.7


An honorable third place is taken by Israeli-made shampoo, which is suitable for any type of hair. Rice starch serves as an absorbent, which effectively removes all impurities, adds volume and shine. It is a powerful treatment that does more than just cleanse. The signature scent creates a 'tasty' sillage, deodorizing and neutralizing unpleasant odors. The use of shampoo is comparable to salon treatments, the hair looks so great after one application.

The product contains protective filters against ultraviolet radiation. Argan oil compensates for the lack of nutrients, saturating with beneficial vitamins and softening the sensitive scalp.

According to reviews, the shampoo does not leave a residue or matte, but, on the contrary, gives a natural healthy glow. With its help, even a large amount of styling products used on a complex hairstyle is eliminated. During the day, the hair does not grease at the roots, it smells good, and the volume remains for a long time.


  • high-quality cleansing;
  • instant volume;
  • intensive deodorization from smells of tobacco, sweat;
  • invisible on the hair;
  • maximum protection against UV rays.


  • not identified.

Dry shampoo TIGI Livin 'the Dream

Rating: 4.6


The fourth prize-winner of our review will help to make hair not only neat, but also incredibly voluminous. The professional product from the UK contains starch that absorbs grease and dirt intensively. It does not stick hair, does not leave marks, makes the hairstyle flexible, but strong, as after using a varnish. Silicones significantly improve the appearance, make the curls well-groomed. Freshness accompanies all day long.

The formula is gentle on the scalp. Even with hypersensitivity, the risk of irritation is reduced to a minimum. The shampoo is able to remove the persistent smell of tobacco that has been absorbed after a long stay in rooms with smokers.

Customers note the excellent result of using Livin 'the Dream. It creates a characteristic structure and a professional-looking hair. The pleasant smell is not intense, does not conflict with the scent of perfume. The unequivocal rating from women for whom shampoo has become a real salvation in emergency situations is 'excellent'.


  • elimination of increased pollution;
  • no sticky effect;
  • exquisite floral scent;
  • neutralization of strong unpleasant odors;
  • long-term fixation of volumetric styling.


  • not identified.

Dry shampoo Nivea Fresh Revive 3 in 1

Rating: 4.5


On the fifth line – a spray for quick cleansing of hair and head from fat, sebum, dust, styling products. Parabens are excluded from its formula. The composition has passed dermatological control, which has confirmed its safety. Cleansing is gentle, without irritation. The shampoo absorbs any impurities. With it, even very oily hair becomes well-groomed and tidy. The product does not leave traces, does not glue the strands, and is completely removed from them.

After brushing, excellent root volume is formed, which is maintained regardless of weather conditions. At the same time, the hairstyle does not look as 'varnished' as possible. She is mobile and natural. The fresh scent neutralizes unpleasant odors that have been absorbed throughout the day.

According to reviews, the application is quite simple, the spray is convenient, it does not clog. The bottle has a pleasant design in white and pink shades. Curls stay clean for a very long time. Mattifying effect prevents greasy shine. Many noted that Nivea shampoo is the perfect value for money.


  • intensive cleansing;
  • non-allergenic composition;
  • nice design;
  • affordable cost;
  • without ozone depleting components.


  • not identified.

Syoss Volume Lift dry shampoo for fine and weak hair

Rating: 4.4


Sixth on our list is a shampoo that will not only cleanse, but significantly strengthen dull, weakened curls. Natural absorbent – rice starch – does not have an aggressive effect. It gently and effectively removes impurities, leaving hair clean and fresh without white deposits. Thanks to the presence of keratin, all cracks and voids in damaged strands are filled. They level out, become elastic and smooth.

After the procedure, volume is formed, so the styling looks lush and the hair is thicker. The shampoo does not stick the strands together, they remain crumbly, at the same time obedient and ready for any, the most difficult hairstyle. The scent is able to neutralize any odors. Its intensity gradually decreases, only a slight fresh nuance remains.

According to reviews, the product does not weigh down the hair. Fat does not appear during the day. Dry tips are nourished, without cross-section and static effect. The sprayer works well without jamming. Economical consumption. An inexpensive tool does a good job and gives the desired result.


  • completely removed when combing;
  • absorption of stubborn dirt;
  • maintains the condition of weakened hair;
  • creating a volumetric moving texture;
  • affordable price.


  • not identified.

Dry shampoo Dove Refresh + Care

Rating: 4.3


The product of the famous brand Dove is in seventh place. It will cleanse oily and heavily soiled hair in a few minutes, giving it volume and fresh scent. The shampoo has a balanced composition that does not irritate. It maintains volume during the day, regardless of humidity and cleanliness, preventing the appearance of a greasy sheen.

The formula contains valuable ingredients for enhanced hair care. Silk proteins smooth the damaged surface, covering it with a dense protective layer. The structure is aligned. The hair becomes strong, elastic. Green tea extract softens and soothes sensitive skin. It has wound healing and antiseptic properties.

The shampoo is designed for both cleansing and volumizing styling. Most customers liked it for its efficiency and budget cost. According to reviews, Refresh + Care leaves hair loose and at the same time securely fixes the hairstyle. Long-lasting volume is created even on fine hair.


  • effective removal of dirt;
  • ingredients useful for hair;
  • does not form white flakes;
  • unobtrusive aroma;
  • economical consumption.


  • not identified.

