10 best red lipsticks

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Red lipstick is a must have for every season. The right shade of red can transform any woman, add a spice to the look and brighten up the gray mood. By the way, red is suitable for almost everyone. But there are only two contraindications for choosing red lipstick: very thin or asymmetrical lips.

  1. Warm red shades with an orange undertone will suit owners of skin with a warm color type and golden blond hair.
  2. Classic red with a harmonious combination of warm and cold notes is ideal for girls with a cold skin tone and light eyes – green, gray, blue. This red will look especially advantageous on light skin.
  3. Red with the introduction of red-burgundy, cold tones will appeal to girls with dark eyes, hair and dark skin.

Rating of the best red lipsticks

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best red lipsticks 1 Chanel rouge coco RUB 1,499
2 YSL Vernis A Levres Vinyl Rouge Pur Couture RUB 1,818
3 Dior Rouge Liquid RUB 2,906
5 Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani RUB 2,216
6 Clarins joli rouge RUB 1,762
7 Kiko Milano Asian Touch Matte Liquid Lipstick 720 RUB
8 Shiseido Rouge Rouge 990 RUB
9 Maybelline New York Color Sensational RUB 290
10 Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo 641 r

Chanel rouge coco

Rating: 4.9


The iconic CHANEL lipstick with a new and improved formula opens our list of the best red lipsticks. Moisturizing, comfortable application, classic red shades in one bottle – it's all about ROUGE COCO. The inspiration for the creation of this series was inspired by Mademoiselle Coco herself, or rather her best friends, after whom the lipsticks in the color line were named. The warm red-orange shade Arthur 440, named after Coco's beloved Arthur Capel, is the perfect choice for red in this collection.

The new Hydraboost de Chanel formula is enriched with three plant-based waxes – mimosa, sunflower and jojoba. They nourish the skin of the lips, moisturize for a long time and provide a gliding comfortable application, merging with the skin almost into a single whole. New polymer film and micro-particles increase color retention and shine. The creamy texture leaves lips feeling plump and plump for a moist, glossy and shiny finish. But a high degree of moisture reduces durability – every 2-3 hours the tone will need to be renewed.


  • Rich red shades;
  • Nice texture;
  • Moisturizing properties;
  • Simple application;
  • Good pigmentation;
  • Does not roll down, does not clog into the pores;
  • Unobtrusive smell.


  • Longevity 1.5-2 hours;
  • High price.

YSL Vernis A Levres Vinyl Rouge Pur Couture

Rating: 4.8


In the second position of the ranking, we placed a rich red lipstick with vinyl coating from YSL. The creamy texture and lacquered shine of vinyl – the new product combines the properties of lip gloss, tint and lipstick.

The formula combines two special components that are similar in composition to caring products. Created on the principle of ceramides, they are gentle and well absorbed, providing a comfortable feeling. A special blend of pigments gives the lips a dynamic, vibrant and intense red color. Thanks to its weightless texture, the varnish practically melts on the skin and gives a shimmery gloss that lasts for many hours. To obtain the most juicy effect, it is necessary to apply lipstick in several layers. Evening makeup is best done using a contour pencil. Our shade selection is 411 Rhythm Red Poppy.


  • Melting pleasant consistency;
  • High durability;
  • Adds volume;
  • Caring for the skin;
  • Does not dry;
  • Bright and juicy red.


  • Inconvenient applicator;
  • Red color slightly bald when applied in one layer;
  • Eats into the skin;
  • Flows into cracks and folds;
  • High price.

Dior Rouge Liquid

Rating: 4.7


Liquid red lipstick from the renewed Rouge Dior Liquid series takes the third position in our rating. Dior decided to please its fans and released a series of legendary Rouge Dior lipsticks in liquid format. At the same time, a series of glitters has a different finish – matte, satin and metallic. Red shades are presented in artsy matte and satin finish with a slight sheen. Lovers of balanced red in a matte texture may prefer Rouge Liquid (999 Matte).

The updated line is based on a mix of mineral waxes, silicone oils and powders that provide excellent glide and durability. Thanks to the creamy texture, the lips stay hydrated and do not dry out. The manufacturer promises durability for 12 hours, but the color brightness will still have to be updated during the day.


  • Highly pigmented red shades;
  • No stickiness;
  • Quite good durability;
  • Natural aroma.


  • To update the color, you need to remove the previous coating;
  • Washable only with micellar water;
  • Leaves prints;
  • May dry lips.


Rating: 4.7


Red matte lipstick from the new line KissKiss Matte is in the fourth step of our rating. Volume, combined with rich color and soft texture of the balm – this is how the specialists of the GUERLAIN brand presented their creation. The lipstick gives a bright red hue with a velvet finish. The legendary bottle, created by the famous Parisian jeweler Hervé Van der Straten for the previous KissKiss collection, has been transformed into a golden, matte finish.

Pepper extract activates volume, while precious oils and hyaluronic acid moisturize. There are 9 shades in the collection. We recommend paying attention to the classic fire red under the M331 Chilli Red with a carrot red undertone. Before applying lipstick, it is advisable to apply a nourishing balm to the lips.


  • Velvet finish;
  • Bright red;
  • Caring effect;
  • Durability 4-5 hours.


  • Lies unevenly;
  • The lips do not increase in volume;
  • Dry lipstick texture.

