The 11 Best Heartburn Remedies

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Such a symptom as heartburn, is understandable to everyone and does not need explanations. Perhaps there is not a single adult who at least once in my life I would not have experienced this unpleasant sensation in epigastric region. Symptoms of heartburn, along with belching, pain in epigastrium (epigastric region, below the sternum), nausea and vomiting doctors combine into a syndrome of gastric or upper dyspepsia. There is intestinal dyspepsia syndrome – this is bloating, or flatulence, abdominal pain and impaired stool.

There are many drugs and folk remedies that help. stop heartburn. It’s not necessary that they will heal the main disease, which caused a burning sensation. Very many remedies act symptomatically, that is, simply eliminate this sensation, and in no way affect the pathological process. Some of them are useful, protect the mucous membrane. stomach, normalize motility, and are successfully used in complex therapy of gastritis and gastric ulcer and the duodenum. Some, despite the beautiful quick relief from heartburn are harmful, such as plain soda, which will be described later – it, as the cheapest and A popular remedy is also included in the rating.

All antacids that are used in modern medicine, can be divided into four groups. The first group includes means that not only neutralize the feeling of heartburn, but also absorbed into the systemic circulation, and may have an effect, which is rarely considered by the patient. The second group includes drugs that are not absorbed and are completely eliminated from organism through the intestines. These products are safer and may apply for a long time. There is a large group of antisecretory agents whose task is to reduce the production of hydrochloric acid, and affect the acidity level in the stomach not by binding excess acid, and by reducing its synthesis.

Finally, there is a fourth group of drugs that called prokinetics. These drugs have no effect on mucosal protection, nor the production of hydrochloric acid, their task alter the motility or muscle activity of the esophagus sphincters, and the stomach.

Consider the most popular and effective drugs that entered the rating of modern antacid preparations. And we will begin perhaps with absorbable antacids.

Rating of the best remedies for heartburn

Nomination a place Name of product Rating
The best absorbed antacids for heartburn 1 Baking soda 4.5
2 Rennie 4.4
3 Vikair 4.3
Best nonabsorbable antacid for heartburn 1 Phosphalugel 4.9
2 Gaviscon 4.8
3 Maalox (Gastracid) 4.7
4 Almagel A 4.6
5 Antareit 4.5
The best antisecretory drugs for heartburn 1 Omeprazole (Gastrozole, Omez, Orthanol, Ultop, Helicid) 4.9
2 Pariet (Bereta, Noflux, Rabiet, Zulbeks) 4.8
3 Famotidine (Kvamatel, Ulfamide) 4.7

The best absorbed antacids for heartburn

All absorbed drugs quickly cope with set task, and therefore are very popular, their the effect is noticeable in just a few seconds. But all of them produce quite a lot of carbon dioxide and it can give other unpleasant symptoms such as belching, bloating abdomen, and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Components that absorbed into the systemic circulation, may cause various electrolyte disturbances, including changes in heart rate, and increased risk of kidney stones. But these funds with are successfully used to relieve occasionally occurring heartburn in pregnant because the systemic effect of carbon dioxide is good known, but the action of aluminum salts (non-absorbable antacids) on the body of pregnant women and the fetus has been studied not enough.

Baking soda

Rating: 4.5


To drink or not to drink soda? Is it possible or not? The question is rhetorical: and Yes and no. Baking soda very quickly helps with heartburn, it located in almost any home in the kitchen, and no need to run into pharmacy, these facts always overpower the fears of doctors who cautioned to use such a good remedy too often.

What is the problem? The fact is that baking soda forms a very a lot of carbon dioxide, and he, trying to expand, able to push the muscle sphincters of the esophagus and stomach, and allow leakage of gastric juice neutralized by soda in duodenum and lower esophagus. So regular weakening of the sphincters will soon contribute to the fact that they will develop failure. In addition, the patient who takes soda constantly, soon surprised to find that you need to take it all more and more often, the dose of soda is regularly increased, and light the gap without heartburn becomes shorter. Heartburn becomes gradually more stubborn and annoying. This phenomenon is explained the fact that after neutralization of hydrochloric acid the stomach begins to produce it in an increased amount.

