11 best feeder rods

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Rating of the best feeder rods

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best budget feeder rods 1 Mikado Ultraviolet Heavy Feeder (3.90 m, 120 g.) 4 320 rub.
2 Banax Piccolo PIC36H (3.60 m, 110 g) 5 900 rub.
3 Salmo Diamond Feeder (3.60 m, 120 g.) 3 246 rub.
4 STINGER MAESTRO FEEDER NS (3.90 m, 60-180 gr.) 2 870 rub.
5 KAIDA NEOXOEN FEEDER (136) (3.90 m, 60-120 gr.) 1 735 rub.
The best feeder rods in terms of price and quality 1 SHIMANO SUPER ULTEGRA AX FDR 14 ’(0.426 m, 150 g) 23 700 rub.
2 MAXIMUS RED DEVIL 420XH (4.20 m, 120-180 gr.) 5 948 rub.
3 SHIMANO BEASTMASTER DX FEEDER CARP XH (3.6 m., 150 gr.) 12 990 rub.
4 Daiwa Aqualite Light Feeder (3.90 m; up to 90 g) 9 856 rub.
5 Black Hole Hypnos Feeder 360H 4 312 rub.
6 Daiwa Procaster Feeder (3.30-3.90 m; up to 100 g) PRF1113LAD 4 840 rub.

The best budget feeder rods

Mikado Ultraviolet Heavy Feeder (3.90 m, 120 g.)

Rating: 4.8

Mikado Ultraviolet Heavy Feede

Ultraviolet’s angry feeder rod enjoys incredible respect among domestic lovers fishing for bottom gear, for which he is awarded a place in the ranking the best. Its main advantage is the combination spectacular appearance, good load parameters and the desire to enter into a tough confrontation with a large predator. The upper limit of the bait test does not exceed the value of 120 gram, however, this is the case when reasonable moderation (not times mentioned in this top) leaves no destiny overpriced technical specifications. In terms of anglers, the main the “pluses” of Ultraviolet Heavy Feeder can be considered magnificent build quality, an abundance of quivertypes for various gear weights, comfortable handle with walnut stopper and low (even by the standards of the budget segment) price.


  • the upper limit of the test is 120 grams;

  • high efficiency when fishing in stagnant water and in the course;

  • nice appearance;

  • the presence of four quivertypes (whips) in the kit;

  • high build quality;

  • comfortable construction topped with a cork handle made of wood a nut;


  • not found.

Banax Piccolo PIC36H (3.60 m, 110 g)

Rating: 4.7

Banax Piccolo PIC36H

Banax Piccolo Original Series Feeder Rods there was a place for a huge number of modifications with different lengths and an individual set of technical specifications. But it turned out that the first, most An unambiguous version that users love about their moderation in plan a huge range of operational parameters. The 360-centimeter model does not have interchangeable tops, but at the same time adequately perceives any feeder bait weighing up to 110 grams. It has a medium-fast formation canonical for the segment, which allows you to make biting, long casts without much difficulty and diligence.

The main feature of the Piccolo PIC36H feeder rod is creating ideal conditions for unlimited traffic control bait. Beginners do not particularly focus on this property, voting for the quality of workmanship and convenience use. But experts on fishing on the feeder immediately appreciated a curiosity – such a successful combination of the smallest factors is very rare found in the vast budget segment.


  • very comfortable cortical grip and high-quality body kit;

  • the ability to make long-range shots;

  • adequate perception of bait weight in the claimed range;

  • the ability to finely control the bait in all phases of fishing;

  • solid assembly;


  • not found.

Salmo Diamond Feeder (3.60 m, 120 g.)

Rating: 4.7

Salmo Diamond Feeder

Unlike the direct opponent in the person of Maestro Feeder NS, Salmo Diamond Feeder balance between performance and ergonomic focus component. It is lighter (280 grams), more flexible and supple than its counterpart, however, has a comparable margin of safety and equally good It works both when casting and when fishing fish from the bottom. Top the test border is limited to 120 grams, but especially ardent and experienced anglers manage to overweight the bait without apparent damage to fishing rod resource.

Structurally feeder rod Diamond Feeder is not strong differs from canonical samples – the same screw reel seat, same long handle (true, with combination lining of cork and neoprene), the same interchangeable tops with different rigidity. Nevertheless, consumers find something in it. special, his own, and this is positively reflected in the level rod sales in Russia.


