The 14 Best Migraine Medicines

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

What is migraine? This disease is known with deep antiquities. Even in the ancient world, it was called hemicrania, which literal translation means “half the head.” Such a disease was Pontius Pilate, and his sufferings are very colorfully described in the cult the novel by M. A. Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”.

Despite ancient history, migraines still retain their secrets. Here are some of them: migraine cannot be diagnosed with using any research method, even perfect. Neither computer nor Magnetic resonance imaging. No instrumental way able to do it.

Why is this so? The fact that migraine refers to angiocephalgia, or headache of vascular origin, moreover completely reversible, without any changes in the vessels. Without going into details, we can only say that in the beginning the vessels of the brain narrowing, or experiencing a spasm. The patient does not feel this phase. But after the spasmodic vessels expand, they are do in excess. And such a rapid and excessive expansion of blood vessels and causes an attack of characteristic headache. After this vessels re-acquire their normal, physiological tone, and after no data exist for this disease except colorful story of the patient himself. Therefore migraine still diagnosed by questioning the patient, if there are special signs of this disease.

The second secret of migraine is that sometimes the abolition of all medicines with which the patient has been unsuccessfully treated for many years leads to improve or even recover. In some cases, rejection eating a lot of chocolate, nuts and cheese leads to the disappearance of headaches, and in young women, stop taking the oral contraceptives described in the previous ranking are also quite often leads to the complete disposal of all seizures.

Finally, migraines are often not diagnosed at all, because patients take her for an ordinary headache, and do not turn to to the doctor. How to determine this condition? Therefore before list effective and popular medicines for treatment of migraine, the necessary criteria for this diseases so that the reader can compare them with those facts and complaints that are available.

When can I talk about migraines?

Migraine has a characteristic symptomatology. These are headaches pain, most often one-sided. Usually the pain in the beginning is dull character, and then it begins to throb and intensify. Very often this throbbing pain is localized in the eye, and very limits the patient’s activity and worsens his quality of life. Most often, such attacks occur once or twice a month, and debut of the disease occurs in adolescence or youth. In some cases, women have a clear link between migraine and period of menstruation. A typical migraine attack proceeds as follows way.

In the beginning, before the onset of a headache, a person changes mood, appetite behavior. An hour before it begins most often various visual disturbances occur. Patient sees outbreaks lights, zigzags, balls, or dots. Sometimes, however, less often, various sensations of numbness and tingling in the limbs. Quite rarely weakness or transient speech disorders. it the condition is called a migraine aura.

Then there is an attack of headache, which can last from 4 hours and up to three days. During this period, usually worries, except typical throbbing pain, nausea, or vomiting, expressed intolerance to light and sound, the patient is very anxious to retire to a dark, cool and quiet room, and one way to facilitate the condition is dragging the head with a towel or scarf, or squeezing her hands. Usually, vomiting occurs at the height of the headache, and patients are waiting for her, because they know that after vomiting them condition is improving. Then everything subsides, and the patient gets bright interval until the next attack.

This rating includes funds that are shown for both treating an attack when a headache has already begun, and remedies for migraine prophylaxis. Consider tablets, from the softest to potent. They are used to treat severe forms. migraines, secondary and conditions in which it is not significantly disturbed working capacity.

Rating of the best drugs for migraine

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best drugs for treating migraine attacks 1 Citramon Ultra (Askofen – P) 91 rub
2 Sedalgin-Neo 207 rub
3 Caffetine 96 rub
4 Solpadein (Passage) 84 rub
Top Triptans: Treat Severe Attacks 1 Imigran (Amigrenin, Sumumigren, Rapimed, Sumigin, Trimigren) = sumatriptan 262 rub
2 Zomig (Migrepam) = zolmitriptan 750 rub
3 Relaxpack 390 rub
Best Ergotamine Drugs 1 Bellataminal 140 rub
2 Ergotamine 190 rub
3 Nominated 524 rub
The best drugs for migraine prophylaxis 1 Amitriptyline 28 rub
2 Anaprilin (Obzidan, propranolol) 46 RUB
3 Verapamil 57 RUB
4 Valproates: Konvuleks, Depakin, Depakin – chrono 133 rub

The best drugs for treating migraine attacks

Rating of funds intended for the treatment of migraine, open the mildest remedies with which they usually begin treatment of this angiocephalgia. These are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, many of them contain caffeine, whose task is to narrow excessively dilated vessels. Some of these medicines contain codeine, and they are only prescribed according to special recipes, and just like that in a pharmacy they cannot be purchased. But they are very good. drugs that can help relieve a typical and throbbing headache.

