11 most powerful binoculars

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Powerful observations are required for astronomical observations or hunting. binoculars. Owing to the strong increase, the owner will be able to distinctly make out objects located at a great distance. However with increasing the frequency increases the price of the device, and also appear negative moments like jitter and deterioration of the picture. therefore should find the middle ground between the multiplicity of the optical instrument and picture quality. The recommendations of our experts will help pick up powerful binoculars with good technical parameters and adequate price.

Selection recommendations

  1. Magnification. One of the most important characteristics of binoculars is the magnification factor. She shows how much larger the object looks through binoculars than during normal observation. Multiplicity the device is traditionally indicated in the marking (first number), which is applied to the body. For example, the designation 25×70 speaks of that the magnification factor of the device is 25 times. Therefore binoculars are divided into 3 groups by the parameter, considered powerful models optical products with a magnification of 10 times.
  2. Zoom In some devices, the magnification ratio can be adjusted, this option is called zoom. She lets expand the possibilities of observation at high magnification. Binoculars with variable magnification will be the best solution if required to observe at different distances. But more complex construction negatively affects the reliability of the device.
  3. The diameter of the lens. The aperture ratio of the optical device depends on the size of the objective lens. This parameter is also indicated in marking (second number). So, in the designation 25×70 diameter the lens is 70 mm. The larger the lens, the brighter it will be picture even in low light. However, with increasing diameter the lens increases the overall dimensions and weight of the product, as well as its price rises.
  4. Body. Manufacturers of binoculars most often use plastic or metal. Plastic is different light weight, it is used on budget models. The maximum protection of expensive optics provides a metal case. For ease of use it is covered with a layer of rubber.
  5. Moisture protection. To prevent moisture from entering the housing and dust, all connections are sealed. Such binoculars can use in any weather, it is not afraid of rain or drops temperature. On some models, the interior space filled with inert gas (nitrogen).
  6. Installation Since powerful binoculars have a high multiplicity and considerable weight, it is a necessary accessory for a clear Pictures will be a tripod. Few manufacturers complete their products stand. But it’s more important that there is an adapter in the case, allowing you to mount the device on a tripod.

We selected 11 of the most powerful binoculars in our review. They are all for sale in the trading network of Russia. When allocating seats, the editorial board based on the opinion of the expert community and reviews of domestic users.

Rating of the most powerful binoculars

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the most powerful binoculars 1 Celestron SkyMaster 18-40×80 15 990 rub.
2 BRESSER Spezial Zoomar 12-36×70 1663670 19 395 rub.
3 Veber PSU 25×100 WP 18 295 rub.
4 Celestron SkyMaster 25×100 34 800 rub.
5 BRESSER Spezial Astro 20×80 18 166 rub.
6 LEVENHUK Bruno PLUS 20×80 15 990 rub.
7 Celestron SkyMaster 25×70 8 729 rub.
8 Zeiss Victory RF 10×56 T 196 990 rub.
9 Nikon Monarch 5 20×56 56 843 rub.
10 Nikon Aculon T11 8-24×25 10 865 rub.
11 Olympus 10-30×25 Zoom PC I 7 990 rub.

Celestron SkyMaster 18-40×80

Rating: 4.9

Celestron SkyMaster 18-40x80

Celestron binoculars have the largest magnification (40x) SkyMaster 18-40×80. The optical device is addressed to hunters, naturalists, as well as novice astronomers. Experts on appreciated the good aperture (80 mm), all-weather performance, ease of use. Multiplicity varies enough simply, an adjustment lever is located near the left eyepiece. Comfort during observation is provided by a rubberized case and retractable rubber eyecups. Powerful binoculars weigh enough a lot (3.4 kg), so the manufacturer equipped his product mount under the tripod. The model wins in our review.

Domestic users liked the binoculars for a wide field review, large increase, ease of use. Of the minuses the unpleasant smell of plastic is mentioned.


  • large increase;
  • affordable price;
  • moisture proof performance;
  • comfort at work.


  • bad smell of plastic.

