The 9 best manufacturers of winter suits for fishing

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Winter fishing is not only pleasure, but also strong test for the body. But true lovers never neither severe frosts nor snowfalls stopped. Under such conditions it’s important to take care not only of equipment, but also of warm suits, which would protect against cold, wind and rain.

Today, lovers of outdoor activities presented such a huge assortment of ammunition, which is not like a beginner, even a professional with experience may be confused by such a variety. Specialists selected the top 9 manufacturers offering modern winter fishing suits guaranteed warmth, comfort and convenience.

Recommendations for choosing winter suits for fishing

Many experienced fishermen already know exactly what characteristics should have a winter suit, but for beginners this is enough difficult choice. Some tips from experts will help you choose equipment, the main thing is to consider the following criteria:

  1. We pay attention to the quality of the seams. At reliable manufacturers they are flat, well stitched. Low-quality seams can diverge, as a result, heat loss.

  2. Choose a jacket with an anatomical cut, in which the back is longer front end. This form protects and, at the same time, does not fetters movement.

  3. For winter fishing, it is better to choose a suit with bright accents. it helps in emergency situations with quick detection and rescue person into the water.

  4. A large number of pockets is a definite plus for suits. it helps to keep with you all the necessary little things for fishing. IN pockets with waterproof zippers are good for keeping a purse, documents, mobile phone.

  5. High collar reliably protects from wind. The hood should be with adjustable in size.

  6. It is better to choose a suit consisting of semi-overalls and a jacket, and no trousers. It additionally protects against frost and wind, adjustable the straps will help to fix it exactly according to the height of the person.

  7. An additional advantage will be the gloves included in the kit and knee pads.

Rating of the best fishing suits

Nomination a place Name of product price
Top Float Costume Manufacturers 1 Seafox top quality materials
2 Sundridge best suits for safety
3 Westin the most comfortable models
The best manufacturers of membrane suits for fishing 1 Alaskan affordable fishing jackets
2 Shimano most innovative materials
3 Gamakatsu best models for extreme conditions
4 Norfin the widest range
5 Rapala the best membrane suits of the middle price category
6 Nova tur suits with the best protective features

Top Float Costume Manufacturers

Many fishing equipment manufacturers offer the float suit product line is an indispensable attribute in conditions harsh winter. He will save from severe frosts, dank wind, high humidity. The suit will help to stay afloat if the fisherman fell into ice water, thereby preserving not only him health, but also life. This type of equipment is indispensable in early spring, in winter and late autumn, it will be a great option for fishing with a strong wind. The clothes are made of porous material that is breathable and absolutely waterproof. It will protect a person from frost at -20-60 ° C, in case of emergency will maintain normal human body temperature at being in the water.


Rating: 5.0


The Finnish manufacturer has become popular with Russian lovers outdoor activities, thanks to just one model of a float suit. AND, despite the fact that the brand offers a fairly wide range, it was Crossflow that made her famous.

Its main feature is that it is made of Max D 210 Nylon Oxford waterproof, which in critical conditions will allow quite a long time in ice water and reduce body temperature not more than 1 ° per hour. He is capable in 5 seconds deploy the person in the correct position.

It is worth noting that the technologists and designers of the company are very carefully and competently think through every detail of the costumes. it high collar to protect the neck from soft fleece, adjustable hood with a visor and cuffs on arms and legs, pockets with valves. The bright colors of the models make the fisherman more visible for rescuers, which is a guarantee of his operational finding.


Rating: 4.9


The English company included in our rating has long been fond of safe and comfortable for fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts suits that reliably protect from harsh weather conditions. They made of high quality nylon which is innovative development of technologists of the brand. Found such material use in the manufacture of costumes of other well-known brands.

Another feature is foam floating tie-ins with special cells that open and displace moisture out with active human movements. Sundridge float suit became a wonderful gift from an English manufacturer for conditions harsh Russian winter. He within 5 seconds will turn caught in water of a person face up, that is, it will not even let drown unconscious.

The design of the equipment is thought out thoroughly, while technologists take into account the company’s long experience with the Coast Guard UK and other responsible organizations.


Rating: 4.7


Danish company is known not only for quality and reliability of their products, but also with a stylish and thoughtful design of costumes, which with their unique cut pretend to a certain elegance. They are universal: suitable for fishing, as in harsh winters. northern latitudes, and the moderate middle zone.

Costumes are lightweight, compact, high breathability, perfect anatomical fit. Tall a fleece-lined collar protects against wind. Domestic the pockets are easily accessible, the outer ones are equipped with a waterproof zipper. Thanks to a special material, a person does not sweat even with active actions.

The company uses high-quality materials in the production, applying new developments to improve safety and reliability models. The lineup includes not only costumes for lovers, but also yachtsmen and professional fishermen.

