Stroller-transformer Liko Baby BT-1218B

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Characteristics Transformer Stroller Liko Baby BT-1218B

General characteristics

A type transformer
Recommended Age from birth to 3 years
Maximum allowable child weight 17 kg
Pram weight 9 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 4, front dual, rear single
Different widths of front and rear axles Yes
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment not


Back adjustment, horizontal position
Seat belts there are five-point
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child there is
Viewing window there is


Carrying not
Accessories cup holder, sun visor, cape on the feet
Hood material the cloth

Reviews on Liko Baby BT-1218B

Advantages: 1. Spacious – the child is 2 years old, where turn around and sit comfortably 2. Sustainable. It rides well, even when the baby starts spinning, spinning and sucking out strollers 3. Maneuverable, due to weight (about 10 kg) holds well the road, “requires little effort to carry – this is in contrast to the lungs small walks that weigh less than 5-6 kg: they have to push and drag forward 4. Adjustable footrest 5. Spacious a basket that is easy to reach 6. Pocket for small items on inside and outside of the backrest 7. LARGE WHEELS – will run along slush and snow porridge, again, unlike small pleasure strollers 8. There is cushioning – uneven asphalt and shallow pits drives unnoticed as nine. When folded, it can be carried over the hood with one hand, you can roll for yourself. Itself costs if to fix front wheel 10. Complete with a warm mattress and a cape on the legs. 11. The hood drops low: protects both from the sun and the wind. By the sides of the whole seat are closed – in the cold you can safely to walk – will not blow out anywhere. 12. In the hood there is a viewing a window for mom In general, the feeling from the stroller is that it is solid, stable – no worse than transformers and also runs smoothly and easily, but it weighs much less and folds easily.
Disadvantages: 1. Compared to CBX SORS (weight 3.4 kg) – heavy for skidding into transport and lifting without an elevator. But this only in comparison. If the child is already rising everywhere himself, you can pull the stroller if necessary. It is worth noting that strollers for Moscow winter with normal wheels and weighing less than 8 kg – not exists for that kind of money. Therefore, the weight here is not a disadvantage, but given. 2. No rain cover included, however the standard came up raincoat from Auchan for 100 r. 3. Folds with two hands. I.e if the baby is in the arms, then folding the stroller with one hand will not work. 4. The handles are not adjustable in height – I’m 160 cm tall. husband 180 – you have to bend a little, so it will be high hard to roll.
Disadvantages: Looking for a stroller for all seasons, including Moscow slush (we don’t clean the snow, but they heat it with reagents, therefore, the stroller must pass through the snow porridge – this is only big wheels). For a 2-year-old child weighing 14.3 kg. Previous a light stroller was already falling apart and did not go under it weight and seat was small. Therefore, we were looking for a stroller that you can bring to the 3rd floor without an elevator, while shoving a large child even in a winter jumpsuit and bring to any place in any weather, and for little money. I can say that I looked at all the comments and video reviews of all the strollers that are on sale. I chose this one and I do not regret it. The only thing manufacturers could be a little reduce the weight of the stroller by replacing metal with plastic in some parts (on the hood, bumper, for example), but this is a wish. Overall stroller It looks very stylish, in our blue-orange version, definitely looks more stable, solid and cool than PegPerego Si or ValcoBaby Snap, but it costs about 8 tr. :))))) The child is comfortable and really likes to sit, because he really is in it sits comfortably, and does not hang on belts and a bumper, as in small walk

Lupanova Anna

Pluses: EVERYTHING !!! I absolutely liked everything, very much her fell in love
Disadvantages: Convenient in winter and summer, a warm cover on the legs, you can cover the child from the wind, always went shopping with her, two bags on handles, and in a basket. There was a zippy before her … liked more!

