10 best shakers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Shaker is necessary not only for bartenders, but also for people involved sports. Manufacturers specifically for mixing sportswear food developed and began to produce shakers in which it is easy breed dry and protein mixtures. Over time, steel products to upgrade, improve. There are models with several departments – from one to three or even four; different types covers, also with different volumes. From this variety, each Chooses the option that suits your needs.

The editors studied the market and selected the top 10 for the rating review shakers for sports nutritional mixtures from budget to more dear ones. These models received the maximum number of positive reviews and highest ratings.

Rating of the best shakers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best shakers 1 Contigo Shake & Go FIT + compartment (0.65 L) 1 414 rub.
2 BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless (0.769 L) 1 721 rub.
3 Contigo Shake & Go FIT (0.59 L) 980 rub.
4 BlenderBottle ProStak (0.65 L) 956 rub
5 Vplab nutrition Smart 3-in-1 with containers (0.6 L) 469 rub
6 BlenderBottle SportMixer Twist Cap (0.591 L) 897 rub
7 MAD WAVE M1390 03 0 (0.4 L) 539 rub
8 Vplab with stainless steel ball (0.7 L) 255 rub
9 Be First TS 1358 (0.4 L) 220 rub
10 “Sports Element” S01-400 200 rub

Contigo Shake & Go FIT + compartment (0.65 L)

Rating: 4.9


The fitness shaker has a convenient shape and is equipped with a button valve for drinking and a special ball that mixes the contents, thanks to which no lumps are formed, and the mixture is faster and better acquires the desired consistency. It is compact, roomy and Ergonomic accessory that you can always carry with you.

The button-valve easily opens and closes. Users also note the complete tightness of the container, which protects against leakage or spillage of contents. Now no need to fear that the sports bag and things in it will be dirty. Shaker allowed wash in a dishwasher, although it can be cleaned perfectly even under a normal stream tap water. The model is available in three colors, which allows you to personalize it and not get confused if someone from your friends have the same.

The cost of the model is 1600 p.

BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless (0.769 L)

Rating: 4.8


The famous shaker bottle, but with a fundamentally new design. IN the center is an isolated neck for drinking, made in advanced stainless steel model. Generally, capacity has two layers of steel, as well as vacuum insulation. Here used stainless steel 18/8, where 18 is the chromium content, responsible for the “stainless” properties, and 8 is the nickel content, thanks to which the surface of the product casts a mirror shine. Even with time, no spots will appear on the shaker, rust.

All materials used are safe for health, as no fatalates, bisphenol-C and bisphenol-A. Of the pluses as well it is worth noting that the contents remain cool for a long time, about twelve to twenty-four hours. The presence of a measuring scale of up to five hundred and thirty milliliters allows calculate exactly how much food to mix. Shaker is available at Four colors: matte white and black, copper, steel.

The cost of the model is 1700 p.

Contigo Shake & Go FIT (0.59 L)

Rating: 4.7

CONTIGO SHAKE & GO FIT (0.59 Л).jpeg

Shaker for sports nutrition has a button-valve, which closes without difficulty. The tank is absolutely leakproof, as it is here The unique patented AUTOSEAL system, which avoids spilling or leaking of contents. Thanks ergonomic shape, the product fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Easy to clean both under the tap and in the dishwasher. With a similar shaker, you can make a healthy nutritious cocktail any time or mix sports nutrition.

Of the advantages, it is worth noting: a ball with ribs, which is excellent breaks lumps, mixes all ingredients and prevents sinking of heavy components to the bottom; a special handle shape that helps fasten the bottle to a belt or backpack; push button lock for opening the lid with one hand; innovative material – tritan, thanks to which odors are not absorbed, and the surface does not become cloudy, It is not painted and is perfectly protected from damage.

The cost of the model is 980 p.

BlenderBottle ProStak (0.65 L)

Rating: 4.7


The all-in-one product is a shaker and container with a patented loop for easy transportation and a whisk for perfect and thorough mixing. Today he is the best storage system that adapts to any needs.

Of the features it is worth highlighting: the presence of two independent jars for storage of dry mixes, powders and so on; Twist n ‘system Lock, reliably holding together all the compartments; pill box located in the connecting cover between the banks; safety for human health – materials do not contain phthalate, bisphenol.

The container system allows you to create any combination to get the required volume. They can be used as all together, individually and carry with you everything you need.

