12 best brands of nail cutters

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Using the manicure machine helps to quickly and efficiently process nails and cuticles. However, the quality of the tool used directly determines the degree of accuracy and even safety of the manicure. In hardware processing, after a properly selected router, the router bits themselves play an important role. For different types of processing, different attachments for the device are suitable ('corn', 'ball', 'drum', 'cone', etc.), but often craftsmen select cutters with the most suitable head size and shape based on their own experience.

The experts of the online magazine have compiled their own rating of the 12 best brands of manicure cutters. The presented material will be useful for both self-taught craftsmen and real professionals: the tools of these manufacturers will definitely become effective and practical helpers when handled correctly.

Rating of the best brands of nail cutters

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best brands of nail cutters 1 TNL Professional 5.0
2 Planet Nails 4.9
3 Yoko 4.8
4 HDFreza 4.7
5 Magic bits 4.6
6 RuNail 4.5
7 Patrisa nail 4.4
8 In'Garden 4.3
9 Mühle Maniküre 4.2
10 Irisk 4.1
11 Barrel Ball 4.0
12 Harizma 3.9

TNL Professional

Rating: 5.0

TNL Professional.jpg

The undisputed leader of the rating is the Korean brand TNL Professional, which specializes in the production of goods for the nail art industry, from tools to decorative items. For more than ten years, the company has held a leading position in the world market, including the development and manufacture of manicure cutters. Koreans make carbide cutters, which retain their properties for a long time and do not grind. At the same time, prices for products are low for the segment of professional high-quality tools.

The TNL Professional assortment includes cutters with diamond, ceramic, metal, sand, corundum and silicone heads for processing the nail plate and the skin around it, for removing calluses and rough skin on the hands and feet. There are suitable cutters in the TNL line for absolutely all manicure procedures.


  • Availability for purchase in shops for professionals;
  • Full range of existing nail cutters;
  • Use of practical materials for production;
  • Low prices for the tool.


  • Not defined.

Planet Nails

Rating: 4.9

Planet Nails.jpg

In second place in the ranking is the Planet Nails brand. The German manufacturer produces cutters of the highest professional class. They are one of the few that retain their functions for a long service life, but their cost is also appropriate – 1.5-2 times higher than other analogues. Planet Nails has been on the Russian market for 20 years, which speaks of the trust of the nail industry masters.

The range of the brand includes manicure cutters with traditional metal, diamond and ceramic tips. For ease of identification, each product is marked with a unified color mark. The products are suitable for treating the nail plate, keratinized skin, working with cuticles and other specific manipulations. You can buy Planet Nails products in any store of professional tools and goods, but products are not always in stock due to high demand and limited quantities.


  • Impeccable quality;
  • Full range of cutters varieties;
  • Convenient identification by color cut.


  • Not always available in professional stores;
  • High price.


Rating: 4.8


All-ceramic, diamond and carbide cutters from the South Korean manufacturer Yoko are suitable for all manicure manipulations: removing gel and acrylic coatings, treating the nail plate and cuticle, shaping nails, removing horny skin. Products are presented in all sizes and head shapes.

The advantage of Yoko products is the universal sizes of the tail and heads, they are suitable for any manicure apparatus, for use in the salon and at home. Products can tolerate any kind of sterilization that does not affect the service life of the cutter. Separately, we note ceramic cutters – craftsmen and their clients note the absence of heating of the head during operation, which means that there is no discomfort.


  • High quality alloys for the manufacture of cutters;
  • Universal size and shape;
  • For home and professional use.


  • The price is above average.


Rating: 4.7


The next line of the rating is assigned to the brand of the Russian distributor of European and Asian products. HDFreza are cutters made of ceramics, silicon, carbide, solid and diamond-coated, corundum, sand and carbide. Their quality surpasses the products of many other manufacturers, as well as the assortment: heads with a diameter of 1 mm to 1 cm, shapes from 'needle' to 'barrel' and 'corn', suitable for treating the nail plate, free edge, cuticle and keratinized skin.

The HDFreza assortment is one of the widest in Europe, therefore the brand's products are in demand among nail masters in many countries. Products retain their functional properties for a long time, while being relatively inexpensive, sellers periodically hold additional promotions. You can buy them at retail or from an authorized distributor with courier or mail delivery.


  • The widest assortment;
  • High quality;
  • Universal sizes of cutters (head, tail);
  • Low price.


  • Rarely found on the free market.

Magic bits

Rating: 4.6

Magic Bits.png

Magic Bits is a young Russian brand that appeared in 2015 with the aim of providing clear and simple technologies for processing nails at home and in the salon. The components for these machines have been carefully selected, especially the cutters, and they have successfully passed numerous tests. The main focus of the manufacturer is on the quality of cutters and their assortment, the line includes products made of steel, corundum and garnet, all of them are made in different countries: in Germany, Austria, Sweden, South Korea. The craftsmen note: the cutters are easy to use, you do not need to get used to them, and most importantly, they are resistant to wear and tear and fully serve for several months with intensive use in the salon.

For convenience, the cutters are marked with colored notches and brand engraving, which distinguishes them from products from other manufacturers.

