The 6 Best AKA Metal Detectors

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many secrets and objects are kept by Mother Earth. They attract like a magnet, many Russians. To discover antiques hidden deep in the depths, metal detectors were invented. With their help You can find both military artifacts and jewelry. Worthy competition in the domestic market to foreign manufacturers imposes the Russian company AKA. She lets out specialized devices for search squads and single treasure hunters since 1993; experts are secret of brand success consider the use of innovative technologies, confirmation of which the company has more than 60 patents. Manufacturer goes to keeping up with the times, constantly updating the line of metal detectors. Choosing the right model depends on a number of factors.

Selection recommendations

Varieties. AKA line presents the whole range metal detectors. Specialists distinguish several varieties.

  1. Budget models are for beginners as well as for those who makes money collecting scrap metal in fields, meadows and in forests. Entry-level appliances allow beginners to become aware treasure hunters the correctness of the chosen occupation.
  2. In the middle price range, you can choose a quality a device that will help you find interesting objects on enough deep water. It can be large objects or small coins.
  3. Professional metal detectors attract the attention of real fans who tirelessly seek the burial of military equipment or artifacts of a more ancient period of history. Such devices do not only deeply penetrate the earth, but also allow owners with identify the find with high accuracy.

Coil. One of the important parts of a metal detector is coil. When buying, you should pay attention to several characteristics of this node.

  1. Mono and DoubleD designs are distinguished by type. First emit waves in the form of a cone, which is why proportional decrease in radius of coverage with increasing depth. DD Coils got the name due to the mirror arrangement of transmitting sensors (reminiscent of 2 inverted letter D). They generate radiation of a cylindrical shape, the radius of which is the same on any depth.
  2. Coil size is directly reflected in the depth of detection. Than the larger the diameter of the sensor, the more likely it is to find an artifact on maximum distance from the surface of the earth. Often manufacturers install coils of 8-12 inches.

Discrimination. In the earth there are many metal items. When a specific item or value is being searched, then it is important to cut off all other finds in the form of nails, plugs or parts plow. In this, discrimination helps the operator. This function helps to separate finds by type of metal and more informatively present the subject on the monitor.

Ground balance. There is another problem, especially for novice search engines, which is related to the nature of the soil. Than the greater the level of mineralization of the soil (salt, iron ore), the more interference is created for the metal detector. Problem manufacturers solve in two ways.

  1. Manual adjustment of the soil is done before the start of prospecting. The operator independently sets a value that allows him to work effectively in a certain range of depths.
  2. Automatic tuning is done without manipulation person. The device will change the balance every time it hits plot with other soil characteristics. Specialists prefer set the value first using automatic mode, then adjusting the device more accurately by manual tuning.

We selected 6 best AKA metal detectors for review. All these models are implemented in the trading network of Russia. When allocating seats the editorial board of the journal was based on the opinion of the expert community, given the reviews of domestic treasure hunters.

Rating of the best metal detectors AKA

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best metal detectors AKA 1 AKA Signum 7272M MFD v2.06 55 000 rub.
2 AKA Condor 7252M 32 000 rub.
3 AKA Golden Eagle-5 unpaved 29 900 rub.
4 AKA Sorex Pro 34 900 rub.
5 AKA Condor 3M 22 200 rub.
6 AKA Pilgrim 47 19 500 rub.

AKA Signum 7272M MFD v2.06

Rating: 4.9

AKA Signum 7272M MFD v2.06

Metal Detector Demonstrates Record Depth of Detection Signum 7272M MFD v2.06. Large item treasure hunter can detect at a distance of 2.5 m. Soviet coin of 5 kopecks the device determines at a distance of 60 cm from the surface. The experts appreciated the selectivity of the device. He is capable tell the owner whether to start the excavation. The computerized apparatus is equipped with an in-depth MFD program. Behind short time the metal detector won recognition among employees search teams. Reduce false positives and increase identification accuracy helps a successful combination of S-algorithm and hodograph.

Users are satisfied with the convenient display, high accuracy, deep detection. Of the minuses, only high price.


