The 12 Best Household Vacuum Cleaner Companies

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Vacuum cleaner – one of the most important “representatives” of household appliances in home. He copes with the role of assistant for cleaning the floor and furniture from dust and pollution. Manufacturers offer consumers an impressive assortment of similar products, which sometimes – The task is not easy. We selected the best in our ranking those firms that best meet several criteria: cleaning efficiency, breadth of assortment, reliability and reviews.

Which vacuum cleaner is better – with a cyclone filter or bag


Quality of cleaning

Simplicity, practicality

Environmental friendliness /


Price, operating costs


does not depend on the degree of fullness of the tank.

requires frequent cleaning;

No need to replace the dust bag.

a large number of filters requires meticulous cleaning from dust.

expensive protective filters requiring replacement – $ 20-200 (frequency replacement depends on the operation).

With bag

depends on the dust bag (paper clogs reduce cleaning efficiency).

easy care (do not need cleaning, drying);

it is necessary to change the dust bag.

only disposable dust collectors are hygienic;

discomfort for allergy sufferers.

inexpensive maintenance (only a bag replacement is required) – about $ 5 in a few months.

Rating of the best manufacturers of vacuum cleaners for at home

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of vacuum cleaners for the home 1 Thomas 4.9
2 Dyson 4.8
3 Miele 4.8
4 Electrolux 4.7
5 Bosch 4.7
6 Zelmer 4.7
7 Samsung 4.6
8 LG 4.6
9 Karcher 4.5
10 iRobot 4.5
11 Xiaomi 4.4
12 KITFORT 4.3


Rating: 4.9


The famous German brand is a venerable company that first saw “light” in 1900. The manufacturer is known for constantly improves production processes, improves technical characteristics of products, improves their design. Modern Thomas vacuum cleaners are almost perfect: fit perfectly into any the interior and stand out for its incredible functionality.

Separately, a large number of options can be noted, often not just serving as a pleasant addition, but performing important functions: e.g. vertical parking (for easy storage), large number of additional nozzles for better and comfortable cleaning.

Among the most popular models, of course, stand out instances with aquafilter: not for nothing that the company is considered the creator the innovative system “Aquabox”, capable of cleaning dust is not only the floor, but also the air of the room.


  • suction power;
  • big variety;
  • high cleaning efficiency;
  • a large number of additional options;
  • models with the Aquabox system.


  • poor value for money;
  • poor-quality plastic in inexpensive models.


Rating: 4.8


The relatively small “age” of the British company did not stop she takes a worthy place among the best. Distinctive feature brand – specialization in vertical and classic vacuum cleaners with innovative filters that do not need to be replaced (just enough wash them periodically). The company has relied on advanced technology not only in production, but also in design. Every vacuum cleaner Dyson is truly cosmic perfection: original colors, unusual shapes, transparent inserts, elements, made of metal, etc.

Judging by the reviews and consumer activity on the search portals, Dyson products are the leaders in the number of requests for vacuum cleaners immediately in several categories: “low noise”, “easy to care” and “quality harvesting. ”


  • a wide range of;
  • high functionality;
  • excellent quality of cleaning;
  • original appearance.


  • All models have a high price.


Rating: 4.8


The German brand is often used as a household name, when it comes to the best vacuum cleaners. The company is known for high the quality of products and the reliability of any models on the home appliance market. Products are different original design, durability and incredible performance.

Large selection of innovative solutions embodied in the “assistants” for cleaning the house, allows you to find the best option for everyone. Among the company’s vacuum cleaners you can find almost silent, comfortable at work, powerful. Among the most popular – 8310 – guaranteed smooth start, noiselessness (so quiet that cleaning can be done even when the baby is sleeping in the next room), dust collector with a high level of filtration.


  • high functionality;
  • excellent quality of cleaning;
  • ergonomic design;
  • elongated cords;
  • noiselessness.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.7


The Swedish company is one of the world leaders in the production of household appliances, including vacuum cleaners, the first of which the brand first demonstrated to the world in 1913. Electrolux is the first in the world to develop a wireless and robotic vacuum cleaner. And the idea was actively picked up by others.

Brand products are incredibly diverse. horizontal, vertical, robotic, and, of course, manual copies. Speaking of the latter. Original, light products, accessible to everyone. The model is especially popular. Ergorapido with self-cleaning, powerful brush, excellent maneuverability (range – 1800), long-lasting battery.


  • high quality cleaning;
  • affordable prices;
  • wireless models;
  • robotic vacuum cleaners;
  • compactness;
  • high power.


  • noisiness
  • excessive power – leads to overheating of the cord.


Rating: 4.7


The German concern is known for its functional vacuum cleaners, sold at an affordable price. Product Feature – stylish design embodied in a compact form. Bosch offers consumers a wide range of vacuum cleaners with many additional options, high power, ergonomic shape in diverse color.

Most models are surprisingly quiet, very comfortable to use. application. Dust containers are presented in large variety: there are options with a bag, cyclone and water filter.


  • wide functionality;
  • the presence of robotic specimens;
  • build quality;
  • stylish design;
  • ease of use;
  • a wide variety of models.