Advantages and disadvantages

This combination of advantages and disadvantages allows you to do important conclusion: baking soda can be used for stopping heartburn, but only in very rare cases, and in those people who have no diagnosis of acute or chronic gastritis, and peptic ulcer – Half a teaspoon per glass of warm water. In other words, soda can be an ambulance for ordinary, a healthy person who currently has no opportunity purchase an antacid drug. Indication for admission – discomfort and heartburn after a plentiful feast or spicy food. In this case soda, of course, will help, but after relief about this type of treatment you should forget, in no case do not repeat the intake of soda. No way case you can not take soda to the “gastric” patients, who simply Antacids prescribed by a doctor have run out. You can easily achieve exacerbation of the disease.


Rating: 4.4


If soda is sodium bicarbonate, then Rennie chewable tablets consist of a mixture of two salts: carbonates calcium and magnesium. This medicine is shown not only in healthy people with occasional heartburn, but also in patients who have diagnosed with esophagitis, gastric acidity juice, in case of syndromic dyspepsia with pancreatitis, if the patient takes other drugs that cannot be canceled, but they cause heartburn.

Also, this tool is indicated for a sharp change in the way of eating, for example when traveling to Southeast Asian countries with a very sharp cuisine, patients who abuse alcohol. These pills have a light cooling taste, and the salts they contain do not only quickly neutralize excess hydrochloric acid, but also act for a long time. As a result of the work of this tool in the stomach soluble salts of calcium and magnesium arise, which are absorbed into blood, but do not significantly affect systemic metabolism.

You need to take Renny by chewing, or just holding pills during mouth and resorption. With the appearance of heartburn, you can immediately take two pills, and a repeat can be done no earlier than after 2 hours. The official instruction limits the maximum daily dosage funds in 11 tablets. German produces this drug. Bayer pharmaceutical concern, and purchase one pack in 12 tablets can be for 138 rubles. The manufacturer offers a choice of mint or orange flavor.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage of the drug is its safe intake in pregnant women without impaired gastrointestinal function in the form of symptomatic therapy. Rennie is well tolerated and overdose is possible only in patients with significant impairment kidney function. Also, in very rare cases, this medicine may cause allergic reactions.


Rating: 4.3


Vicair is an old, cheap, proven drug. His the composition is complex: in addition to sodium bicarbonate, it is included in magnesium carbonate, bismuth compounds, calamus rhizome and buckthorn bark. The combined effects of these natural and chemical components antacid, astringent, antispasmodic and laxative.

Vicair is indicated for the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, with hyperacid gastritis, or with gastritis with increased acidity of the stomach. Since when hyperacid gastritis often causes heartburn then this drug can recommend for all forms of heartburn. Pills are taken through an hour after eating, three times a day, you can take two tablets at once, washed down with a little water. The difference between Vicair and Rennie consists in the fact that it is recommended to take a course during one month, and one-time use is not welcome. Produced Vikair domestic Irbit chemical farm, and purchase minimum package of 10 tablets, designed for 3 days of admission, You can already for 18 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the drug can be considered its availability and cheapness. The disadvantages include slow action, mandatory restriction on admission in patients with concomitant inflammatory diseases of the intestines, gall bladder. Vikair has a feature stain stool black, but this symptom disappears after taking the drug. Also some patients are ill tolerate bismuth compounds, and they may have heaviness in the stomach.

Best nonabsorbable antacid for heartburn

These remedies for heartburn are a new generation of drugs. They do not penetrate the systemic circulation, after their use the stomach does not seek to produce an increased amount of gastric juice, they protect the mucous membrane well, and as a result neutralization of hydrochloric acid insoluble salts are obtained, which calmly pass through the entire gastrointestinal tract and excreted in the feces. Consider the most effective means, who take first place in the ranking of sales in the Russian Federation.


