Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’light

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Features Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’light

General characteristics

Number of tiers 3
Type of management electronic
Maximum power consumption 900 watts
Timer for 60 minutes, with shutdown
Inclusion indication there is


Body material plastic
Steam Basket Material clear plastic
Removable grilles there is
Egg deepeners there is
Display not
Topping up water during cooking there is


Auto cooking there are 6 recipes
Thermostat there is
Delayed start not


Compact storage there is
Additionally cupcake / muffin mold; defrost function, cooking frozen foods

Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’light Reviews

Pluses: noiseless, large pallets, comfortable, beautiful
Minuses: Trays and baskets crack
Disadvantages: I use 3 (three) years. For all its merits, I categorically do not advise taking this model now. At an average price 7000 rubles, now it is impossible to find baskets and grates. I have 2 the gratings cracked and cracked basket number 1. If the basket is completely bursts, then the double boiler can be thrown away, since the remaining baskets do not are placed on a drip tray. Today I received a letter from Authorized Service Center – Spare Parts Discontinued manufacturer company.

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Pluses: Everything in it is fine except one very significant disadvantage
Disadvantages: The latches of the bottoms fly off instantly, especially when trying to wash another warm basket. New bottoms cost more than 300 rubles each and break for a month
Minuses: I did not find new bottoms, I bought a second one a double boiler, but since even all the bottoms broke in months, and using a basket with a swaying bottom is inconvenient, you need to order parts only with a prepayment, far, I switched to brown

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Pluses: Noiseless Large pallets (great for those who cooks more than once) Compact in storage
Minuses: Very bad bottom latches – break quickly If if pallet 1 breaks, then it is no longer possible to use it. extremely inconvenient to wash Small condensate drain pan – with long cooking at three levels simultaneously has to change what to do in this double boiler is very inconvenient water
Minuses: In general, a normal double boiler, I have nothing to do with compare – this is the first. But for daily use not like it – I wash it longer than cook it. And the rest – compact and noiseless, yes. The color game is enjoyable, but no more. Like 6 programs – there’s no difference in steam intensity, only the programmed time changes.

Yu Yuuki

Pluses: Cooking Muffins! I just fell in love))
Disadvantages: Sometimes it is difficult to put all 3 levels – they slide and They don’t want to get into the grooves.
Minuses: I will focus only on one function: cooking muffins in molds. This feature is great for anyone sits on a sports meal when boiled eggs and omelettes are already bad. All simple: finely chopped carrots + other green vegetables, sent to 12-13 minutes into a double boiler, then quickly grind everything with a mixer, so that the pieces remain, they are filled with protein from the bottle (total volume for 6 forms of the finished mixture with vegetables about 500 ml), spices, pour over molds and a double boiler. Exactly 18 minutes later, air protein useful muffins. For the sake of this function alone, you can buy this double boiler! Just masterpieces come from the magazine. I don’t know the truth like a whole egg, but protein ones turned out colorful, tasty, extraordinary! Always loved tefal steamers, but this one just dream!

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Pluses: no
Disadvantages: does not heat the water before evaporation
Minuses: disgusting! new steam boiler, turned on, laid Manty – never ate! a second there is steam, then it stops … and so waited an hour and threw

Peregorulko Alexander

Pluses: cooks fast enough, there is an opportunity keep warm
Disadvantages: For two years of operation, of the minuses was only strong steam – but this is the lot of all double boiler. BUT the inner bowl cracked – where the gum and the heating element. Not I can imagine how the steam boiler never fell. Before there was an earlier model, too, Tefal, it works safely in the country – a total of 6 years.
Minuses: Maybe I have a random marriage, but this model I can not recommend.


Pluses: Good build, outwardly beautiful, comfortable in use, and the fact that many also praise the backlight is very nice.
Minuses: not found
Minuses: I use it for the fifth year, I have never failed, very well performs its function of a double boiler.

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Pluses: Challenging his job perfectly! Big water tank. Beautiful and lit in different colors on different modes)
Minuses: The price is a bit overpriced. Cooking modes are quite conditional, they just include a given time, they can still be change manually.
Minuses: This is my first double boiler. A lot of water is placed, until there was a case that it ended. Button control this is not entirely familiar. Each button turns on its own mode. cooking, backlight color and set time. Modes are conditional, they do not change anything except the set time and the color that will be a double boiler burns during operation, so that you can choose any or color for mood) Time in any mode can be set manually. There is a mode for frozen foods, it adds +10 minutes to cooking time .. and that’s it) In general, I’m happy with the work of the double boiler, it is roomy, it has three tiers. The kit also has a form for cooking rice and a form for steamed cupcakes. Rice cooker you can cook omelettes for a couple, but I adapted my silicone molds. Omelets are awesome! 🙂 So far everything that has been cooking It turns out very tasty and does not need to be watched at all. Chicken breast it turns out very tasty, frozen vegetables from the packages remain bright. I even made dumplings in a double boiler, in a saucepan, of course, taste more familiar, but still delicious! In the second tier, the products are prepared slightly slower than in the first. On three tiers have not yet tried prepare. During cooking, a countdown is displayed. IN At the end of cooking, the double boiler squeaks and includes heating. IN descaling instructions recommend vinegar, but it still smells. I just poured citric acid into the water tank, poured water to the maximum and included 20 minutes, no scale and how new) All parts of the double boiler (except the lower unit with the wire) I wash in dishwasher, very convenient!

Ivanova Catherine

Advantages: 1. You can cook three dishes at the same time 2. Easy to clean 3. Intuitive 4. Aesthetic, beautiful backlight 5. Not noisy 6. At the end of the program disconnects itself, then within an hour supports food heated
Minuses: There is no signal that the water has run out. Dough It’s not preparing well, it’s damp.
Minuses: Good double boiler. I’ve been cooking on it for six months already, no problem. Water ended only once (set for 45 minutes full tank). Once the pallet nearly got over three tiers and long. But overall a good thing, especially for cooking frozen vegetables, fish and chicken. The only thing you need to get used to such food, or to actively pickle meat and use spices.

Sinkovskaya Elena

Pluses: beautiful, quiet (this is my 3rd steamer) its real barely audible, backlight 🙂 convenient choice of cooking mode, compactness (as the double boiler itself and containers) capacity for pies (it’s for rice and cereals volume of 1.2 liters. – fits 1.5 300ml glasses of rice which is enough for 4 good servings)
Disadvantages: no, perhaps not as high-quality plastic as on another French 16-year-old Tefal Gold teapot 🙂
Minuses: excellent double boiler for the money, after half a year I’ll write how about the quality of the plastic.

Aquarius Aquarius

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