11 best manufacturers of cross-country skiing

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Winter is a great time to play sports. Stop sitting in a chair at work and on the couch at home! Take skis, go for a walk in the park, meet other lovers of active pastime! No skis? In this case, you need to think about buying them. We recommend choosing something from one of those manufacturers, which are described below.

How to choose cross-country skiing?

  1. First of all, you need to understand what kind of skiing you prefer. To do this, the easiest way is to remember classes at school. Someone then used the classic move, and someone loved the skating style, also called free. Also, the choice of move depends on where exactly you are going to use your skis. If this is a park that already has a ski track, then you need skis for the classic move. If there is no ski track, and the snow is hard enough, then it will be easier for you to use a free style. But the track in this case should be very wide, running between trees and bushes will no longer work.
  2. We draw your attention to the fact that now there are combination skis. They perform equally well in both riding styles.
  3. Next, we advise you to inquire about the design of cross-country skis. Now many manufacturers are moving away from using wood as far as possible. If it is found in modern skiing, it is only as a core. The rest is usually plastic. And especially expensive and high-speed skis can even have carbon fiber in their composition! You may also notice that some skis have notches and some do not. The presence of notches indicates that at the moment of pushing off the skis will not roll back. This allows you not to apply a holding ointment under the block.
  4. Human height plays a huge role in choosing skis. If you buy a model for the classic move, then it should be 25-30 cm taller than you. Skating skis should not be so long – they should be 10-15 cm taller than you, but no more. Well, combined skis should be in the range between the two options just considered.
  5. You need to pay attention to the stiffness of the skis. The rule is simple: a heavier person needs tougher skis. If the purchase is made in an online store, then it is recommended to check them in every possible way when receiving the skis. Be sure to look at the sliding surface – it should be even, depressions and deflections are completely eliminated. The skis should not be bent in the longitudinal direction. Also, a pair of skis must have the same center of gravity.

Rating of the best manufacturers of cross-country skiing

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of cross-country skiing 1 Fischer 5.0
3 Rossignol 4.8
4 ATOMIC 4.7
6 Nordway 4.5
8 ATEMI 4.3
9 Larsen 4.2
10 TISA 4.1
11 Dynamic 4.0


Rating: 5.0


If you are asked to name a company that makes skis, skates and snowboards, then you will probably think of Fischer. It must be one of the largest sports equipment manufacturers. And certainly the most advertised, because its logo is found in many broadcasts of ski sports. People use Fischer skis to jump from a springboard, run on them, buy them for children …

The company is named after its founder, Joseph Fischer the Elder. Initially, the company was engaged in the manufacture of carts and sleds. But the very next year after the foundation, the production of skis started.

Fischer now includes many factories and subsidiaries. Its main production facilities are located in Austria and Ukraine. When creating skis, a large number of modern technologies are used, often patented. As a result, they are quite light, but still quite tough. Most often, Fischer products are painted in light green, yellow and other bright colors. It is possible that this is precisely why the viewer's gaze cannot but fall on such skis, after which they are imprinted in the memory.

The use of modern technology costs a lot of money. Because of this, you are unlikely to find any cheap Fischer models on sale. Even budget models designed for walking in the nearest park can cost 25 thousand rubles. And to this must be added the cost of the poles sold separately! Well, good high-speed skis are estimated at 45 thousand rubles. In the creation of such an inventory, the method of cold gluing is used. He is obliged to contribute to the ideal interaction of skis with slip ointments.

The high quality of Fischer products is evidenced by the numerous awards it receives every year. We can safely say that at the moment it is Fischer that produces the most high-tech skis.


Rating: 4.9


Many people are familiar with the SALOMON brand. However, he is known to them for all kinds of sneakers, and not for sports equipment. It is all the more interesting to find out that this company even produces cross-country skis. Why not? The manufacturer is located in France, and in this country there are some of the best places for skiing.

Products sold under the SALOMON brand are usually painted either blue or black. As expected, the skis of this company can belong to the skating, classic or combined type. Some models are sold for relatively little money. But if you want to get skis that allow you to accelerate to high speed, you will have to spend an impressive amount. But in this case, you will receive a copy that has a very lightweight carbon fiber in its composition. This design optimizes torsional stiffness, thereby enhancing the efficiency of force transmission during kicks. These skis also usually have a triangular cross-section, which significantly improves acceleration.

As for the SALOMON company itself, it was founded in 1947. About 3,000 people work for its benefit. The history of the French company began not with sneakers, but with the creation and repair of skis. By the way, this company is also named after its founder.

The quality of the products produced by SALOMON is evidenced not only by numerous awards, but also by the victories of athletes. For example, Mark Girardelli and Pirmin Zurbriggen became the winners of the Alpine Skiing World Cup, using equipment from SALOMON.