Rating: 4.9


The most famous heartburn drug that is sold in sachets – this is phosphalugel. It is an aluminum phosphate. After opening the bag, you can see a white gel, a bit like sour cream. Manufacturers for a more pleasant swallowing did its sweet, adding sorbitol, as well as the smell and taste of an orange.

Aluminum phosphate envelops, adsorbs acid and neutralizes her. This tool is able to reduce the activity of the main gastric enzyme – pepsin. Phosphalugel does not translate the acidity of the gastric juice in the alkaline side, and leaves it on physiological level. It forms a thin protective layer on gastric mucosa, which after a single application persists for several hours. In addition, Phosphalugel able to neutralize toxins, various germs and gases throughout throughout the intestine, and normalizes the passage of food through it.

Phosphalugel, except heartburn, gastritis, reflux and ulcerative diseases, it is also shown in complex therapy for various food poisoning, with alcohol intoxication, with diarrhea, reactions gastrointestinal tract with medication. Is applied Phosphalugel inside, it can be in its pure form, but it can be diluted with water.

Adults and children over 6 years of age can be given one or two sachets three times a day. There are various dosage regimens, which depend on the diagnosis.

The manufacturer of Phosphalugel is a pharmaceutical company, Astellas Pharma, The Netherlands. Phosphalugel in the amount of 6 sachets will cost 150 rubles. That can not be considered too cheap.

Advantages and disadvantages

A positive quality of Phosphalugel can be considered it the possibility of use even in children up to six months of age, almost no side effects him during pregnancy and lactation. The negative point should be consider the possibility of developing complications in patients with severe kidney pathology, cirrhosis, and chronic constipation.


Rating: 4.8


Gaviscon is available not only in tablets, but also in the form of suspension for oral administration. This is a combination medicine for heartburn, which consists of sodium bicarbonate, carbonate calcium, and sodium alginate – a derivative of seaweed.

Gaviscon, unlike other drugs, after a reaction with hydrochloric acid of gastric juice forms a gel that has almost neutral reaction. This gel envelops the mucous membrane. the membrane of the stomach, forming a protective barrier. Resulting activity protective environment lasts up to 4 hours. After taking the drug relief from heartburn is felt after 3 – 5 minutes.

Of the indications, gastroesophageal reflux, or reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus as a result of sphincter weaknesses. Even if the gastric juice gets into esophagus, the gel formed by Gaviscon, ahead of casting gastric juice, and protects the mucous membrane of the distal esophagus.

Take gaviscon chewable tablets carefully chewing them, not exceeding 4 tablets at a time, and the number of doses per day should not exceed 4.

Produces Gaviscon English company Recitt Benkizer Helskar. In domestic pharmacies, chewable tablets in the amount of 12 pieces can be purchased for 125 rubles., and 150 ml of suspension will cost 180 already rub. per bottle.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of Gaviscon include a low price, issue 2 forms, and the suspension acts faster, a rare development side effects, as well as the ability to apply it with pregnancy and lactation. But at the same time Gaviscon contraindicated in children under 12 years old, in patients with phenylketonuria, in persons who are on a salt-free diet with impaired function the kidneys.

Maalox (Gastracid)

Rating: 4.7


Extremely popular in Russia, and throughout the world, a remedy for Heartburn is a Maalox drug. It is a gel inorganic compounds of aluminum and magnesium in the form of hydroxide, with the presence of excipients. In bags it looks like white suspension, reminiscent of a very liquid sour cream with a slight smell peppermint. Maalox, in addition to suspension, is available in chewing tablets, and for diabetics is available in the form of tablets without Sahara.

Maalox calmly neutralizes the increased acidity of the stomach juice, and at the same time does not lead to a secondary increase, or hyperproduction of hydrochloric acid. He envelops the mucous membrane, and has an absorbent effect. It works only locally, from it is not absorbed in the stomach, and no systemic effect renders. Maalox is indicated for heartburn due to various reasons, with peptic ulcer, with gastritis and gastroduodenitis, with hernia esophageal opening of the diaphragm, with errors in diet, with a side effect of certain medications (especially often – NSAIDs and hormones). Apply Maalox as a suspension in one tablespoon 3-4 times a day, including at night. In one The bag contains 15 ml of medicine, one tablespoon. The maximum allowable daily dose of 6 tablespoons, which is 6 sachets.

