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Specifications Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4X 32GB

General characteristics

A type smartphone
OS version Android 6.0
Type of shell classical
Body material metal
Control touch buttons
SIM Type micro SIM + nano SIM
SIM Card Number 2
The mode of operation of multiple SIM cards alternating
Weight 150 g
Dimensions (WxHxT) 69.96×139.24×8.65 mm


Screen type color IPS, 16.78 million colors, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch capacitive
Diagonal 5 in.
Image size 1280×720
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) 294
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Auto screen rotation there is
Scratch resistant glass there is


Light indication of events there is

Multimedia features

Rear camera 13 MP
Flash rear LED
Rear Camera Features autofocus, macro mode
Rear camera aperture F / 2
Movie Recording there is
Max. video resolution 1920×1080
Max. video frame rate 30 fps
Geo tagging there is
Front-camera there are, 5 million pixels.
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, FM Radio
Headphone jack 3.5 mm


Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-A Cat. 4, VoLTE
Support LTE bands FDD LTE: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8; TDD-LTE: bands 38, 40
Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.2, IRDA, USB
Satellite navigation GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou
A-GPS system there is

Memory and processor

CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 MSM8940
The number of processor cores 8
Video processor Adreno 505
The amount of internal memory 32 GB
RAM size 3 GB
Memory card slot up to 128 GB (combined with a slot for the second SIM cards)


Battery type Li-polymer
Battery capacity 4100 mAh
Battery fixed
Type of charging connector micro usb

Other functions

Handsfree (built-in speaker) there is
Control voice dialing, voice control
Flight mode there is
Sensors illumination, proximity, gyroscope, compass, reading fingerprint
Lantern there is

Additional Information

Announcement Date 2017-02-28

Xiaomi Redmi 4X 32GB Smartphone Reviews

Pluses: Design – metal body, 2.5D glass with oleophobic coating; the filling is a very fast processor, almost flawless fingerprint scanner, voluminous battery, and many, many little things that put this phone just OUT COMPETITIONS for such a price!
Minuses: Xiaomi has jambs – sometimes, for some reason reasons, the device asks you not to cover the speaker holes at the moment attempts to unlock the screen. What kind of holes have I never I understood, and even … in the end, the previous device – redmi 4A – about gender) In 4X, a similar message appeared only once and right there disappeared) Maybe this is due to the fact that unlocking is carried out imprint and almost instantly. Also 4A daily at 13 and 18 o’clock sent a signal, as if a message had arrived on Votsap, it is not clear why. Here, in 4X, this is not observed. Generally, while one continuous advantages)))
Minuses: I chose between this device protected by doogee and LG almost two years ago, because The budget was within 8500. Compare the characteristics – xiaomi was better in everything. Ordered, arrived held in his hands, bought, almost without a doubt. Besides the seller promised a return within 14 days if something is not right for me will suit, provided all the films are saved. Three days they are not filmed until convinced – the device is just super! He gathered in himself everything – speed, design, capacious battery, all the most modern technology, and at the same time – quite low, by modern standards, the price!