BRESSER Spezial Zoomar 12-36×70 1663670

Rating: 4.8

BRESSER Spezial Zoomar 12-36x70 1663670

Powerful German BRESSER Spezial Zoomar 12-36×70 binoculars have 36x magnification. Thanks to a special adapter, which comes complete, the device is easily mounted on a tripod. Despite light weight (1.49 kg) without support at maximum magnification not get along. Optics made of high quality BAK-4 glass with multilayer enlightenment. The manufacturer reliably protected his product against moisture and dust. Experts recommend the model people with vision problems, because binoculars have the opportunity diopter adjustment. The instrument gives way to the leader of the review in cost, lens diameter (70 mm) and equipment.

Russian consumers are satisfied with the workmanship, light weight, versatility. By cons, they include plastic zoom lever.


  • German quality;
  • ease;
  • large increase;
  • moisture protection.


  • plastic zoom lever.

Veber PSU 25×100 WP

Rating: 4.7

Veber BP 25x100 WP

Conduct stationary observations conveniently with astronomical binoculars Veber BP 25×100 WP. The device is made in waterproof housing that allows you to install it on the street in any weather. Optical elements made of high quality glass BAK-4. Experts noted multilayer enlightenment and high light transmission optics. The manufacturer has provided a separate eyepiece adjustment, which is typical for professional models. For mounting on a tripod there is a universal mount. Maximum the increase is 25 times. The device takes an honorable third place in the review.

Users like great image, aperture, high-quality optics. The main disadvantage they consider a lot of weight (3.9 kg).


  • great image;
  • water tightness;
  • separate adjustment of the eyepieces;
  • universal mount.


  • a lot of weight.

Celestron SkyMaster 25×100

Rating: 4.6

Celestron SkyMaster 25x100

A large aperture (100 mm) has Celestron SkyMaster binoculars 25×100. Thanks to high-quality glass optics VAK-4 with multilayer enlightenment the manufacturer managed to achieve high-quality image. Experts recommend the model for astronomical observations and the study of wildlife. Maximum 25x magnification; available for safe carrying case. The device has a large weight (3.968 kg), therefore the manufacturer has equipped its product with an adapter for attaching to a tripod. The binoculars are convenient for people who wear glasses, due to large pupil pupil observation to conduct comfortably without additional optics.

The device stops a step away from the prize podium, go up higher he was not allowed a high price and a lot of weight.


  • large aperture;
  • high-quality optics;
  • comfort in work;
  • 5 year warranty.


  • high price;
  • a lot of weight.

BRESSER Spezial Astro 20×80

Rating: 4.5

BRESSER Spezial Astro 20x80

A rich bundle of binoculars stands out from the competition BRESSER Spezial Astro 20×80. Manufacturer supplies with a tripod with a removable head, a case for binoculars and a tripod, neck strap, protective caps for lenses and eyepieces, wipes, paper and soft brush. Experts liked the combination of 20x magnification and 80mm aperture. The weight of the model is 2.1 kg. The product should be added to the asset. balancing, high-quality assembly and waterproof housing.

Russian consumers are flattering about the rich configuration, reasonable price, universality of application. Did not like users with rubber eyecups to comfortably watch they have to roll up what is happening.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • excellent balancing;
  • rich equipment;
  • affordable price.


  • high eyecups.


Rating: 4.4


Powerful astronomical binoculars LEVENHUK Bruno PLUS 20×80 It is a serious competitor for entry-level telescopes. FROM it can be used to study both planets and meteor showers. The manufacturer used a classic optical circuit based on Prisms Porro. They are complemented by glass lenses from VAK-4 with multilayer enlightenment. As a result, even at maximum magnification (20 times) provides a clear picture. Aluminum the case has a waterproof design that allows you to use the device in any weather. For mounting binoculars on a tripod standard diameter connector.

Binoculars managed to take a place in the TOP 6 of our review due to 80 mm aperture and nitrogen filling housing. But reviews from the owners of the device yet.


  • sealed enclosure;
  • high-quality optics;
  • tripod adapter;
  • large aperture.


  • heavy weight (2.6 kg);
  • no real reviews.

