10 best sports apps

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

A smartphone can replace many things with a modern person. goods and services. For example, using special applications is much easier to keep fit, monitor your health and nutrition

Rating of the best applications for sports

Nomination a place application Rating
2 Nike + Training Club 4.9
3 8fit 4.8
4 Freeletics 4.7
5 7-Minute Workout 4.6
6 Sworkit fitness 4.5
7 Workout trainer 4.4
8 Gymup 4.3
9 Myfitnesspal 4.2
10 Runtastic 4.1

eat. The editors offer you an overview of the most interesting, useful, convenient and popular in 2020 applications for sports and related goals.

Fitbit coach

Rating: 5.0

Fitbit Coach

Well-known American manufacturer of wearable electronics for fitness makes sure that branded gadgets are equipped proprietary software. Fitbit Coach application – a kind of extension features of the original Fitbit Ace fitness bracelet, but it may well be used as a self-contained product. Basic functionality free, then subscription at current rates.

This is a comprehensive application that allows you to approach questions. physical form, psychological state and health as much as possible consciously. Fitbit Coach allows individually to develop a lesson plan to achieve the goal, calculate the optimal diet for this, if necessary Connect individual consultations of specialists.

The application is convenient to use in audio or video training. The base contains a large set of thematic videos with explanations and practice exercises. They are all logical and clearly sorted into categories, so find the right tricks for certain muscle groups is not difficult.

When you start working with Fitbit, it is proposed to introduce the main human parameters – weight, height, age, etc. Almost immediately The application will offer tariff plans. Free mode includes basic functionality, which is generally sufficient for familiarization, but for real work on yourself with tangible results you need still there will be a subscription.

The most ambitious program updates gave Fitbit an important addition – an intelligent dynamic content system Fitstar. The bottom line is, as the app progresses adapts, studies dynamics and develops its own recommendations for further training.

In the official program manuals, the manufacturer is explicit hints at the acquisition of a Fitbit Ace fitness bracelet that significantly expand the capabilities of the application. This is actually the case the bracelet will really significantly increase the accuracy of the algorithms applications in the diagnosis and development of recommendations.

A separate area of ​​Fitbit Coach application – participation in online classes with professional trainers. There is a significant difference from videos with the same activities – direct contact with the trainer in real time.


  • a lot of training materials;
  • intelligent recommendation algorithms;
  • Fitstar dynamic responsive content
  • visual and accessible lessons;
  • the opportunity to participate in live training;
  • personal activity tracker.


  • pretty much dependent on performance in terms of Fitbit Fitness Bracelet.

Nike + Training Club

Rating: 4.9

Nike + Training Club

The program, in the name of which appears absolutely familiar to each sports brand – Nike. Really it is the product is Nike, and several hundred available programs training sessions are made according to the recommendations of the company’s specialists, trainers, professional athletes.

The main advantage of NTC is a combination of professional level material with available feed. For most exercises, not even no special sports equipment needed, so You can do it both at home and outdoors.

The principle of the program is as follows. At the very beginning of the program collects data about a person, and based on the physical profile can already form the first recommendations with a selection sets of exercises of different durations – 15, 30 and 45 minutes. IN When choosing workouts, you can determine the direction – exercises on strength, endurance or the development of stretch marks and mobility. Available subtypes of complexes – short mini-workouts, classes without equipment, posture exercises and more. Almost every one of of the proposed options lends itself to further customization – time exercises, intensity, and more.

The high technical level of application development is visible immediately, at the first minutes of getting to know the program. The design is stylish, light, pleasant to the eye. Convenient and clear menu high-quality photo and video content and clearance.

Creative praise for content deserves special praise. So, here Nike tried to make every topic, every section alive and dynamic. This was manifested even in the names of the complexes exercises and individual exercises.

The application is attentive to the well-being of the user and periodically recalls the need to fix the state – fatigue, muscle reactions and the like. Sorry, Nike + Training Club cannot read data from fitness trackers and master them in any way, so you need to enter data manually. For at least some kind of process automation program Allows synchronization with services such as Nike + Running or Apple Health App.

In addition to the training selected by the user, in the application one can define a strictly individual program in general. And so here the application will try to adjust to the current results while creating a reasonable schedule and supplying user additional motivational content.


  • stylish interface design;
  • convenient search;
  • recommendations and content from professional athletes;
  • creative approaches;
  • flexible settings for training modes;
  • high motivational component;
  • aesthetic accompaniment.


  • Does not monitor the nutrition and condition of the body.