Rating: 4.8


There is another company in France dedicated to the development and creation of sporting goods. And much older! Rossignol was founded in 1907. Abel Rossignol became its founder. The company began to create products almost the next day after its foundation. Also in the first years of its existence, the company was engaged in sewing sportswear.

In the case of Rossignol, we can also say that the athletes who chose her equipment have won more than once major competitions, including the World Cup. However, now it seems that the best years of the company are behind. Now this brand is less and less common among those athletes who achieve victories. The decline in popularity of Rossignol products came after the brand was bought by the snowboard company Quiksilver.

The first half of our ranking consists of those ski creators whose products are mainly aimed at experienced athletes. However, this does not mean that Rossignol products are sold exclusively at a high cost. This company is different in that it tries to produce those cross-country skis that beginners will make a choice in favor. Such inventory usually costs 6-7 thousand rubles. But if more advanced models are able to withstand particularly high loads, then the rigidity of the simplest skis leaves much to be desired. Also, there is no carbon in their design, and therefore such skis cannot be called extremely light.

As for the flagship models, they are intended for professionals. They contain a very lightweight carbon fiber reinforced honeycomb core. Such skis perfectly transmit the efforts of the athlete, and also perfectly interact with the applied ointment. Many models are equipped with the signature double grooves, thanks to which the skier can control the direction of travel without any problems. Unlike the products of the manufacturer that opened our rating, the top cross-country skis Rossignol still do not cost the most money – they can often be purchased for only 25-30 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.7


Practice shows that the best skis are produced by those companies that are based in close proximity to large mountains. For example, ATOMIC is one of the best creators of cross-country skiing. Its headquarters are located in Austria. But if the companies discussed above are real monsters capable of sponsoring the largest events, then this cannot be said about ATOMIC. About 600 people work for the benefit of this manufacturer. Moreover, now it is no longer an independent company, for some time now it has been owned by the Finnish Amer Sports.

ATOMIC is a rather rare case when the name of a company is not formed on behalf of the founder. The Austrian company was founded in 1955 by Alois Rormoser. At first, she was engaged in the manufacture and repair of wooden wheels. For this, four craftsmen used local wood. A couple of years later, the founder decided to expand the range of his products to include wooden sleds and skis with metal edging. Very soon, the company completely switched to creating multilayer wooden skis. All of them were handmade in those days. Only in 1966 the enterprise received a conveyor and an automatic press, thanks to which the number of products produced increased significantly.

The main factory of the company is now located in Altenmarkt. About 720 thousand pairs of skis leave the assembly line annually. Basically, these are tourist models used to conquer mountain peaks and then descend. But the Austrians do not forget about running models either. Their assortment includes classic and skate models. The latter, as expected, have a slightly shorter length and increased rigidity. As for the classic running models, you can find among them models with notches that will allow beginners to do without lubrication.

Like many other companies, ATOMIC adheres to a uniform color style for their products. Classic running skis are red / black, black / gray and black / blue. Models for skating are usually painted in three colors at once. As for the materials used, the most advanced models have carbon, which makes the skis extremely lightweight. The special geometry and double groove sliding surface should provide a long sliding phase, powerful push-off and easy handling.

If we talk about the cost of ATOMIC running models, then it cannot be called extremely high. Of course, carbon models can cost 25 thousand rubles, and even more, but beginners can get a very good pair, for which they ask for only 5 thousand rubles. But, of course, you must not forget to add to this amount the cost of bindings, boots and ski poles.


Rating: 4.6


Skiers from which country are more likely than others to be on the podiums of major competitions? Perhaps from Norway. Suffice it to recall the famous Bjoerndalen, who won a record number of Olympic medals in biathlon. It is not surprising that Norway can boast of quality skis. They are produced by MADSHUS, which is headquartered in the village of Biri. However, for some time now it has not been independent – now it belongs to the American company K2 Sports.

As you might guess, the company was founded by Madshus. It happened back in 1906. Ski production started only in 1924. Their creation was carried out by Madshus in his father's barn. Well, four years later, the Olympic medal has already been won on MADSHUS skis! In 1972, the company had to move to Biri after a fire broke out in the previous factory. Soon the company switched to the production of fiberglass skis. Well, in the 21st century, the company has managed to further improve its cross-country skiing, supplying them with carbon fiber – an ultra-light and durable material.

Of course, not all MADSHUS models are carbon fiber. This material is too expensive, so only top models used by professional athletes get it. Usually such inventory is sold for 26 thousand rubles and even more. By the way, almost all MADSHUS cross-country skis are painted in light gray, exceptions are extremely rare.

