The 9 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Foods

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Hypoallergenic food is needed for cats that have intolerance to certain foods. This kind of food contains minimum amount of carefully selected ingredients, and meets a number of requirements: this is nutrition, lack of composition of allergic components, easy tolerance, quality.

The causes of food allergies in cats are not completely studied. But it is reliably known that prolonged use certain types of proteins found in food cause allergies. Often, an adverse reaction provokes proteins that are part of composition of chicken, pork or beef, corn and soy. it due to the poor quality of the products in which hormones, antibiotics, steroids, modified genes.

Also, allergies in furry pets can be caused by feed. economy class. Therefore, choosing the right diet for cats is important know what exactly upsets the digestive system in animals. For this, the pet is transferred to a strict four-month a diet that excludes nutritional supplements, sweets, pork, flavorings, medicinal substances, flavorings.

Most often, cats suffer from intolerance to the following substances:

  1. Animal protein. Contained in pork, beef, chicken. It’s better choose food with meat of rabbit, duck, lamb, herring, salmon, which are easier to carry. There is also mono-protein feed, as part of which there is only one type of protein.
  2. Gluten. For cats allergic to herbal protein, the best feed of grain-free crops has been developed. Sometimes in hypoallergenic additives included brown or white rice, millet or oats, less likely to cause a negative reaction in the animal.
  3. Yeast, eggs, dairy products. Pet Owners Not carrying such products, it is worth choosing the best feed, on whose packaging says “limited quantity ingredients. ”
  4. To understand which hypoallergenic feed is more suitable for the animal, you can buy a small portion of each type nutrition and monitor the cat’s response to each of them. If a pet with eats the offered food with appetite, he does not appear vomiting or diarrhea, which means that this food does not harm the cat and can be introduced into daily diet.

Rating of the best hypoallergenic food for cats

Nomination a place Name of product price for Kg.
Rating of the best hypoallergenic food for cats 1 Savarra Adult Cat Lamb 800 rub
2 Complete for cats Landor 527 rub
3 Hill’s Prescription Diet z / d Food Sensitivities 1 000 rub.
4 NOW FRESH Grain Free Fish Adult Recipe CF 900 rub
5 Royal Canin “Young Male” 545 RUB
7 Acana Wild Prairie Cat 1 306 rub.
8 GO! Fit + Free Grain Free Chicken, Turkey, Duck Cat Recipe 990 rub
9 Orijen Cat and Kitten 800 rub

Savarra Adult Cat Lamb

Rating: 4.9


The first line in the ranking of the best hypoallergenic feeds is Savarra Adult Cat Lamb. It is made in England, but the brand registered in Russia. Adult Cat Lamb is monomonous composition. The basic composition of hypoallergenic food is rice and meat lamb (71%). Also included in the diet are blueberries, seaweed, cranberries, carrots, tomatoes, taurine, methionine, yunka. Each component feed belongs to the category of holistic, that is, is high quality raw materials, as evidenced by good ash content.

Thanks to the beneficial composition of Adult Cat hypoallergenic food Lamb in cats metabolism is activated, the work of the digestive tract is normalized, the hair becomes shiny, the ligaments and joints, the heart and vessels. But cat owners say Savarra contains a lot of squirrel. Therefore, during feeding in sterilized or inactive pets may experience kidney, liver, weight, genitourinary organs.

Savarra is packaged in 400 g, 2 kg or 15 kg bags. Cost varies from 400 rubles to 1300 rubles.

Complete, for cats with education control function lumps of wool and weight control, lamb with sweet potatoes Landor

Rating: 4.8


The second position in the ranking of the best hypoallergenic food for cats is a multifunctional cereal-free supplement. Her feature – preventing the formation of lumps of wool in the stomach animal.

The leading component of Landor is the dehydrated lamb. Other useful ingredients of hypoallergenic nutrition: vitamins (E, B12, A, K, D3), trace elements, berries, yucca extract, salmon oil, beer yeast, turin, probiotics. As part of the best hypoallergenic feed no preservatives, wheat, chemical additives, dyes, soy, corn, chicken.

Landor is made in Spain. Pet owners note that feed convenient packaging with zip lock or slider. Benefits feed Landor – normalization of the balance of phosphorus and calcium, fatty acids in the body, strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Also hypoallergenic food improves intestinal microflora, coat condition and skin.

