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Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

If a child actively asks for the latest smartphone or a powerful computer for 'study', this does not mean that he will study military strategy and tactics in DOTA, the history of tracked army vehicles in 'tanks' or the peculiarities of construction on different types of terrain in Minecraft. Perhaps the child really wants to develop and learn about the world around him! And special applications for study will help you with this.

We've ranked 15 of the best learning apps. It includes programs for smartphones on Android and on iOS.

The best apps for learning

Nomination a place application rating
Best study apps for smartphones on Android (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers) 1 Weeklie (schedule and homework reminders) 5.0
2 'Foxford' (reference with tutorial functions and tests) 4.9
3 Photomath (equation solving app) 4.8
4 Brainly (a community of schoolchildren and students who help each other with 'homework') 4.7
5 'Chemistry X10' (reference book and problem solver in chemistry) 4.6
6 'Betaphysics' (theory and problem solving in physics) 4.5
Best Learning Apps for Smartphones with iOS (Apple iPhone) 1 iStudiez Pro (Motivator Schedule) 5.0
2 MyScript Calculator 2 (scientific calculator with handwriting support) 4.9
3 iTunes U (Education Catalog) 4.8
4 'Examiner. Preparation for the exam and exam '(theory and tasks for examination subjects) 4.7
5 'MT – translator and dictionary' (dictionary for learning English and other foreign languages) 4.6
Bonus 'Foxford' and Photomath

Best study apps for smartphones on Android (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers)

1st place: Weeklie (reminders about the schedule and homework)

Rating: 5.0

Weeklie (Schedule and Homework Reminders) .jpg

The Weeklie app will be an excellent assistant for both a student at school and a student at a university. It is, in fact, a digital diary in which you can enter the schedule and homework, the names of teachers.

Homework reminders are an essential feature of the app. Thanks to her, you can open Weeklie in the evening and see what is worth doing right now, and what essays and tasks can be postponed until tomorrow. The program will help you plan your time efficiently and teach you discipline, but it will make it much softer and unobtrusive compared to the father's belt.

The scheduling mechanism has also been worked out. Students will love the division into odd and even weeks, as well as indicating the audience in which the lecture will be delivered. Reminders about a lesson or lesson are also implemented – a notification will come 15-30 minutes before the start, and this will be a signal that it is time to leave the canteen and move smoothly towards the building.

Almost all functions of the application are free. You will only need to part with your honestly earned money if you want to turn off unobtrusive advertising.

2nd place: 'Foxford' (reference with textbook functions and tests)

Rating: 4.9


Foxford is a textbook reference for the school curriculum. Contains information on the main disciplines studied from grades 4 to 11. The reference book contains more than 3000 theoretical materials, 8 main subjects and over 500 video lectures.

Video lectures are one of the most interesting features of the app. They were developed by teachers of leading Russian universities – Moscow State University, MIPT, HSE and others. At the same time, video lectures are still focused on the school audience, therefore they are simple and clear. And they will be interesting even for adults – after all, few of us remember, at least how to solve quadratic equations.

Theoretical materials with practical tasks cover 8 basic school disciplines – mathematics, physics, chemistry, Russian language, computer science, social studies, biology and history. After studying, you can take the test. At the same time, the complexity of practical tasks varies from basic to olympiad.

Of course, 'Foxford' will also help in preparing for the Unified State Exam or the OGE (GIA).

Text materials are available offline. But for video lectures, you will need a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection.

3rd place: Photomath (application for solving equations)

Rating: 4.8


Photomath is a multi-equation solution application that is extremely easy to use. It is enough to scan a task (you can even write it by hand, the main thing is in legible handwriting), press one button – and a detailed solution broken down into steps is ready.

At first glance, Photomath is a 'checkout' application. But it actually works in a slightly different way. Of course, it gives a complete and detailed solution to most equations, but the application is intended for studying algorithms and methods. In general, Photomath is a great option for students who, for example, missed lessons due to illness or want to prepare for exams on their own.

