The 9 Best Online Electronics Stores

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Online electronics stores lure buyers with reduced cost and convenience of finding goods. On virtual shelves you can Find thousands of unique gadgets and devices. We decided to highlight The best markets selling electronic equipment. Upon selection Participants in the rating focused on the range, prices, payment methods and delivery speed.

Rating of the best online electronics stores

Nomination a place online store rating
Rating of the best online electronics stores 1 M Video 5.0
2 Techport 4.9
3 Goods 4.8
4 Dns shop 4.7
5 El Dorado 4.6
6 Citylink 4.5
7 I take it! 4.4
8 Yulmart 4.3
9 Aliexpress 4.2

M Video

Rating: 5.0

M Video

The leader in the ranking is the site M-video, which offers customers tens of thousands of electronic goods. Every year, customers celebrate high quality products and their good value. Foreseen “Order and take away” service, thanks to which the customer chooses the goods on the site and pays it in a regular store. For each purchase bonus points are awarded. Judging by the reviews, defective equipment comes across rarely. In case of a defect, the goods are immediately replaced.

An online store user can choose a courier delivery to the door. In Moscow, you need to pay 490 rubles for this service. When ordering From 5 thousand rubles, the purchase will be delivered free of charge. After the acquisition electronics, the buyer has a month to exchange and return. In company Best Price Guaranteed. If you find a product cheaper, then the company will reduce the cost of it. If the consumer has purchased the equipment, which in 2 weeks has become more profitable in price, then he will get the difference to your card. Rarely there are problems with promotional codes on the site. Promotions and bonuses may not work.


Rating: 4.9


Further in the ranking is the largest household hypermarket technology and electronics. The store catalog includes about 500 thousand goods. All products have the necessary documents and a guarantee. The company works only with official representatives of leading global firms. One of the main advantages of the online market is attractive prices. Techport hosts daily promotions, offer discounts. After each purchase, bonuses are awarded to the customer, which in the future can be exchanged for goods. Order delivered to points of delivery free of charge. On average, transportation takes 3-5 days. If desired, you can get a package from the courier.

Among the advantages of the store is the presence of unique goods, high quality electronics, the ability to purchase at credit. Outgoing technical support staff praised. At if necessary, you can order services such as installation of equipment and check for broken pixels. It’s a pity there are not many in small towns points of issue. Otherwise, complaints about the work of the online market not.


Rating: 4.8


Thousands of products purchased by Internet users in Goods daily. This is a popular store where there are all components, network equipment, office equipment. It is based and maintained. firm M. Video. Among the brands you can find Canon, Epson, Nikon, Philips. There is a separate section with routers, auto products, digital receivers and HI FI equipment. Only sell in store high-quality equipment. When buying in the amount of 1000 rubles courier Deliver an order in just 1 ruble. Any electronics can be taken in installments without overpayments.

The online platform saves up to 50% of the purchase price, receive bonus rubles and use them when paying the following goods. You can pay for the order online, by credit card or in cash. All payments are protected. Marketplace is constantly working on improving the quality of service and makes shopping the most comfortable.

Dns shop

Rating: 4.7


We gave the fourth place in the rating to the Dns-shop online store, which is known for a large number of retail outlets in Russia. On the CSN website you can find hundreds of thousands of products, among which computers, household appliances and smartphones are presented. After order the buyer receives an SMS message with the date of receipt. Calls employees do not bother. The main advantages of Dns-shop – large the choice of modern pickup points, a huge assortment, availability unique goods, fast delivery time. The fact that You can pay for the order upon receipt.

The technical support of the company is extremely incompetent. In rare cases, orders are lost, it takes a lot of time to find them. If the device arrives With marriage, it will take a very long time to wait for a replacement. Separately worth mark a clear site with easy navigation. All products are competently categorized. There is a section with discounted devices. If desired, you can order express delivery to your home. Its value depends on the dimensions of the cargo.

El Dorado

Rating: 4.6

El Dorado

One of the most popular online electronics stores is the site of Eldorado, which has an extensive network in the Russian Federation. The range includes audio, video, TV, gadgets, PCs and laptops, photo and video equipment. Delivery of goods to all cities country. In Moscow and other megacities, hundreds of points are open for pickup. Eldorado praised for shares granted, availability bonus program. If the buyer finds the same product, but cheaper, the company will reduce the cost. Delivery process to the item Pickup is tracked in your account. All information comes by sms. In rare cases, delivery takes 5 days.

The site itself is distinguished by the availability of useful information. Is on Resource product reviews, news and articles. Specialists help choose laptops for travel, study, work, radio and DVR The benefits of delivery in Eldorado include careful transportation of products on specially equipped car, mandatory call from the courier, unpacking and demonstration technicians.

Rating: 4.5


The next line of the rating belongs to the online store Citylink, which features a flexible system of discounts. Constant the buyer can accumulate up to 30% of bonuses. On the resource constantly Unique promotional codes appear, discount cards are valid. IN large regions have pickup points. If necessary, the goods will deliver the courier to your home or office.

The company accepts any payment options. Typically available the day after the order. You can choose additional options – installing a PC or setting up a smartphone. TO the advantages of Citylink should include a detailed description of the goods in each category, high-quality photographs. For the left review You can get an additional discount. The site interface is clear and plain. To place an order, just make a few clicks. It is worth considering that the company hotline for some cities paid. Calling tech support can be difficult.

I take it!

Rating: 4.4

I take it!

Further in the ranking is a relatively new online store created with the participation of Sberbank and Yandex. On the site you can choose the electronics produced popular brands. It’s about Sony, Samsung, Asus, Acer. At If you purchase from 2500 rubles, the order will be delivered for free. The catalog includes electronics for the car and home, built-in and household appliances. The store offers convenient payment options – cash at receipt or card on the site.

Reviews about the market are contradictory. Among the negative opinions there is information about non-compliance with delivery dates, problems upon refund. In fact, pay with bonuses Thank you from Sberbank will not work, although the store’s advertisement says the opposite. The advantages include adequate prices, competent technical support, stocks and special offers. The site itself I take! quite bright and beautiful. Turn pages and view products – pure pleasure. Pleased with the detailed description of the items, large photos, availability of reviews and full specifications.


Rating: 4.3


One of the most popular online marketers is the store. Yulmart. His catalog includes not only electronics, but also products for home, toys and cosmetics. On the first page of the site you can find out about promotions and discounts. There is a section “Product of the day”, which displays the trend position. There is a catalog with discounted goods where it is sold used equipment. Opened Ulmart Global, which includes products from China. All positions are described in detail, their characteristics are indicated, displayed photos.

On the Internet there are reviews of acquisitions in Yulmart defective electronics. There are rarely delivery problems, and even employees cannot track the courier. In principle, all the problems resolved promptly, money back without complaints. The main thing is to keep the packaging intact, otherwise you will have to give 5% from the value of the goods.


Rating: 4.2


The ranking is completed by a multinational online store, which is the world’s largest trading platform for the sale of electronics. The main advantage of the site is a huge assortment of low prices. Ali Express sellers are always in touch and help solve shipping and return problems. Package Track Code tracked for free.

On the pages of the store you can find categories with computers, household appliances, electronics and telephones. During virtual there are such popular brands as Xiaomi, Lenovo, Sony Buyers praise affordable product prices, they like great holiday discounts. Large stocks take place during the Black Fridays and New Year holidays. We recommend subscribing to distribution of hot goods in order to significantly save on a purchase. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the long delivery. In rare cases The quality of technology fails. It is necessary to shoot a video moment opening the package so that in case of marriage provide it, as evidence.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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