Remedies for low-intensity pain, which is slightly degrades the quality of life:

Citramon Ultra (Askofen – P)

Rating: 4.9

Citramon Ultra

Many of us have been familiar with Citramone since childhood. with a headache. One of the active drugs is modification of Citramon Ultra. This product contains caffeine, acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol. This combination is a good combination that helps to reduce headaches, associated with excessive dilatation of blood vessels. Ingredients selected in such a way that they mutually potentiate, or reinforce each other’s action. When a migraine attack begins take 1 to 3 tablets for adults 3 times a day, but not more 6 tablets. Citramon produces many domestic companies, e.g. Obolenskoye, Farmvilar, and others manufacturers. The average cost of one package of Citramon Ultra’s 20 tablets is 70 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this medicine is its mild effect, minor contraindications, which include the period pregnancy and lactation, children under 15 years of age (intolerance aspirin). Citramon is widely distributed in pharmacies, and purchase it is not difficult. He is a cheap drug, and with it it is quite possible to begin a medication for migraine. The disadvantage is the inability of Citramon to stop serious migraine attacks associated with a long course headache.

Medicines that contain caffeine in combination with other NSAIDs, quite a lot, and we will not list all of them. Therefore further let’s move on to funds that are prescribed according to special recipes, because they contain codeine.


Rating: 4.8


This medicine is more serious because it contains caffeine and paracetamol, which is part of the previous drug, also analgin, or metamizole sodium, an anticonvulsant component phenobarbital, and the narcotic component of codeine. Therefore Sedalgin Neo in pharmacies just do not sell you because it contains opioid drug. But it is more effective for migraines than Citramon, and in addition to reducing vascular headache remedies reduces intracranial pressure, after an attack increases psychomotor activity, as well as mental and physical working capacity. Adults must use this medicine. patients one tablet three or four times a day, but not more than 6 tablets. Sedalgin Neo is released by a Bulgarian company Balkanpharma, and a package of 10 tablets costs 200 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of Sedalgin Neo, like all other drugs, containing codeine is a delicate situation. One side they help well against migraines and vascular headaches, but with on the other hand, they are not special anti-migraine means, and so doctors prescribe them with some resistance, since it is necessary to carefully justify the appointment of codeine-containing drugs. On the other hand, it is the tool helps some so much that it is a favorite medicine, and they visit doctors just to discharge such recipes. Also, an overdose phenomenon can be considered a drawback, when drowsiness, dry mouth, weakness, and dizziness. It is not recommended to take a large dose of the drug at night, because codeine can cause respiratory depression, especially in patients with chronic sleepless apnea syndrome hypoxia and large body weight.

Mild Attack Treatment


Rating: 4.7


Caffetin contains an opioid narcotic component codeine, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug paracetamol, caffeine, as well as propiphenazone, which has a psychostimulant action. Among the indications for the use of Caffetin in the first place there is a migraine, and only then pain of a different origin, for example muscle pain, toothache, joint pain and its other varieties. But now it’s hard to imagine a doctor, who would prescribe a cure for muscle or joint pain, in which includes codeine. But with regard to migraine, Caffetin shows high activity, contributing to the return of normal vessels tone and decrease pain.

This drug is prescribed one tablet 3 to 4 times per day, and if the patient is strong unilateral and pulsating headache with nausea caught by surprise, then you can take two tablets immediately with severe pain. During the day is not recommended take more than 6 tablets, and the course of treatment should not exceed 5 days without consulting a doctor. Caffetin Macedonian releases alkaloid pharmaceutical company, and one pack in 12 pills will cost about 180 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Caffetin’s lack is the difficulty of prescribing the drug, because if only Kaffetin helps, as sometimes happens, then there is a need to convince the doctor (if he could not come to reception to your specialist), in that you need just that means. This drug also does not always happen in pharmacies. But in that if the patient has a typical migraine and Caffetine helps, then a person constantly carries pills with him, and never with they do not part. However, you must remember that this tool contraindicated in severe liver and kidney disorders, with decreased white blood cell count and other disorders hematopoiesis. It should not be taken with anxiety and panic attacks, with severe arterial hypertension, with insomnia, and also during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, the drug side effects, such as irritability and heartbeat.

