The 10 largest banks in the world by size assets

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Banking organizations represented in the rating are among the most influential in the financial world, occupying a leading position in banking market. The companies were selected one at a time of the key factors – total assets. Under this concept implies the value of monetary assets held by company, and its cash capital. Next up are the top 10 giants in banking world.

Financial monsters: top 10 largest banks in the world by value of assets

Nomination a place Bank Assets Country
10 largest banks in the world by assets 10 Crédit agricole $ 2123 billion France
9 Bnp paribas $ 2336 billion France
8 Boa $ 2354 billion USA
7 Hsbc $ 2558 billion Great Britain
6 JPMorgan Chase $ 2765 billion USA
5 Mufg $ 3,069 billion Japan
4 Bank of china $ 3,092 billion China
3 Aboc $ 3,287 billion China
2 CCB $ 3377 billion China
1 ICBC 4027 billion $ China

Crédit agricole

Rating: 4.1

Crédit Agricole

Country: France

Assets: $ 2123 billion

Opens our top ten French conglomerate – party the Big Four of the national banking sector. As of for 2018 Crédit Agricole is ranked 10th in number own assets in excess of 2100 billion dollars. Since 2011 the organization is included in the list of systemically important banks.

The French bank began operations in the distant 19th century and survived many difficulties in its path. During World War II the company was under the strict control of the government. Like that the collaboration turned out to be quite successful: this avoided the decline of agriculture. Since 1975, the bank has successfully enters the international market, opening the first overseas branches.

In 2001, the company was transformed into a joint stock company and, later for a short time, put up its shares on the Paris stock exchange. IN Further, the financial institution began to expand its sphere of influence and opportunities through numerous acquisitions, mergers and reorganization. In 2012, the company showed a record large loss – 6.5 billion euros, which was due to financial problems in Italy, Greece, Portugal.

Bnp paribas

Rating: 4.2

Bnp  Paribas

Country: France

Assets: $ 2,336 billion

The French conglomerate is considered the leader of the financial sector and banking sector in Europe. One of the representatives The Big Four of the country’s banking sector. As of 2018 financial institution takes 9th place in terms of size assets. According to the financial magazine Global Finance, the bank is included in 50 most reliable in the world. Banking organization is included in list of systemically significant for the planet.

The organization is pretty young (founded in 2000): she started its activities after the merger of BNP and Paribas Bank. BNPParibas became the bank that provided funds for Oil-for-Food Initiatives – UN initiative, according to which Iran could sell oil on the world stage in exchange for medicines, food, etc.

The bank operates in 2 directions – retail national and international banking, as well as corporate banking. In 2014, the company paid almost 9 billion. dollars for violation of US sanctions against Cuba, Iran etc. – a huge amount and the largest penalty for such violations.


Rating: 4.3


Country: USA

Assets: $ 2,354 billion

Bank of America is the largest United States conglomerate in banking, providing a wide range of services not only on territory of the country, but also far beyond its borders. One of representatives of the Big Four of American banks, along with Citigroup, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase. In the USA It is considered the most powerful financial holding company in terms of assets.

BOA was established in 1998 and is the result of a merger of two American banks – BankAmerica and NationsBank. 10 years after Bank of America swallows major investment Bank – Merrill Lynch. Since 2011, the organization has been included in list of systemically important banks. Although BOA differs enough a developed network of international branches, a key region The bank’s operations are, nevertheless, the United States. The main BOA’s areas of activity: consumer banking, as well as global market, banking, asset management.


Rating: 4.4


Country: United Kingdom

Assets: $ 2,558 billion

British financial holding is considered one of the most significant in Europe and one of the most powerful on the planet. The organization has impressive assets – about 2550 billion. dollars, its market capitalization reaches 117.5 billion dollars. Initially, the organization was created with the aim of quick and convenient settlement of Europe with China, but today the activity the can is much wider.

Of course, the Euro-Asian mutual settlements to this day remain a core business of the company, but dozens of open subsidiaries carry out a number of other operations: retail banking, commercial banking, global financial management streaming, global private banking and corporate center. Branches HSBC is represented not only in Europe (France, Malta, Russia, Switzerland, etc.), but also in the United States, Africa and the Middle East.

JPMorgan Chase

Rating: 4.5

JPMorgan Chase

Country: USA

Assets: $ 2,765 billion

One of the most powerful and rapidly developing American conglomerates in finance – a giant in the country’s banking sector and an active participant in the world stage. Established in 2000 is the result of the merger of several major national banks. Included in the “big four” of American banks.

JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest and most influential investment banks of the planet whose depositary assets are exceeds 23 trillion dollars. The main geographical direction Activities – United States, Canada, India and United Kingdom. According to a Forbes 2000 rating, a banking organization ranks honorable 3rd place among the largest public companies in the world. Since 2011, JPMorgan Chase Bank has been included in the list systemically significant.