Rating: 4.8


Now consider the program that developers are positioning as a mobile trainer. Our experts along the way recognized that 8fit is not only a personal mobile trainer, but also a nutritionist – barely paid to proper nutrition in the application maybe not as much attention as training itself. TO Unfortunately, 8fit is not translated into Russian.

The advantage of the program is that it minimizes the need for special place and equipment for effective work on yourself. IN descriptions emphasize that using 8fit you can work out get in good shape and tidy up the figure, doing at least in the house, even in a hotel, even on the street.

The application is based on a special technique, which focuses on a soft, but forced lifestyle change, developing new habits. That is why such an emphasis is placed on nutrition. And here, unlike many others fitness apps, weight loss programs and sports are formed individually taking into account the features everyone’s body.

A step-by-step personalized guide is the main comprehensive 8fit tool. It includes: initial fitness test, defining a baseline; developed training plans; individual nutrition plan, taking into account the diet that can already comply with the client; detailed step-by-step recipes of recommended dishes; Automatic shopping lists.

Peculiar hit of application 8fit – special interval high intensity training – HIIT training. Many times their increased efficiency is proved in comparison with classical cardio workouts. One such activity can be flexibly extended. or compressed in time from 5 to 20 minutes.

All 350 exercises in the application database have also own difficulty levels. The program has a built-in pedometer, able to sync with Google Fit.

The basic functionality of 8fit is free and far from that. limited like Fitbit Coach. For access to special complexes exercises will need a paid version of Pro.


  • accessibility to development;
  • independence of place and equipment;
  • individual programs taking into account the characteristics of the body;
  • significant emphasis on proper nutrition with specific recipes and shopping lists;
  • highly effective exercises of increased intensity;
  • step by step personalized guide.


  • no Russian language.


Rating: 4.7


Another interesting and useful application focused on degrees to common goals – the development of dexterity and strength, endurance, weight loss, body shaping, general body strengthening. It has its own approaches that can for many to be the most effective.

The essence of Freeletics in the selection of individual sets of exercises, which will alternate throughout the training according to the compiled program. Performing exercises does not require special conditions and inaccessible shells. Most exercise original, and they can be performed anywhere, but for the part can need a horizontal bar or its home analogue, even less often – the territory for running.

The “chip” of Freeletics is not so much the exercises themselves, more than that nobody came up with anything new here – programs workouts include fairly mechanically simple exercises, well-known to many who at least once in their life did consciously morning exercises. And the developers themselves are the secret of efficiency service called carefully calibrated system of control and motivation involved.

Freeletics does not believe anyone’s word, and as criteria for monitoring and evaluation takes the time spent on each specific exercise. “Knowing” the features of the exercise and spent time (it can be allowed to vary from 5 to 45 minutes in depending on the preparation of the participant and other points), the program may form an opinion on progress. You can even see your place in world ranking of users of the application.

Interaction with the service begins after registration in system. Next, the engine will request basic data and goals, work out individual program. The database contains hundreds of video tutorials with prompts and timings. The social component is noteworthy. applications – for sports and other achievements to the user relies virtual reward with the prospect of getting on the board honor.

Freeletics lets you train anywhere, anytime with minimal need for special shells and equipment. Time exercises can be flexibly varied from symbolic 5 to 45 minutes to class. Equally effectively develops strength and endurance in both men and women. For beginners The application contains a special lightweight program.


  • individual training programs;
  • convenient interface;
  • high-quality Russian translation;
  • high social component;
  • individual approach;
  • lite program for beginners.


  • does not monitor nutrition;
  • fully paid after a few weeks of use.

7-Minute Workout

Rating: 4.6

7-Minute Workout

Now consider a simple and, as usual, brilliant project, has won tens of millions of fans around the world. Combination simplicity, accessibility, versatility and effectiveness of training on 7-Minute Workout generated great interest and even related genres.

The essence of the 7-Minute Workout application is to allocate to training no more than seven minutes, and anywhere, any time. To perform the exercise, you do not need equipment, the maximum is chair. Workouts themselves are accomplishment. a set of exercises with a pretty decent load. Preservation motivation compensates for a short time throughout the workout, helps psychological comfort.

One of the secrets of the technique is the alternation of intervals of high intensity with rest. The duration of this interval is 30 seconds. with a break of 10 seconds between sets. According to this technique even scientific research was conducted, the results of which published at American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal. It is argued that the effect of training is comparable with a long run or regular workout lasting at least hours.

From a technical point of view in the exercises proposed applications are not unusual. It is familiar to everyone crouching, jumping, running in place, tilting, push-ups, twisting and other things. That is why the program is suitable for so many beginners due to the minimum entry threshold.