Solpadein (Passage)

Rating: 4.7


Solpadein is also relatively difficult to access. a drug. It contains three simple ingredients, which help well with the usual type of migraine. This is codeine, caffeine and paracetamol. Codeine and caffeine are also called psycholeptics, and one of them is an opioid narcotic analgesic. As in the past, migraine is the first and the main indication for taking this drug. The tool is available in capsules, in tablets, or in soluble tablets.

Solpadein is used in two tablets, three or four times a day, but not more than 4 times, and not more than 8 tablets per day. At severe headache, it can be shown to children, but the maximum dosage is half as much and should not be given Children over 1 tablet per reception. Famous Solpadein releases company Glaxo Smith Klein, and the cost of one package with 12 soluble tablets is 195 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both advantages and disadvantages are common to this products with preparations that contain codeine and caffeine. It is contraindicated in severe bronchial asthma and respiratory insufficiency, with increased intracranial pressure, with pregnancy. With breastfeeding, Solpadein “can be used, but be sure to consult a doctor. “This phrase in the instructions, for Russian conditions, are obviously meaningless, since it’s impossible to buy a drug without a doctor’s prescription in Russia. Of side effects are most common nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and nervous agitation with a tendency to constipation. But in the event that the drug is selected correctly, and dosage does not exceed the specified limits, then it is significantly relieves the condition of a patient with migraine, and stops well uncomplicated headache.

Top Triptans: Treat Severe Attacks

We have listed some over-the-counter and prescription drugs, which, in some cases, are directly indicated for the treatment of migraine, but they are not specially created to combat this pathology. Therefore, the drugs listed above will be quite no more than 10% of all patients with migraine are satisfied.

Triptan drugs are much more effective. These funds narrow the arterial vessels of the brain that will dilated during migraine attacks, and are the cause headache. When using triptans, especially 2 generations, headache, nausea and vomiting disappear very quickly. But, with treatment can not immediately start triptans, and start with them. These the funds are “heavy artillery”, and first you need try to treat migraines without any drugs at all, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in combination with caffeine.

In no case should you use drugs from the group triptans for the prevention of migraine, when the head is not yet hurts, but can get sick. Why is this so? These funds constrict cerebral blood vessels. And in the event that they excessively dilated, then triptans help relieve pain. And if they have not yet expanded, then the triptans will narrow them to such an abnormal conditions that it will significantly reduce cerebral blood flow.

And in the event that the patient has any factors risk, for example, atherosclerosis of cerebral arteries, then such the unreasonable use of triptans for prevention can even lead to a stroke. You need to take them only when it begins an attack and there are already symptoms of a typical headache. Consider The main drugs from this group that are used by doctors.

Imigran (Amigrenin, Sumumigren, Rapimed, Sumigin, Trimigren) = sumatriptan

Rating: 4.9


The first drug created specifically for the treatment of migraine and migraine-like angiocephalgia, and it affects the metabolism serotonin. In its chemical structure, it is selective. serotonin receptor agonist. It stimulates these receptors, which are located in the arterial blood vessel wall parts of the brain, and their stimulation leads to a narrowing of blood vessels. Severe clinical effect associated with a decrease in headache pain and painful symptoms of migraine, on average, develops through 40 minutes after taking one tablet weighing 100 mg, or after 15 minutes after intranasal administration.

Intranasal administration is an injection into the nostril of the spray, since the product is available in this form. It is very important that the spray be spray exactly in the nostril that is on the side of the head pains. An immigrant is able to stop the symptoms of an attack more than 70% of all patients. In the event that after taking the drug or the introduction of the spray no improvement effect followed, then in during the day you can take a second dose. In this case, the maximum the dosage of Imigran during the day should not exceed 300 mg at taking tablets, that is, three tablets of 100 mg or 6 tablets of 50 mg, and with intranasal administration, the amount in two doses of 20 mg spray in each.

Launches Imigran, which is the original drug, Glaxo Smith Klein company. Package containing 2 tablets of 100 mg, costs an average of 400 rubles, and a nasal spray will cost 500 rub. for the little packaging. Domestic analogue Amigrenin in such the same dose for tablets will cost 188 rubles., and Sumigamigren (Polpharma) will cost 135 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of Imigran are obvious. He is the “gold standard” and the first special anti-migraine drug that has large evidence base, it was created specifically for stopping migraine attacks. The effectiveness of this tool was said higher. However, it also has side effects, which are most often expressed in a feeling of compression in the chest, as well as flushing of blood to to the head. In addition, Imigran should not be prescribed to patients in whom the doctor suggests any cardiac pathology without preliminary examination. The agent is prescribed with a very large caution in patients with epilepsy, with severe lesions liver and kidney. Therefore, Imigran is sold by prescription and must start treatment with a minimum dosage – use a tablet of 50 mg, or one dose of the spray per day in the presence of typical pain.

