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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Stamped wheels are basic for cars that come off conveyor belt. They are solid metal products, obtained as a result of pressure treatment on special dies. Bribe users mainly due to the lowest factor prices in the segment (in relation to cast and forged wheels), as well as the possibility of straightening with the appearance of dents or tea leaves cracks formed.

Despite its ugliness, stamped discs are actively sold on the market, and therefore a competitive field among manufacturing companies has reached incredible proportions. Cope with sweat-like products manufactured by them to the ordinary consumer becomes too strong. Therefore, by conducting thorough research in as part of the segment, the editors of the magazine selected nine of the best firms manufacturing low-cost and, most importantly, quality stamped discs. One of the key criteria the selection of nominees for the rating were reviews of tens of thousands consumers, as well as experienced opinions of staff experts.

How to choose stamped wheels

At the current stage of development of the auto parts market and specialized sales sites selection of stamped discs not presents a big problem – a product that suits your needs and preferences are easily identified through special search forms for parameters. However, if the choice is made independently and directly in the store, we recommend taking into account six main points:

  1. Landing diameter. The value denoting the outer stamped disc diameter in inches (e.g. R15). Enough obvious parameter for choice, which should be given special Attention. Permissible disk diameters are always written in vehicle operating instructions and are indicated on stickers located in doorways (in conjunction with recommended tire pressure). We strongly recommend comply with the prescribed rules, since if detected compatibility violations the car may not pass the planned inspection.
  2. Number and circumference of the mounting location holes. A criterion with a very long name and a large role in mounting disks. The number of fixing bolts is directly dependent on the weight products, and may vary from 3 to 7-8. In standard practice (most) used discs for 4-6 bolts, but with a diameter the circumference of the hole arrangement is much more complicated. On the VAZ production cars, for example, (with the exception of the Oka and Niva) diameter is 98 millimeters. We recommend that you follow all prescribed dimensions to prevent poor wheel fixation on the hub or a heartbeat while riding.
  3. The width of the disk. Simple, but at the same time no less important parameter than landing diameter. Marked with latin letter “J” and similarly to the diameter is indicated in the technical instructions. The width of the disc is dimensionally consistent with a number of tires, but non-rigid, as it allows the presence of a small inaccuracies.
  4. Departure of a disk. A parameter that affects perception forces with wheel bearings and suspension work. Represents the distance from the plane of connection with the hub to the middle wheels in width. If the stamped disc is not correctly selected for departure can provoke a situation of rapid wear of parts running gear, and to a greater extent the development of the resource of bearings hubs.
  5. The diameter of the hub hole. Indicated in documentation with the letters “D”, “Dia” or “DIA”, and is perhaps the most important criterion for selecting a disk. Everything is simple: if you knowingly the smaller diameter of the center hole, the wheel just doesn’t stand on its place, and with its large dimensions during installation it will be required precise alignment with special rings.
  6. Fasteners. The question of choice for this parameter associated with the type and form of fasteners that will fix the disk on hub. In the case of stamped discs, the role of those most often play bolts with a conical shape adjacent to the plane and reduced length of the threaded part. This is due to the small stamping thickness compared to casting. Sometimes in the market you can find discs for bolts with a hemispherical and flat base, but such types are still very rare.

Which wheels are better: cast or stamped?

Drive type




+ Low weight and, as a result, more economical fuel consumption

+ Best overclocking characteristics

+ Facilitate the process of driving

+ Reduced braking distance due to construction facilitation

+ The best balance provided at the stage production

+ High durability

– Unsuitable: strong and sharp blow can lead to disk failure

– The cost is much higher than stamped models

– Knowingly low perceived weight (not Designed for installation on trucks and minibuses).


+ Repairable due to increased stamping ductility: dents can be straightened and straightened, carve and weld cracks

+ They have a high load capacity, therefore can be installed on cars of any purpose (trucks, buses, etc.)

+ Low compared to alloy wheels, cost

– Low attractiveness of appearance (corrected by setting decorative caps with fastening on clamps or cable ties)

– Obviously larger than that of alloy wheels, mass: as a result, increased fuel consumption and less “obedient” control

– Poorly balanced

– A slight increase in stopping distance

– Disc metal may corrode in places of the vanishing of the protective layer (enamel, galvanizing)

Rating of the best stamped disc manufacturers

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best stamped disc manufacturers 1 Kfz 4.9
2 Mefro 4.8
3 Kronprinz 4.8
4 Dotz 4.7
5 TZSK 4.7
6 Eurodisk 4.7
7 Asterro 4.6
8 Trebl 4.5
9 Yst 4.4


Rating: 4.9


The first line of the rating by right of the strong goes to the largest European holding company KFZ with production bases in the territory Germany, Switzerland, Spain and even Brazil. The specifics of this The company is constantly exchanging experience and technology with other companies, as well as in parallel launch of their own research laboratories. However, it does not pursue goals give users a visually reference product, proactively working to increase strength indicators for the benefit of consumers.

