Which dumbbells to choose

Despite their small size, dumbbells allow you to work out all muscle groups and perform as small isolated exercises, and complete full basic training. All that is required from an athlete – choose the right dumbbell!

Which dumbbells to choose

Top Dumbbell Manufacturers

Many athletes successfully train with homemade dumbbells, while showing no less results than regulars fitness centers. However, in order to turn the home into a semblance gym, you should choose dumbbells from well-known companies:

  1. Protrain

  2. Fora

  3. Vimpex

  4. Eleiko

  5. Regal

  6. Hms

Before you give your choice in favor of the manufacturer and specific model, you should carefully study its functional specifications as well as read professional reviews athletes on thematic forums and social networks on the network The Internet.

What are dumbbells? Most common types

Depending on the design, all modern dumbbells are accepted divided into two main types.

Fixed dumbbells

Non-folding dumbbells

Are discs fixed on the fingerboard of certain weights made, as a rule, of metal coated with polymer composition. They have a low price and are great for newcomers. Of the minuses – the inability to adjust the weight and the need to keep several pairs of dumbbells of different weights available for productive training;


  • Robust construction;

  • Variety of weights;

  • Suitable for beginners;

  • Inexpensive


  • Not suitable for experienced athletes constantly increasing weight

  • For productive training require different dumbbells weights

Collapsible dumbbells

Folding dumbbells

They are a kit that includes a compact a dumbbell bar with a handle, a set of pairs of disks of different weights, as well as a pair of locks designed to secure discs to the neck. Having received at his disposal a similar set, the athlete gets the opportunity collect dumbbells of the required weight and work out carefully without exception, all muscle groups, providing them with progressive load;


  • Do not take up much space;

  • Suitable for experienced athletes;

  • The collapsible design allows you to assemble the necessary dumbbells weight


  • Expensive;

  • Assembly and disassembly take a lot of time;

The main criteria for choosing a dumbbell

dumbbell selection criteria

Neck material and performance

The best are dumbbells, the bar of which is made of metal alloy, and the handle has a comfortable rubber stop. The diameter of the neck is about 20-25 millimeters for the maximum comfortable grip while doing the exercise. It concerns how collapsible and integral dumbbells.

Lock design

In order to firmly fix pancakes on a dumbbell, you should use special locks. Models used for fixation discs on the bar, not suitable here, for optimal dumbbell an option are screw locks clamping pancakes with carvings. The latter is located on the ends of the neck and provides an opportunity to conveniently fix disks during performing exercises. For non-separable dumbbells, of course, a similar question is not worth it due to the design features.

What weight dumbbell to choose

In order for muscles to grow, working weights must constantly progress. In the case of dumbbells, the weight change step minimal is preferable, because sometimes the increase in total weight even 1-2 kilograms leads to the inability to complete the exercise. For this reason, the weight of pancakes should begin with 1 kilogram and end at around 5 kilograms, with each weight you should have two disks, and the most popular, 2.5 and 5 pounds – 4 each.

Choose dumbbells for women

If not to speak about professional female bodybuilding, for Fitness and aerobics classes are quite compact for a woman a set of whole dumbbells, consisting of 1.25, 2.5.5 and 10 kg models. Preference should be given to compact models made of metal and coated with a polymer shell different colors depending on the weight of a particular dumbbell. Like it’s more than enough to support the body in tone and give the body a mouth-watering shape.

Choose dumbbells for men

The choice of dumbbell for men is very different. With the right nutrition and compliance with the training regimen of the male body progressing fast enough, and along with the progress will be there has been a substantial increase in the working weights of the dumbbell. For Therefore, preference should be given to collapsible models, focusing on pancakes weighing 5-10 kilograms, of which should be at least 4 pairs.

We choose dumbbells for beginners

Novice athletes should also choose dumbbells. collapsible design, however, a large set of pancakes are unlikely will be needed. Instead, focus on technology exercises, the set of discs should include weight distribution up to 5 kilograms. This is quite enough to teach muscles to load. As muscle mass and strength increase, both consequence, collapsible dumbbells can always be understaffed with disks more weight.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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