The best manufacturers of membrane suits for fishing

Our rating includes the 6 best manufacturers of membrane suits, indispensable for fishermen who perform many active actions and constantly moving. Such material leaves the body dry even with increased sweating. Cloth for waterproof suit consists of several layers: external, membrane and internal. The membrane acts on the principle of drainage, therefore it remains heat and reduces the risk of disease. When the inside of the jacket becomes wet, then due to the diffusion function, all moisture goes to the outside of the membrane. It is worth noting that winter costumes are very light, so when they get into the water they don’t weight, despite the high density of materials.


Rating: 4.9


The company is known to outdoor enthusiasts as a manufacturer high-quality and reliable clothes for all seasons. Winter costumes differ in functionality and quite affordable cost, which made them so popular with buyers.

They are made of AERO-TEX membrane material. it modern innovative fabric with a special layered structure, which is characterized by high waterproof properties and guarantees 100% protection against rain and wind. Three-layer membrane will not allow it’s wet even with heavy snow, it will keep the temperature bodies in the most severe frosts.

Designers and technologists are constantly improving their models, include many new details in them. This and convenient location pockets, extended jacket length, detachable hood with two-level adjustable reinforced inserts on the knees and elbows. Outdoor and inside pockets with waterproof zipper for storage phone or documents.


Rating: 4.9


The largest sports equipment company, fishing and snowboard equipment included in the rating, now almost a hundred years is the undisputed leader in the release high-tech gear and ammunition. Japanese brand fans appreciate her for high quality and thoughtful design of clothes.

The lineup is presented as light jackets for fall or the beginning of spring, and warmed for a particularly harsh winter. there is special styles for extreme fishing that will save heat and will not allow to get wet in conditions of heavy snow or prolonged rainfall.

All models have an anatomical cut. Even insulated jackets light in weight and do not constrain movement, they are very mobile and are comfortable. High quality sweat-absorbing membrane steam created from advanced Japanese materials. Moisture-proof lightning allow you to quickly and easily unfasten them without removing gloves. Thoughtful details, wide assortment and high wear resistance allowed the company to gain recognition among fishing enthusiasts by to the whole world.


Rating: 4.8


Gamakatsu is a well-known manufacturer of tooling and equipment with several factories and representative offices located at to the whole world. It was this brand that was first introduced by the Russian lovers of outdoor activities and, thanks to its products, it was compiled an opinion on all Japanese products.

Winter jackets for fishing were especially praised, which are characterized by lightness, functionality and mobility. In addition, all models have a fashionable design, practical and long are worn. Jacket material – modern nylon with special impregnation that protects from wind, snow and rain in extreme conditions. The lining perfectly removes moisture, dries quickly, has increased breathability. It is made from a combination fleece, nylon and polyester.

High performance jackets for winter Japanese brand fishing for first-place sales worldwide. Perfect in every way, they are chosen as fish lovers fishing, and professionals in this matter.


Rating: 4.7


Norfin entered our ranking due to its popularity among lovers of outdoor activities and sports. All clothes are made under strict quality control and in compliance with international standards. It is comfortable, practical, worn for a long time, has a well-designed interesting design.

All fishing suits are made of multi-layer membrane materials that are highly breathable and moisture resistance. They perfectly protect from snow, wind and rain, remove vapors well. Separately, it is worth noting the diversity lineup. There are various combinations of colors, and plain models.

Camouflage suits are especially popular. They are created from non-rusting fabric and are ideal for fishing, and hunting. Membrane material in combination with insulation HOLLOFIL and fleece lining perfect for relaxing in extreme conditions. Costumes can withstand temperatures up to -40 °. Many models have soft lap inserts which, when need can be removed.


Rating: 4.6


The first acquaintance with the Finnish company with Russian fishermen happened over 15 years ago. Then she released standard costumes that do not differ in some features from others suppliers. Today Rapala is a famous brand whose clothing produced using the latest technology using materials, able to reliably protect harsh winters.

Many models withstand temperatures up to -40 ° C. Thanks membrane fabric and branded insulation, heat is stored inside, penetration of moisture is not allowed. The insulation of the finest fibers does not weigh down a suit in which it is convenient to move, and to perform active physical actions. Roomy outdoor pockets are equipped with waterproof zipper.

Rapala fishing suits perfectly combine practicality, functionality and wear resistance. Another important plus in the choice of this particular brand is quite affordable price, which is very important for many winter fishing enthusiasts.

Nova tur

Rating: 4.5

Nova Tur

Nova Tur ranked as one of the recognized leaders in production of equipment for outdoor activities. Ideal anatomical cut, ergonomic forms, reliable protection in extreme weather conditions have become decisive in favor of selection of fishing suits of this company.

All clothes are sewn from high moisture resistant membrane fabric. breathability. Heaters keep temperature perfectly body, even in severe frosts, a fishing lover will be comfortable and warmly. The company presents a wide range of products, which differs in a variety of colors and a full-sized ruler.

One of the most popular company models that has been rated Russian fishermen – this is Buran. High protective features, availability of additional parts, affordable price – the main advantages in favor of his choice. Free cut keeps mobility at movement. Convenient exterior pockets are protected by waterproof by lightning. The hood is adjustable in size. The suit is perfect for fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities in the winter.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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