Of KFZ’s latest achievements, 15 percent disk mass reduction without loss of performance. All this became possible thanks to a competent study of the profile, and reflected in fuel economy, increased handling and flexibility of the car, as well as reducing the load on the parts running gear. Sincerely pleased with the experts and the number of different disk samples: 36 factories worldwide produce more than 500 models. All this, coupled with low prices, makes international holding is one of the most attractive for consumers, therefore the choice in favor of such leadership was more than obvious.


  • more than 36 production sites dispersed throughout the world;
  • continuous work on improving the performance of new model ranks conducted in personal research complexes;
  • supporting active market growth by sharing experience with others companies;
  • very high nominal product quality;
  • adequate prices;
  • significant weight reduction of models relative to competitors – improved handling and reduced fuel consumption.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.8


An important difference between Merfo and Kronprinz is attention to detail and focus on occupying as many niches in issues of stamped discs for transport equipment. It is for these reasons that the “world” producer (plants companies are really scattered around the world) takes leading place in the ranking of the best. Among his products can be found stamping designed for tractors, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and, in fact, for cars with SUVs.

Like all other members of the caste of leaders, Merfo often faced with the problem of falsification of goods in retail, causing thus the indignation of consumers. In their original form discs are able to withstand colossal shock loads, have a positive effect on fuel consumption and handling, as well as serve faithfully for 5-7 years (guaranteed). In addition, many experts recognize their protective coating as a reference. – it does not lose its properties with prolonged contact with aggressive road chemistry and withstands severe shear loads. Excellent product that justifies all the funds put on it.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • reference protective layer of the base metal;
  • high strength characteristics and resistance to strong mechanical shock;
  • durability and wear resistance;
  • conveyor agreement for many European and American concerns.


  • the presence of fakes in the market.


Rating: 4.8


It’s hard to believe, but the history of the German company Kronprinz has more than 110 years of successful existence, however, in various production roles. However, now she is completely focused on the production of stamped wheels for cars, and in completely different sizes: from R14 to R20.

The subtle sense of technological progress, which is a business company card, allows you to systematically and timely conduct modernization of production, following the trend of continuous improvement the proposed product. It turns out great: wheels gradually get rid of chronic vulnerabilities, add resistance to wear and durability. In particular, in the last few years Kronprinz addressed the issue of poor product resistance to tangential strokes, which not only disabled the disks themselves, but also adversely affected the details of the chassis. The problem was eliminated by changing the shape and thickness of a number of small sections, which gave a positive effect and pushed the bar to new sales heights.


  • willing work on bugs;
  • the abundance of stamped disc models in stock;
  • good metal protection by overlapping – high resistance to wear and tear;
  • compliance of products with international quality standards.


  • at the moment – not available.


Rating: 4.7


The four best stamped disc manufacturers hit the German company Dotz, which became the hallmark Great product design. Indeed, in a number users do not need to think about changing stamping for casting – the disc here has decorative overlays, as well as technologically complex elements unattainable in the production of others companies.

Of course, you have to pay for everything. Beauty is often chrome or enamelled surface conceals low strength properties, due to which the disk is deformed when application of obviously lower loads than competitors. True, such nuances took place to be until recently. Pedantic by nature, the Germans tightened enterprise standards and implemented rigorous operational control with regulation key parameters that affect driving comfort and operational characteristics. The results exceeded expectations that naturally reflected in a wave of positive reaction from European and Russian users.


  • emphasis on the visual component of disks – complex transitions, bends of the profile, the presence of decorative overlays;
  • reasonable price for the entire product line;
  • high quality and level of refinement at all stages production;
  • Chic recommendations from experts and users.


  • at this stage – not identified.


Rating: 4.7


Tolyatti Steel Wheel Plant – official and unchanged supplier of stamped disks for conveyor lines of AvtoVAZ PJSC, located in the same city. This is the most the largest and most wealthy company among all considered domestic manufacturers owning research laboratory and direct market entry Europe and Asia (through the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance).