Zomig (Migrepam) = zolmitriptan

Rating: 4.8


Zomig contains zolmitriptan – a second-generation drug triptans. He is also able to well stop a pain attack with migraines, reduces the painful feeling of nausea, eliminates photophobia and photophobia. Usually, the effect appears in an hour after taking the drug, and the recommended dosage for stopping An attack is taking one 2.5 mg tablet.

If the pain persists, then during the day, in the same way as with As an immigrant, you can re-take the same dose, but not earlier than 2 hours after taking the first pill. As in previous cases, it is important to take this remedy as soon as possible, but only when the head is already sick. Care must be taken when repeated episodes to the maximum daily dosage in any case, did not exceed 15 mg. Zomig company Astra releases Zeneka, and its price is quite high. In addition, there are domestic analogues. So, the drug Migrepam, which is produced domestic company Obolenskoe, will cost only 216 rubles per pack of 2 tablets at the same dosage.

Advantages and disadvantages

Zomig is a second-generation drug, and this is beneficial to him distinguished by an early onset of action: on average, the pain disappears or significantly reduced after 20 minutes. He has a very low dose compared to Imigran. Zomig’s effectiveness is also higher if for Imigran it was 70%, then zolmitriptan already has 80%. The need to re-take this is also reduced. medicines, it is required only in every fifth patient. In addition, zolmitriptan can be used in patients with cardiovascular pathology, but nevertheless by decision of the doctor. Side effects in Zomig are significantly less pronounced. This means may also be used to treat migraine status, or severe condition in which the headache lasts longer than 72 hours, and in some cases up to 5 days.


Rating: 4.8


Relpax, or eletriptan, is also a modern drug from the group of triptans. Its advantage is that it activates serotonin receptors that are located predominantly in carotid arteries, and therefore Relpax is more likely to influence precisely cerebral vessels than receptors in other parts of the arterial channels, for example, in the coronary arteries.

It is available in the form of tablets of 20 and 40 mg, and for stopping severe migraine attack you need to take one 40 mg tablet, and, as in previous cases, and if during the day the pain resumed, then you can take the same dosage again. If 2 hours after the first dose, the headache did not go away, then you can repeat taking the same dose, but not earlier than after 2 hours. The German company Pfizer produces the drug, and the cost of packaging in 2 tablets of 40 mg each – 550 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Relpax’s advantage is also high efficiency, but its main advantage is the selective, selective effect on cerebral vessels. No need to explain that the narrowing of all arterial vessels (non-selective effect) is not always necessary, and even harmful. If a spasm of the coronary arteries occurs, then blood flow deficiency is possible, this is what doctors fear when cardiovascular disease, carefully checking patients for the presence of coronary heart disease. Relpaks practically does not has such a side effect, and due to this, it can more successfully prescribed in elderly patients at increased risk cardiovascular diseases, in particular with coronary heart disease.

Moreover, as with any potent drug, he there are symptoms of an overdose with the development of high blood pressure, and there is a list of contraindications such as lactation, pregnancy, severe liver disease. You can not combine the reception this drug with ergotamine or its derivatives. He also contraindicated for the treatment of special forms of migraine, which include hemiplegic, basilar or ophthalmoplegic migraine, so how not always this disease proceeds exactly as it was described above.

Best Ergotamine Drugs

It would seem that triptans are quite enough for stopping heavy migraine attacks. What is the next group for then? ergotamine, or ergot alkaloids? These funds help patients who have a very pronounced first phase migraine attack, or prodromal stage, which begins sometimes even a few days or hours before a headache. Were higher Its some signs are described. These patients are assigned ergotamine.

It can be introduced into the body in tablets inside, sublingually under the tongue, in the form of rectal suppositories, intravenously and even as inhalations. Because patients with migraine quite often sick, ergotamine is most often used for resorption, in the form of tablets under the tongue, as well as rectally. Usually a single dose that stops a migraine attack is 2 mg, and during one attack during the day you can not take more than three such doses. The interval should not be less than half an hour. There is a significant limitation: for one weeks, with frequent attacks, ergotamine preparations may be taken no more than 9 times. We list some of the tools from this groups.


