10 best tire pressure sensors from AliExpress

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The behavior of the car on the road and, accordingly, the safety of the driver, passengers and pedestrians directly depends on the condition of the tires – this is obvious. And this condition is determined by many indicators, including the air pressure and its balance between all wheels. To monitor the level of pressure in tires, you can use both hand-held meters and special sensors that are installed on each wheel.

The advantage of automatic sensors is obvious – tire pressure monitoring is carried out in real time, with a number of additional features and functions. On the other hand, hand-held gauges are often extremely inexpensive, plus many motorists do not install 'automatic machines' out of banal fear of being twisted by intruders.

The editors offer you a special rating of the best tire pressure sensors that you can buy on Aliexpress, being confident in their quality and reliability. All other things being equal, sensors from Aliexpress are much cheaper than analogues from well-known brands – this is their main advantage. In any case, our experts have grouped the selected models by price categories for your convenience.

Rating of the best tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best budget tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress 1 LEEPEE 10175 RUB 137
2 AutoLover Sport Gauge 272 r
3 Vexverm Alarm Systems 105 RUB
The best tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress in terms of price, quality and functionality 1 Zeepin Android USB Smart Car TPMS RUB 1 956
2 Jansite TY02S RUB 1,345
3 VISTURE T01C RUB 1,648
4 Cheshitong TY05 / 06 1 226 RUB
5 Deelife M3 RUB 1,545
The best specialized tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress 1 CAREUD M3 Motorcycle TPMS 2 420 RUB
2 CAREUD U901 RUB 2,945

Best budget tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress

And the first group of tire pressure sensors from Aliexpress are the most inexpensive, but reliable and efficient models. This included two hand held testers and one set of simple mechanical type automatic probes. Their functionality is extremely minimalistic – they show exactly what the pressure is, and are not enriched with any serious additional functions. But their cost is the most affordable in the entire world market in general.

LEEPEE 10175

Rating: 4.9

LEEPEE 10175

The first number in this nomination is an elementary, simple, compact and cheap device for measuring tire pressure of the Chinese brand LEEPEE. This is a hand-held electronic pressure gauge the size of a keychain, and it is made, in fact, in this form factor – with a chain and a ring for attaching to keys.

The plastic of the device's case is covered with a pleasant-to-touch 'soft-touch', however, if it is carelessly stored in the glove compartment along with keys and other items, it is unlikely to retain its qualities for a long time. But the plastic of the case itself is not bad, the device is assembled firmly, it lies comfortably in the hand and at the same time weighs almost nothing.

The functionality of the manometer is expectedly minimalistic – on the body there is only a power button and a b / w liquid crystal screen. True, the sensor is able to measure the tire pressure in different quantities – psi. inch, bar, kPa, kg / cm. sq.

According to numerous user reviews, the sensor measures pressure surprisingly accurately, as for such a 'frivolous' form factor. In most cases, the error does not exceed + -0.2 bar. In any case, one must understand that this is not at all a professional tool, but only an auxiliary one. But it is more than enough for prompt equalization of pressure 'in the field' and periodic prevention.

We recommend buying the device in the official LEEPEE SA-Online Store. There you can also read hundreds of customer reviews from around the world. The parcel arrives directly in the mailbox – the dimensions allow it, and the seller uses this opportunity. A nice bonus – the battery is already included in the kit.


  • weighs almost nothing;
  • minimum size and form factor of the keychain;
  • pleasant soft-touch cover of the case;
  • more than sufficient accuracy, both for this format and price;
  • different units of measurement;
  • comes straight to the mailbox.


  • there are no significant drawbacks for this form factor and price.

AutoLover Sport Gauge

Rating: 4.8

Auto Lover Sport Gauge

Further in the 'budget' selection of the rating of the best tire pressure sensors from Aliexpress, there is also a manual pressure gauge, but a little more expensive and 'more serious' than the previous model. This is a Chinese brand device with a somewhat funny name AutoLover.

This device is larger than the previous one – 11×4.5 cm, weighs 50 g, and is made in a convenient form factor with an ergonomic grip. The body is made of non-slip material. Color – yellow-black. On the case there is a red power button (at the bottom end) and on the side – a 21x10mm liquid crystal screen with a pleasant blue backlight. The hole through which the sensor connects to the tire valve is angled to the handle so that minimal physical effort is required to take the measurement. The hole itself contains LED lighting, so that even in the dark, you can quickly check the tire pressure without having to hold a flashlight in the other hand.

The sensor is capable of measuring pressure in the range of 0 to 700 kPa (or 0-100 psi or 0-0.7 bar or 0-0.7 kg / cm2). As already clear, the device can show pressure values ​​in these listed units.

