11 best budget DVRs

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

It’s better not to appear on the roads of Russia without turning on DVR. However, not every motorist wants to spend big money for such a device. Fortunately, doing it is absolutely not necessary. Budget pictures are written as well models. But not all. If you do not want to make a mistake with the choice, then Check out our new review. It considers the most decent DVRs with a low price tag.

Rating of the best budget DVRs

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best budget DVRs 1 AdvoCam FD Black-II GPS + GLONASS 4 990 rub.
2 iBOX PRO-1080 DUAL 4 999 rub.
3 SHO-ME FHD 625 4 050 rub.
4 Navitel R600 3 990 rub.
5 Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02 3 300 rub.
6 Yi Smart Dash Camera 2 550 rub.
7 Artway AV-600 3 030 rub.
8 CARCAM R2 3 490 rub.
9 Dunobil spiegel solo 2 596 rub.
10 Navitel R200 2 560 rub.
11 Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Midrive D01 1 939 rub.

The material is based on the analysis of technical equipment DVRs on the portal https://rankquality.com/dashboard-camera/.


Rating: 4.9


It might seem to you that our article will be discussed exclusively about very simple DVRs sold for pennies. But no. We will talk about devices that combine several functions at once. For example, as part of a model, released by AdvoCam, there is a navigation chip, understanding signals from American and Russian satellites. is he allows traffic police inspector to see at what speed an accident has occurred. Also, the device can write coordinates in tags on which the car is located.

Of course, the most important part of any dashcam is lens. And there are no complaints to him here! Its viewing angle is by diagonal reaches 170 degrees. How much more? Moreover, here high-quality optics are used, practically not distorting picture. This allows you to see license plates clearly. nearest cars. Even at night, if activated appropriate mode!

Under the lens, here lies a CMOS matrix whose diagonal is 1/3 of an inch, and the resolution is 3 megapixels. She captures the picture in Resolution 1920×1080 pixels, which is quite enough for most motorists. As for the frequency, it is 30 frames / s. This is the standard for DVRs, high frequency heavily load the processor, while being essentially excess.

The device includes a microphone and speaker. The first one writes sound in the cabin, unless it is disabled in the settings, while the second activated when viewing recorded content. Another device capable of boasting a shock sensor. Has a device and detector motion in the frame. This allows you to leave the DVR included in stopping times – if to your car if a suspicious person approaches, then he will surely be captured on video. This feature also allows automation start recording video.

Basically, the on-board network provides power to the DVR a car. But the device is endowed with its own battery. His capacity is small, but even 130 mAh is enough to normally end the video recording process in an accident when mains voltage disappears.


  • A good display with a resolution of 320×240 pixels;
  • There is an HDMI output;
  • Convenient fastening on a usual sucker;
  • There is a SpeedCam function;
  • It has its own battery;
  • A large number of settings;
  • Good video quality;
  • Can write sound;
  • Built-in GPS, motion detector and shock sensor.


  • In the heat it may suddenly turn off;
  • It is almost impossible to remove quickly;
  • Defective copies exist;
  • There is no quick switch between modes;
  • Does not support memory cards larger than 32 GB.


Rating: 4.8


Nowadays, more and more DVRs are built into the rear mirror kind of. Indeed, why put up a garden in the passenger compartment, if modern technology allows you to embed electronic devices in what should be present here by default? How are you already understood, iBOX PRO-1080 DUAL is exactly a mirror rear view. A picture is displayed in its center. Also to him you can connect an additional camera – it is usually located in the salon.

Like many other budget DVRs that fall into this collection, this one writes an image in Full HD resolution and with 30 frames per second. The video quality is quite decent. Though one cannot but admit that more expensive devices are capable of writing even sharper picture. It uses a modest CMOS-matrix, the diagonal of which is 1 / 2.5 inches, and resolution – 5 megapixels. As for optics, its viewing angle reaches 170 degrees. The lenses are made of glass. At least so manufacturer claims.

iBOX PRO-1080 DUAL can not be called really cheap DVR. In this regard, do not be surprised at the presence of here is the G-sensor. It is thanks to him that the device automatically starts recording after you set off. The device is also capable boast a motion detector in the frame. There’s a microphone here, which many buyers turn off almost immediately, seeking reduce the weight of the video.