  • excellent ergonomic parameters (light weight, comfortable handle with combined pad, reliable body kit);

  • unlimited control of the bait during posting and fishing;

  • good casting range;

  • test up to 120 grams;


  • not found.

STINGER MAESTRO FEEDER NS (3.90 m, 60-180 gr.)

Rating: 4.6


Stinger’s Maestro Feeder NS feeder rod is the most hardy model among opponents by rating. As stated manufacturer, the secret of his success lies in the material of the form, pure carbon without binders components. Toray T-30 gives the “stick” redundant endurance, property of quick unloading of blanks along the way fish fishing, and also makes it possible to make long casts with minimal effort (medium-fast system).

The Maestro Feeder NS 3.90 test makes a tremendous amount for rods this level of 60-180 grams, and the sensitivity is not lost on the entire range of input values. Ergonomic indicators Feeder rods also delight users: classic grip provides confident grip, and a weight not exceeding 300 grams does not leads to rapid fatigue from casting. In general, feeder spinning is a great investment that guaranteed to pay off during the first fishing season.


  • good ergonomics (from weight to classic handle performance);

  • the ability to make long casts due to medium-fast building rods;

  • pure carbon blank with improved mechanical properties;

  • wide range of dough (60-180 grams);


  • not found.

KAIDA NEOXOEN FEEDER (136) (3.90 m, 60-120 gr.)

Rating: 4.5


Entry-level feeder fishing rod that got into the rating due to good technical parameters and moderately reliable design. Positioned by the manufacturer as an integral part of any feeder fishing – loudly, but very boldly, that it is impossible not to note in the review. The weight of KAIDA NEOXOEN FEEDER is 260 grams, that with a length of 360 centimeters is good (with ergonomic point of view) indicator. The spinning package includes three interchangeable whip, sharpened for manifestation at various values ​​of the test. So, the thinnest and most flexible can work in range 60-90 grams, while the largest and hardiest – up to 120 grams.

Another distinctive feature of KAIDA NEOXOEN FEEDER is the use of cork and neoprene as a material handles. This is an abstract fact, but for fishermen he plays far from the last role. However, the main advantage for them the price parameter remains, the benefit here is that everything is complete with this component okay.


  • lowest price in the ranking;

  • lightweight construction;

  • comfortable grip;

  • satisfactory reliability indicators of the form;

  • wide range of bait test for the most budgetary Models


  • build quality.

The best feeder rods in terms of price and quality

SHIMANO SUPER ULTEGRA AX FDR 14 ’(0.426 m, 150 g)

Rating: 4.9


Super Ultega AX FDR 14 ’is another prime example a canon that relies on advanced technology and development, Shimano introduced into production. 426 cm feeder rod was created with strict adherence to the principle moderation prescribing limited functionality in for the sake of long-term preservation of working conditions. It caused giant blank margin of safety at nominal loading conditions and the ability to prove oneself well beyond the prescribed limits parameters.

With a test of 150 grams, Super Ultega AX FDR 14 ’turned out to be able to fight with captured fish, the mass of which is often reached 15-25 kilograms. This fact pleasantly surprised everyone. fans catching on a feeder, and, in conjunction with the details development, made up the perfect ratio between the parameters cost and overall quality.


  • giant margin of safety blank;

  • excellent ergonomic properties (367 grams of weight, combined handle, responsive form);

  • good appearance;

  • the possibility of significant excess of nominal workers loads;

  • bait test with an upper limit of up to 150 grams;

  • manufacturability and rationality of the design;


  • not identified.

MAXIMUS RED DEVIL 420XH (4.20 m, 120-180 gr.)

Rating: 4.8


Maximus’ Red Devil “is a powerful feeder rod, designed to work with baits with an effective weight of 120 to 180 gram. It is a mixture of traditional feeder characteristics and a significant margin of safety inherent in avoidance of unwanted kinks and deformations of the blank. The 420-centimeter rod has a medium-fast action and shows excellent results in terms of long casting. Other the point is that it will take too much to cast the bait forces – the weight of the rod without equipment is almost half a kilogram.

Actually, the weight characteristic is the weakest place MAXIMUS RED DEVIL 420XH, as in other areas evaluation can not be faulted with him. Consumers respond warmly about the experience of using this spinning, and also do not forget to note its versatility in terms of fished reservoirs.


  • time-tested classic design;

  • ergonomic indicators (EVA-handle, reliable fittings, informative form);

  • high efficiency fishing in bodies of water with current and standing water

  • test within 120-180 grams;

  • safety margin for hunting trophy fish;


  • a large mass that interferes with long-range casting (on permanent basis).