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani

Rating: 4.7


The fifth step of the rating is the universal red lipstick from Giorgio Armani, which suits absolutely everyone. Rouge d'Armani combines all the benefits of balm, gloss and lipstick. This is a new era in color rendering technology that goes beyond the long-wearing classic lipsticks. Red from Giorgio Armani is gentle and natural for those who prefer natural, simple makeup with the effect of luscious healthy lips.

Color-Fil technology has combined properties that have always been considered incompatible – high durability and a soft, comfortable finish. The red color fixes securely for 8 hours, providing sufficient hydration without spreading or rubbing off. The soft texture allows for even application of the lipstick, and the durability does not require constant correction.


  • Soft creamy texture;
  • Comfortable application and wear;
  • Moisturizes and cares for;
  • Convenient packaging;
  • No smell;
  • Delicate red;
  • Wet finish;
  • Doesn't dry out lips.


  • High price;
  • Slippery packaging.

Clarins joli rouge

Rating: 4.6


The legendary Clarins lipstick with a creamy texture and a caring formula is ranked sixth. Long-lasting satin finish, juicy red, soft application provide long-term comfort, because the manufacturer promises resistance for 6 hours. But this bold statement is, without exaggeration, overstated.

The lipstick is perfectly applied, does not spread and does not go beyond the contours. The composition contains organic salicornia extract and mango oil, which nourish and moisturize for a long time, making the skin soft, smooth and visually more voluminous. In the palette of 25 shades for every taste, there are also reds, among which it is worth noting the orange-red 741 red orange, 742 joli rouge, with a pronounced red undertone and 743 cherry red with a wine flavor. The lipstick is sold in an expensive metal case.


  • Rich red shades;
  • Delicate texture;
  • Soft application;
  • Shiny wet finish;
  • Nourishes and moisturizes;
  • Berry flavor.


  • High price.

Kiko Milano Asian Touch Matte Liquid Lipstick

Rating: 4.5


Liquid bright red lipstick in the style of an oriental geisha from the 5th limited capsule collection of Kiko Milano gets to the seventh place in the Expertology rating. The lipstick creates a fast-setting gouache finish that becomes velvety matte in a minute. There is only one red color among the line – Plushy Red.

The lipstick is almost perfect – it is easy and simple to apply with the help of a convenient applicator, pleasant and comfortable to wear, does not give unpleasant sensations even after many hours of being on the lips. Classic bright red lays down quite evenly, does not spread or dry lips. Due to its high resistance, it calmly tolerates conversations and snacks. But for makeup remover, you will have to make some efforts: lipstick cannot be erased with ordinary micellar water, at least an oil base is required.


  • High quality at a low price;
  • Bright seductive red shade;
  • Does not create dryness and discomfort in wear;
  • High durability;
  • Looks impressive;
  • Velor finish.


  • Not found.

Shiseido Rouge Rouge

Rating: 4.5


The updated lipstick Shiseido with bright long-lasting shades of red palette takes the eighth position in the ranking. The main feature of Rouge Rouge is a special technology of deep red, the pigments of which are adjusted to the skin. This allows you to find your perfect red to match your skin color. Luxurious deep red shades in 16 tones will make it easy to find your perfect red lipstick: from delicate red with pink to rich and luxurious wine.

Shiseido S Hydro-Vitalizing De Ex hyaluronic acid complex is responsible for nourishment and hydration, additional volume is given by Volumizing Oils, which attract moisture from the surrounding space. The lipstick has a noble shine and fits perfectly, retaining its original color and nourishing. The result is an even coating for 4 hours. But it should be understood that lipstick is not a tint, so it can leave marks and smudges.


  • A collection of bright colors;
  • Doesn't dry out lips;
  • Stylish black case with magnetic closure;
  • Caring components in the composition.


  • Too soft and melting;
  • Leaves traces.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational

Rating: 4.4


The ninth position in our rating was taken by a rich red lipstick from Maybelline in the Color Sensational palette. The lipstick contains rich color pigments, the light gliding texture provides a comfortable application, and the caring components moisturize and soften.

The formula with three natural oils, vitamin E and honey nectar cares for the skin, softens, smoothes and nourishes. When applied, the lipstick does not go beyond the contour, does not smudge or dry the skin. The Color Sensational series features a line with matte and satin finishes. We believe the deep red at number 547 is the perfect choice for the bold.


  • Bright red color pigment;
  • Simple and convenient application;
  • Durability for 2-3 hours;
  • Does not eat into the skin or dry out the lips.


  • May accentuate flaking.

Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo

Rating: 4.2


Liquid lipstick with a vinyl finish and long-wearing finish closes our rating. Made to Last Lip Duo is a two-phase product that will make your lips perfect in just 2 steps. The first layer provides a matte long-lasting finish with barely noticeable pearlescent particles, the second layer – transparent, based on waxes and silicones, fixes makeup and gives an ultra-glossy shine.

High performance polymers provide long-lasting hold. The creamy texture ensures easy application, the gel-forming substances form a uniform thin layer of soft touch, which, however, firmly adheres to the lips and is washed off only with a biphasic wash. Plastic volatiles and film-forming substances provide durability and facilitate faster drying. The varnish provides protection, ensures comfortable wear, enhances the color pigment and sets the vinyl finish. An interesting choice, in our opinion, is the Fire Red 005.


  • High durability;
  • Intense red color pigment;
  • Doesn't dry out lips;
  • You can give a matte and glossy finish.


  • Lipstick is not for every day;
  • It is very difficult to remove from the lips;
  • Gloss reduces durability.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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