This device writes videos in short clips. Their length can be choose – among the options 3, 5 and 10 minutes are available. Of course, recording can be cyclical – this allows you not to waste time on formatting a memory card. Intuitive The interface of one of the videos can be protected from overwriting. Also here you can record the event in a separate file.

Like many other cheap DVRs, the iBOX PRO-1080 DUAL understands memory cards that do not exceed 32 GB. it means that you are unlikely to be able to fit in your memory for more than five hours video recordings. And one cannot but note the absence here battery. Therefore, the device will provide power to exclusively on-board network of the machine. If the voltage disappears in it, movie recording will be immediately interrupted.


  • You can write video from two cameras;
  • Actually does not take a place in the cabin;
  • Good video quality;
  • There is a motion detector and a G-sensor;
  • There is a microphone;
  • Wide viewing angle.


  • Food – only from the on-board network;
  • The screen often turns on by itself;
  • The G-sensor even responds to closing the trunk.


Rating: 4.7


Another budget DVR, writing a picture in Full HD resolution. But if the previous model was built into rearview mirror, this one should be placed on the dashboard. Such its location allows you to leave the device in the car all night – It is unlikely that the DVR will be visible from the outside.

When you go on a trip, you need to raise the device – so you get access to a fairly large display. With his help You can go to the menu by activating certain functions. For example, SHO-ME FHD 625 can start recording on its own when in the frame motion will be detected. Also included in the device G-sensor responsive to shock. There is also a menu item dedicated to the built-in microphone.

Like many other DVRs, this one can write video cyclical method, which allows you not to waste time on a regular formatting a memory card. As for the duration received videos, then it can be 3, 5 or 10 minutes. Shooting the video continues even after the car’s on-board network voltage is completely gone. This is due to the built-in battery, albeit very modest.

As for the quality of the received video, there are no special claims. Of course, this is not a video shot with expensive action cameras or flagship smartphones, but the numbers closest cars are visible, and the larger owner of the DVR usually not necessary. Shooting using a lens with a viewing angle of 170 degrees and a 3 megapixel sensor. Interesting that the product got an electronic image stabilizer but we recommend turn it off immediately. The picture is written in 1080p resolution, frequency it is 30 frames / s.

The device can easily be connected to a computer, using this USB interface. Wireless can also be used here. Wi-Fi standard.

We recommend that you try to start the device before buying offline. The fact that this is far from the freshest model. Some specimens include zero a battery that is already impossible to charge. From the purchase of such the device should be refused, unless you are confused by the fact that the dvr will turn off immediately after you drowned out the car.


  • A large number of operating modes;
  • A good display, the diagonal of which is 2.45 inches;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • There is a motion detector and a G-sensor;
  • There is a disconnectable microphone;
  • Decent picture quality;
  • Wide viewing angle;
  • It has its own battery.


  • Not the best video quality when shooting at night;
  • The case is made of fragile plastic;
  • Unshielded wire interferes with the radio;
  • There are copies on sale with a battery that has run down to zero.

Rating: 4.6

Navitel R600

One of the most compact budget DVRs in our selection. However, even it has a built-in display. His the diagonal, however, does not exceed two inches, and the resolution is only 960×240 pixels. But that should be enough to prove to the inspector of traffic police own innocence in what happened.

The device is attached to the windshield using an adhesive backing. The weight of the gadget is only 69 g, so it certainly won’t fall into driving time. With such a mass, you might think that inside the device there is absolutely no battery. But this is not so. There is a battery but its capacity is only 180 mAh. Therefore, it is used only in order for the DVR to continue its operation for several minutes work after the voltage in the onboard network is fully gone.

The lens mounted here consists of glass lenses. His viewing angle reaches 170 degrees. Under the optics is CMOS matrix. It is no different from other sensors embedded in DVRs with a similar price tag. This means that on on the computer you will observe a picture recorded in resolution 1080p and 30 fps. Nearby License Plates cars are read without difficulty, unless the situation is at night, Yes, and on a suburban highway.