It is extremely simple to use the device: press it with force against the tire valve to stabilize the performance; take off quickly; count indicators. The sensor will turn off automatically after 20 or 60 seconds. To turn it on, you need to keep the red button pressed for more than 3 seconds. This pause is provided to prevent accidental switching on and, accordingly, an unexpected discharge of the batteries.

As for the batteries – in this case, 3V LR44 'pills' are used, with which the tire pressure sensor is already equipped. The only thing is that to replace them you need to unscrew and disassemble the case, which is inconvenient. However, according to user reviews, it is extremely rare to do this with moderate use.

The most popular store with the most sales of this model on Aliexpress is Car Future Store. Most buyers note his well-coordinated work and responsiveness of employees.


  • ergonomic shape;
  • anti-slip material of the body;
  • illumination of the valve hole;
  • sufficient accuracy of readings;
  • batteries included.


  • inconvenient to change batteries.

Vexverm Alarm Systems

Rating: 4.7

Vexverm Alarm Systems

And the third number in the selection of the rating of the best budget tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress according to the version, we will consider a different solution – these are the sensors in their pure form, which are installed on the valves of all wheels and are operated on an ongoing basis. This is the simplest solution of this kind on Aliexpress, and among the three inexpensive positions it is the cheapest.

The kit includes four sensor caps that connect to the tire valves of each wheel of the vehicle. Each such sensor is 10mm wide and 23mm long, made of stainless steel (connecting piece) and durable transparent ABS plastic on the indicator side.

The function of these simple mechanical devices is elementary – the pressure level in the tire is displayed with color indication. Green indicates normal pressure; yellow – about lowered, but acceptable; red means a dangerous drop in pressure and an urgent need to take action. In specific values: green signal means that the tire pressure is not lower than 2.5 bar, yellow – 2.4-2.2 bar, red – less than 2.2 bar.

It is necessary to tighten the sensors on the valves tightly, otherwise air from the tires may slowly but surely bleed off.

Experts recommend ordering this kit in the official Vexverm Official Store on Aliexpress, where 1,500 customers from different countries have already left their reviews. Package size: 10x10x5cm, weight – 0.04kg. The blister pack is sturdy and reliable.


  • the most affordable price;
  • sturdy construction;
  • clarity of indications.


  • limited information content.

The best tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress in terms of price, quality and functionality

In the second part of the rating, we will consider a selection of four models of tire pressure sensors from Aliexpress, which our experts considered optimal for reasons of functionality, quality and cost. These are mid-range systems that are very popular on Aliexpress and have the highest user feedback.

Zeepin Android USB Smart Car TPMS

Rating: 4.9

eepin Android USB Smart Car TPMS

In the first issue, we present an effective and high-quality solution in the middle price category for Aliexpress. This is a set of internal tire pressure sensors with the function of transferring data to an on-board gadget under OS control Android.

Hereinafter, when it comes to internal tire pressure sensors, we mean the following. This type of sensor is fixed on the inside in place of the wheel valve. To install it, you need to perform a sequence of operations: disassemble the wheel, remove the standard valve, install a sensor in its place. Then, in the reverse order, mount the tire and balance. After that, you can proceed to the final setup of the system – communication with the receiver, synchronization with the monitor, etc. Each such sensor is marked accordingly for its correct installation – on the left front wheel, on the right front wheel, etc.

Each sensor is made of two components – silumin (an aluminum-silicon alloy) and high-strength plastic. The length of each is 75mm. Width – 57mm including the sensor itself, enclosed in a plastic case. Each sensor contains a 3V lithium coin cell CR2050 with a capacity of 330mAh, due to which the sensor communicates with the receiver, sending data on the pressure in a specific tire.

The measuring range of the tire pressure sensors of this model is from 0 to 8 bar. In addition to directly pressure, they also measure temperature. The data is sent to the receiver in the car, which, in turn, is connected via the USB port to any on-board device with a full screen and an operating system Android – this can be a modern car radio, a multifunctional GPS navigator or, if it is convenient, tablet.

For the system to work, a special application must be installed on the monitoring device. All necessary software is contained on the included USB stick. The software, receiving information from the sensors, will inform about the condition of the wheels with convenient visualization and give an emergency signal in case of a critical decrease / increase in tire pressure or temperature changes that are not expected by operational characteristics.

The editors recommend ordering the Zeepin Android USB Smart Car TPMS tire pressure sensor system in the E-car store on Aliexpress. This seller has established itself better than all others, as evidenced by a high rating and hundreds of positive reviews.