Rating: 4.9


Bellataminal is the mildest drug that belongs to sedatives, and in addition to ergotamine tartrate, belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital. But the dose of ergotamine in it quite minor, and one tablet only contains it 0.3 mg Therefore, this drug is used in patients with mild forms of migraine. This drug is indicated for use in one tablet 3 times a day after meals, and with the onset of migraine pain dosage can be doubled. In addition to migraine, bellataminal is indicated for nervous excitability and neurosis, with the development of insomnia. This drug is produced by the domestic company Pharmvar, and one a pack of 30 tablets is available at an average price of 145 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this drug is its mild effect, and the ability to use it for mild migraines. At the same time he inexpensive, but getting it in pharmacies is not always possible. Him there are contraindications such as pregnancy, vascular spasm, glaucoma. In addition, it can cause such side effects, like dry mouth and drowsiness, and with an overdose – expansion pupils, dizziness and urinary retention.


Rating: 4.8


Ergotamine is available in the form of ergotamine hydrotartrate, and in addition to vasoconstrictor, that is, a vasoconstrictor action, he significantly increases the tone of the muscles of the uterus.

Attention! Ergotamine and its analogues are categorically contraindicated in patients with migraine during pregnancy.

It is also contraindicated in migraine, which is accompanied by focal neurological disorders, that is, a violation vision, weakness in the limbs, or a speech disorder. therefore ergotamine should be prescribed only by a qualified specialist, which treats vascular headaches.

For migraines, the drug is prescribed a few hours before the expected attack, while the drug is conveniently used in drops, 20 drops per dose. At the beginning of a headache under the tongue either one 2 mg tablet or two tablets is taken. After 2 hours with inefficiency, you can take another pill under the tongue in 2 mg, but within 24 hours you can not exceed a dose of 10 mg.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of ergotamine can be considered high activity in patients with severe prodromal phase, the presence of various dosage forms intended for a variety of administration, and the disadvantage is a pronounced shortage of these drugs in pharmacies. Besides ergotamine has a lot of contraindications, and it’s especially important so that he is not appointed pregnant at any period of gestation.


Rating: 4.7


This medication is a combined anti-migraine remedy. which contains five different components, including ergotamine at a dosage of 0.75 mg in one tablet. In addition, the composition tablets include caffeine, propiphenazone and other components. IN the result, in addition to the anti-migraine effect, is produces anesthetic and antispasmodic effect. Shown Nominated for migraine with a pronounced prodromal period, with other angiocephalgic syndromes, and you need to take the medicine in at the very beginning of the attack.

The maximum dose is two tablets, after half an hour you can take another pill or two if the condition has not improved. Maximum the daily dose is 4 tablets, and the maximum weekly dose – no more than 10 tablets. For a long time, over 7 days, the drug is used Not recommended. Manufactured by Nomigren by a Bosnian company Bosnalek, one pack of 10 tablets costs 540 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like other ergotamine drugs, Nomigren is highly effective. with a pronounced prodromal period, but it can not be apply for prevention, but only if it has already begun headache attack. In case of an overdose, there may be nausea or vomiting, general weakness and tinnitus. Undesirable not prescribe it with other vasoconstrictor drugs, as this may lead to severe hypertensive crisis.

Caution: Ergotism! Ergotamine preparations should not be taken longer than 7 days, as long-term use may result in called ergotism, or persistent and prolonged peripheral spasm blood vessels.

This can be manifested by severe violations of sensitivity in fingers, their pallor, cyanosis, even a decrease in pulsation vessels and the development of persistent ischemia, which in the presence of aggravating factors such as obliterating endarteritis in the elderly may even bring to gangrene. Therefore, treatment with ergotamine drugs it is necessary to carry out only under the supervision of a doctor.

The best drugs for migraine prophylaxis

Means for the prevention of migraine should be used outside an attack when there is no pain, that’s why they are intended. Interesting that many drugs that are successful used for this purpose, do not have such indications as “migraine prophylaxis” in official instructions. But this practice It has long been known, and is used quite often. Introduction to official instructions for such evidence are very difficult, since this requires a review of the funds, its re-registration, conducting expensive research that completely not beneficial to the manufacturer, because the drug is good sold and so.

Migraine prophylaxis agents should not always be prescribed, and not to everyone, but only if the patient has an attack frequency exceeds 2 times a month, and if these attacks systematically disrupt his daily activities and working capacity.