As for the functionality of the device, here are observed some limitations. For example, the device did not receive a detector motion in the frame. But the manufacturer didn’t forget about the shock sensor, which is often more useful. If it worked, then the recorded video segment gets a special mark – in further, the system will not overwrite it, unless this the user will want. And the DVR can write sound, what is the built-in microphone used for. If this happens desire, you can turn it off.

Navitel R600 – this is the case when the buyer does not receive no frills. The manufacturer of this device is known for its navigation system, but there is neither her nor a GPS chip. Also This instance does not have support for connecting a second camera. Yes and instantly display a picture on some monitor is also not it will turn out, since the HDMI interface is simply missing here.

Unfortunately, defective copies of this models. They have to be reloaded periodically during the trip. If you find that the picture on the screen is frozen, then this is exactly that case. This DVR must be returned immediately to store after receiving a replacement or refund.


  • Good video quality;
  • Wide viewing angle;
  • There is a shock sensor;
  • It is supplemented with its own battery;
  • There is a microphone;
  • Very capacious memory cards are supported;
  • There is image stabilization.


  • Defective copies exist;
  • There is no motion detector;
  • The mount is practically not adjustable;
  • Very simple display.

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02

Rating: 4.5

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02

I could not help but enter the market of budget DVRs and Xiaomi company. In its assortment there are very advanced models, but they cost tangible money. As for the trapped in our selection of an instance, then for it they ask 4-5 thousand rubles, in depending on the selected online store. It is clear that such the model could not but get a number of limitations. For example, not all arrange a viewing angle of 140 degrees. But the device writes video at a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels, doing this with 30 frames per second. Increased clarity allows you to see everything license plates, not even close cars!

In terms of its design, the DVR does not offer nothing unusual for the user. Under the lens here hiding a 5-megapixel CMOS-matrix, the diagonal of which is 1 / 2.8 inches. You can rate the shot by a small the display. Its resolution is 320×240 pixels. In this regard, it can be compare with screens embedded in late button smartphones Nokia From them, the device received a Wi-Fi module, thanks to which the device can be connected wirelessly.

This model got at its disposal not only a G-sensor, but also a motion detector in the frame. A nice bonus is microphone. Those who like to write conversations with the passenger. It’s a pity that there’s no way to connect the second camera, which would take what is happening in the cabin.

Xiaomi turned out to have a good video recorder. However, it is impossible recognize that in terms of functionality, it is inferior to some competitors. For example, a device cannot determine the current speed, because there simply is no GPS chip. And the device is not offers a special choice of duration of recorded videos. I am glad that at least the possibility of continuing shooting after a trip nutrition has not gone anywhere. Moreover, this budget the DVR is able to work without voltage in the on-board network quite a long time. This is due to the fact that it is built in 500 mAh battery. Measurements show that with full charge can count on 40-50 minutes of video!

The picture is saved to the memory card. Maximum product 64 gigabyte instances are supported. At the moment of this quite enough, since more capacious memory cards are beyond money.


  • Very high resolution video;
  • There is a shock sensor and motion detector;
  • Built-in capacious battery;
  • Have a microphone;
  • Easy to rotate 180 degrees;
  • There is Wi-Fi.


  • The viewing angle cannot be called maximum;
  • Not very wide functionality and regular “glitches”;
  • GPS module sold separately;
  • You cannot change the length of recorded videos.

Yi Smart Dash Camera

Rating: 4.4

Yi Smart Dash Camera

An excellent budget device from the manufacturer of action cameras. Here the lens used is simpler, but with a much wider viewing angle. If measured diagonally, you get as much as 165 degrees! Wherein the manufacturer claims that he built in glass, not plastic lenses. As for the matrix, its size is 1 / 2.7 inches, and the resolution is 3 megapixels. Modestly, but this is enough for in order to write a very high-quality picture in 1080p resolution. Well, a powerful processor provided a frequency of 60 frames / s. It is impossible to say that it is very important, but always watch a smooth video more pleasant than recorded at a lower frequency.