The product is available in ten colors. The cost of the model is 1150 R.

Vplab nutrition Smart 3-in-1 with containers (0.6 L)

Rating: 4.6


The body of the shaker is made of durable plastic, so perfectly protected from damage during a fall from a height or strokes. The model is equipped with a special removable container in which it is convenient to store powders, tablets and biological additives in capsules. A smaller tank divided into two compartments, one of which, in turn, is also divided, is screwed to a larger containers on the bottom side.

The shaker has a catchy design and is distinguished by impressive dimensions, so it’s more suitable for men than women, for which hands are usually smaller. Translucent plastic allows you to see amount of content. The measuring scale, unfortunately, is poorly distinguishable, so you have to look at the light. Stirring occurs when using a special mesh.

The cost of the model is 500 p.

BlenderBottle SportMixer Twist Cap (0.591 L)

Rating: 4.5


The shaker has a new lid design, thanks to which the neck always stays clean. It opens easily, literally one with your hand, so you can drink nutritious or refreshing drink.

The product is made of Eastman food grade plastic Tritan resistant to damage and odors. Suitable for any drinks, protein shakes, berry smoothies. For mixing used a special spring (ball-whisk). Carry shaker Now even more convenient with the updated SportLoop hinge. Around the neck has a SportGrip rubber ring, so the product does not slip out of the hand. The measuring scale is marked in millimeters and ounces. Shaker washing is easy – excellent cleansed under running water, although it is allowed to use dishwasher. BPA (bisphenol) free.

The cost of the model is 1000 r.

MAD WAVE M1390 03 0 (0.4 L)

Rating: 4.5

MAD WAVE M1390 03 0 (0.4 L) .jpg

The shaker is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene and polyethylene. Materials do not alter the taste of the contents. Model it’s more convenient than others to keep swimmers and other athletes with you. The product is suitable for protein shakes, protein mixtures, gainers and so on.

Three independent containers are connected here: one, the main one is for preparing and carrying contents, and the other two, which are screwed to the base of the first, are ideal for storing one portion of the product in the form of a mixture, tablets, capsules. A mesh is provided for stirring. Full construction tight, which eliminates leakage. Optimal volume will fit people who are used to consuming a moderate amount of drinks or sports nutritional mixtures. The shaker is compact, so it won’t take plenty of space even in a small backpack or small bag.

The cost of the model is 520 p.

Vplab with stainless steel ball (0.7 L)

Rating: 4.4


Shaker made of high quality polypropylene made in the form of cups. The screw cap has a special hole for attaching a hand strap. The model is suitable for cold drinks, carbohydrate shakes and nutritious mixtures. Special stainless steel ball copes with stirring ingredients.

The walls of the shaker are embossed, which ensures reliable the grip and the glass will not pop out even from slippery hands. On the outside the surface is a measuring scale that will ensure accuracy servings. Despite the large volume, the product is quite compact, not takes up a lot of space in a bag or backpack. Not provided here additional containers, but the price of a shaker is very budgetary, which most people will surely like it.

The cost of the model is 330 p.

Be First TS 1358 (0.4 L)

Rating: 4.3

BE FIRST TS 1358 (0.4 L) .jpg

Shaker with stirring ball special hinge on the lid, which helps with carrying and during making cocktails, also using it, you can hang product on the hook. Mixing with the ball is more effective, and a uniform consistency is achieved with virtually no effort.

Of the pluses we want to highlight: reliable thread on the cover; tight closing valve for tightness; optimal volume; high-strength plastic without hazardous to health substances like BPA. The model also has disadvantages, for example, lack of a measuring scale and opacity, which makes assessment difficult remaining amount of content. True, when you see so much low price, then you understand that it’s not at all critical limitations.

The product is available in several colors. The cost of the model is 250 R.

“Sports Element” S01-400

Rating: 4.2

10 best shakers

The brand in 2010 became a sensation in the field of Russian production of sports utensils. Since then its popularity only growing. Following the domestic company began to conquer European market, moreover, successfully. For manufacturing use unique technologies and high quality materials.

The brand shaker is elegant simplicity and always up-to-date classic. It is made from food safe for human health. plastic (PP). The product is one hundred percent tight and does not leak contents, so things in your bag will not get dirty. Latch is fixed, and the measuring scale allows you to breed the exact number any mixture. Complete with a shaker comes a metal ball.

The cost of the model is 250 p.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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