Galuzina Irina

Pluses: looks stylish, wide berth, short base maneuverable on a flat smooth floor
Disadvantages: there are a lot of them !!!!!
Disadvantages: seduced by the reviews and bought (! In addition to maneuverability in the store on the flat floor is no more pluses! Well, look stylish … That’s all !!! The so-called bumper is short !! From him heat 0 !!! If you plan to fight for the winter, then this is not advice !!! Wheels like wooden !!! The cart goes even softer! And if God forbid on the handle hanging ceska and the child pulled out of the stroller, then she will tip over back !! I have to remove the bags and put them in a stroller !! (In the snow not at all !!! Even if you cleaned the track ‘oh yes .. Still pluses- wide berth and short base! This is for those who have a trunk not big. In short, no advice! I skated a month and will sell on Avito ….

ivanova lena

Pluses: Design Beautiful Stylish
Minuses: 1 Wheel flashed during 3 walks, insert no could, handed back 2 No mosquitoes and raincoat 3 Awkward manage with one hand (moms always talk on the bodies of one hand) 4 The hood does not fall to the bumper
Disadvantages: for 3 walks, the pin is worn out, what is worn wheel! those metal are soft.

Natalya Plotnikova (Kuznetsova)

Pluses: maneuverable, there are shock absorbers, large hood.
Minuses: no mosquitoes and raincoat (can be bought)
Minuses: I was looking for a stroller for a child for 5 months. on the spring-summer period to meet my requirements: not heavy, easy to operate, large hood, leg cover, several provisions of a back + lying, a big place for the child. All this model has it. I’m glad I bought it.

Julia Dyatlova

Pluses: all))) absolutely
Minuses: If only weight
Minuses: Oh, how long I was looking for a stroller)))))) business It was not in price but only in quality) I chose models from 3000 to 25000 thousand, so the child just turned 6m stroller should be as convenient as possible but there is no such thing everywhere there are flaws) in face baby is weight) one does not have a cape the other has a bad hood the third without a limiter and then. but this one came up in all respects)) I’m in delighted))) and the price (9000) also pleasantly surprised (but on different sites different costs can anyone ordered cheap and therefore stinks) ride for a week) just super !!! and compact and easy on I enter the 3rd floor and the baby is comfortable and this is the most important)))))) and even the city no one has such a straight eye pleases !!!!!! generally stroller I advise her to be delighted))) and large wheels easily rides curbs overcomes without problems)))) and winter is good))) cover Warm !!!!!!!! Super !!!!!!!!! Incidentally Runt Lunar stroller one in one with this one is only cheaper, but finding it is very difficult))) and the weight is a bit smaller)))))

Ilya Potapkin

Advantages: Regarding weight, the ability to use with birth, maneuverable, good cross
Minuses: Rather nitpicking: the hood would be completely up to the bumper prevented the front wheel lock by hand.
Minuses: Bought as additional to the classic cradle, we want to put a baby in it when there is nobody to help me leave the house with a large stroller. We have 4th floor without an elevator, weight strollers are always a priority. I can carry this when folded with one hand, I won’t say that it’s easy, but quite affordable. The stroller came from the new delivery, the color is dark blue with orange, the fabric is not smooth, with working out. When we got the stroller out of the box, a certain smell was present, but not strong, I did not have to air specially. new strollers the hood is deeper, and the bumper without a cup holder. With a bumper the cover can be removed and washed – it is zipped. A warm envelope is now the beige inside will probably not be easily soiled. with two hands, with a simple movement, very easily, it is fixed in such position and can stand. It turns out very compact. impresses firmly made, let’s see how it will be in use, then I will add a review. P.S. Wheelchair is very controlled easy even with one hand, even at the entrance / exit to the curbs. snowfall, without a raincoat did not get wet, but for long walks under it is necessary in the snow. It goes well in the snow, along the covered paths Of course you have to make an effort, but our previous cradle led even worse. From the very beginning of operation, there was a creak in the wheel is solved by lubrication, so this is not a problem. urban conditions are enough for our child, riding on a tile is not embarrassing. Of the flaws – the front wheel is tightly locked, with the foot I can’t get pressed, I have to take up the dirty with my hand wheel and apply force. When fully unfolded difficult access to the basket, the bag full of food does not crawl, need to be folded in parts. The stroller more than met expectations we sold the cradle and use only this one. and their price is small flaws are not considered flaws. I recommend to everyone who does not have elevator. The ability to get down and rise with two children (1.8 and 0.3) and a sidecar without assistance