Launches Maalox famous pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis, in factories in France and Italy. Packing in 20 chewable tablets can be bought for 220 rub., One bottle suspensions of 250 ml can be purchased for 300 rubles., and packaging 20 tablets for diabetics can be bought for 200 rub.

Advantages and disadvantages

This tool is great as an ambulance for acute heartburn, and is available in different forms, which facilitates reception. One sachet is equal to one tablespoon, which equalizes and simplifies dosage when switching from one form to another. However, Maalox is contraindicated in children and adolescents, including fifteen years old, in patients with fructose intolerance and severe renal failure. Also, the drug can cause constipation, especially in elderly patients, due to hydroxide aluminum.

Almagel A

Rating: 4.6


The above-described Maalox drug has many synonyms, for example, Almagel. This is the same Maalox, and it contains the same Components. But if you add benzocaine to Maalox, which is a fairly effective local anesthetic, then there will be a famous cure for heartburn and gastritis – Almagel A (anesthetic). The mechanism of its action is the same as that of and Maalox, it inhibits the secretion of pepsin, weakens the effect of hydrochloric acid, and benzocaine helps very well if, in addition to heartburn, the patient still has stomach pain. And it is this remedy that can recommend as most effective when heartburn is combined with epigastric pain. He eliminates pain in a matter of minutes syndrome and burning sensation. Of course, benzocaine does not precipitate as insoluble salts, and absorbed, but this amount is so minimum that there is no effect on the body.

Indications for use of this drug are more extensive: in addition to peptic ulcer, acute and chronic gastritis, it is indicated for enteritis and with colitis, with intestinal digestive disorders, with postoperative pain when surgery is performed on the stomach. Almagel A protects the mucosa well and reduces pain if patient erosive and ulcerative processes associated with prolonged taking corticosteroid hormones.

Almagel is used orally, 1 to 2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day. Given that the patient often has an acute state of inflammation mucous membrane, Almagel A recommended for use before meals, for 10-15 minutes. After the patient has drunk the necessary dose of medicine, it is recommended to lie down a bit, and turn from side to side, for so that the suspension is distributed as best as possible across the mucosa the membrane of the stomach. Surprisingly this recommendation is found only in the instructions for Almagel A, although this advice is quite It would be natural to give all the funds that are issued in the form of suspensions or in the form of sachets. Produces Almagel A pharmaceutical company Balkanfarm, and a suspension vial of 170 ml can be purchased for 190 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The indisputable advantage of Almagel A is the presence of local anesthetic, which can significantly expand the indications for application. But at the same time, benzocaine can begin to affect already on the receptors of the oral mucosa, a side effect is a change in taste and mild numbness of the mucosa. There are contraindications for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in children, and in renal insufficiency. In case of prolonged therapy, it is necessary in the diet introduce foods that are rich in phosphorus, especially in the elderly age for the prevention of osteoporosis. Also, many will not have to the taste that during treatment with Almagel A is necessary abstain from alcohol.


Rating: 4.5


Antareit chewable tablets contain 400 mg of magaldrate and 20 mg simethicone. This is an antacid, an additional function. which is to reduce bloating, or to reduce flatulence. Magaldrat is the short name for hydroxide – magnesium sulfate and aluminum. It has a binding acid action, reduces the activity of gastric enzymes, envelops and absorbs. Simethicone destroys small gas bubbles that formed in the stomach and intestines. At the same time, gas does not accumulate in free state, but absorbed by intestinal cells, or out without congestion. Simethicone is inert a substance that simply destroys the foam, and at the same time acts on the laws of physics without entering into any chemical reactions.