Rating: 4.9


Amitriptyline is an old and fairly well-known tricyclic antidepressant, but the ability to prevent a migraine attack not at all associated with this antidepressant effect. Amitriptyline it is best to prescribe a dose of 25 mg for migraines, giving it to night, because at the very beginning of the appointment, the drug can cause drowsiness. Then the dosage is gradually increased by 25 mg, i.e. one tablet every week for a month. Average dose the amitriptyline that “works” is 100 mg per day, and the maximum is 200 mg per day. Amitriptyline releases a large number of domestic manufacturers, e.g. pharmaceutical Ozone pool, and the average packaging cost of 50 tablets in 25 mg is only 30 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of amitriptyline is cheap and wide prevalence in pharmacies of any form of ownership, and the disadvantage is the need to prescribe it, and side effects at dosages close to maximum. The patient may dry mouth, drowsiness, urinary retention, or constipation. In some cases, the patient’s body weight increases, and in in this case, prophylaxis of migraine with amitriptyline should be cancel.

Anaprilin (Obzidan, propranolol)

Rating: 4.8


This drug is widely known, and is used in cardiology for lowering blood pressure and for treating tachycardia, or heart palpitations. The drug belongs to the group beta-blockers, and has long been successful in promoting prevention migraine attacks. The average dosage of propranolol for migraine prevention is 80 mg per day, and if necessary this dosage can be doubled, and brought to 160 mg per day, but at the same time, pulse control is necessary, since the medicine able to slow down the number of heart contractions. Anyway the patient’s resting heart rate should not be less than 60 beats per minute. Propranolol releases a large amount various pharmaceutical companies, and it is inexpensive. So one a pack of 50 tablets weighing 40 mg will cost an average of 24 ruble

Advantages and disadvantages

Most often, propranolol is well tolerated. But in some cases need to be especially careful in patients with bronchial asthma can be a bronchospasm and an attack. If the patient leads a sporting lifestyle, or has a regular physical load, then, against the background of a significant load on the patient heart rate will remain low, and this will lead to a deficiency of blood flow. As clinical practice shows, a large the number of women suffering from migraines, for some reason, attend aerobics and fitness, so they need beta-blocker prophylaxis contraindicated. If the patient tolerates this remedy well, typical seizures in him become less frequent and pass more soft.


Rating: 4.8


In the event that the patient needs a prophylactic migraines, but he cannot be prescribed either Anaprilin, not Amitriptyline, then successfully used funds from the group of calcium antagonists. Verapamil for migraines is prescribed in a starting dosage of 180 mg per night, if necessary, you can increase it for a month, and bring to a dosage of 240 mg, this remedy is also taken once at night. Verapamil is generally well tolerated, the cost is low and a package of 30 tablets weighing 40 mg each will cost only 40 rubles., and produces Verapamil Macedonian Alkaloid company.

Advantages and disadvantages

Verapamil is a good, mild remedy that can successfully prevent migraine attacks and makes them rarer they tolerated more easily. Verapamil is cheap, affordable. But at the same time before appointment, it is necessary to exclude cardiovascular pathology, severe bradycardia, heart failure, various heart block and conduction disorders. Finally, you can not combine taking Verapamil with taking beta-blockers, and with the transfer from one group of drugs to another must be done break. Also, it can not be used by pregnant and lactating women. The drug can cause various side effects, especially on background of a dosage increase. Therefore, prevention Verapamil, as in other previous cases, should pass under the supervision of a doctor.

Valproates: Konvuleks, Depakin, Depakin – chrono

Rating: 4.7


Finally, approaching the end of the drug enumeration drugs used to prevent migraines should be noted valproic acid preparations, such as Convulex or Depakin. It is preferable to use drugs long-term, or prolonged action. These include Depakin Chrono. This is convenient because a single evening reception is possible. These funds created specifically for the treatment of epilepsy, but for migraine prophylaxis they are very good at a low dose which epilepsy does not cure. Sometimes the average dose that causes a good the effect in patients with migraine is 650 mg per day, it is necessary divided into 2 doses, morning or evening. But in some cases successful migraine prophylaxis is achieved with a dosage of 150 mg twice per day, or half a tablet of 300 mg. The cost of one bottle in 100 tablets of this dosage – 740 rubles. Produces Depakin Chrono famous company sanofi.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we consider the drug Depakin chrono, then there are 300 mg tablets and 500 mg, and at the beginning of treatment is enough taking one such tablet in 300 mg at night. However, you need to remember that this remedy has a large number of contraindications and side effects. So, contraindications include acute and chronic diseases of the liver and pancreas, hereditary mitochondrial disease, and its not recommended appoint women of childbearing age and pregnant women. What if consider that most migraine sufferers are just women, then Before appointment, specialist advice is required.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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