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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

To date, the most technologically advanced compressors in domestic refrigerators are compressors inverter type. They are able to smoothly adjust their own power unlike ordinary ones, which are cyclically switched on full power and completely shut off. Inverter compressors noticeably quieter than usual and much more economical.

Rating of the best refrigerators with inverter compressor

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best refrigerators with inverter compressor 5 Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW 23 810 rub.
4 LG GA-B489 TGRF 66 995 rub.
3 Samsung RB-37 J5200SA 37 900 rub.
2 LG GA-B489 ZVSP 47 025 rub.
1 Samsung RB-33 J3420BC 34 770 rub.

Experts studied the characteristics of popular models of refrigerators with inverter compressors and rated you the most good options. All models described below have the following general characteristics:

  1. refrigeration and freezer defrosting system – No Frost

  2. one cooling circuit for both chambers (one compressor);

  3. refrigerant – isobutane (R600a);

  4. energy efficiency class – not lower than “A +”;

  5. LCD electronic control panel (except Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW);

  6. the ability to outweigh the doors (except Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW);

  7. glass shelves.

Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW

Rating: 4.5

Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW

Samsung refrigerators brand RT-25 HAR4DWW with inverter compressor produced at the Samsung factory in Vietnam. it compact model with dimensions 55.5×67.4×169.8 cm. Made in snow-white color scheme in a case made of metal and plastic.

Compact dimensions in this model are realized due to freezer – its volume is only 53 liters. Volume of the refrigerator – 202 l. Included is an ice generator – other models in Review this option do not have.

The annual energy consumption of the refrigerator is 253 kWh, the noise declared by the manufacturer is no higher than 40 dB. Power freezing – 3.5 kg per day. Climate class – from normal to tropical.

Functionality Samsung RT-25 HAR4DWW is noticeably limited compared with other models in the ranking. There is no opportunity outweigh the door, there is no acoustic signal of the open door, zone freshness, display. Mechanical control modes. Against the background of all of these limitations, an important advantage is noticeable – affordable price.


  • economical;

  • compact;

  • there is an ice generator;

  • affordable price.


  • there is no way to outweigh the doors;

  • low freezer volume.


Rating: 4.6


LG GA-B489 TGRF refrigerators are available at the LG assembly factory in the Moscow region. It is multifunctional and quite expensive. premium model. High class is already showing itself in design – expressive red color of the case with unobtrusive patterned glass door trim, futuristic panel screen management.

The dimensions of the refrigerator are 59.5×68.8×200 cm, weight – 97 kg. Volume the refrigerator compartment is 196 liters, the freezer is 105 liters. Freezer placed below. There is a “zero” camera without a separate doors under the freshness zone of 17 liters.

LG GA-B489 TGRF High Energy Efficiency – Class “A ++” with a consumption of up to 256 kWh per year, within which implemented very decent cooling ability. So power freezing in this model is up to 14 kg per day, autonomous preservation of the cold in the freezer – 14 hours. Are provided energy-saving Vacation mode and super freezing in the freezer.

LG GA-B489 TGRF’s strongest point is the use of high technology and various innovations: antibacterial door Bio Shield sealant, freshness zone with Opti temp technology, humidity controller FRESH Balancer, Wi-Fi with connection to Smart ThinQ and other useful options.


  • stylish design;

  • child protection;

  • Wi-Fi

  • functional;

  • profitability.


  • high price.

Samsung RB-37 J5200SA

Rating: 4.7

Samsung RB-37 J5200SA

Samsung RB-37 J5200SA refrigerators with inverter compressor produced in Poland. The model is made in a silver case made of metal and plastic. The linear dimensions of the refrigerator – 59.5×67.5×201 see. Moreover, its capacity is noticeably greater than that of many other models with the same dimensions.

The volume of the freezer is 98 liters, the refrigerator – as much as 269 liters. The freezer is located below. This space efficiency achieved with Space Max Technology ™ – more thin walls with thermal insulation that does not reduce energy efficiency.

The annual energy consumption for this model is up to 314 kWh Freezing ability – up to 12 kg of products per day. Autonomous cold preservation in the freezer – up to 18 hours. There is a mode “Vacation” and superfrost. There is a freshness zone – the manufacturer positions it as the optimal storage location meat and fish.

Declared noise level of 38 dB, although not a record, but honest – complaints about the inconsistency of this parameter with the correct operation from real users is practically not arriving.


  • stylish design;

  • quiet work;

  • spaciousness.


  • narrow temperature adjustment range.


Rating: 4.8


LG GA-B489 ZVSP refrigerators are assembled from finished parts in Russia in its own assembly factory LG. Made in silver metal-plastic case with aluminum door handles.

The dimensions of the refrigerator body – 59.5×68.8×200 cm, weight without packaging – 89 kg. The volume of the refrigerating chamber – 230 l together with zero a camera allocated for the freshness zone (17 l). Freezer volume cameras with lower placement – 105 l. The freshness zone is wet, consists of two compartments with the possibility of separate adjustment temperature.

This model belongs to the same high class. energy efficiency “A ++”, like the LG GA-B489 TGRF, being even less demanding on energy consumption – up to 246 kWh per year. Power freezing is up to 14 kg per day. Offline save cold is not provided. There is a super freeze and a vacation mode. Uniform temperature at all levels is maintained by the system. multi-threaded cooling Multi Air Flow.

The claimed noise of this model does not exceed 40 dB. Climatic classes – from subnormal to subtropical.


  • reliability;

  • profitability;

  • functional.


  • no autonomous cold preservation.

Samsung RB-33 J3420BC

Rating: 4.9

Samsung RB-33 J3420BC

Samsung RB-33 J3420BC refrigerators with inverter compressor produced in Poland. The efforts of the designers were aimed at minimization of the final cost with maximum preservation functional. Made in a stylish black case that attracts even their appearance.

Unit dimensions are 59.5×66.8×185 cm, refrigeration volume chambers – 230 l, freezer – 98 l. Freezer placed from below. There is no backlight in the freezer. It’s not uncommon for dual-chamber refrigerators, but here users are often unhappy because of it not too high, but not the lowest price. Also in this model no freshness zone.

The model belongs to the energy efficiency class “A +” with annual consumption up to 280 kWh. Within this power refrigerator able to freeze up to 12 kg of food per day. Battery life cold preservation – up to 20 hours; Climate classes – from subnormal to subtropical. Standalone cold preservation – up to 20 hours.

This is one of the quietest refrigerators, even among inverter ones – up to 37 dB.


  • stylish design;

  • quiet work;

  • high autonomy;


  • no freshness zone;

  • no backlight in the freezer.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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