Antareyt is shown, except for heartburn, for pain and sour belching, with bloating and other functional conditions. Take 1 to 2 tablets should be taken 10 minutes after a meal, carefully chew, or dissolve the tablet in your mouth. Launches Antareyt Indian company Sequel Pharmaceutical, and one package in 24 chewable tablets can be purchased for 240 rubles., thus one tablet will cost 10 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the good carminative effect, this remedy contraindicated in children under 12 years of age, and during treatment it is necessary provide phosphorus with food. It contains sorbitol, and this means that it is contraindicated in congenital intolerance fructose. At high doses and with prolonged use, may the symptoms of metabolic alkalosis are manifested. This is numbness in muscle, nervousness, paresthesia. But then this tool can used during breastfeeding, and if heartburn is combined with bloating, then you should initially pay attention to it to Antareyt.

The best antisecretory drugs for heartburn

In addition to mechanical binding of hydrochloric acid or neutralization, there are many drugs that reduce her secretion. They are called antisecretory, and are divided into two large groups. The first group includes proton inhibitors pumps, or proton pump, and the second group includes histamine receptor blockers (H2)

Proton pump inhibitors are effective and modern agents that reduce gastric acidity juice. The mechanism of action of these drugs is through blocking a special enzyme – potassium hydrogen ATPase. It produces hydrochloric acid through the propagation of hydrogen ions and their bonds with chlorine ions.

As for H2 – histamine receptor blockers, these medications that block gastric mucosal receptors that located on parietal or parietal cells. As a result production of hydrochloric acid is reduced, and therefore ulcer-forming effect. Consider the main drugs that designed for self-management of heartburn, and for the treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcer and the duodenum. These drugs are constantly being improved, therefore, there are several generations of such tools.

Omeprazole (Gastrozole, Omez, Orthanol, Ultop, Helicid)

Rating: 4.9


Omeprazole is one of the main antiulcer drugs, antacids that are widely used in outpatient practice is on the list of vital medicines (list of essential drugs), and is given to patients in gastroenterological departments in hospitals. This means used for ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, with heartburn, with erosive – ulcerative processes, with stress ulcers, and also with reflux esophagitis. The drug is used in capsule form according to 20 mg, 2 capsules per day in severe cases, usually one at a time capsule. Omeprazole is produced by a number of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, such as Sandoz, Stada, Akrikhin, Veropharm, Teva, Gideon Richter. The cost of domestic omeprazole starts at 23 rubles. for 30 capsules of the drug, which makes its really affordable and popular for wide layers population.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that omeprazole is not the drug last generations, he has his own merits. He rarely there are overdose phenomena such as agitation, headache, dry mouth. This medication can be used with meals, so in between meals, the effectiveness of treatment is does not affect. However, omeprazole is contraindicated in children, during pregnancy and lactation. One of the most important indications for omeprazole is a preventive treatment non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. So if u the patient has a pronounced back pain, and he is assigned meloxicam, nimesulide, or ibuprofen, and yet he has gastric ulcer then with anti-inflammatory means he is prescribed omeprazole for the prevention of induction ulcers.

Pariet (Bereta, Noflux, Rabiet, Zulbeks)

Rating: 4.8


Pariet is the next proton pump inhibitor generation, it contains rabeprazole. Available in tablets of 10 or 20 mg, in enteric form. Rabeprazole also suppresses sodium potassium ATPase, and, unlike the previous drug, does not possesses anticholinergic properties, and therefore does not cause side effects characteristic of omeprazole, i.e. significantly its security spectrum has been improved. After taking 1 tablet a significant decrease in heartburn is noted after 1 hour. Besides symptoms of reflux disease, heartburn and acid burping, this medicine is indicated for the complex treatment of all forms of ulcerative diseases of the stomach and duodenum, with pathological hypersecretion, with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, with Helicobacter pylori infection. According to the standard treatment regimen, the medicine applied once a day, depending on indications – or in dosage of 10 mg, or 20.

