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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Until recently, people around could not understand why people walk just with sticks, but without skis, especially when it happened in the summer. At first it caused bewilderment, and sometimes laughter. Then when everything realized what is the plus of such training, many have become adherents nordic walking. The invention belongs to Finnish skiers, which was not enough to keep fit only in winter. Initially, this type of training was exclusively done. professional athletes. Soon, doctors turned their attention to performance and improved health after them. At the end 90s of the last century in the free market appeared first equipment.

This unique method combines running, hiking and skiing. skiing. In this case, all muscle groups are involved, without exerting negative effect on the cardiac system, and burns more calories. Finnish walking has a healing effect in many diseases. It improves coordination, blood circulation and heart function, increases endurance, normalizes blood pressure, relieves stress and depression, reduces pain in the spine. And that is not all. Doctors around the world advise to turn attention to this method, which is suitable for all ages, including children’s and retirement.

Now let’s figure out which companies are the best in the sports market. goods, and whose sticks are better for training. In rating we selected the 10 most popular manufacturers that guarantee quality, durability, and most importantly – its effectiveness products.

Rating of the best Nordic walking stick companies

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best Nordic walking stick companies 1 Exel 5.0
2 Leki 4.9
3 Fizan 4.8
4 KV + 4.7
5 Black diamond 4.6
8 Cdm sport 4.3
9 BRADEX 4.2
10 STC 4.1


Rating: 5.0

Excel Scandinavian logo sticks

The leading position is held by a company from Finland, producing premium sports equipment. Professional inventory is developed with the participation of titled athletes and world famous doctors. This takes into account many years of experience all Finnish companies that know everything about this type of recovery. Scandinavian sticks are made from carbon with the addition of composite. This combination of materials makes them super durable and lungs, allowing people of advanced age and with low level of physical training to train with no less effectiveness, than to professionals.

All materials are wear resistant, including tips. Handles of natural corks are comfortable in any weather, make the grip reliable and exclude increased sweating. Lanyards are safe for hands, soft and durable. All models are equipped with interchangeable rubber “shoes” and metal tips. This allows without additional Spend to use sticks at any time of the year.

Modern design highlights inventory not only among vegetation, but also among other outdoor enthusiasts. Prices Professional products are not available to everyone. But those who have the opportunity to purchase Exel sticks, never regret about expensive purchase.


Rating: 4.9


Silver rating – from a company from Germany, which is engaged the development and sale of sports equipment for beginners and professionals. Her story began immediately after the Second World War II. Company founder Karl Lenhart was an enthusiast and experimenter. He tried to perfect the inventory by changing production technologies and materials used. Until today of the day, the company is the only manufacturer in the world who he is engaged in hardening to obtain the most durable grade aluminum – Al 7075.

The brand has patented many innovations that are actively used. today by other sports concerns. Risk of injury from use of products is minimized, since when creating each model pays great attention to even minor structural details. High quality standard confirms use of Leki national team equipment in international competitions.

In the lineups are presented models for women and men of different ages and physical fitness. The designs are diverse, as well as the price range, so everyone will choose sticks for walk according to your preferences and financial possibilities.


Rating: 4.8


Third place ranking given to the Italian company, which since 1947 years produces aluminum ski poles. She became an innovator, having developed them not from the usual bamboo or steel that are not distinguished by durability and quickly deteriorated. Aluminum was light in weight, which allowed you to quickly gain the desired speed, and the main thing is strong and reliable material. Today Fizan takes leading positions in the world for the production of equipment for Nordic walking and trekking.

The assortment includes sticks for lovers and professional athletes. The main advantages of the company’s products – ergonomics, durability, comfortable handle, light weight, stylish design. The lanyards come from durable, and at the same time soft, breathable fabric. Laser marking the top is covered with a particularly strong protective layer, so the outer the view remains unchanged even with intense and prolonged use.

The brand pays attention to environmental care. All used the materials are safe, no toxic raw materials are used. The company produces many models of various price categories. Therefore, even a novice athlete can afford Scandinavian sticks of the highest quality of this company.

KV +

Rating: 4.7

KV +

On the fourth line of the ranking is a company from Switzerland. Eminent athletes and amateurs have long opted for KV + equipment, which is used not only during training, but also world-class competitions. The company was founded not so long time ago, but thanks to the highest quality I was able to become one of The best manufacturers of Nordic walking sticks. Brand motto: “Accessibility and innovation.” Therefore, even the most advanced developments a person with any income level can afford.

Regardless of the model, the sticks are lightweight and durable. constructions. Compact dimensions after folding allow without labor to store and transport them. Handles are made with adding cork, lanyards – from nylon fabric. all materials absolutely safe for human health and the environment. IN the assortment includes telescopic and straight sticks, for entry-level and professional level, for men and women.

According to reviews, the company produces one of the highest quality equipment for walking. Designs exclude pressure on the hands, but contribute to its better distribution to muscles and joints. Pensioners and children can easily use sticks and receive high results from training.