The organization’s current assets exceed $ 2,700 billion, and capitalization reaches 421.5 billion dollars. Thus, financial institution is automatically among the most expensive on the planet. Organization activities can be divided into 4 key areas: consumer and public banking, commercial banking, corporate as well as investment sector and management client assets through a network of subsidiaries. Half of the whole Bank revenue is net interest income.


Rating: 4.6


Country: Japan

Assets: $ 3,069 billion

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group – the largest Japanese holding company, whose assets exceed the mark of $ 3,000 billion. It – The most powerful company in the Japanese financial sector. Her market capitalization reaches 65 billion dollars. Organization appeared relatively recently – in 2005 as a result of the merger of the most important banks of the country – MTFG (4th largest conglomerate at that time) and UFJ Holdings (2nd at that time bank in the country).

The main predecessor of MUFG is Mitsubishi Exchange Office – a currency exchange office established almost 150 years ago, successfully existed for more than a century. Did not break the organization and powerful collapse of the country’s financial market in the 90s. The then Mitsubishi Bank managed to avoid collapse thanks to conservative politics. In 2008, MUFG formed a strategic alliance with one of the most important financial conglomerates in the USA – Morgan Stanley

The main activities of the organization: retail services in banking, customer asset management, promotion Mitsubishi Group interests in the world, participation in the global financial the market.

Bank of china

Rating: 4.7

Bank Of China

Country: China

Assets: $ 3,092 billion

One of the oldest (founded back in 1912) and reliable banks of the Middle Kingdom. Also is a representative of “Big four “China’s financial institutions, having a huge impact on the territory of China and providing banking services not only citizens of the country, but also to its non-residents.

The Bank of China is the permanent leader in the country’s banking sector. More 70% of the organization’s assets belong to the government of the Middle Kingdom. The financial company is represented in several dozen countries, and with 2011 is included in the list of systemically important banks and for good reason: collapse banking organization whose market capitalization reaches 143 billion dollars, could significantly hit the world financial system.

After the 1949 revolution, the Bank of China emphasized foreign economic activity (in particular, carried out commercial banking) and still adheres to this course, rapidly developing a foreign network.

In 1993, the Russian branch of AKB Bank was opened in Moscow “CHINA BANK (ELOS)”. He became the first in a series of subsidiary banking organizations opened by a foreign company in the territory Of Russia.


Rating: 4.8


Country: China

Assets: $ 3,287 billion

A financial organization was established back in 1951 the famous state and party Chinese figure of the 20th century by Mao Zedong to help peasants and simple Chinese to the workers. At that time he was known as Cooperative agricultural bank. In 1993, the organization was transformed into state commercial bank.

Today ABoC is one of the key players in financial a market that holds a strong position as important commercial organization of world significance. The Bank has in its the asset of more than 24,000 branches throughout the country and far beyond its the limits. In 2007, by decision of a national conference at ABoC was entrusted with the serious task of financing the “problem sannun “to develop underdeveloped agricultural areas of the country.

The banking organization includes 14 subsidiaries, 6 of which operate outside of China (including in Russia). Behind ten-year period (from 2005 to 2015) banking assets increased three times, 2 times increased revenue, significantly the organization’s net worth also increased (from 542 billion yuan in 2010 to 1670 billion yuan – in 2018).


Rating: 4.9


Country: China

Assets: $ 3,377 billion

The second largest participant in our rating, and, undoubtedly, the most powerful bank of the planet, created more than half a century ago – in 1954 year. Initially, a financial organization was created strictly under mutual settlements for the state, but over time it was redesigned for commercial operations. The bank has more than 345,000 employees, 14 branches are successfully operating in the world.

The bank’s market capitalization is about 225 billion. dollars. A financial institution is considered one of the largest in country, and in the Forbes 2000 ranking is the third largest assets. Since 2015 – one of the globally significant banks of the planet. IN 2005, the bank first placed its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and earned 9.24 billion dollars.

The Bank has several subsidiaries, some of which serves trade between China and the UK, part – provides retail financial services, and some were created for asset management.


Rating: 5.0


Country: China

Assets: $ 4,027 billion

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China – Real Financial giant and, of course, the largest bank in the world. ICBC – Another Big Four member controlling over 20% of the banking spheres of the state. A financial institution began operations in 1984 year. Today, from a modest company, it has turned into of a real monster: about 500,000 are employees of the organization employees around the world, dozens of branches in many countries. ICBC expertly estimates market capitalization greater than 305 billion dollars.

In 2006, ICBC first held a public sale of its shares, managing to attract during the bidding a record amount of over 22 billion dollars (the record figure is the largest in history). Throughout as much as 6 years, starting in 2011, the bank was on the first line ranking of the largest public companies with an average revenues of more than 165 billion dollars.

The controlling shareholder of the company is Chinese. government. Although ICBC has around 500,000 shareholders, the most only 3 of them are considered large (they own more than 90% of the shares) are China’s investment company, MF PRC and one of the largest holdings of Hong Kong. Since 2013, ICBC has been one of the most significant banks of the planet.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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