Like many other DVRs, Yi Smart Dash Camera has a built-in microphone. Also, the device received 2.7 inch display. Huge by the standards of some competitors! The picture on it is displayed in a resolution of 960×240 pixels. And also the product received a battery with a capacity of 240 mAh. A little, but for a couple of minutes of video shooting after turning off the power in the onboard network is enough.

Interestingly, in the device settings there is an increased video resolution. Activating this item is not recommended. The thing is that it is not natural 2304×1296 pixels. It’s simple interpolation – banal stretching of the video. When choosing this parameter also reduces the frame rate, which is absolutely nowhere good for.

The material here is written to a memory card up to 64 GB. If a insert such a drive, then it will store up to ten hours of movie shooting! Card formatting will not be required, so how the product supports loop recording. Not yet note the presence of a Wi-Fi module here.


  • Increased frame rate;
  • Have a microphone;
  • Wi-Fi available;
  • There is a battery;
  • Decent viewing angle;
  • Large enough screen;
  • Capacious memory cards are supported.


  • Missing GPS and some other useful little things;
  • Not the best sharpness;
  • There is no Russian language.

Artway AV-600

Rating: 4.3


This review has already talked about the DVR built into rearview mirror. Well, it’s the turn of another such devices. It displays the picture already on the right side of the mirror, and not in the middle. Diagonal image size is 4.3 inches – not bad, like in early smartphones based on Android

Unlike most other inexpensive DVRs, This one comes with an extra camera. She is waterproof, so it can be placed anywhere on the trunk. It remains only to think about how to hide from view the wire. As for the main camera, it has a viewing angle 120 degrees. A modest result, one of the worst in our selection. But the picture is not distorted at all, which positively affects on the clarity of license plates. The image here is captured when using a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor. Her permission is only 1.3 megapixels, but even this is enough to write Full HD. The processor here is also not the most powerful, so the frame rate is only 30 FPS. Someone will be pleased that the video can contain a soundtrack, because there is a microphone here. And also The device received a motion detector and a G-sensor.

As for the functionality, it can be called standard. The user has the ability to change the duration of written videos – maximum 5 minutes available. Also here write the event to a separate file that will not be erased when loop shooting. You can also note the presence of a battery. His capacity is 220 mAh. This allows the device not to stop filming if the voltage in the on-board network has disappeared. But of course, do not rely on battery life for more one and a half minutes.

Someone will be saddened by the fact that this model does not support cards more than 32 GB of memory. However, it must be recognized that buyers of budget dvrs almost never acquire more capacious drives. Absence here The HDMI interface also does not bother, with such a display it is not needed. AND GPS wouldn’t hurt.


  • You can connect a second camera;
  • The picture is shifted to the right side of the mirror;
  • Have a microphone;
  • There is a motion detector and a G-sensor;
  • Battery operation possible.


  • Not very wide viewing angle;
  • The quality of shooting is far from ideal;
  • The buttons are shaking, which is heard on the video;
  • It is practically impossible to make out anything at night;
  • Bad secondary camera.


Rating: 4.2


This budget DVR seems to someone completely tiny. However, even on it there was a place for an LCD display. His the diagonal is only 1.5 inches, but this is enough for menu travel. Well, to view the resulting video in all the details, you have to transfer it to a computer. It’s possible make using a USB cable, or by removing the memory card. By the way, it supports as much as a 128-gigabyte drive capable of accommodate a day of video shooting!

It uses a suction mount, remove the DVR You can literally in a few seconds. However, there is a box with device and more reliable fastening – it is fixed with double-sided tape. Even in the composition of the device came wide-angle lens. More specifically, its viewing angle is 145 degrees. Not ideal, but fewer image distortions allows you to clearly see license plate numbers at a greater distance, this cannot be denied. The lenses of this lens are made of glass, so it is unlikely that during the operation of the DVR you you can scratch them.