  • error-free and trouble-free integration of sensors with software;
  • accuracy of readings;
  • Software in English and Russian;
  • availability of a mandatory PRC certificate of external testing;
  • high-quality packaging.


  • some users are dissatisfied with silumin instead of stainless steel.

Jansite TY02S

Rating: 4.8

Jansite TY02S

The second number in this selection of the rating of the best tire pressure sensors from Aliexpress according to the version, we will consider another interesting solution from the Chinese brand Jansite.

This lot on Aliexpress in the official Jansite Tech Store implies two configuration options – based on internal or external tire pressure sensors.

Hereinafter, when it comes to external tire pressure sensors, the following is implied. Such sensors have the form factor of a cap with a pressure sensor and a battery inside. The cap is screwed directly onto the OEM wheel valve from the outside. It is obvious that the advantage of such a device is its ease of installation, which is not comparable to the complexity of installing an internal sensor. Also, other things being equal, external tire pressure sensors are cheaper than internal ones. However, there are also disadvantages: if screwing is not tight enough, it can bleed air from the tire; on average gives a larger error than the internal sensor; defenselessness against intruders even with special protective equipment.

Internal sensor dimensions: width – 53mm, height – 78mm. External sensor dimensions: width – 21mm, height – 17mm. The nominal battery life of the internal sensor is 5 years, the external one is 2 years. Batteries are replaceable, so in those extremely rare cases when a 'dead' or completely inoperative battery comes across in the package, it can be replaced before installing the sensors.

Unlike the previous model, where it was necessary to connect to an existing on-board monitor, here the monitoring module is included in the delivery set. He also serves as a receiver. At the same time, it is necessary to emphasize its advantage – it is installed on the windshield, and a solar battery module is placed in the rear part. Accordingly, it does not need a wired power supply, which is a big plus. The module is equipped with a multi-color LCD screen that displays the tire pressure sensor readings in real time. Module width – 85mm. For insurance, the module can be charged via the USB port, in case you are planning a long journey at night.

The entire system is 'smart' and is automatically activated when the engine is started in response to vibration.


  • accuracy of measurements;
  • selection of external or internal sensors for the complete set;
  • monitor included;
  • solar-powered monitor;
  • long battery life in sensors;
  • delivery from warehouses in the Russian Federation is possible.


  • no pronounced shortcomings have been identified.


Rating: 4.7


The rating is continued by another super popular and recognized on Aliexpress system of tire pressure sensors of the VISTURE trademark. This is almost a complete analogue of the above model, with minimal differences, but at a lower price.

There are also two configuration options here – a version based on internal sensors and based on external ones. The differences between the sensors of these neighboring models are extremely insignificant – literally only in their form. The service life of the batteries is also completely similar – 2 years in external pressure sensors and 5 years in internal ones.

The receiver-monitor is exactly the same as in the previous case, only slightly different sizes – 9.5x8x2.7cm. It is capable of operating from a solar battery, as well as from a built-in 400mAh lithium-ion capacity. Full charge time is about 1 hour. The characteristics of the screen are the same as the model above.

Experts recommend ordering this model from the official Visture AutoHome Store.


  • all the advantages of the above model, except for delivery from the Russian Federation;
  • European certificate of conformity.


  • no pronounced shortcomings have been identified.

Cheshitong TY05 / 06

Rating: 4.6

Cheshitong TY05

The next position in this selection of the ranking of the best mid-price tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress is the high-precision system of the Cheshitong brand. There is no monitor included in the package, and against the background of the two previous models it seems like a step backward. However, this model is distinguished by high accuracy, on average higher quality, a significantly lower percentage of defects and almost complete absence of problems when integrating a monitoring device into the operating system. That is why on Aliexpress these tire pressure sensors have earned a kind of user sympathy prize in the form of a record high rating of hundreds of buyers.

This lot on Aliexpress (in the recommended Shop2659128 Store) implies two configuration options – based on external or internal sensors. The dimensions of the internal sensor are 59x78mm, the external one is 21x17mm. The external sensor is supplemented with a special washer, which makes it very difficult or impossible for intruders to screw the sensors together.

In addition to the sensors, the kit includes a receiver with a USB interface, a flash drive with OS software Android and a tool for screwing external pressure sensors in the corresponding kit.

The estimated battery life in the internal pressure sensor is 36-60 months, depending on the intensity of vehicle use. In the external – 24-36 months.

Parcel dimensions – 19x13x5cm, weight – 0.2kg.


  • high accuracy;
  • the minimum number of cases of factory defects;
  • reliability;
  • protection against unauthorized screwing of external sensors;
  • high-quality, reliable packaging;
  • the maximum user rating on Aliexpress.