Celestron SkyMaster 25×70

Rating: 4.3

Celestron SkyMaster 25x70

In any weather with any visibility will provide a good picture Celestron SkyMaster 25×70 binoculars. The manufacturer made the case during waterproof design, rubberized insert prevents slipping the device out of hand. The model is intended for astronomical and ground-based observations, magnification ratio reaches 25 times. 3D realistic image provided Porro prism and lenses from VAK-4. Despite its light weight (1,474 kg) it is inconvenient to use binoculars without a tripod, therefore, included there is a special adapter.

Domestic users praise the model for excellent optics, good alignment, rubberized body. Of the shortcomings noted tight central adjustment, limited expansion eyepieces.


  • affordable price;
  • high-quality optics;
  • rubberized case;
  • good alignment.


  • tight central adjustment;
  • eyepieces do not open too wide.

Zeiss Victory RF 10×56 T

Rating: 4.2

Zeiss Victory RF 10x56 T

Experts consider Zeiss Victory binoculars a professional device RF 10×56 T. The model is equipped with an integrated laser rangefinder, high-quality optics, ballistic calculator. Product is a hunters dream, distance measurements are made fast and accurate (in two clicks). The product should be added to the asset. sealed case with a rubberized coating. Working range temperature is -10 … + 50ºС. The low position of the binoculars is due to astronomical price and a slight increase (10 times).

Few Russian hunters can afford to buy this. tricked-out appliance. In addition to its rich equipment, it deserves praise light weight (1.15 kg), quality case and neoprene shoulder strap.


  • high quality optics;
  • laser rangefinder;
  • ballistic calculator;
  • rubberized case.


  • astronomical price;
  • slight increase.

Nikon Monarch 5 20×56

Rating: 4.1

Nikon Monarch 5 20x56

In the most difficult weather conditions gives a good picture of binoculars Nikon Monarch 5 20×56. Experts praised eco-friendly new generation glass. To provide excellent permission, to optical elements applied phase-correcting coating. Reliably the rubberized case from plastic. The inside is filled with nitrogen, so the lenses Do not sweat during sudden changes in temperature. The asset model follows bring a 20-fold increase, light weight (1.235 kg) and wide angular field of view (59.9 degrees).

On thematic forums, owners praise binoculars for good increase and decent equipment. Not liked by users high price, the inability to use the product without a tripod.


  • eco-friendly glass;
  • rubberized case;
  • moisture resistance;
  • good increase.


  • high price;
  • impossible to work without a tripod.

Nikon Aculon T11 8-24×25

Rating: 4.0

Nikon Aculon T11 8-24x25

According to a number of parameters, the Nikon Aculon T11 8-24×25 binoculars look more modest than fellow. But then the cost of the product is different availability. Experts liked such qualities of the device as compactness, lightness (0.35 kg), a decent increase (24 times), big zoom. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of his product that Confirmed by a 10 year warranty. Comes with a convenient case. The quality optics represented by the prism deserve praise Porro and multi-coated lenses. Low spot in review due to the lack of moisture protection and rubber coating corps.

Users have a few comments. They are unhappy with malfunctions in the zoom mechanism that happen in the first days of operation. The picture gets dark after 8x magnification.


  • affordable price;
  • good increase;
  • 10 year warranty;
  • compactness and lightness.


  • the image darkens;
  • lack of moisture protection.

Olympus 10-30×25 Zoom PC I

Rating: 4.0

Olympus 10-30x25 Zoom PC I

Olympus 10-30×25 Zoom PC I binoculars close the list of powerful optical instruments. Experts have included it in our review for 30-fold increase, affordable price, compactness and lightness (0.315 kg). The manufacturer set an excellent zoom, when changing multiplicity is not observed jitter. Convenience should be added to the asset applications, Porro prism, multi-layer coating of lenses, protection against UV, custom eyepieces. However after 10 times image quality deteriorates, and after reaching the mark 25 times the image begins to darken.

Domestic users praise compactness and ease, reasonable price and usability. By cons they include a small field of view and image degradation after a 10-fold increase.


  • affordable price;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • large increase;
  • ease of use.


  • grainy image;
  • the picture darkens.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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