All Magic Bits cutters can be divided into 2 groups: for professional and home use. The latter are distinguished by delicate heads, safe with relatively inept handling, their range is narrower than that of specialized for craftsmen. However, they can also be used in professional manicure for individual manipulations of nails, cuticles and hand skin.


  • Technological and wear-resistant materials for the manufacture of cutters;
  • Convenient marking;
  • The most complete assortment;
  • Manufacturer's engraving;
  • Low price.


  • Not defined.


Rating: 4.5


On the next line of the rating, the domestic brand RuNail is firmly entrenched, which has gained fame in the domestic and foreign market of the nail industry. The milling cutters of the manufacturer are chosen by hundreds of thousands of craftsmen, the products receive positive reviews due to their high quality, durability, ease of use and a rich assortment. The RuNail line includes cutters made of high-carbon steel, diamond, mineral (garnet, diamond, etc.).

The high quality is due to the use of domestic raw materials, improved to meet the needs of the nail industry masters, so it was possible to achieve the ideal hardness of the heads, which do not wear out even with intensive use in the salon. Professionals, who once chose RuNail cutters, no longer change manufacturers, remaining loyal to the domestic brand. And this is a fairly high assessment of the products.


  • A wide range of;
  • High hardness and wear resistance of the heads;
  • Affordable price;
  • Can be purchased at any shop for nail professionals.


  • Not defined.

Patrisa nail

Rating: 4.4

Patrisa Nail.jpg

In a wide range of materials and tools for manicure and pedicure, there are carbide and ceramic cutters. True, the range includes only the main types of nozzles for hardware manicure, suitable for processing the nail plate, free edge and skin. But the quality of the cutters is at a high level, the products are chosen by the nail service masters to work in the salon.

You can buy Patrisa Nail products mainly in online stores, fortunately, for a low price.


  • Cutters, convenient in size and shape;
  • High quality nozzles;
  • Affordable price.


  • Small assortment;
  • The problem is to find on sale.


Rating: 4.3


In'Garden cutters are not so diverse in the assortment, but they show themselves well in practice. The main types of tools serve faithfully for the masters for a long time. The products are not easy to find on sale – mainly in selected specialty stores and from online distributors.

For ease of selection and use, the cutters are marked with colored lines in accordance with the degree of hardness of a particular type of nozzle.


  • Good quality cutters;
  • Affordable price;
  • Convenient identification by color of risks.


  • Small assortment.

Mühle Maniküre

Rating: 4.2

Mühle Maniküre.jpg

Mills from the German brand Mühle Maniküre are considered one of the most durable, because the quality of products from manufacturers from Germany is always at a high level. At the enterprise, specialists are constantly developing new types of abrasives for heads and improving the quality of materials for production, as well as improving technologies for creating working cutters to meet the needs of the most demanding nail service masters.

At the heart of the line are cutters with sand heads, then in decreasing order – diamond, corundum and combined products. All of them have high resistance to grinding, however, they cost a lot – on average, 1.5 times more expensive than budget products from other manufacturers.


  • One of the most durable cutters;
  • A wide range of.


  • High price.


Rating: 4.1


The tenth line of the rating went to the domestic brand Irisk Professional, which offers high-quality cutters made in the USA, Russia, China, England and Pakistan to masters and lovers of nail service. Due to the wide geography, tools are in demand all over the world!

The assortment of Irisk Professional includes diamond, corundum, carbide, ceramic cutters. A distinctive feature of the products is the pink head of most cutters. The uniformity of the color can be used to determine the degree of grinding of the abrasive relief. Suitable for all types of manicure manipulations, from the treatment of the nail plate to working with keratinized skin. The main disadvantage of the tool is a relatively short service life, but at the same time the price of the products is acceptable for periodic updating.


  • A wide range of;
  • Nice pink color;
  • Affordable price;
  • Can be purchased at any professional store.


  • Grind down quickly with heavy use.

Barrel Ball

Rating: 4.0

Barrel Ball

The brand from the USA appeared not so long ago, but among venerable craftsmen it has already earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality cutters. However, at the moment the Barrel Ball is distributed mainly in narrow circles. It is also not easy to buy products, mainly online stores offer them.

The Barrel Ball assortment includes 8 basic types of cutters: ceramic, steel, corundum, diamond, silicone, sand, carbide and diamond-coated. They have a higher abrasion threshold, even the weakest ceramic cutters last at least 6 months under conditions of intensive use.

The craftsmen note: the cutters have unusual sizes, so you have to get used to them, but for skilled hands this is not a problem. For lovers of manicure at home, the tool will be inconvenient.


  • A full range of all possible types of cutters in shape and material;
  • Increased service life of the abrasive;
  • Affordable price.


  • Difficult to find on sale due to low distribution.


Rating: 3.9


Harizma cutters are at the bottom of our rating. The range includes almost all existing forms of universal attachments for manicure and pedicure, made of hard alloys, with sapphire or diamond dusting, drums with an emery head. On sale there are mainly ready-made sets with a different number of cutters, but individual products can also be found in online stores, and at a low price.


  • A wide range of;
  • Low price of products;
  • A variety of ready-made sets.


  • The cutters grind off quickly.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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