Top models are able to boast not only carbon fiber in their composition. These skis have the universal P200 Nano sliding surface. Inside the inventory there is an NFC chip, thanks to which the skis are selected according to the individual parameters of the athlete. They also have an integrated camus that provides excellent grip on the track when pushing off, no matter how snowy it is.

In fact, most of the MADSHUS range is entry-level cross-country skis. They are intended for those who have recently started skiing. Also, this kind of inventory shows itself perfectly in the nearest park. The main advantage of these skis is their extremely low cost. You can easily find them in the nearest sports store, buying them for 2-3 thousand rubles, and sometimes even cheaper. Rest assured the skis will glide well even without lubrication. It is not surprising that many parents buy MADSHUS skis for their children for physical education lessons.


Rating: 4.5


Not everyone knows about this, but the Sportmaster chain of stores has several trademarks under which one or another product is produced. For example, the stores of this chain actively offer cross-country skis and other winter sports equipment under the Nordway brand. However, we do not want to say that these products are bad. In this case, it simply would not be included in our rating. It fully justifies its cost. If you want to ski in the park, then often you don't need to buy products from well-known manufacturers, since you will not use even half of the opportunities that it offers. Also inexpensive Nordway cross-country skis are bought for children who need them in physical education classes.

The cost of cross-country skis under the aforementioned brand starts at 1100 rubles. You can buy them only in the 'Sportmaster'. And this is the case when skis exist in a wide variety of color options. This inventory does not flicker on the screen during sports broadcasts, so the manufacturer does not need to stick to any one color scheme.

Do not think that Nordway products exist only in the extra-budget price segment. No, in stores you can also find very advanced models, in the production of which modern technologies were used. They are immediately striking, as their surface is painted in the trademark red and black colors. These skis are equipped with a good camus, which provides a decent grip on the track when pushing off. They are also able to boast of improved surface treatment, thanks to which the skis glide well in any weather. Nordway products from this series are very lightweight. But do not think that expensive carbon fiber is involved in their production. No, it's just that the core in them is not solid, but equipped with air channels.

If we talk about budget models, then they are unlikely to last many years, especially if you run every weekend. As for the top models, they have a reinforced heel for protection from delamination. Even some athletes can safely use such skis. Their high quality is evidenced by the place of manufacture – this is one of the factories of the Fischer company.


Rating: 4.4


If you enter the name of this brand in a search engine, then first of all you will be offered to familiarize yourself with information about the Republic of Kaleria, then they will tell you about a certain beer manufacturer, and only last will you be presented with a selection of cross-country skis. It just so happened that sports equipment under this brand is not in great demand. At least among experienced skiers.

We can safely say that the KARJALA cross-country skis are intended only for beginners who do not require unusually high rigidity, fast acceleration and an incredibly long service life from the purchased equipment. For such people, the main thing is the price. And these skis are very cheap. Usually they ask for 1,500 rubles, and some models cost half the price! It is clear that you should not expect advanced characteristics from such skis. These are ordinary models made of plastic and wood. Many of them have notches that prevent the inventory from rolling backwards. Therefore, such skis can be used without an appropriate ointment.

Many cheap running models come with bindings. KARJALA products are no exception to the rule. This means that you only need to get your hands on poles and boots. In terms of design, KARJALA skis can be painted in a wide variety of colors. Most often they are equally liked by both men and women. Also, this manufacturer produces a huge number of junior skis. They are usually bought for children so that they can ski in physical education classes.

The cheapest running KARJALA models are sold for 750 rubles. However, we still do not recommend considering this option. The fact is that these skis will be made of plastic, without the use of wood. Needless to say that such inventory can be broken without much difficulty? Also, usually such inexpensive skis come without bindings, and they also cost money. In short, we do not discourage you from buying KARJALA cross-country skis, but only if the selected model will partially consist of wood.


Rating: 4.3


Many are unaware of this, but most of the range of Russian sporting goods stores is domestically produced. For example, you can easily find sports equipment created by ATEMI on the shelves of such retail chains. This manufacturer claims that its products can be found in about three thousand Russian stores.

The name of the company comes from the technique in aikido, which consists in hitting an unprotected part of the body. Initially, the ATEMI brand distributed table tennis rackets produced by a French company. In 1996 this trade mark appeared in Russia. A couple of years later, the brand was bought out by Russian businessmen, after which a wide variety of sports equipment, including cross-country skis, began to be produced under it.