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: 1. Folds compactly, when folded itself; 2. A wide seat, the child in a jumpsuit fits easily. Baby sits steadily and does not slip (this is far from in all wheelchairs). 3. The backrest is adjustable from absolutely vertical to fully horizontal (total 4 positions); 4. Awesome warm envelope. It can be hooked to both the mouth guard and the bumper. If attached to kapu, then the child is well closed and nothing will disturb him (so can only be done while lying). Inside the envelope in the area the shoes are sewn in a kind of hard polyethylene. 5. The frame is very strong, large wheels with shock absorption, front wheel swivel; 6. Lightweight (9 kg) 7. The shoe sole is placed and removed on the brake, Don’t spoil the shoes. 8. Pocket for little things, the back wall can be roll up (underneath the net), which is good for summer walks; 9.Large and sturdy shopping basket with easy access from the back so in front. Really very comfortable. 10. Sustainable. On the the handle of an empty stroller can be hung not a heavy bag; 11. Table instead of the usual bumper (he really liked the child). In the cup holder Aventovsky glass-spill is ideal; 12. Construction strollers made so that on the face of a sleeping child you can hide from sun (even during sunrise or sunset).
Disadvantages: 1. You can not make the position of the child facing his mother; 2. Sometimes the seatback adjustment key sticks, but we adapted: you just push the back a little forward; 3.Folding and unfolding can only be done with two hands. 4. With a large the load is harder to manage. 5. In the sitting position, the face of the child difficult to shelter from the wind. 6. Covers, except for a warm envelope, do not removed, wash them do not work, just clean. 7. Chore adjustable length of seat belts.
Disadvantages: Whoever wrote about Chinese bullshit here is mistaken. The stroller is made with high quality. The materials are waterproof. Frame solid, this stroller to break, you need a very to work hard. The berth is wide and long. Child up to 1.9 in it slept freely (then we sold it). We went on it in the winter (Siberian region), no complaints about the chassis (with the classic of course not compare). We are very pleased with the stroller, we bought it for 6900 p. and she I worked every ruble.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: easy-1 star to her just for it
Disadvantages: Chinese bullshit – when unpacking, it smelled terrible, belts short – don’t adjust anything designed for Chinese children – per child 1 year 3 months MALA – up to a maximum of 1 year. who wrote that stroller liked just decided to play a trick on others buyers
Disadvantages: urgently needed a stroller, according to the characteristics I liked this – it would be better to buy for 4000 rubles. Used Peg Peregio. My advice if your nerves are dear to you, do not take this stroller – special greetings to the swoopy store for being misleading buyers -selling Chinese junk from Vladivostok under European names.

SM Dalton

Pluses: Strong, easy to operate, lightweight, easy folds up and takes up little space in the apartment, a table in front child, large wheels give stability and patency in winter, on handles you can hang a backpack (which is important for us, because the eldest child schoolboy)
Minuses: Inconvenient viewing window on the visor, white (easily soiled) cover on the legs.
Minuses: We bought this stroller instead of Zippy, which the handle broke off. The corridor takes up very little space, by compared to the last stroller. The baby cannot be pulled out of her, she is very he liked it. The carriage is so light that the son (him 1.10) She lays out and carries around the apartment. Easy to fold. Easy included in a regular elevator. The viewing window is not clear why there such, only in a prone position can you see a child. Good by the way and easily folds 180 degrees to a lying position, but a couple once the button jammed a little. With a winter cover is not quite yet figured out how to shove it so that the child can be belted to fasten. Well, I think we’ll figure it out for the first frosts. And of course the color of this cover is white inside, this is a big minus. to hang a backpack, which is important for us since older child schoolboy. No odor from the stroller, very pleasant to the touch handles. While the stroller is happy.

Gradetsky Sergey

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