The 9 Best Water Cooled Tile Cutters

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

High productivity and excellent cut quality demonstrate water-cooled tile cutters. Thanks to the feed water in the cutting zone can reduce the amount of dust, increase the life diamond blade service, minimize tile waste due to chips. Modern machines allow you to perform the most complex taps, grooves and notches. Today a wide range is on sale specialized tool for tilers. To pick up optimal model, you should follow our recommendations experts.

Selection recommendations

Type of food. Water-cooled tile cutters use two types of electricity.

  1. Network models are the best option for the price and characteristics, if the room has a 220-volt outlet IN.
  2. Cordless tile cutters help out the craftsmen in cases where the facility is not yet electrified. Full working time A charged battery depends on the hardness of the material.

Types of water-cooled tile cutters. Depending on the designs distinguish the following types of tile cutters.

  1. Impressive dimensions have machines with the top arrangement saw blade. Tile cutters with this design are large weight, but at the same time demonstrates high performance, accuracy and depth of cut. The cutting head moves along guide, sawing stationary material.
  2. A tool with a lower disc arrangement looks more compact. IN the tile cutting asset should be light and mobile, the ability to cut tiles diagonally. Tiles have to be served in manual cutting zone.
  3. The most affordable and mobile are tile cutters without a table. They are equipped with small water storage tanks or a pipe. to connect the hose. The tiler will have to use a household table or a chair for cutting.

Performance. Tile cutters with water cooled performance.

  1. Professional models are equipped with powerful motors (1000-2200 W) with a disk rotation speed of 2500 rpm. Such models required for large scale finishes.
  2. The amateur tool is equipped with low-power motors (400-1000 W), which spin the disk at a speed of 1500-3000 rpm Such a tile cutter is useful for laying tiles in a house or apartment.

The maximum diameter of the disc. Another important characteristic tilers need to pay attention when choosing tool. This is the maximum diameter of the disc. From him in many ways Depends on the depth of cut.

  1. Professional models can work with saw blades with a diameter of 200-350 mm. They are able to cut not only finishing tiles, but stone, marble, granite and concrete materials 40 … 110 mm thick.
  2. Tile cutters with a disk of 80-120 have a narrower scope of application. mm Their task is to process tiles up to 30 mm thick.
  3. When choosing a tool with a rotary mechanism of the cutting head should take into account such a moment as reducing the depth of cut on the deviation from the rectangular arrangement of the disk.

We selected 9 of the best water-cooled tile cutters in our review. You can buy this tool in all regions of our country. At the distribution of seats, the editorial board relied on expert opinion communities and reviews of domestic tilers.

Rating of the best water-cooled tile cutters

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best water-cooled tile cutters 1 Fubag fb 350 48 535 rub.
2 DIAM SPmax-250 / 1.5 29 520 rub.
3 Helmut FS230H 26 902 rub.
4 ELITECH PE 1000 / 92P � 12 330 rub.
5 DeWALT DWC410 10 643 rub.
6 CALIBER PLE-200/1000 4 650 rub.
7 Makita CC301DWAE 10 845 rub.
8 RYOBI LTS180M 5 047 rub.
9 ELITECH PE 450 2 997 rub.

Fubag fb 350

Rating: 4.9

Fubag FB 350

Seriously speed up the work of laying stone or tile will help professional tile cutter Fubag FB 350. Electric machine the pendulum type is equipped with a movable carriage. Manufacturer preferred the upper location of the saw blade, the working part may rotate at an angle of 45 degrees. Experts praised convenience of work, smoothly lower and raise the cutting head pneumatic cylinder helps. Together with the tile cutter there is a pump, using which can organize the automatic supply of cooling fluid into the cutting zone. The machine allows you to make cuts, notches, pilot seam.

Domestic tilers praise the tile cutter for high performance and versatility. By cons, they include only a high price.


  • high performance;
  • You can do different operations;
  • pneumatic drive of the cutting head;
  • pump included.


  • high price.

DIAM SPmax-250 / 1.5

Rating: 4.8

DIAM SPMAX-250 / 1.5

Not much inferior to the leader of the review is the DIAM SPmax-250 / 1.5 tile cutter. The machine is equipped with a less powerful motor (1.5 versus 2.2 kW), which It was also reflected in the maximum diameter of the disk (250 versus 350 mm). Accordingly, the cut depth is 60 mm. However experts note high performance, smooth engine start, a strong bed, the rotary mechanism by 45 degrees. Through the tool manages to cut stone, tile and porcelain. Wherein the cost of this tile cutter is quite affordable. Machine gets the silver of our review.

Most users flatter workers characteristics of the tile cutter. He has enough power, with him nice to work with. But the pump should be kept in a container with a clean water.


  • good performance;
  • smooth start;
  • affordable price;
  • convenience in work.


  • incomprehensible instructions;
  • the pump is afraid of dirty water.

Helmut FS230H

Rating: 4.7

Helmut FS230H

A sufficiently mobile design of the tile cutter was invented by German manufacturer. The Helmut FS230H is equipped with folding legs and comfortable handles. The device weighs less than the leaders (55 kg), in at the same time, the base of the tile cutter is stiff and strong. She is effective dampens vibrations, providing a quality cut. Saw blade with a diameter of 230 mm is hidden in a protective casing, it is able to do cut to a depth of 45 mm (90 degrees). When turning the cutting head by 45 degrees, the depth is reduced to 40 mm. Thanks chinese assembly machine is an attractive purchase for Russian tilers.