The picture here is written using a CMOS matrix. Her size is 1 / 2.9 inches, which also can not be called prohibitive result. You can also use a microphone to write more what is happening in the cabin. However, many people turn it off, trying to most reduce the weight of the video.

This model is able to write video in Full HD resolution. Does it is at a frequency of 30 frames / s. In a word, there were no surprises. Behind it can only be accepted image stabilization, which on our roads are not superfluous. Movie start may occur in automatic mode – the G-sensor is responsible for this. There is also a GPS chip in this device, thanks to which in the video recording contains not only the date and time, but also the speed.

CARCAM R2 supports cyclic video recording. it means that when the memory card is full, it will be overwritten the oldest video. The duration of this can be chosen – among options are available 1, 3 and 5 minutes. Of course, some event can be written to a separate file. Also here the ability to protect a particular video from being dubbed. it useful in cases where you shot an accident or some interesting point.

Many modern budget DVRs get in their disposal of your own battery. It allows you to continue filming even after the onboard network turned out to be de-energized. CARCAM R2 is no exception to the rule. Manufacturer even assures that the duration of shooting when running on battery power will be 15 minutes. In practice, it’s hardly worth waiting for such digits.


  • Two different mounts included;
  • There is Wi-Fi;
  • Capacious memory cards are supported;
  • Battery operation possible;
  • Good video quality;
  • Have a microphone;
  • Built-in GPS chip;
  • There is a shock sensor.


  • A very tiny display;
  • The viewing angle is not ideal;
  • There is no motion detector;
  • Both mounts are quite flimsy.

Dunobil spiegel solo

Rating: 4.1


Another budget DVR, combining at the same time the function rear view mirrors. The display is located on the right side. device, its diagonal is 4.3 inches. Only confuses image resolution, 480×272 pixels – this is not the parameter that Allows you to see the video in all details.

Most often, similar DVRs allow you to connect optional camera included. Here is this opportunity is absent. Well, right, because most often this camera is as mediocre as possible. In this case, you will only see what gets into the field of view of the built-in lens. Vision angle here it is 120 degrees, so you will not see too much. This is a definite minus of the device, which will have to put up with. After the lens, the light enters the CMOS sensor, the resolution of which is 1.3 megapixels.

The result of the work of the DVR is the material recorded in 1080p and at 30 frames / s. Picture may be accompanied by sound. But many owners of Dunobil Spiegel Solo immediately turn off the built-in microphone, as in the recording what is happening in the cabin usually makes no sense.

It is impossible not to note the presence of a shock sensor in this device. You can also rely on a motion detector in the frame, sometimes it It is very useful. Video recording may occur cyclically method. As for the duration of the videos, it can be 1, 3 and 5 minutes. Also available in the settings record without breaks. However, it is difficult to imagine to whom exactly she can would need.

This dvr mirror does not have its own memory. Therefore, when buying a Dunobil Spiegel Solo, you should also acquire microSD card. Maximum firmware installed here defines a 32 gigabyte drive. Device power provides on-board network of the machine. But work is possible from own battery, whose capacity is 250 mAh. how in the case of other cheap DVRs, usually a battery It activates after the driver drowned out his car – just in case, the device will continue to shoot for a few more minutes.


  • Combines a rearview mirror and a DVR;
  • There is a motion detector and a G-sensor;
  • There is a microphone;
  • A sufficiently long battery life is possible;
  • Convenient mount;
  • Easy setup.


  • Low resolution display;
  • Modest viewing angle;
  • There are no Wi-Fi and GPS;
  • Poor quality shooting at night.

Rating: 4.0

Navitel R200

This rather small DVR got into its simple but convenient suction mount. Device itself capable of boasting a two-inch display, the resolution of which is 320×240 pixels. It brings us back to the times push-button smartphones Nokia and some other companies. It was convenient to use them, no problems would arise with Navitel R200.

To control the device using the buttons located right below the screen. If you go into the settings, then you will be provided Choose which duration each video should have. You can also activate loop recording here to permanently forget about the need to format the memory card. Recommended configure and exactly how the device will act in case of loss power supply in the car’s on-board network The fact is that this model endowed with its battery, which allows her to shoot video more a few minutes after you shut off the car.