Dry shampoo Wella Professionals Eimi Dry Me

Rating: 4.2


On the eighth line is a tool for express cleansing anytime, anywhere. An innovative product developed on the basis of tapioca starch obtained from a tropical plant through complex technological processing. It perfectly absorbs dirt and grease, imparts a light matte finish. The air volume is maintained regardless of natural conditions. Subcutaneous fat begins to be produced less, so a clean look is provided for a day or more.

The active complex cares for hair. It helps weakened strands to become stronger, smoothes porous strands, regulates water-fat balance, and normalizes the condition. After the procedure, the curls do not stick together, as after using varnish. No crust, just natural mobility.

According to reviews, the shampoo removes not only dirt, but also stubborn odors. The light scent does not overpower the perfume, but guarantees exceptional freshness. With Eimi Dry Me, you can renew your hairstyles while maintaining an airy puffiness.


  • enhanced absorbent property;
  • long-term preservation of purity;
  • gentle effect on the skin;
  • dullness for long-term neutralization of fat content;
  • minimum expenditure.


  • not identified.

Got2b Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo Hot Chocolate for Brunettes

Rating: 4.1


The ninth place is taken by a spray intended for brunettes. It is specially formulated for dark hair, as many other dry shampoos leave visible plaque on them, and the result does not satisfy the fair sex. Sulfates and parabens are excluded from its composition. The active absorbent ingredient is rice starch. The product does not mask, but effectively removes any dirt and persistent odors.

The advantage of the shampoo is the presence of a toning effect, which paints over the overgrown gray roots. After the procedure, volume appears. It lasts throughout the day. Laying is not glued, but movable. You can change your hairstyle many times at your discretion, and the curls will still look fresh and clean, and most importantly – well-groomed.

The warm aroma of chocolate cheers up all day, and not only for a woman, but also for those around her. For this shampoo is loved by many customers. The design of the bottle is as striking as the brunette wearer. Fresh it Up is recommended by our experts and hairdressers.


  • cleansing without white bloom;
  • gray hair tinting;
  • prevents the appearance of fat content;
  • styling mobility;
  • bright chocolate smell.


  • not identified.

Klorane dry shampoo with nettle extract

Rating: 4.0


On the tenth line is the shampoo of the French brand, which is designed to keep oily hair clean for a long time. Powdered absorbents absorb dirt. After combing, grease, greasy shine, dust, and the remains of styling products are removed. Hair gains volume without sticking and maximum movement, making even complex styling look natural and beautiful.

Nettle herbal extract has a sebum-regulating effect. It normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, so during the day the curls look neat, even if you change the styling and if there are unfavorable natural factors outside: heat or rain.

The dry shampoo comes in a 50 ml bottle. It fits easily into a cosmetic bag. It is convenient to take it with you on trips. An express tool will always be at hand when you need to freshen up your hair and eliminate the imperfections of oily hair. According to reviews, the spray is soft, the cap is firmly fixed, does not open spontaneously.


  • European quality;
  • deep cleansing;
  • effective control of fat content;
  • normalization of natural processes;
  • travel packaging option.


  • high price.

Dry shampoo Kapous Professional Fast Help

Rating: 4.0


An effective sulfate-free shampoo is in eleventh place. It perfectly cleanses and has a caring effect. Rice starch absorbs grease, dirt, foam and varnish residues, foreign odors. The tool helps to create volume on thin curls. As a result of the application, the production of subcutaneous fat is reduced in the fatty type of cover. Hair looks neat throughout the day, without unhealthy shine. Light mattifying effect allows permanent fixation of the result.

The original formula recognizes the causes of defects and removes them. Bamboo extract prevents dryness and regulates moisture levels. Natural oils soothe skin prone to irritation, heal wounds and soften. The product neutralizes stubborn odors. The curls smell like a fresh floral scent.

Most women rated the shampoo as 'excellent' and 'good'. A professional Russian product completely cleans from dirt, does not dehydrate, but, on the contrary, saturates with moisture. Bulky styling lasts a long time, but does not look like after using a lot of varnish.


  • natural absorbent;
  • sebum-regulating action;
  • moisture control;
  • movable hair structure;
  • useful ingredients in the composition.


  • not identified.

Dry shampoo Vitex Deep cleansing Deep cleansing course for hair

Rating: 3.9

Dry shampoo Vitex Deep cleansing Deep cleansing course for hair.jpg

On the twelfth line – the shampoo of the brand from Belarus, which does not contain aggressive chemical additives. It quickly absorbs dirt, refreshes, heals, makes the appearance of curls well-groomed. Rice starch is an excellent natural absorbent that does not injure hair or scalp. The product slightly mattes, preventing the appearance of a greasy shine.

After the procedure, a conditioning effect is noticeable. Strands become more obedient, easier to fit, volume is created even on fine hair. The formula includes natural oils: castor and lemongrass. They control hydration, stop hair loss, and activate new hair growth. Deep cleansing significantly lengthens the time between shampooing.

The perfume composition is noble, light, but copes with any unpleasant extraneous odors. Thrifty consumption. The spray is convenient. Many fans of the brand confirm that dry shampoo also did not disappoint, but became a real first aid when you urgently need to put yourself in order.


  • cleansing hair with a high degree of pollution;
  • giving additional volume;
  • silky hair along the entire length;
  • citrus fresh scent;
  • convenient bottle.


  • not identified.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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