Volkov Dmitry

Advantages: • High-capacity battery (my sister has a “stub” already for 90 000 rub. and she still envies the battery smartphone for 7200r. :)) • Excellent performance (processors Snapdragon “decide” :)) • Good camera (fully justifies expectations) • A sufficient amount of ROM memory (you hardly there will be problems installing applications) • Low price (bought here, on Yandex.Market, for 7200r.) • Nice design (looks cool and quite comfortable in the hand) • Own shell MIUI (Mi User Interface – for some it’s a minus! Who cares more in detail – read the comment, I will sign everything there) • Scanner fingerprint (works well, you quickly get used to it and it becomes very convenient :)) • Infrared (you can easily and quickly set up your smartphone as a remote control and use it to control TV, air conditioning, fan, etc.)
Disadvantages: • One of the minuses for myself noted that camera focus does not work as well as we would like (to be it may be more correctly called “image stabilization”, I don’t I know), in general, if you need to photograph the text, then you have to “freeze and not breathe”, otherwise it may be blurry, so I do three or four photos and one definitely turns out clear (although, given the quality of the camera as a whole and the price of a smartphone – this is not a minus you name it). • The second drawback is a hybrid SIM card slot and flash drives, that is, you can put either 2 SIM cards (micro and nano), either one Micro-SIM and Micro SD.
Minuses: Now I tell in more detail (I bought and I configured these smartphones already 17pcs. and I respect this company – well done right!): Many consider the purchase based on the price, from it and start. If you go to the official website (not a company store in Russia, and the official one) and choose the location “Mainland China”, then you can see the price of this smartphone – 899 yuan, which is currently in transfer to rubles is 8023 rubles, but on the official website in Russia You can’t order a smartphone, and since we have the most common buy-sell business, then they sell them much more expensive, but even with this prices for analogues of popular brands are higher! I do not call order from China, it’s better to have a local return, but the fact It remains a fact and you have the right to know this. • RAM (operational Memory device). 3 gigabytes of RAM “for the eyes” is enough almost every user. There is a built-in widget RAM cleaning, which shows the free amount of operative memory and allows you to close applications (in MIUI 9 is included in desktop settings). • ROM (read-only memory) device). Remember that 1GB is 1024MB, not 1000 and that the OS (operating system) also takes up space and therefore free there will be 23-25 ​​gigabytes, so to whom this is not enough – buy a flash drive 🙂 • MIUI – Xiaomi interface. The good thing is that setting up your smartphone becomes more flexible, it is possible to download and combine themes, take screenshots easily with three fingers on the screen, enable automatic recording of phone calls without beeps, set permissions for applications and parameters, for example, enable / disable an application to use indicator light or notification, and adjust its background activity, for example, so that you have a locked state or, on the contrary, a certain application did not work. To those who doesn’t like all sorts of settings – it’s not very like it, since you have by default, even notifications may not come immediately. In general, for 8000 rub. smart fire! :))

Razumovsky Alexander

Advantages: Speed, sound quality and Images.
Minuses: No such.
Minuses: Impeccable phone.

Maxim Zibrak

Advantages: Start of use – December 1, 2017. What pleased the most – cool holds a charge – almost 2 days continuous operation (especially compared to previous sony ericsson xperia ray, where the charge with very moderate activity died two hours later – you just had to exist in symbiosis with a power bank). Other advantages: – a good bright screen; – pleasant appearance (I have a black shell); – the phone itself, despite 5 inches, it is not felt by a shovel and quietly fits in a small palm (although sometimes it falls out of the pockets, but here already the problem of the dimensions of the owner, not the device: D); – the case is not slippery – while I wear without a case, everything is ok; – RAM 3 GB = excellent performance – does not hang even after continuous use, nimble; – not very hot; – fingerprint scan finger – there is a desktop sharing function; – sound at the conversation is loud enough, everything is heard normally; – good sound in any headphones, the presence of an equalizer; – availability of cleaners from unnecessary garbage, no need to put a special program for this, he also notifies himself when the amount of garbage is exceeded and offers to clean himself; – 32 GB of internal memory – easy hurt yourself, you can easily load anything. It’s straight utopia, since before that was the 2011 sony ericsson xperia ray, at first everything was good, but over time it was completely missed memory, sobsna, because of this and the very first points was acquired redmi 4x; – quick update – the smartphone was first with 6m Android, in just two for already updated to the 7th.
Minuses: The front camera lathers, but a big disadvantage I don’t think so, because I don’t really need a front camera, others may to be fundamental. With the main camera everything is in order, photographs not perfect but acceptable. Silent mode as it is, but its like if not, I’ll explain: with soundlessness turned on, sometimes it’s all the same the melody is triggered when you receive an SMS or an incoming call. This happens periodically, not on an ongoing basis. Sensory buttons are not highlighted.
Minuses: Well, sho still say? Great model for the money recommend

Geth angry

Pluses: Excellent phone in all respects.
Disadvantages: The camera is worse than the iPhone, but it was in advance understandable to me and it is not particularly important.
Disadvantages: I searched for a phone for a long time to get off iPhones, chose this one. 4 times cheaper and no worse! Just celebration!

