11 best foundation for problem skin

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A high-quality foundation not only hides skin defects, but also has a healing effect. If you choose the wrong cream, you can aggravate the situation. Therefore, girls with inflammation, acne and blackheads should correctly approach the choice of a tonal and get acquainted with our rating of the best formulations.

When selecting participants, we focused on the following parameters:

  1. natural composition (natural oils, plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins are welcome);
  2. the presence of harmful substances in the formula – silicone, aluminum, propylene glycol, talc and synthetic glycerin;
  3. color spectrum;
  4. the possibility of regular use;
  5. the presence of a pungent odor;
  6. the convenience of use;
  7. duration of the effect.

High cost does not always mean perfect quality. By purchasing an expensive product, the consumer can pay most of the money for the brand itself. A suspiciously cheap foundation can damage the skin.

Therefore, you should not focus on the price of the product, it is better to pay attention to the composition and customer reviews. All important information is reflected in the rating of quality products, invented specifically for skin with scars, excessive oiliness, redness and acne.

Rating of the best tonal creams for problem skin

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best foundation for problem skin in the middle price segment 1 Exfoliac soin anti-imperfections teinte clair by Noreva RUB 1,100
2 Dior Diorskin Ultra Mat RUB 2,500
3 All Nighter, Urban Decay RUB 2 750
4 Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup RUB 2 630
5 Vichy normaderm teint 1 200 RUB
The best budget creams for problem skin 1 Maybelline affinitone RUB 400
2 Bourjois 123 Perfect RUB 550
3 Max Factor Facefinity 3 in 1 foundation 650 RUB
4 L'Oreal AllaincePerfect RUB 600
5 Bielita classic 115 RUB

The best foundation for problem skin in the middle price segment

This category reflects goods over 1000 rubles.

Exfoliac soin anti-imperfections teinte clair by Noreva

Rating: 4.9


Noreva relies on the production of healing cosmetics. The foundation is suitable for absolutely any skin and is recommended as an auxiliary therapy for acne. Buyers are delighted with the mattifying effect, easy application, and hiding spot and diffuse redness. With application, the production of sebum decreases, the dermis is nourished with vitamins.

The composition is well removed without the use of special solutions. It does not clog the openings of the sweat glands and is of medium resistance. This product will not work for a festive make-up. It's too light and inconspicuous. Price – 1100 rubles.


  • vitamins in the composition;
  • normalization of sebum production;
  • easy to apply and rinse off freely;
  • good matting effect.


  • medium durability.

Dior Diorskin Ultra Mat

Rating: 4.8


Next in the ranking is the partially natural composition from 'Dior'. It makes the face look uniform and can be used permanently. Pleases protection from the sun (Sender Policy Framework 15) and a large number of shades in the line (16 colors).

The product has a semi-liquid consistency. It masks any flaws and does not roll off. Customers note the pleasant aroma and excellent durability of the ointment. The product lasts up to 16 hours. The tube has a convenient dispenser. Price – 2500 rubles.


  • convenient tube;
  • mattifies well;
  • 16tones in the collection;
  • lasts a long time;
  • does not penetrate the sweat glands.


  • the presence of harmful substances in the composition.

Urban decay all nighter

Rating: 4.7

Urban decay all nighter

The foundation lasts all day and even night. It is enough to apply a thin layer of the product to hide the imperfections of problem skin. The cream spreads evenly over the face and provides a perfect matte finish. With this composition, you can forget about the oily sheen. All Nighter's waterproof formula guarantees a tight coverage without looking flat.

One press of the pump delivers just the right amount of scented ointment. For perfect application, it is advised to choose a flat brush and All Nighter fixing spray. The line includes 13 beautiful shades. The price for a 30 ml bottle is 2500-3000 rubles.


  • does not shine;
  • eliminates oily sheen;
  • elegantly evens the tone;
  • excellent durability;
  • glides on the skin pleasantly.


  • not for dry epidermis (highlights disadvantages).

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

Rating: 4.7


The structure of the foundation from 'Makeup' includes salicylic acid and dipropylene glycol. It is odorless and has a liquid consistency. The pores are not clogged after application, and the daily use of the cream results in an even complexion.

There are six different shades in the catalog. Girls love how the product covers the skin and does not roll off. To remove cosmetics, you need to buy a special product, because the cream is very persistent and difficult to wash off. The bottle does not have a dispenser. Price – 2600 rubles.


  • good durability;
  • fits flawlessly;
  • makes the color solid;
  • pleasant consistency.


  • no dispenser is provided;
  • difficult to wash off;
  • contains dipropylene glycol.