  • large detection depth;
  • high accuracy;
  • minimum false positives;
  • convenient display.


  • high price.

AKA Condor 7252M

Rating: 4.8


One of the best metal detectors in the AKA line is the model Condor 7252M. Experts praise the model for a good search depth (maximum up to 2.5 m), it is provided by the DD 10 “coil at 7 kHz. The device detects a coin with a diameter of 25 mm at a distance of 45 cm from surface. The model is equipped with an LCD display, the device has 8 programs. In the asset model should include automatic and manual soil balance, 2 search modes (static and dynamic), spatial harmonic filtering technology (STF). Model equipped with headphones and a carrying bag. Metal detector takes an honorable second place in our review.

Domestic users are satisfied with the depth of detection, simplicity of management, clear settings. But for identification non-ferrous metal requires some practice.


  • large detection depth;
  • 8 programs;
  • simple operation;
  • good equipment.


  • practice is required.

AKA Golden Eagle-5 unpaved

Rating: 4.7

AKA Berkut-5 unpaved

The line of metal detectors Berkut replaced the popular series Condor. Experts consider semi-professional search appliance AKA Berkut-5 model. She is able to perform a wide range of tasks. The device is easy to set up and operate, its fast even beginner treasure hunters master. You can activate the device using the button on the back of the control unit, then select one of 4 factory installed programs. Metal detector is a multi-frequency, standard 3-standard coil It is allowed to replace with a more advanced version. Apparatus becomes the bronze medalist of our review.

Owners praise the device for the large screen, a clear VDI scale, multi-frequency, good search depth. Of the shortcomings noted outdated rod design.


  • multi-frequency;
  • simplicity in work;
  • large screen;
  • power.


  • outdated rod design.

AKA Sorex Pro

Rating: 4.6


A popular model among professionals is a metal detector AKA Sorex Pro. Experts call his strengths multi-frequency and convenient visual identification system. The manufacturer has provided the ability to install any AKA coils, regardless of their operating frequency or magnitude. Incoming signal can be processed according to one of 3 programs. For garbage-free parcels set to MSF mode. In heavily littered areas The FSF algorithm has proven itself perfectly. For other cases SSF mode will do. The device can be classified as universal due to its wide functionality and lightness (0.7 kg).

Domestic users are satisfied with the depth of the search and discrimination, ease and autonomy. The minus they call lack of protection against moisture.


  • multi-frequency;
  • good discrimination;
  • high-quality materials;
  • universality.


  • no moisture protection.

AKA Condor 3M

Rating: 4.5


Many beginner treasure hunters comprehended the basics of detection artifacts using the AKA Condor 3M. Metal detector though belongs to the budget category, well equipped. It has hodograph and discriminator, tune in to any ground will help automatic balancing. The model cannot boast big detection depth (up to 1.7 m), but Catherine’s nickel the metal detector is at the level of 30 cm, and the steel helmet on 70 cm from the surface. One of the components of success experts call the spatial harmonic filtering system (SFT). It improves the accuracy of determining the found object.

Owners liked the sound indication setting, effective screen backlight, long runtime (40-50 hours) on four AA batteries.


  • good equipment;
  • affordable price;
  • long working time;
  • automatic soil balancing.


  • shallow depth.

AKA Pilgrim 47

Rating: 4.4


The most affordable metal detector in the AKA line is the model Pilgrim 47. But compared with many competitors in the budget The device segment is a multi-frequency device. Thanks to this design, the metal detector is suitable for various types of soil. In the basic configuration there is a coil with a working frequency of 7 kHz, while the manufacturer allows the installation of another proprietary sensor in the frequency range of 2 … 25 kHz. To the consumer two modifications are offered, one of them comes with 4 batteries AA, in another device 6 batteries are installed. But experts pay attention to the difference in the depth of detection.

Russian users flatter good balanced, low cost, easy to control and polyphonic sound indication. Of the minuses, we can distinguish the absence display.


  • low price;
  • multi-frequency;
  • simplicity;
  • good balance.


  • no display.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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