  • no significant drawbacks were noted.

Deelife M3

Rating: 4.5

Deelife M2

The nomination of the rating of optimal in terms of price, quality and functionality of tire pressure sensors from Aliexpress is completed by the most expensive model in this selection, but at the same time its capabilities are significantly expanded in comparison with all the solutions described above.

In terms of functionality and configuration, this system is similar to the two described above with the monitors included in the kit. The equipment options are based on the type of pressure sensors – internal or external. The measuring range in both types is from 0 to 9.9 bar. This makes them applicable not only to passenger cars, but also to SUVs and small trucks. Internal sensors are made of stainless steel on the valve side and a high strength polyamide / glass fiber blend on the sensor side. The same materials are used in external sensors. The dimensions of the internal sensor are 37x80mm, the external one is 23x17mm. Both types are characterized by increased strength, resistance to temperature extremes, and a moisture resistance class of IPX7.

The sensors are equipped with replaceable batteries: internal – Hitachi CR2032 with a service life of 3-5 years; external – Hitachi CR1632 with a service life of 2-3 years.

A standalone monitor receiver is included in the package. The size of the monochrome screen with an orange background is 5.8×2.3cm. Equipped with two power sources – a solar battery and a built-in 800mAh battery. The system turns on automatically when the car engine is started.

Experts recommend ordering the described system at the Deelife Automobiles & Motorcycles Store, the most recognized by buyers on Aliexpress.


  • extended range of pressure measurement;
  • increased reliability, stability and stability;
  • protection of external sensors from unauthorized make-up;
  • increased water resistance and protection from dirt;
  • European certificate of conformity.


  • higher measurement error on average compared to other models of the same class.

The best specialized tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress

The third nomination for the rating of the best tire pressure sensors with Aliexpress is dedicated to more highly specialized solutions than all the previous ones. Here we will look at just two tire pressure sensor systems – for motorcycles and trucks. Both systems are of the CAREUD brand.

CAREUD M3 Motorcycle TPMS

Rating: 4.9

careud m3 motorcycle tpms

Motorcycles often require even more careful tire pressure monitoring than cars because of the inherently increased risk to the driver. CAREUD offers a customized solution – a pressure monitoring system tailored specifically to motorcycles.

For some unknown reason, at the moment the official store on Aliexpress CAREUD Official Store has only limited kits in the catalog, which include only external sensors, a monitor and accessories. If such a solution is enough for you, then it makes sense to buy from this store. But if you still need internal sensors, experts recommend contacting another reputable store – Car Interior Accessoreis Online Store, where you can choose both external and internal tire pressure sensors in the kit of the same CAREUD M3 Motorcycle TPMS system.

The display-receiver is equipped with a 48x48mm LCD screen with quite nice zoning of indicators and color graphic elements. The monitor is powered by a built-in 850 mAh battery. The package also includes a screwdriver for external sensors and a USB cable for charging the monitor.

Everything is fine with this motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system except for the price. It is twice as high as that of most of the above automotive systems. This is partly due to the almost complete absence of worthy competitors, and those that exist are no better and in no way cheaper.


  • sufficient measurement accuracy;
  • convenient monitor mount;
  • charging the monitor from USB;
  • durable ABS-plastic sensors on the sensor side;
  • European certificate of conformity.


  • relatively high price.


Rating: 4.8


And the rating of the best tire pressure sensors from Aliexpress, according to the version, is the most expensive system in the entire review, but its price is fully justified. This is CAREUD U901 track tire pressure monitoring system, which is designed for trucks with their dimensions (important for signal transmission), standard tire pressure and the number of wheels.

The system kit includes six typical external sensors for installation on the corresponding parts of the chassis, an external monitor, a monitor mount, a signal repeater (repeater), an antenna, a cigarette lighter charger, six nuts, a screw wrench, an installation manual, an operation manual.

The dimensions of the monitor are 86x57x26mm. The universal mount allows you to securely place it on the dashboard or windshield. The monitor screen schematically depicts the 'silhouette' of a truck with visual infographics – the pressure in front of each section of the chassis and the temperature are shown. In addition to displaying accurate values, the monitor emits a warning sound signal when critical values ​​are detected in any of the tires.

The sensors themselves are made in the most common form factor of small caps, but the sensors in them are of a wider range, based on other tire characteristics. The measuring range is 0 to 15 bar. The sensors are equipped with devices that protect against unscrewing by intruders. Tire pressure data is transmitted to the monitor every 3 seconds.


  • ease of installation;
  • accuracy;
  • reliability;
  • equipment.


  • high price.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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