7-Minute Workout also gives such a secondary benefit as belonging to a huge multi-million community program users around the world. The good news is that this super popular complex is well translated into Russian. The license, of course, is paid, but not too burdensome.


  • high efficiency in minimum time;
  • suitable for many beginners;
  • flexibility of training conditions;
  • insignificant time for one training;
  • scientific rationale for effectiveness;
  • huge community.


  • the set of training is unique and limited;
  • food is not taken into account.

Sworkit fitness

Rating: 4.5

Sworkit Fitness

Also a fairly simple, convenient and affordable application, focused mainly on overall shape maintenance. The idea is to a large base of video training, from which themed ones are selected individually.

Sworkit Fitness is just like many other apps for playing sports allows you to flexibly adjust the training time. Here this range is from 5 to 60 minutes. Main groups training – strength exercises, cardio, stretching, yoga.

The most developed and well-implemented application function is flexible customization of an individual training program with precise taking into account important features. So, when compiling a program, you can consider even the effect of a sick knee. At the disposal of the user hundreds of different exercises.

Sworkit Fitness is not least based on serious scientific data. So, here the technique of interval training, which was discussed in the review of the previous application. By essentially, the same meaning here, but with a slightly different shape and presentation. This is probably partly due to the fact that Sworkit Fitness is not too it lags behind the legendary 7-Minute Workout in popularity, in any case, the bill is not an order of magnitude.

It is worth mentioning some features of the program. application paid, there is a small trial period. In the program itself and on Video ads are not broadcast. User can set training intervals at your own discretion. Own workouts can be stored in unlimited quantities. For for beginners and the elderly provided lite mode. For operational information assistance, you can use Ask your trainer function.

The program can be accessed from all supported devices, including Apple TV and a proprietary browser application. By As of May 2020, the Sworkit Fitness audience includes over 25 million users.


  • ease of use of the application;
  • simplicity of exercise programs;
  • scientific rationale for effectiveness;
  • interval approach;
  • interval adjustment allowed;
  • You can save your own workouts without restrictions;
  • many levels of difficulty;
  • You can edit your workouts.


  • food is not taken into account.

Workout trainer

Rating: 4.4

Workout Trainer

Another application that has gained worldwide fame and recognition with a huge audience. It is noteworthy that it does not “leave” due to only bright features, but due to fullness material, accessibility, simplicity and overall efficiency.

Before you do anything, the program will offer you register, and in the process will ask important questions, specify Preferred training time, preferred exercise intensity, set goals. Actually, goals may not only be obvious like “lose weight”, but not quite standard, for example, reduce sweating. The program will take into account such subtle nuances.

Based on the data received, the program determines the appropriate training program. Each such program was developed. professional trainers with consultations of related specialists. The training cycle is designed for a duration of 2 to 6 weeks. IN the end of the cycle is expected to achieve the goal.

In Workout Trainer there is no “obligation” regarding programs classes. If formed based on the original biometric the program does not suit the user with something, he is free choose any other. Some programs are even provided free of charge. as part of the trial regime, but there are few such proposals.

Ready-made programs, even by themselves, can be divided into parts – if there is no desire or ability to execute the entire program, you can start to work out only individual training. And they are in such case there will already be a huge amount – everyone will be able to pick one option that is optimal and will be the most effective.

The program has a fun interface for communication. To user It is proposed to choose the profile picture of a specific trainer, and already his voice will hear the trainee and follow the recommendations.

With Russian localization Workout Trainer so far things are not at all, so at least a basic level of English would be very desirable. Even if there is no such preparation, it doesn’t matter either, since exercises are provided with detailed and intelligible illustrations. The duration of one exercise is from 30 to 60 seconds. To the aid goes countdown, accompanied by sound signals.


  • convenient management;
  • informative and intelligible illustrations for those who are poor speaks English;
  • the ability to “split” the program into separate exercises;
  • low entry threshold;
  • effectiveness in achieving sporting goals.


  • English only;
  • does not include nutrition.


Rating: 4.3


Another powerful, flexible, efficient and versatile application for the most conscious work on your physical form. By GYMUP feed format is a training diary. Only behind this commonplace term is a large-scale organizer capable of as a “side effect” significantly improve the quality of life user.

In the program environment, complete freedom of choice in terms of self-development. Dozens of selected sports programs from famous trainers. In order to find the right types of training, suitable your goals, just use a simple and convenient filter. Criteria – place of training, gender, presumptive frequency of classes, the current level of physical fitness and other things.