So that the cat does not have health problems associated with the use of the additive “Landor”, she must have constant access to drinking water. And food should be stored in a cool, dry place. The cost of the best hypoallergenic food for cats Landor – 1 229 rub.

Hill’s Prescription Diet z / d Food Sensitivities

Rating: 4.7


The third position in the ranking of the best cat hypoallergenic feed Premium is Hill’s products. Balanced food The supplement was developed by Mark Moris in 1939. After a series of studies, the doctor found that through hypoallergenic nutrition can normalize health a cat.

Prescription Diet z / d is a therapeutic food that reduces the occurrence of adverse reactions from the skin and gastrointestinal tract after food intake. The best supplement contains rice and animal protein. The latter undergoes hydrolysis during the production process, which reduces the body’s immune response to an allergen.

Other ingredients from Hill’s best food are minerals, plant ingredients, oils, animal peptides. Also Prescription Diet z / d Food Sensitivities Contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acid. It improves the condition of the coat and skin, normalizes cat stool.

Owners of furry pets isolate feed deficiencies high cost, unpleasant odor, the presence of chicken in the composition, often causing allergies. A cat weighing up to 2 kg will need 30-45 g of feed, and a pet weighing 6 kg needs 74-100 g. Recommended diet therapy time – from 3 to 8 weeks. Approximate cost 2 kg dry feed – 2000 rubles. The price of wet food (can 156 g) – 150 rubles.

NOW FRESH Grain Free Fish Adult Recipe CF

Rating: 4.7

NOW FRESH Grain Free Fish Adult Recipe CF

The fourth place in our ranking is given to hypoallergenic Grain Free Fish Adult Recipe CF. It contains salmon, trout and herring that were caught in the waters of British Columbia. Canadian company NOW FRESH has specially developed a supplement for cats, having digestive problems. This is the best food that does not cause allergies or eating disorders suitable for neutered cats.

NOW feeds are made only from fresh, quality fish. IN hypoallergenic nutrition includes vegetables, fruits, berries, sprouts alfalfa, spinach, seaweed, racial or coconut oil. The amount of all ingredients is as balanced as possible. Best food does not contain harmful components grown on hormones or proteins that cause allergies.

The NOW FRESH hypoallergenic diet is rich in fatty acids, which improves the condition of the coat and skin of the cat. A rapeseed and a nut oil maintains normal cholesterol, activates lipid metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative Effect. The Grain Free Fish Adult Recipe CF also includes pre- and probiotics that improve the work of the digestive tract. The supplement is saturated anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins that improve the visual and cardiac system.

Cat owners say that the best NOW FRESH food contains a small amount of fluorine and phosphorus. But, despite the useful composition, some cats after a long feed intake had hair loss and tarnishing, stool disturbance, appearance dandruff. NOW packages are not sealed. Some cats appear vomiting after eating. Calorie content in one portion – 439 kcal. Packaging dry feed weighing 3.63 kg costs about 2500 rubles.

Royal Canin “Young Male”

Rating: 4.6


The fifth ranking position belongs to hypoallergenic feed, manufactured by the famous French company Royal Canin. Premium the supplement is suitable for all breeds, including sterilized cats, under the age of 7 years.

The Young Male formula is enriched with proteins. It contributes normalization of muscle mass in the animal, improvement of taste, fast saturation. And levocarnitine, which is part of the supplement, increases fatty acid transport.

Royal Canin increases urine output, resulting in urine fewer minerals bound crystals. it creates adverse conditions for the appearance of stones in urinary system.

Young Male is low in calories and high in protein. This prevents the risk of diabetes in castrated cats. AND minimal starch reduces the likelihood of developing insulinemia.

Royal Canin contains dehydrated poultry, rice, isolate vegetable proteins, fiber, minerals. Also in the feed eat nutrients, marigold, plantain and chicory, fructopoligosaccharides, soybean oil, fish oil. Average the cost of 3.5 kg Young Male – 1880 rubles.


Rating: 4.5


Sixth place in the ranking belongs to the best supplement from the new Hypoallergenic British Pet Food UK top class, category “holistic”. This is the best grainless food intended for adult cats with herring and salmon. IN feed contains 85% of meat products and 15% of herbs and vegetables. AATU CATSALMON & HERRING – the first food for cats made by the figure of eight. That is, it contains 8 types of spices, vegetables, herbs and fruits.