This DVR looks at the world with a good a lens whose lenses are made of glass. Viewing angle is 140 degrees, in most cases this is quite enough. Fixing frames is carried out through the usual already CMOS matrices. Full HD resolution should also suit almost everyone. But the frequency of 30 frames / s is a compromise, with who will have to come to terms. However, not everyone uses DVR in order to shoot interesting moments for uploading them to YouTube And only in this case increased frame rate may be useful.

Material is written to a memory card up to 64 GB. If a some important event happened, then the video with it can be protected from overwrite. Auto start shooting is also available here. DVR it can be guided by the readings of the shock sensor or motion detector. A video may contain an audio track, since there is a microphone here. The speaker is not forgotten, so the result You can not only watch, but also listen.

The rest is a typical budget DVR that does not have there is nothing superfluous in itself. The manufacturer did not introduce into it either GPS chip, no radar detector, or anything else. And do not forget in every way check the device after buying it! Product is on sale. not the first year, so you can stumble upon a copy with a shrunken in zero battery. Also, some buyers complain about the wrong focusing the lens when the dash is sharp, not vehicles in front (in such instances one of the lenses).


  • There is a motion detector and shock sensor;
  • There is a microphone;
  • Low cost;
  • Wide viewing angle;
  • Battery operation possible;
  • Supported memory card up to 64 GB.


  • Some instances have problems with optics;
  • Autonomous work is very short;
  • No wifi;
  • Mediocre shooting at night;
  • Fragile mount;
  • Does not work with powerful 2A charging.

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Midrive D01

Rating: 4.0


In the assortment of Xiaomi, there are a variety of devices. Including you can find it in stores DVRs. This model is the most simplified, due to with which it is extremely rarely sold for more than 2 thousand rubles. The main difference from the older model, which also fell into our selection, lies in the inability to rotate the unit with the lens. it means that you will only shoot what is happening behind the frontal glass, the interior will remain behind the scenes.

Despite the low cost, the product received a Wi-Fi module. is he allows you to connect to the DVR using all sorts of settings own smartphone. And only in this way You can watch the shot video. There is no display on the device itself not. At all! This will seem to someone a serious flaw. We are note that the lack of a screen allows the DVR to not distract the driver.

Xiaomi has built a good lens into its creation. Angle its diagonal view is 130 degrees. Somewhere inside the device hides a CMOS matrix, the size of which does not exceed 1 / 2.9 inches. Its two megapixel resolution is enough to to write Full HD videos. On high detail, however, hope is not worth it. But for good reason this budget The DVR closes our rating, but does not open it.

This model has a G-sensor but no detector motion in the frame. Against this background, one would not be surprised the lack of a microphone. But he is still here. However, the quality spelling sound – it’s better to turn off the microphone. Also in The composition of the DVR includes a slot for a memory card. Would it’s strange to see a device without it, because its own memory is here not. Drives with a maximum capacity of 64 GB are supported. Hardly at least someone plans to insert even more into the DVR roomy card.

Like the older model, the Midrive D01 has its own battery. Not very capacious, therefore, without power in the on-board network the car dvr will last only two to three minutes, hardly whether longer.

If you read our review from the very first line, then already Guessed about the main drawback of this model. She writes a video strictly for one minute. Choose a different video duration impossible. However, if you are not going to use this device for shooting interesting video to put it on YouTube, you don’t even notice this flaw in the firmware.


  • There is Wi-Fi;
  • Good video quality;
  • Capacious memory cards are supported;
  • There is a battery;
  • The microphone is not forgotten;
  • There is a shock sensor;
  • Not a very high cost.


  • No screen;
  • The duration of the videos is only 1 minute;
  • There is no motion detector;
  • Russian language appears only after flashing.


This is the list of the best DVRs among those that sold at a low price. Installation of any of the above models will find out who is to blame, if something happened crash. And similar devices allow you to fix the curious moments that may be of interest to those who love to watch YouTube.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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