Photomath also has a built-in full scientific calculator that you can use to solve equations and graph functions. This also helps in the study of sections of mathematics. All functions work without an Internet connection, so you can take the phone with the application to school or college – and not be afraid that the program will become useless in the basement classroom.

Photomath works with problems in basic math, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Some elements of probability theory are also supported. Therefore, the application will help not only school students, but also university students.

4th place: Brainly (a community of schoolchildren and students helping each other with homework)

Rating: 4.7


There is such a portal in Runet – 'Knowledge' (Znanija.com), which is a community of schoolchildren and students. Its participants help each other with the solution of various homework and tests. And the Brainly app is a client of this portal.

Through Brainly, you can find the answer to most of the school curriculum questions related to a wide variety of disciplines – from Russian to mathematics, from biology to physics. Over the years of the community's work, the archive has accumulated thousands of correctly solved tasks. And this is a very good help for the students.

The advantage of the application is that it is not a solution to a specific task. In it, you can find similar problems, the algorithm and method of finding the answer are similar to the one that was found in the 'homework'. This means that simply 'rewrite the answer' will not work, you need to think a little.

In addition, the user of the application can act as an expert himself, giving an answer to another student's question. This will additionally help in the study of the subject and teach mutual assistance.

The vast majority of the application's functions are free. However, Brainly requires an active internet connection to work. There is a subscription, but the prices for it are adequate (540 rubles per year at the time of this writing).

5th place: 'Chemistry X10' (reference book and problem solver in chemistry)

Rating: 4.6

Chemistry X10

Chemistry is one of the most unpleasant school subjects because of its high complexity of tasks. And this app will help you deal with them! In 'Chemistry X10', most of the questions from the school discipline are implemented – solving problems (using formulas, for solutions, for mixtures, and so on), reaction equations, open transformation chains, the arrangement of coefficients, including through the method of electronic balance, molar masses, and there is also a detailed and interactive periodic table.

At the same time, the application is adapted for school use. Most of the most requested functions are available without an Internet connection, there is a 'teacher protection', as well as detailed problem solutions with detailed answers.

True, you have to pay for the pleasure – in fact, that is why the application is in 5th place in the rating. The most important features ('teacher protection' and advanced problem solving) are available only by subscription.

6th place: 'Betaphysics' (theory and problem solving in physics)

Rating: 4.5


Betaphysics is a smart physics reference that is complemented by an automated problem solving tool. There is a theory on this subject, and the necessary formulas, and tabular values, and well-known laws. Betaphysics covers the full school course of physics, as well as the first several universities (but, for example, special areas of the discipline are not represented in it).

The application implements a search for the necessary formulas by simply keywords or unknown. This is useful for problem solving. For example, if you want to calculate the amplitude of oscillations from the graph of the wave function, just enter 'amplitude' and 'Betaphysics' will prompt the necessary formulas.

The main areas of physics from the school course are supported – mechanics, thermal phenomena, electrical phenomena, optics, the initial level of quantum and nuclear physics. Almost all functions work offline, there are no ads in the application, and money can be spent only on donations ('donations') to developers.

Best Learning Apps for Smartphones with iOS (Apple iPhone)

1st place: iStudiez Pro (schedule-motivator)

Rating: 5.0

iStudiez Pro

This application will help not only keep track of the class schedule (although it is intended for this), but also motivates you to more actively take courses, attend lessons and lectures, prepare for tests and write term papers. In general, a useful program for both pupils and students.

The application helps to keep track of the classic schedule, and alternating (even and odd weeks), and block, and even 'floating'. You can indicate the audience in which classes are held, highlight certain disciplines with color and add a specially designed icon to their name.

Like a homework tracker, the app breaks down tasks by date, priority, and discipline. This helps not to overwhelm with lessons, but to carry them out in a comfortable sequence and in their free time. Was it an 'empty' Saturday night? You can complete the most important homework for the next week – and free up personal time.

