The best satellite and digital receivers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Not all TVs can recognize digital TV signals. Some of them are only for terrestrial and cable television, while others do not have a digital TV tuner at all. In particular, many Russians are still working CRT TVs, which were still created before the era of digital TV. Fortunately, even such devices can be used to view pictures encoded in DVB-T2, DVB-C or DVB-S2 standards – this will require a relatively inexpensive digital or satellite receiver. About The best devices of this kind will be discussed in this material.

Rating of the best satellite receivers

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best satellite receivers 1 Openbox sx6 hd 3 050 rub.
2 AX (Opticum) HD51 4K 13 800 rub.
3 Gi s-8120 4 050 rub.
4 Tricolor GS U510 4 990 rub.
The best digital receivers 1 BBK SMP240HDT2 1 045 rub.
2 Oriel 963 (DVB-T2) 1 300 rub.
3 World vision premium 1 314 rub.

The best satellite receivers

Openbox sx6 hd

Rating: 4.9

Openbox SX6 HD

This receiver is designed to view satellite and IP television. The device was created based on the STiH237 processor, whose clock frequency reaches 650 MHz. Such power is quite enough to solve basic problems. 512 MB are also integrated here. operational and 256 MB of permanent memory.

The chipset embedded in the satellite receiver emits the minimum The amount of heat. This allowed the creators to abandon use of the cooler, making your creation as much as possible quiet. On the receiver, you can find many ventilation holes – it is thanks to them that the device does not overheats even in the hottest weather.

As a software platform, Openbox SX6 HD uses a slightly modified version of Linux. The firmware is open, which allows any developer to write for this receiver own application or at least a plugin. The default for this the model has already installed the most important applications – YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, Torrent Player and many others. To connect to The Internet uses a 100-megabit Ethernet port. maybe use of wireless networks, but in this case it will be required purchase the appropriate USB adapter. The device also includes two CI slots (with support for CI + modules) needed for stable work with many Russian satellite TV operators. In a word This is the leader of our rating!


  • It is possible to control the receiver from a smartphone;

  • Three USB ports are built in;

  • USB adapters for Wi-Fi and 4G are supported;

  • A large number of applications have been installed;

  • Good performance;

  • There are two slots for access cards CI +;

  • You can install additional plugins and programs.


  • No built-in wireless modules;

  • Not the most convenient remote control;

  • It costs around 7 thousand rubles.

AX (Opticum) HD51 4K

Rating: 4.8

AX (Opticum) HD51 4K

One of the most expensive satellite receivers. High price, reaching 14 thousand rubles, due to powerful components. IN In particular, the dual-core Broadcom processor installed here BSM7251S is capable of clocking up to 1.7 GHz. The device also includes 4 GB of constant and 1 GB of operational memory. This is enough for the stable functioning of any applications. As the operating system is used here Linux, so there is no shortage of available programs and plugins observed.

Nothing wrong with Opticum HD51 4K built-in connectors. Two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 are more than enough to connect all kinds of peripherals and external drives. High-speed port will become most relevant in moments watching movies in 4K resolution. There is also an internal receiver 2.5-inch hard drive bay with SATA interface. The device is able to connect via LAN and to NAS storage. In a word, this is not a satellite receiver, but some kind of media center!

The device uses a universal card reader, thanks which you can connect to any satellite operator – at least to MTS TV, even to Tricolor TV, even to NTV Plus. Supports device and card sharing, but in the Russian Federation it is illegal. The receiver connects to the TV through the connector HDMI 2.0 supporting 4K resolution up to 60 frames / s.


  • The firmware is based on the Linux operating system;

  • There is support for 4K resolution;

  • Supported USB Wi-Fi adapters;

  • There are two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0;

  • Decent components are built in;

  • There is a place to install HDD;

  • There is a universal card reader.


  • No built-in wireless modules;

  • The price tag will seem astronomical to some people.

Gi s-8120

Rating: 4.7

Gi S-8120

A fairly popular receiver designed for viewing satellite tv. As discussed above in this device rating, comes with firmware installed on based on the Linux operating system. By default, the receiver already has Customers of YouTube, Picasa, and some other online services. Missing applications can be installed without any difficulty by yourself.

Gi S-8120 for sale for about 4000 rubles. In this regard, not It is worth expecting from the device sky-high characteristics. Device It turned out compact, but to connect an external drive here only one USB 2.0 port is used. Under the satellite housing the receiver is an STi7111 processor, the clock frequency of which is not exceeds 450 MHz. 256 MB of operational and 512 MB are also used here. MB of permanent memory. These characteristics may not be enough. some specialized applications, and high You do not need to wait for performance from this model for sure.

The receiver has a built-in Conax conditional access module. Internet connection here is via network cable. The manufacturer also announced support for some USB Wi-Fi adapters. But do not forget that when connecting one you will have to forget about the usb stick. In short, the Gi S-8120 is a good budget option for the owner of a satellite “dish” for the first time, but not Furthermore.


  • Linux allows you to install additional plugins;

  • Minimum sizes;

  • Good remote control;

  • There is an optical audio output;

  • Low cost.


  • The minimum amount of memory;

  • There are no wireless modules;

  • Performance is far from ideal.