The Russian company does not even think about creating high-tech equipment that would be used by professional athletes. Instead, ATEMI prefers to produce skis for the mass consumer. They are bought for physical education lessons, walks in the park and sports on an irregular basis. Cross-country skis ATEMI cost from 950 to 1700 rubles. Often they have a traditional shape, and their length starts from 140 mm, which allows even a child to choose a model. If we talk about the most advanced skis, they have a lightweight structure and a 3D toe that slightly increases rigidity. Their surface is made of extruded polyethylene. Notches allow you not to roll back when pushing off, even if you have not applied ski wax. As for the entire ski structure, it consists of wood and plastic.

We recommend that you pay attention to ATEMI products in the event that you are not going to do skiing in any way. The products of this company, as mentioned above, are suitable for walking in the park once every two weeks. But be warned: the ATEMI range consists only of skis designed for classic skiing. The Russian manufacturer rightly considered that in our cities there is often no place for skating.


Rating: 4.2


The list of Russian manufacturers of sports equipment is not limited to a couple of companies. Al Sar also has a very large assortment. It produces footwear, clothing and a huge amount of sports equipment. However, she uses several brands. Cross-country skis are usually sold in stores under the Larsen brand. Their main distinguishing feature is their aggressively low price. You can easily buy them for just 700 rubles! It is not surprising that it is often on these skis that schoolchildren who attend physical education lessons go.

As you might guess, the creators of Larsen cross-country skiing do not strive to release equipment of any one color. On the contrary, they try to make their assortment as wide as possible. You can find blue, red, yellow, and black skis on store shelves. Usually this kind of equipment looks great on the legs of people of both genders. Wood and plastic are commonly used to create these skis. One should not rely on high rigidity. If you decide to take part in a cross-country skiing competition, you risk ending up with broken skis in the end. But nothing else was expected from such an inexpensive product.

Larsen running models can be found in many Russian sports equipment stores. You should not look for them only in 'Sportmaster', which actively promotes its own trademark. The cost depends not so much on the production technologies used as on their length. For example, 100-centimeter skis for a child during sales can be bought literally for 500 rubles! Further, it remains to buy sticks, shoes and, most likely, a mount.


Rating: 4.1


As mentioned above, the Al Sar group of companies owns several trademarks at once. If the most inexpensive skis are distributed under the Larsen brand, then the TISA name indicates a fairly high quality of sports equipment. Such skis can no longer be bought for 700 rubles, the cheapest model is priced twice as expensive. Well, the most advanced inventory is sold for 3,500 rubles. You can even think about buying it even if you regularly play at sports events, especially if they belong to the district level, not international.

Most often, TISA cross-country skis are of the classic type. Their weight is about 1.5 kg or less, it all depends on their length. Unlike cheaper skis, this sports equipment does not require the application of grip wax. The fact is that under its block there is an insert made of mohair and working as a camus. As a result, they are able to boast of a lack of recoil back when pushing off.

Otherwise, there is hardly anything interesting to say about TISA cross-country skiing. They can be painted in different colors. They use plastic and wood in their production. If you are hoping to get carbon, then you should go to other manufacturers, and not in this price segment. And all TISA skis are sold without bindings, which is quite logical.

The problem with TISA branded products is their low prevalence. Finding it in Russian stores selling sports equipment is quite difficult. But if you do find it, you can make a purchase without hesitation – the quality of such skis will definitely suit you.


Rating: 4.0


Usually the ratings do not end with the cheapest items. However, the French company Dynamic produces mainly mid-budget sports equipment. It's unlikely that you will find her cross-country skis selling for less than 3000 rubles. But then you will definitely be sure of their quality!

The company was founded in 1931. The skis she creates have been appreciated by many athletes. Soon, the skiers using them started winning World Cup stages! At the same time, however, it made its larger competitors pay attention to Dynamic. As a result, in 1977, the company was completely bought out by Atomic.

Now cross-country skiing under the French brand is less and less common. The owners of this brand prefer to sell ski kits for beginners under it. They include not only a pair of skis, but also automatic bindings. In fact, the skis are combined. This means that they can be used for both classic and skating. Inside each ski is a Densolite Core. It makes the ski very lightweight while remaining strong and flexible. Also, the manufacturer worked on the geometry of the skis, so you can count on stable skiing even when cornering.

The Dynamic brand closes our rating. However, this does not mean that we do not recommend the skis distributed under it for purchase. It's just that they are quite difficult to find in Russian stores. This is due to the fact that in recent years Atomic has stopped producing cross-country skis under this trademark – the copies remaining in retail chains belong to the collection of quite distant 2012.


Now you know which cross-country ski manufacturers are the best. It remains only to regret that in the USSR, with all the love of this country for sports, it was not possible to establish the production of high-quality skis, which would consist not only of wood. Now it is almost impossible to create such a factory in our country – competitors have gone far ahead.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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