Thanks to the high-quality equipment of TZSK production from year to year makes modernization of its products, improving components painting and processing, then welding methods, then “playing” with thermal processing to increase strength indicators. So in the number of product advantages of the company and consumers, and experts include a large selection of models, safety, excellent quality and that importantly, affordable prices. And, in view of the tremendous experience production, to believe in all this becomes much easier.


  • conveyor title disc supplier for companies AvtoVAZ, Renault, Nissan, etc .;
  • the presence of its own research department;
  • continuous work to improve performance;
  • high popularity among consumers.


  • a small number of low-quality fakes in the retail sale.


Rating: 4.7


The company with a promising name is another come from from the Russian market, operating within the framework of the budget stamped disc segment. However, the quality of The products here are surprisingly acceptable, since the technical equipment of the enterprise includes entirely foreign equipment (Turkey, Germany, France and the Netherlands). In his raw materials for products are supplied from the metallurgical plant Severstal, which also has a positive effect on the ultimate cost.

Not having any special types of strictly defined release disc sizes, Eurodisk strives to meet the needs of a large circle of consumers, stably “throwing” to the market stamping R14-R16 (slightly less often and in a smaller volume – R17). And, in general, everyone likes it: someone due to a good protective floor metal, for someone withstanding shock loads. Anyway, the Russian company managed to please domestic car owners, and therefore, the next step is the establishment of sustainable international lines sales.


  • the lowest price for manufactured products;
  • orientation of production to classical methods of obtaining product (without the principles of strict postoperative control);
  • satisfactory strength and quality metal;
  • an abundance of stamped disc models in the company’s lineup.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.6


Quite an interesting brand, the origins of which can be found on territory (quite unexpectedly) of Uzbekistan, although all production It has long been relocated to China. Is one of the leading players of the domestic market of stamped discs without claims on superior visual design and usability production technologies.

Adherent to the classic manufacturing scheme, Asterro maintains high quality standards in terms of strength, thereby minimizing the risk of fracture of steel disks with strong shock or exposure to a number of negative factors (cold, road reagents, mechanical load). According to consumer reviews, stamping of an Uzbek company weighs even less than a number of analogues, turning out to be more manageable and economical. This is especially like meticulous comfort and safety, and that’s why we Asterro is ranked seventh.


  • increased controllability and profitability;
  • good quality protective metal overlap;
  • high strength characteristics of welds;
  • low price for the whole range of products.


  • lower (relative to competitors) durability values due to lightweight construction.


Rating: 4.5


A company with very confused “roots” of origin, the main whose office is located in China. Is one of the most favorite manufacturers among Russian car owners, as it supplies the market with exceptionally cheap and visually very interesting products. Like Yst , Trebl uses technology of operational quality control, paying particular attention to balance and radial runout of discs when typing speed.

Despite its Chinese origin (and roots dating back to Japan), this company has long established itself as a a reliable supplier of stamping on conveyors of world manufacturers. Trebl wheels go to conveyors General Motors, Ford and partially to production lines for the assembly of budget sedans from Volkswagen. Among them the main advantages can also be attributed excellent condition protective coating (enamel, galvanizing) and good resistance crumple is a reliable product that can serve faithfully for 4-5 years.


  • low price for the entire product line;
  • interesting visual solutions (painting + execution stamp);
  • resistant coating providing protection against aggressive environmental influences;
  • trust from global automakers.


  • for its price category – not identified.


Rating: 4.4


The youngest company from the list that has already managed to “grab” from competitors more than 7% of the domestic market of Russia. Main Factory YST located in Yaroslavl, but the production base makes up purely foreign equipment (imported mainly from the USA, Italy and Germany). Stamped discs are available in the most common sizes (from R13 to R17), trying to cover how You can have a wider range of cars used in the territory Of Russia.

In matters of quality, YST has also advanced a few points. forward, in particular, due to a well-implemented policy operational control. Others are gradually being introduced technologically advanced developments that allow the company impose competition on the largest companies in Europe. On modern the stage of its existence, there is only one small nuance: domestic consumers have not yet had time to “try” the new product as it should, so the ratings from them so far are not too lot. For this we award the nominee ninth place in the rating, but with high hopes for future result improvements.


  • relies on high-tech production methods;
  • implementation of operational control, reduction of marriage;
  • good parameters of reliability and durability of disks;
  • good product design.


  • still small popularity of the company among Russian motorists.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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