As a motivator, the app tracks the progress of a course or large household tasks and reminds you when to pay special attention to a particular job. For example, you can schedule preparing for a test or writing a term paper. And then the application will remind you that it's time to make at least a title page.

iStudiez Pro is available in two versions – paid (subscription, $ 1.99 per month or $ 9.99 per year) and free. The second option is very 'stripped down'.

2nd place: MyScript Calculator 2 (scientific calculator with handwriting support)

Rating: 4.9

MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 is a multifunctional scientific calculator that supports handwriting even graphically complex equations (for example, with 'multi-level' fractions). The application can calculate problems from almost all school areas of mathematics – arithmetic, with roots, modules, factorials, trigonometry (including the inverse), logarithmic.

The principle of use is very simple. It is enough to write an equation with your finger or stylus – the application will recognize it and solve it. The algorithm for finding the answer will also be displayed on the screen. In addition, the calculator also has a classic keyboard – for those who do not want to enter formulas and equations by drawing.

The application is also suitable for solving multi-stage tasks. The calculation results are displayed continuously on the screen. There is also memory, as well as the ability to copy tasks. All in all, this is a handy app for both pupils and students, which will be a great alternative to classic calculators.

The app only exists in the paid version. It costs $ 2.99 for a lifetime license.

3rd place: iTunes U (catalog of educational materials)

Rating: 4.8

 iTunes U

ITunes U was developed by the company Apple specifically for classroom management. True, the most impressive functions like remote homework and joint work on projects in Russia and the CIS countries are not available, so you have to use the program only as a catalog of educational and training materials.

But they are luxurious. Leading academic institutions such as Yale University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many, many others took part in the development of educational courses. Researchers and teachers of these universities have written books, teaching materials, tests, filmed lectures and seminars.

The only drawback is that iTunes U is completely in English, as well as the material presented in it. But there are also courses for learning this English!

4th place: 'Exam. Preparation for the exam and exam '(theory and tasks for examination subjects)

Rating: 4.7


'Exammer' is an application that is designed to prepare for the compulsory exams: Unified State Exam and OGE. It is a full-fledged reference book containing formulas and definitions from the school curriculum, and supplemented with test tasks.

Test items are identical to those presented in the Unified State Exam and the OGE. This will help you prepare more accurately, without covering unnecessary areas of knowledge. In addition, the application analyzes mistakes and 'gaps' in preparation, is able to develop personal training plans, and also gamifies the learning process.

In total, the application presents theory and practical tasks in 16 subjects, including profile mathematics, which is very important for preparing for admission to most high-class technical universities. However, the natural sciences and humanities are also represented in it. The general base is more than 40 thousand tasks, each of which is supplemented with theoretical information.

It is worth noting that the theory is presented in a 'dry', condensed form – just like in textbooks. In addition, only the first module of the exam, the exam and the whole theory are available for free. You will need to 'fork out' for extended access.

5th place: 'MT – translator and dictionary' (dictionary for learning English and other foreign languages)

Rating: 4.6


The application 'MT – Translator and Dictionary', of course, can be used for its intended purpose – to translate texts and search for definitions of words. But it will become an excellent assistant in learning English, German or another foreign language thanks to the flashcard system.

'MT' is based on the online dictionary 'Multitran', which presents a modern foreign language. That is, you can find extremely non-standard examples of the use and meaning of common words. Multitran does not use literal translation technology, but rather interpretation mechanisms used, for example, by professional linguists.

You can save important words as flashcards so you don't have to search for them long.

In general, the main advantage of the application is that it can change the idea of ​​a foreign language, turning it from a field of knowledge into a communication tool. Accordingly, it will help get rid of the tendency to 'translate' everything and learn to interpret information. This is very important when learning any foreign language.

Bonus: Foxford and Photomath

Rating: 4.5

'Foxford' (reference with tutorial functions and tests) .jpg

Applications such as 'Foxford' (a reference book with textbook functions and tests covering the entire school curriculum and offering didactic materials from teachers from major Russian universities) and Photomath (a calculator that solves equations – just take a picture of them and the program will give you the answer) are also available and for the operating system iOS.

You can read more about them above.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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