  • high level of noise;
  • fragility of body parts.


Rating: 4.7


Another German representative of our rating honestly deserved a place in the ranking of the best thanks to excellent quality manufactured vacuum cleaners and high functionality. The company is engaged the manufacture of not only home, but also production models, creating optimal solutions that have virtually no complaints like from consumers, and from experts.

Distinctive features of Zelmer vacuum cleaners – optimal ratio of characteristics and durability. In your reviews consumers emphasize the reliability of the German brand vacuum cleaners. Among the most sought-after ZVC762SP stands out – excellent equipment with a high degree of surface cleaning. Company also pleases with a wide variety of models presented in all price segments. Professional and classic products for consumers can safely compete with products of other companies rating.


  • excellent build quality;
  • long service life;
  • high cleaning efficiency;
  • affordable prices;
  • robotic models.


  • noise (separate copies).


Rating: 4.6


The Korean company is not in vain considered one of the most popular in not surprisingly: Samsung vacuum cleaners are represented in all price segments. High and middle class models are different wide opportunities, using innovative technologies, budget – reliability and practicality.

Special attention should be paid to instances with improved turbine, high suction power. For example, quality vacuum cleaners with a bag at a modest price like SC4181 or SC5251 – A great option for reliable budget products.


  • ideal for allergy sufferers (CycloneForce technology Multi);
  • large selection of robotic vacuum cleaners;
  • stylish, diverse design;
  • ease of operation.


  • noise, low build quality (budget options).


Rating: 4.6


In our rating, “granted” another major Korean brand, world famous. Consumers are presented with a wide a line of vacuum cleaners for the home, having the perfect price and quality. Most models are equipped with an efficient system. filtration (“Turbocyclone”) and automatic dust pressing, suction power. Bright stylish design (often with transparent inserts) and compactness of products – a hallmark of the brand. One of the popular inexpensive models is the V-K706R03N, equipped with 8x filtration system, compact the size.


  • value for money;
  • a wide variety of products;
  • wide range of functions;
  • convenient filter cleaning system.


  • noisiness
  • fragility of materials (inexpensive products).


Rating: 4.5


Although the German company began to produce vacuum cleaners only 30 years back, during this time she managed to achieve incredible success. Exactly this brand is considered the founder of most technological innovations in vacuum cleaners. Brand Stability – Stable product quality.

All Karcher vacuum cleaners have a low noise level, bright yellow and black design, long cord and comfort operation. Products are available to consumers for both dry and for wet cleaning of surfaces (and not only the floor). Among the most popular products can be noted: WD 5 PREMIUM – powerful, with a large dust collector, high quality cleaning (ideal for spacious rooms with hard to reach places); WD 2 – compact, low-cost, high-power budget model suction power).


  • a wide range of;
  • reliability;
  • quality of materials and components.


  • only expensive specimens are highly functional;
  • inflated prices.


Rating: 4.5


By the name of the brand, you can immediately understand what its main specialization – of course, robotic vacuum cleaners. American the manufacturer is widely known in the world for a variety of product lines robotic vacuum cleaners that can be purchased at a reasonable price. Even low cost autonomy efficient enough for cleaning medium-sized rooms and can independently reach the base recharging.

Speaking about the quality of products manufactured by the iRobot brand, consumers particularly note the high functionality and reliability of the products. What is noteworthy is to find flaws in the manufacturer’s vacuum cleaners pretty hard. You can even say that they are not: it just all depends from consumer requirements and how well matched to These requirements are model. Among the inexpensive ones, Roomba can be highlighted 616, among the elite – Roomba 886. Both options have a sturdy case and do a great job cleaning the rooms.


  • affordable prices;
  • excellent build quality;
  • durability of products;
  • cleaning efficiency.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.4


The youngest member of our rating, recently noted his 18th anniversary. Chinese brand specializes in manufacturing smartphones and recently decided to try a new direction – creating robotic vacuum cleaners, including hand-held ones. All models pleasantly surprised by high functionality, suction power and variety of options performed.

Some models are suitable for wet cleaning. All products without exceptions are distinguished by stylish design, compactness, power, battery life (about 1 hour). Separate attention deserves a Roidmi F8 handheld vacuum cleaner – wireless, compact the model (weighs only 2.5 kg) is incredibly powerful.


  • quality of cleaning;
  • stylish design;
  • ability to overcome obstacles up to 2.5 cm high;
  • built-in sensors for determining distances;
  • wet cleaning possible.


  • complaints about poor connection with the vacuum cleaner through Wi-fi


Rating: 4.3


The only domestic representative of our rating. A distinctive feature of the brand is a wide variety of vertical models of vacuum cleaners. Consumers can easily find a decent option. among many produced: there are powerful, compact, functional models, as well as products with a multi-stage system filtering.

All vacuum cleaners feature a sleek, stylish design with bright inserts embodied in a compact form. Main stream brand at work – creating classic instances for home harvesting. All of them are not only small in size, but also very convenient to operate.


  • stylish design;
  • a large selection of vertical models;
  • compactness of products;
  • ease of operation.


  • insufficiently high efficiency.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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