Based on the data provided, the user is selected a set of trainings that are most suitable for the tasks. Each workout is amenable to manual adjustment with full tuning for yourself. The number of exercises themselves is calculated many hundreds. All of them are competently structured, described, keywords are highlighted. When searching, even exceptional criteria such as muscle group, level desired effort, etc.

The application offers a wide and convenient toolkit for statistics and analysis of the results. In visual form results can be submitted in the form of infographics. Fix the results can be in any convenient form – circular training, trisets, supersets, etc. “Relax” will not give a timer that beeps at the right time to start the exercise. Separate useful feature – all kinds of sports calculators, allow quickly get a general idea of ​​the effect of a particular innovations in training or diet.

GYMUP is very popular in the world, and over the years Development has acquired a large community. Regularly held virtual meetings, discussions of different training programs and individual exercises. Everyone can hear expert opinion from recognized authorities and state your own.

In general, the program produces a positive advantage impression. There are minor imperfections like lack of synchronization between devices.


  • light weight of the application;
  • speed of work;
  • creating your own workouts;
  • create a photo diary;
  • no ads;
  • can be used without registration (up to a certain degrees).


  • There is no automatic synchronization between devices.


Rating: 4.2


As an exception, consider one application that does not is athletic in its purest form, but can be useful, if not indispensable as an auxiliary. Speech on the application of control Nutrition MyFitnessPal. Our experts decided to include it in the review, since overweight people have many exercises and training styles contraindicated, and in order to use the application for playing sports, you must first find the same, but for weight loss.

This is one of the most popular weight control apps – the number of downloads on the Google Play store has long exceeded 50 millions. The benefits here are so numerous and varied, that we mention only a few of them as an example.

MyFitnessPal contains the largest, as for conditional counters calories, a database of food and related products. amount positions exceed 6 million. It is desirable to inform the application immediately own food preferences, and algorithms will remember your favorite dishes, the composition and nature of which will be further taken into account.

Separate application functionality is dedicated to creating your own culinary masterpieces. Here, to help beginners and pros, there will be data about product compatibility, nutrient content, nutritional calculator for whole recipes. Are supported metric and imperial measures. For automated product search even provides a barcode scanner.

The program is not without its sports component, although it is here presented as secondary. So, a choice is offered a decent set of 350 exercises – power, cardio, fat burning. Detailed statistics are automatically maintained on completed exercises, repetitions, etc. You can do your own exercises create an unlimited amount.

MyFitnessPal supports full synchronization of wearable gadget with server and web version, respectively. If desired, you can add friends to sports programs, motivating to join to training. Numerous studies clearly show that those people who are engaged in the company of friends and acquaintances, showing at the same time the best sports result, often and significantly – up to three times.


  • The largest product database
  • intelligent algorithms for determining the optimal nutrition;
  • ease of management;
  • barcode scanner for product database;
  • availability and flexibility;
  • low entry threshold;
  • unlimited own recipes;
  • hundreds of sports exercises.


  • training is a secondary direction.


Rating: 4.1


Complete the review of the best programs for sports application, which is familiar even to children who are not yet particularly concerned about age problems. Runtastic is both classic and modern, the result of developer work and years of experience users.

Runtastic is a multi-platform runner app. His the main role is to completely replace the fitness bracelet using sensors built into any modern smartphone. The application is simple monitors the user and the pace of his movement – based the distance traveled for a certain time calculates the speed. When the pace drops significantly, the program may automatically turn on motivational music on your headphones. Media Library can to form independently.

But not only runners are limited to the target audience. IN the program has built-in operating modes adapted for other types sports – table tennis, badminton, etc. The widest and interesting functionality is available in the full version, which is paid. But the price in a few dollars is worth the convenience, simplicity and the efficiency that Runtastic guarantees.

The full version will also be available self-determination a route with elements of interval training when alternating Intensive running and complete rest in walking.

The champion of the Olympic Games put his ideas to the creation of the service Dieter Baumann – German athlete, a well-known popularizer healthy lifestyle. He offers his own methods for those who already wants to achieve precisely noticeable sports results. Such programs may already require a certain minimum physical fitness level.

It is noteworthy in Runtastic – the presence of a kind of “mode for lazy “when to eliminate monotony and additional motivation the user is offered scenarios in which running becomes a characteristic quest, a game of speed.


  • one of the most popular sports programs;
  • simplicity and ease of management;
  • accessibility for the masses;
  • individual enhanced programs;
  • elements of highly effective interval training;
  • “lazy” mode;
  • affordable price;
  • synchronization with other devices.


  • does not include nutrition;
  • User complaints about the latest update.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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