This drug is one of the most expensive in the ranking of funds. from heartburn. So, for 14 tablets with a dosage of 10 mg should be given 1200 rub. This is an original drug that manufactured by the Japanese company Ezai – licensed by Janssen – pharmaceuticals. However, there are cheaper analogues. So, Beret tablets, which are produced by a domestic company Veropharm, sold at a price of 500 rubles. for 14 tablets containing 20 mg rabeprazole.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of rabeprazole include the absence of side effects. effects characteristic of omeprazole, the ability to apply it in patients with impaired liver and kidney function without any dose adjustment, as well as the absence of symptoms of overdose. This drug may be taken in the same dose as indicated in instructions for the elderly, and for children from the age of 12 years. The only disadvantage of this tool is its obvious high cost, it is not recommended to use it in the form of monotherapy just for stopping heartburn. Unlike Maalox, Almagel, Gaviscon and Rennie, a man will have to wait an hour while he has heartburn will pass.

But, nevertheless, of all the proton pump inhibitors it is Parry is the fastest acting. You just need to remember that these drugs are indicated for the treatment of diseases that cause heartburn, they treat the causes of heartburn, and are not intended to instant removal of an unpleasant symptom without looking at it origin.

Famotidine (Kvamatel, Ulfamide)

Rating: 4.7


Kvamatel, or Famotidine, is available in two forms: as in tablets, and in vials for intravenous administration. It’s important that famotidine not only makes hydrochloric acid less strong, less concentrated, and thereby reduces the unpleasant symptoms of heartburn, but while it still reduces the total amount of gastric secretion juice. This is important for those patients who have an operative intervention on the stomach, and you need to make it “drier”.

Kvamatel administration is indicated for all those diseases and conditions, which lead to the development of heartburn syndrome: with ulcerative diseases, with reflux, peptic ulcers, with gastroduodenitis, and even with gastrointestinal bleeding.

With reflux esophagitis, for example, the drug is used one at a time 20 mg tablet twice a day, but if necessary, can be increased dosage of two. Produces this drug Hungarian company Gideon Richter, and you can buy 14 tablets with a dosage of 40 mg already for 100 rub. There are numerous varieties of famotidine, and the most cheap domestic famotidine can be purchased at a price of 14 rub. for 20 tablets with a dosage of 20 mg. Produces it domestic company “Ozone”.


We reviewed the rating of drugs that help remove such unpleasant symptom, like heartburn. All drugs were placed by speed of action, and, as it is not deplorable, it helps the fastest ordinary and very insidious soda. Her side effects accumulate, and, in the end, even furious adherents of soda forced to abandon her because she leads to progression of the disease that caused heartburn.

Of course, antisecretory drugs cannot used as an ambulance for severe heartburn, they should prescribed by a doctor, their task is to cure those diseases that led to this unpleasant symptom. In conclusion, you can still list such a group of drugs, but do not select them in a special section – these are prokinetics, or agents that affect motility smooth muscles. These include domperidone, or Motilium, and Cerucal, or metoclopramide. By themselves, they have no effect on they do not have heartburn, and taking them with heartburn is pointless. But in if heartburn is accompanied by nausea or vomiting, then these drugs can be used, but only as anti-nausea and antiemetic drugs.

As for folk recipes for heartburn, it may well apply warm milk, warm mineral water without gas, or fresh potato juice. All this can be used as symptomatic remedies only if the symptoms of heartburn arose “legally”, after significant use alcohol and feast with an abundance of fatty, smoked and spicy foods. Here then this heartburn can be eliminated with the help of funds, listed in the ranking, and do not seek the help of a doctor for diagnosis of the disease. But in the event that heartburn becomes obsessive if, despite giving up bad habits and on normalization of the diet, it will return all the time, accompanied by new symptoms, then in this case it is necessary you will need to contact a gastroenterologist, pass the necessary analyzes, and be sure to do fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS). it will avoid many troubles, detect an ulcer and prevent the risk of bleeding in the early stages of the disease, and in some cases and timely detect malignant neoplasm.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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