The source of protein in the feed is hypoallergenic fish. AATU Products CAT contains minimal carbohydrates, which makes it the most useful and improves the absorption of nutrients. IN nutrition contains probiotics and taurine, which improve digestive function. SALMON & HERRING does not contain flavors, grains, potatoes or artificial colors.

AATU product weaknesses – recent market appearance, high cost, there are no additives intended for kittens. The pluses include grainless advanced formula, quality. Calorie content 100 gram servings – 370 kcal. Price for 200 g of dry food – from 400 rubles, 1 kg – 1600 rubles, 3 kg – from 2800 rubles.

Acana Wild Prairie Cat

Rating: 4.4

Acana Wild Prairie Cat

The seventh position in the rating of the best feed for cats is Acana. Hypoallergenic supplement does not contain pea or potato proteins. IN its composition includes animal proteins that provide complete cat nutrition, supporting muscle mass.

Wild Prairie Cat has a special formula. Food contains 5 varieties of meat products, including cartilage and organs. The main Akana ingredients: chicken, turkey, herring, legumes, trout, eggs, pike perch, alfalfa, pumpkin, kelp, spinach, turnip, apple, carrot. Of the additives it is worth highlighting copper, zinc, choline, vitamins, thiamine, pyrodoxin.

Super premium premium Canadian feed medium and large cats. Acana contains a minimum amount meat, therefore more suitable for pets with problems with digestion and may be a transitional option.

In 120 g of the supplement is about 500 kcal. In one serving contains 42% fat, 22% vegetables and fruits, 36% energy. WildPrairie Cat must be given to the cat twice a day. Wherein the animal must be provided with unlimited access to water. Approximate the cost of 1 kg of dry food – up to 800 rubles.

GO! Fit + Free Grain Free Chicken, Turkey, Duck Cat Recipe

Rating: 4.3


The eighth place in our ranking is occupied by hypoallergenic low-grain feed manufactured by Canadian brand Go! Petcurean appeared in the veterinary market in 1999. The company was founded in British Columbia by two lovers animals.

Product motto GO! – application of the best high-quality products labeled Human Grade (can be eaten people). Only fresh ingredients are used in the production, which are purchased on organic farms located near the factory, which excludes conservation and transportation products.

For cats prone to food allergies, Petcurean releases Duck Cat Recipe, Turkey, Fit + Free Grain Free Chicken. This is a holistic class food, where in addition to fruits, meat (chicken, duck), herbs, fish and vegetables, taurine, probiotics are included, healthy fats and acids. Find out the best grain-free food by purple stripe on the package.

But allergy-prone pets should be given GO! сcaution. It contains 48% of animal proteins origin. The sensitive organism of some animals may not handle a lot of meat. If necessary transferring the cat to another type of food, then this should be done gradually, mixing old nutrition with new.

Plus feed GO! – small granules. Cats bite easily and quickly croquet. But this may be the reason for the rejection of new species nutrition. Estimated Cost Fit + Free Grain Free Chicken, Turkey, Duck Cat Recipe – 450 rubles per 1 kg.

Orijen Cat and Kitten

Rating: 4.2


The best hypoallergenic closes the last line of the rating. holistic, which is as close as possible to natural nutrition. Orijen has a unique composition, where all the components correspond to the label “suitable for human nutrition”.

Orijen is an improved substitute for Akana. Nutrition Composition – 85% fresh fish or meat, 15% herbs, vegetables and fruits. In the composition of no potatoes, corn crops.

Cat and Kitten does not contain high glycemic carbohydrates, synthetic ingredients, vegetable proteins. Nutrition made by special technology that preserves the maximum amount of nutrients.

The basic components of Orijen are eggs, turkey and chicken meat, grown in free range. The food also contains Canadian free-caught fish. From beneficial substances in hypoallergenic feed contains vitamins, chondrotin, glucosamine, phytocomponents, phosphorus, OMEGA-3 fatty acids, calcium and more.

Feature Orijen – the company does not produce special treatment additives. Veterinarians working in the company consider it necessary since childhood, properly feed cats and then they will not need hypoallergenic nutrition.

Possible product flaws – it may violate digestive function in pets whose diet previously consisted from budget food. The average price for 1 kg of dry food is 800 rubles.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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