Kuznetsova Ksenia

Pluses: Buttons on the one hand: now when you try turn on the phone does not press the volume. Good, loud speaker. Sensitive screen with a short response time. Holds a charge for 2-3 days, I’m not afraid to suddenly find myself with a dead phone, five minutes back showing 30% of the charge (as was the case with the digm)
Disadvantages: Sometimes it loses WiFi – perhaps a network problem, not phone. A couple of times refused to display the keyboard on the screen when working in Firefox is also possibly a software issue, not a phone issue.
Disadvantages: Overall – a great thing for the money.

Maria Shoshinova

Pluses: Everything except the camera.
Minuses: Camera
Disadvantages: Ordinary, yes, in general, and unusual user Today, Xiaomi smartphone is enough for the eyes. Apple and Samsung for a long time trade in brands, not technologies, and offered in the top phones “innovation” are not double or triple overpayments.

Finish finn

Pluses: The best device for 8500 p. definitely. Gorgeous speed, good screen, powerful acc, loud speaker and ear.
Disadvantages: 13 megapixel camera, of course worse than iPhone. But acceptable if you are not a video blogger with a claim to video quality from iPhone 7 and above). Other things being equal, this is 4 points, but if you compare with an iPhone, then probably 3.5 points out of 5. By the way, the camera is “not very” only in case of insufficient light – slight erosion sharpness of the contour, kmk mainly. In bright daylight for all 4 score plus! – For me personally, this does not outweigh and does not detract its other indisputable merits!
Disadvantages: HD screen is practically indistinguishable from SHD Redmi pro, only when considered point blank. Crazy Battery Holder: On the average activity of dialers and messengers is enough for 3-4 days, if with an active Internet – 2 days! Compared to any iPhone, it’s perpetual motion machine!) Excellent response of the wheelbarrow and surfing speed, 8 cores and 32 GB plus SD! Possibility of 2 SIM cards with an individual. settings apparatus! Cloning applications to exit under different accounts in the database. Beautiful loud stereo speakers and sensitive a microphone, the ear is generally yelling like an elephant, you can take off talk)), than to shut up)) … But, can anyone not sound conservative), but I am 100% satisfied. Slim, comfortable it lies well in the hand, unlike 5.5 or even larger inch shovels. Aluminum back, unobtrusive ext. view. fingerprint bright flashlight, instant setup instead of the remote control for kondeya and telly (and almost everyone like that devices with memory and differentiation). And all this for 8 500 p. What else is needed? Take either boxed versions of Global EU, or stitched under an EU dealer or store with a guarantee … (for I’m just like that from the boxed one. – everything flies) From China most likely you will get a curve lagging ketaysky firmware, without Russian – only from English. and ketaysgim, with Chinese services and programs and without standard pre-installed programs, usually coming on European androids, such as google, mail, maps, weather, browsers etc. If you can’t reflash yourself – it’s better not to take it, besides nobody will insure you from marriage and road bumps. To everyone good luck!

Kinyaev Thomas

Pros: Stunning camera. Very fast. Convenient. But most importantly, the phone does not have a full built-in Google package applications, which takes up almost half of the phone’s memory.
Shortcomings: I did not notice any shortcomings

Bazyk Tatyana

Pluses: data processing speed, design, qty RAM, low power consumption of the processor Snapdragon, with simply HUGE battery capacity (4100mAh) allows you to forget about charging the gadget for a fairly long time. There is still a bunch of small “chips” to describe which places are not that’s enough
Shortcomings: Perhaps, not very good can be attributed to shortcomings camera. Despite its 13 megapixels, pictures in the darker hours of the day are not very high quality. However, this does not stop doing pretty not bad in normal lighting
Disadvantages: I take the second such gadget. One review already left here. The general impression of the model is extremely positive. I believe that the manufacturer was able to develop its own processor, bring to the market one of the best models at this price range

Tatar Babylon

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