Black diamond

Rating: 4.6

Black Diamond

The fifth place in the ranking is deservedly taken by an American company, which is widely known among tourists, climbers, climbers, skiers. She started operations in 1957 and during her work I was able to gain enough experience to develop equipment, meeting the high quality standard. Wide range offers Scandinavian sticks for both advanced athletes and just beginners.

Safety comes first, so designs are not only developed with the participation of medical narrowly targeted specialists, but also tested on volunteers. Every detail It is worked out with special care. Materials are selected according to hygiene and safety requirements. People even low level of physical fitness will be able without health risk go hiking with Black sticks Diamond

Customers praised both telescopic and fixed models. All are equipped with anatomical handles, strong thongs, wearproof tips differ stylish design. Appearance does not change over time. Brightness color is not reduced, the surface is not scratched.


Rating: 4.5


American company, founded in 1987, at the sixth line ranking. She specializes in massage equipment and other types of wellness products that significantly improves the condition of the body. Over the years, research has been created unique technologies and innovative design developments that enhance the quality of life even with very serious problems. Scandinavian sticks US MEDICA designed for people with different levels of training: and for advanced athletes, and for inexperienced beginners.

The main difference from many other firms is quality study of every, even the smallest detail. Lanyards increased comforts reduce stress on the hand, resistant to abrasion. Removable rubber tips allow you to keep training in any weather and in any sections of the road. They are specially created for asphalt, sand, snow, rough terrain. Appearance always stays attractive thanks to extra durable protective layer.

Experts recommend Finnish sticks of this brand. Despite quite high prices, they are fully justified. When developing doctors of various specializations take part, therefore, in addition to performance guaranteed 100% security.


Rating: 4.4

Kaiser Sport

On the seventh line of the rating is a German company manufacturing high-quality and reliable sports equipment. For 20 years existence, she was able to rise one level with the oldest brands and does not leave these positions for a minute. Constantly introducing new technologies and using innovative raw materials, KAISER SPORT gained fame in many countries of the world. Russian athletes and outdoor enthusiasts first met with 7 years old goods back and today, without a doubt, choose this brand.

Scandinavian sticks and other equipment are released from good quality materials, which confirms their high operational characteristics. Despite this, the prices are quite available, so even low-income people can afford them income level. Designs are diverse. There are bright colors attracting attention and standing out among the vegetation, but there are – discreet tones.

According to reviews, the products are particularly durable. ergonomic handles, sturdy hinges. The surface is not scratched, marking is not erased over time. Although not many models since the brand specializes more in camping equipment, there is plenty to choose from. Finnish sticks of this company advise beginners, who are just starting this type of training.

Cdm sport

Rating: 4.3

CDM Sport Scandinavian logo sticks

The eighth place in the ranking is occupied by the company, which produces tourist and sports equipment for semi-professionals and lovers. Inexpensive Finnish aluminum sticks are suitable for beginners. Carbon products are lighter and more flexible, designed for experienced athletes. Their price is higher than aluminum. All Products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. Materials are safe, do not adversely affect environment.

Brand products have many other advantages. Scandinavian sticks light weight: aluminum – 480 g, carbon – 400 d. It’s not only easy to train with them, even unaccustomed to physical activity to people, but also convenient to carry. Telescopic the system allows you to fold sticks and then store them in a compact form in a special case.

Another advantage is the low invasiveness. Handles are made of material, which includes natural bung. It increases the adhesion of the palms to the surface and even with getting wet eliminates slipping. Rubber tips improve stability when walking. According to reviews, CDM Sport products are an example of a perfect combination of price and quality.


Rating: 4.2


On the ninth line of the rating is a company that has long been gained popularity among fans of an active lifestyle. The head office is in Israel. Representative offices are located in many countries of the world, including Russia. All products not only passes strict control in the manufacturing process. Her quality and safety confirmed by sanitary and epidemiological conclusions and certificates of conformity.

Models are developed with the participation of athletes, doctors, and before going on sale, they are mandatory are tested. The company pays attention to all the characteristics. Scandinavian sticks are not only light in weight, but also compact fold, which is very convenient during storage and transportation. They also fold out comfortably and securely lock into place. level. The lanyards are highly durable. If necessary they can be replaced.

Ergonomic handles are coated with an antibacterial layer and provide reliable grip. The sets are supplied rubber snow tips as well as protective rings. As The material used is carbon and duralumin. Buyers surveyed especially noted the safety of structures, which is very important for children and the elderly.


Rating: 4.1


Our rating is completed by a Russian company that produces reliable and high-quality sticks for Nordic walking. STC – on tenth line. All models are highly durable, lightness, have optimal rigidity and excellent balance. They suitable for professional athletes, lovers of active recreation, tourists. Thanks to high operational stick characteristics can be used in any season and on various surfaces.

Not only efficiency, but also increased comfort Attention. Perforated textiles from which are made lanyards, breathable, prevent sweat and slip. Ergonomic handles accurately follow the shape of the brush and significantly reduce the load during intense training. The undoubted advantage is the possibility of using equipment for people with high stature. Not all competing firms produce such models.

Buyers noted that walking sticks really respond declared characteristics. Among the many options you can choose appropriate to the level of physical fitness and age, as well as any design from bright trendy colors to sleek muted tones.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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