The model takes third place in the review, because the owners found disadvantage. The stop rail is not centered at right angles. how the result, without modifications and adjustments, the cut goes to one side.


  • affordable price;
  • folding design;
  • rubberized table;
  • good performance.


  • adjustment and adjustment required.

ELITECH PE 1000 / 92P �

Rating: 4.6


Quickly and efficiently cutting ceramics or porcelain tiles can professional tile cutter ELITECH PE 1000 / 92P. Manufacturer equipped the machine with a 1000 W motor, which provides disk rotation speed at the level of 2950 rpm. It turned out successful table design. For ease of movement, there are wheels and handles, legs are easy to fold. The surface of the table is covered with a layer of rubber, it prevents the tiles from slipping during cutting. For accurate Installation made special stops with a scale. Max diameter the disc is 200 mm, which allows for deep cuts 36 mm.

Users liked the neat work of the tile cutter, it doesn’t forms spray, debris and slag. Of the minuses, a weak paintwork, uncomfortable drain.


  • folding design;
  • convenience of movement;
  • exact cut;
  • rubberized table cover.


  • weak paintwork;
  • uncomfortable drain.


Rating: 4.5


A compact and mobile device for cutting tiles is DeWALT DWC410 model. The weight of the tool is only 3 kg, it suitable for working with ceramics, marble, granite and paving tiled. The manufacturer has provided the ability to supply cooling liquids through a special tube. Experts note that the model does not have its own table, so the tiler will have to look for a support platform. The tool is equipped with a saw blade, with maximum diameter 110 mm. It can be used to cut 34 mm deep. Powerful motor (1300 W) has a speed of 13000 rpm

Russian tilers praise the tool for its ease and compactness, high-quality assembly. But use the tile cutter uncomfortable, there is no synchronization of the inclusion of the pump and the disk.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • clean cut;
  • can be used as a circular saw.


  • inconvenience in work;
  • no table.

CALIBER PLE-200/1000

Rating: 4.4

CALIBER PLE-200/1000

The tile cutter CALIBER PLE-200/1000 is made in the form of a mini-circular. The machine is a fairly mobile device, its weight is 12 kg with a table size of 500×400 mm. Thanks polished table surface, tile glides easily during work. The manufacturer equipped his product with an electric motor with a power of 1000 W, the speed of rotation of the disk is 3000 rpm. The maximum diameter of the blade is 200 mm. High precision is designed to provide a special line. Also a rotation of the disk by 45 degrees is provided. Includes a pallet to collect coolant. The model closes the TOP-6 of our review.

Owners are satisfied with the low cost, indelible ruler, good power. By cons, they include poor assembly and curve table.


  • low price;
  • good power;
  • big table;
  • indelible ruler.


  • poor assembly;
  • crooked table.

Makita CC301DWAE

Rating: 4.3


The best battery model in our review was a tile cutter Makita CC301DWAE. Compact and lightweight (1.8 kg) tool driven by 2A · h lithium-ion battery (voltage 10.8 V). The kit has a spare battery, charger, water tank and diamond blade with a key. The model looks more modest compared to the review leaders in such technical parameters like disk rotation speed (1600 rpm) and depth cut (25.5 mm). Maximum disc diameter is only 85 mm The tool has neither a table nor a cooling tray liquids.

The strengths of the tile cutter users consider lightness, compactness and mobility. Serious tool flaw short battery life is considered (3-4 tiles from porcelain tile).


  • lightness and compactness;
  • mobility;
  • water tank;
  • 2 batteries.


  • there is no table and pallet;
  • the battery runs out quickly.


Rating: 4.2


Another battery model has caught the attention of our experts. The RYOBI LTS180M tile cutter is lightweight (2.59 kg) and a mobile device that allows you to cut tile materials up to 22 mm thick. Thanks to the high-speed engine (4500 rpm) the manufacturer has achieved excellent cut quality. You can cut perform at an angle of 45 degrees. The device is convenient to use, all controls are located on the handle. Of the options you can mark spindle lock. Tool driven thanks to the 18 volt battery.

Domestic tilers liked the device at an affordable price, mobility, autonomy of water supply. The cons they consider poor quality drive, lack of guide rail, one battery.


  • mobility and autonomy;
  • convenient management;
  • affordable price;
  • spindle lock.


  • no guide rail;
  • low quality native disk.


Rating: 4.1


The most mobile network tile cutter in the review was the model ELITECH PE 450. The tool is made in the form of a small case with desktop size 310×360-440 mm. Table surface is covered a layer of rubber, give stability to the appliance during operation supporting legs. The product weighs only 3.9 kg, plays the role of snap saw blade with a diameter of 115 mm. It provides a depth of cut of 23 mm in the case of a rectangular cut. Disk rotation speed limited to 2950 rpm Experts attribute tile cutting to amateur instrument, therefore, demand high cut quality and jewelry accuracy is not worth it.

Users are attracted to the low price of the tool, its lightness and compactness, ease of use. Displeasure is low accuracy, noise, lack of protection against splashes.


  • low price;
  • mobility;
  • sustainability;
  • ease of use.


  • low power;
  • noisiness.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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