Rating: 4.8


Powerful mid-range feeder rod offering a delicate trade-off between power and limitless for anglers sensory. Despite more than modest overall performance (360 centimeters long and 247 grams weight) BEASTMASTER DX FEEDER CARP XH can withstand intense trophy fish attacks, not at all without losing responsiveness and clarity of action. Indirectly about high endurance says the bait feeder rod test, reaching 150 grams at the upper limit. Blank form made made of high modulus HPC60 graphite and reinforced with Biofiber material, adding a stick to elasticity and overstating the threshold of occurrence plastic deformation (kink).

By the sign of assembly, spinning is also not to be found faulty: everything adjusted to each other as accurately as possible, excluding the slightest deviations (even in the setting of rings). In short, BEASTMASTER DX FEEDER CARP XH was a success, and in terms of price and qualities fully lives up to its existence.


  • wide range of bait test (0-150 grams);

  • good sensitivity of the form;

  • lightweight construction;

  • advanced mechanical composite sheet (HPC60 + Biofibre);

  • high precision assembly;


  • not found.

Daiwa Aqualite Light Feeder (3.90 m; up to 90 g)

Rating: 4.7

Daiwa Aqualite Light Feeder

A special series of feeder rods that combines reliability, original approach to production and remarkable practicality. In a somewhat atypical way for the feeder developers from Daiwa emphasized reducing the diameter of the blank, applying for its creation is lightweight high-modulus graphite of increased strength. IN In connection with this, the 390-centimeter rod turned out to be very light (weight when not equipped, it is 0.2 kilograms) and at the same time very hardy (the upper limit of the bait test reached 90 gram). Together, these conditions allow you to catch in flow, and in still water, which adds models universality.

Consumers generally show genuine interest and Aqualite Light Feeder Fidelity Compliance Paying tribute good practices of Daiwa. Find a second such spinning for feeder is difficult – the price / quality ratio is fully disclosed here least.


  • low weight (only 200 grams);

  • low cost;

  • good balance of rigidity and responsiveness (high control over actions);

  • high strength indicators;

  • original miniature design;


  • limited bait test.

Black Hole Hypnos Feeder 360H

Rating: 4.6

Black Hole Hypnos Feeder 360H

No less powerful is the Black Hole feeder rod Hypnos Feeder 360H, whose gear test is an impressive 120 grams. Sensitive and lightweight (total weight 245 gram), it creates ideal conditions for carrying large fish from the depths, mainly cyprinids and (in especially rare cases) roaches. When fishing, it includes the entire form, not just the upper part, which adds flexibility and significantly reduces probability of descent. This inclusion in the fight against big fish has become possibly due to the use of blank as material high modulus graphite (HMC) that lends itself well to significant bending loads.

From the ergonomic part of the fishing rod Hypnos Feeder 360H can be distinguished high-quality neoprene handle braid, convenient reel seat, as well as KR-SiC access rings, taking reliability and zero impact on the fishing line.


  • excellent appearance;

  • thoughtful design of the form, reducing the likelihood of fish leaving when biting;

  • relatively low price;

  • the ability to work with bait dough up to 120 grams;

  • rod length (360 centimeters);


  • not found.

Daiwa Procaster Feeder (3.30-3.90 m; up to 100 g) PRF1113LAD

Rating: 4.6

Daiwa Procaster Feeder

A series of durable and lightweight feeder rods from Daiwa, bribed consumers with a solid margin of power and precision under accurate throws. The Procaster Feeder is ideal for fishing feeder with heavy loads, including for making distant casts. The main feature of this spinning is that the angler can independently adjust its length to range from 330 to 390 centimeters. Thin and hardy blank feeder rod made in a restrained style and made of high modulus graphite. As accessories on it are used flow rings with SiC inserts, cork handle and simple reel seat that does not add to the mass a single extra gram.

The Procaster Feeder bait test is an impressive 100 grams, which is very good with so little own weight in 231 grams. Among other things, consumers are very pleased with the cost of a powerful feeder, wonderfully combined with the above characteristics. Objectively, this is one of the best choices on the market right now.


  • excellent strength indicators;

  • the possibility of fishing from the shore, in distant casting;

  • lightweight form (total 231 grams);

  • low price for technical conditions of the feeder;


  • slightly brings down the quality of the cork handle.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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