Vichy normaderm teint

Rating: 4.6


The Vichy foundation contains tocopherol and sun protection. Provides a uniform, even coat and is designed for regular application. The collection includes all three shades with a beige undertone. The cosmetics have almost no smell, it has a light consistency that does not clog the smallest holes.

The product lasts about 8 hours and comes in a tube without a dispenser. Customers say that the cream adjusts to skin color and is invisible on the face. Price – 1200 rubles.


  • absorbed by an even layer;
  • protects from ultraviolet radiation.
  • mattes for eight hours;
  • hides minor defects.


  • few tones.

The best budget creams for problem skin

This category contains tonal products for problem skin, the price of which does not exceed 1000 rubles.

Maybelline affinitone

Rating: 4.7


The foundation from the popular Maybellin brand contains tocopherol, provitamin B5 and natural extracts. The product perfectly evens the tone and is suitable for constant use. The collection has 10 different shades, among which there is an option for any skin.

The foundation is well absorbed and does not form pellets. It has a light liquid consistency and does not remain in the pores. The only thing that customers don't like is the lack of a dispenser in the tube and the smell of alcohol. But the structure is characterized by high durability and an optimal price. The tool costs 400 rubles.


  • very persistent;
  • light texture;
  • does not clog the excretory ducts;
  • the presence of vitamins in the formula;
  • the price corresponds to the quality;
  • 10 shades to choose from.


  • unpleasant smell of alcohol;
  • no dispenser.

Bourjois 123 Perfect

Rating: 4.6


Next in the ranking is SPF 10 sun protection. It contains aluminum, but perfectly evens the color, hiding even the most serious imperfections. The cream can be used daily. The catalog contains 5 different shades. The composition does not plug holes and does not roll on the surface.

Customers are delighted with the handy dispenser and the liquid consistency for a long matting effect. The price of the product fully corresponds to the volume of the tube and the result. For Bourjois 123 Perfect, you need to pay 550 rubles.


  • sun protection;
  • 5 shades;
  • neutral smell;
  • lasts all day;
  • suitable for regular use.


  • the presence of aluminum in the formula.

Max Factor Facefinity 3 in 1 foundation

Rating: 4.5


The remedy from 'Maxfactor', like the previous participant in the rating, contains a harmful component in the formula – aluminum. But the formula has SPF 20 sun protection. The composition is evenly distributed over the surface and ideally evens out the tone. It prepares the skin, removes blemishes and creates the perfect matte finish.

The collection contains as many as 8 shades with a light texture that is perfectly absorbed. The girls noticed that the product settles in the pores and well inhibits the formation of an oily sheen. Its main advantages include good durability, excellent masking of redness. Price – 650 rubles.


  • excellent matting effect;
  • hides acne well;
  • clogs pores a little;
  • long worn.


  • aluminum in the composition.

L'Oreal AllaincePerfect

Rating: 4.4


Almost none of the rating of tonal creams is complete without funds from Loreal. The product's formula includes pantothenic acid, aluminum, alcohol molecules, and sunscreens. The cream not only perfectly harmonizes with any skin tone, but also perfectly evens it out. The product can be used on a daily basis. Pleases a color palette of ten tones. The foundation has no smell, and the bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser.

In the reviews, buyers note that the foundation lasts for a long time and rolls a little after application. Ideal for oily, normal and combination skin. But on a dry surface – it can emphasize peeling. Price – 600 rubles.


  • the presence of a dispenser;
  • delicate texture;
  • good durability;
  • large selection of shades;
  • panthenol;
  • sun protection.


  • rolls down a little;
  • the presence of harmful ingredients.

Bielita classic

Rating: 4.1


The latest foundation includes titanium dioxide, peach oil, and vitamin E in the formula. It will be well distributed over the skin due to its thick consistency, while lying down evenly and does not clog sweat glands. The product is almost invisible, it moisturizes the epidermis, and also hides peeling, evening the color of the cover. The tool is not advised to use every day. The composition is odorless.

There are three colors in the catalog. Judging by the reviews, the foundation stays on the face for 12 hours, and the skin after it is soft and pleasant. The product is unlikely to be suitable for pronounced and serious problems on the face, but in general it does its job well. The lack of a dispenser confuses buyers. Price – 115 rubles.


  • the presence of vitamins and peach oil in the composition;
  • affordable price;
  • well distributed;
  • pretty persistent.


  • the presence of titanium dioxide;
  • small selection of colors;
  • no dispenser;
  • does not cope with serious inflammation.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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