Tricolor GS U510

Rating: 4.7

Tricolor GS U510

A very large, but very light satellite receiver. It is made specifically for the Russian operator Tricolor TV. Sharpened to DVB-S2 standard, and the maximum supported The resolution here is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The device has very low cost, in fact, the buyer receives it in complete with satellite dish and subscription completely free. In this regard, the product does not have any special functions.

The main problem of the receiver is that the software is closed. providing. Here applied proprietary firmware, updated through USB stick or satellite. She will not let you install any specialized applications, you have to be content with the available features here. Moreover, the receiver does not allow access to the Internet. The maximum that you can get from it is viewing media files contained in a USB flash drive. The device also has three simple games, one of which is the well-known “Sapper”.


  • Very low cost;

  • Easy reading of files from a flash drive;

  • Stable work with the signal “Tricolor TV”;

  • There are a number of games;

  • There is an optical audio output for speakers.


  • Separately from a satellite dish, it is sold extremely rarely;

  • No support for online features;

  • Large enough size.

The best digital receivers


Rating: 4.9


Turning to budget receivers designed to receive signal in the DVB-T2 standard, one can not help but recall the products Chinese company BBK. It must be she herself popular in our country, sold even in very distant corners homeland. Our rating includes the BBK SMP240HDT2 receiver, although the assortment of this manufacturer consists of approximately the same devices. They all boast 1080p resolution support, as they all have a USB port designed exclusively to connect a flash drive or external hard drive.

This receiver is used to watch digital TV on those TVs that do not have a built-in digital tuner. Connecting to an LCD TV is via an HDMI cable. If at your disposal a CRT TV, then you can use composite outputs. Despite the low cost, not exceeding 1100 rub., The device is able to write ether to an external drive, in including doing it on a schedule. The rest is typical a digital receiver that cannot surprise anyone.


  • There is a USB connector;

  • You can view teletext;

  • TV recording is available;

  • A fairly convenient remote control;

  • Simplified setup

  • Low cost.


  • High requirements for signal quality;

  • Heats up enough;

  • It does not understand all video and sound formats.

Oriel 963 (DVB-T2)

Rating: 4.8

Oriel 963 (DVB-T2)

Another relatively inexpensive TV set-top box. Like the previous one model, serves exclusively for receiving digital terrestrial TV – Cable and satellite standards are not familiar with the device. Exactly therefore, the device costs only 1,500 rubles. It’s easier to spend that kind of money rather than saving a large enough amount to buy a new LCD TV.

The device easily copes with playing movies, saved to a USB drive. It supports as much as possible. 1080p resolution. However, you must understand that the built-in here a media player cannot be called omnivorous – some video and sound formats may be unfamiliar to him. But this is a typical misfortune for inexpensive digital receivers based on proprietary firmware.

The main feature of Oriel 963 (DVB-T2) is the availability SCART connector. This allows you to easily switch to this Set-top box with VCR. Also on the back of the device there is a composite output and an already familiar HDMI connector. You can connect speakers using a coaxial digital output. The sound promises to be beautiful, because the product supports the DOLBY codec DIGITAL. Also, the device can write television to the external storage device.


  • A large number of connectors;

  • There is a USB 2.0 port;

  • You can view teletext;

  • You can write television, including on schedule;

  • Relatively low cost;

  • It understands most video and sound formats;

  • Stable signal reception.


  • No cable included.

World vision premium

Rating: 4.7

World Vision Premium

The most advanced digital receiver designed for receiving digital TV signals. Unlike the two above models, this device understands not only DVB-T2, but also cable DVB-C standard. At the same time, the receiver costs the same 1,500 rubles., thanks to which he fell into this rating.

Of course, the device turned out to be larger than ordinary black “boxes”, working only with the on-air digital TV standard. But the manufacturer managed to place a large number on the case buttons. This allows you to control the device even if the remote control is lost somewhere. On the back of the device is standard set of connectors. In particular, to connect to The TV uses either an antenna output or a composite with audio, or HDMI. Also here you can find coaxial digital The audio output commonly used to connect speakers. Finally, there is also a USB port. And this is the main drawback digital receiver, front to connect a flash drive would be much convenient.

The rest is a typical set-top box that allows you to watch various TV channels or content stored externally drive. A recording of the air is also available here. You can mark there would be a YouTube application preinstalled here, but you need to know about it forget for three reasons. Firstly, for internet access You will need a USB Wi-Fi adapter. Secondly, the program does not know how remember account settings. Thirdly, processor power is not enough for stable video viewing through this customer.


  • Supports not only DVB-T2, but also DVB-C;

  • Included are two different cables for connection;

  • Convenient remote control;

  • All the necessary connectors are present;

  • It is possible to connect an external drive;

  • High reliability;

  • Scheduled TV recording is possible;

  • Teletext viewing available;

  • Optimal price tag.


  • Using Internet options is extremely difficult;

  • Not the most stable firmware.


As you already understood, real station wagons in the world of receivers are very are rare. Usually the device is ground for either digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T2 standard), or for satellite (DVB-S2 standard). There are also options exclusively for the cable standard, but finding them in stores is much more difficult – usually such devices sold by the operators themselves. Now you just have to decide with what kind of TV you want to watch, as well as with the necessary functionality. After that, you can safely head to the mall or, which is much simpler, place an order in the online store.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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