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Characteristics Stroller Quinny Zapp

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months to 4 years
Possibility to install a car seat there is
Pram weight 6 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 4, front dual, rear single
Different widths of front and rear axles Yes
Wheels removable
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Shopping basket not
Handle height adjustment not

Walking block

Seat belts there are five-point with soft pads
The bar in front of the child not


Carrying not
Accessories sun visor, rain cover, bag
Hood material the cloth
Ability to wash cover there is
Assembled stability there is
Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 30x27x69 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 110x69x106 cm
Features Stroller carrying bag included

Reviews on Quinny Zapp Stroller

Pluses: looks good, aluminum frame
Disadvantages: – small solid wheels without shock absorbers are good only for shopping malls – very short inconvenient the seat, the child slides – the folding mechanism began to seize after six months of operation – there is no basket, a bag with handles do not hang up with purchases either – he will fall back

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Pluses: bought for hiking on shopping malls and if there is no place for strollers another this hiking option is always in the trunk. as I haven’t used the stroller yet, the child is not sitting yet. I use the base under the maxi cosi car seat, it’s just super. Well, very comfortable. in the child next to the passenger in the car seat, the legs of the stroller always in the trunk (take up little space), came to the store: disassemble the legs for 5 seconds, install a chair and even less. for shopping is perfect. I haven’t tried anything else, but not I can imagine how even more convenient to come up with. the thought that when the child will sit in another chair, the stroller can still be use just warms the soul))) very maneuverable.
Minuses: no for me. for my purposes, some pluses.
Disadvantages: worth buying if: you are looking for a compact and maneuverable vehicle on city roads or shopping mall. worth the money. if you are looking for an SUV for parks and cottages, you another option, as the wheels wear off and shake and thunder) by the way, they write about the cover … personally, I had it in kit convenient with handle

Gavrilova Katerina

Advantages: Wheels are our salvation !!! In my tiny the trunk does not fit anything else! Maxi Cozy Car Seat – ideal, I use 1.5 years. Cool peak, deep covers. In winter, it is more passable through snowdrifts than modern transformers with small wheels in front! Stable !!!
Disadvantages: In the version with a woven seat, folding is not convenient, this is not a cane for you! In comparison with a cane, it is heavy and Traveling is not convenient to wear at airports, I had to sew a cover! IN there is no crossbar for hands, you have to buy it! In position “to “there’s no sedentary option. The brake cable has rusted over the winter! We it was deleted. Spare parts were never found.
Minuses: I use XTRA. Thrilled with the possibility of not wake up the child when getting out of the car. We ride every day for 2-4 times. With adequate care (lubrication of the wheels) the stroller silent

Okuneva Arina

Advantages: 1. Compact 2. Maneuverable 3. Light 4. Overcomes any borders
Disadvantages: 1. lack of a lying position (but I tipped and rested it on a thread, a bench, on vacation on a sunbed). 2. to bad road shakes very hard (wheels are solid) 3. brakes are easy clogged with sand (but I clean after traveling to the sea, and everything is fine) 4. On the sand does not go at all, just carry. 5. sun shade does not protect (this is fixed on Extra) 6. It must be collected strictly according to the algorithm, failure to comply with it can lead to serious damage. 7. Nothing can be hung on pens !!!
Minuses: When I gave birth to a second child, it was time to choose pram. At that time, I did not drive a car, so I moved to taxi (it’s impossible to walk in our yard, so I went to central park). We live in a 5-storey building without an elevator, even from the second floor to lower two children with a stroller (the eldest was 2.3, when the second one was born) is quite difficult. After a long selection stopped on this stroller. Used it from 0 (set auto-chair Maxi Cozy), it was very comfortable in one hand car seat, in a different frame, which holds the older one))) leaving the entrance put a car seat, calmly dismantled the frame. Stroller fit in any car, even in the salon, the child at the end of the trip no need to wake up, put the car seat on the frame and that’s it. When grown up began to use fabric, on vacation it is very convenient, because she is compact and easy to assemble, rests on everything perfectly for lying position. Visor of course is not enough. Very convenient for hiking around to the shopping center (easily rulitsya foot from the fitting room)) But, then I ordered an extra seat (for 5 tr), and got a stroller for everything occasions of life. Because the extra seat does not add up to rest it does not take it, take the usual, and in the city I use extra. Abroad I find such strollers very often. I’ll carry her on a plane, like hand luggage) I’m satisfied with the purchase, this stroller is for active modern moms. Many of my friends also opted for this brand.

Kostina Maria

Pluses: beautiful, easy to ride, folds compactly, convenient to store. Great seat.
Minuses: Weight does not match. declared, she is heavy, alone it’s definitely not possible to fold by hand, a small hood, it was necessary to increase. Well no lying position. No basket included.
Disadvantages: In general, the stroller is good, but for the price it’s better see something else. I’m not happy with her, especially from that it is heavy, and the basket would not hurt for sure. We have mclaren yet, here from her delighted. Better Compare with Others models and think before buying)))

Bazhenova Anastasia

Pluses: Cool design, and publicity “steepness” of the brand. plus rides easily.
Minuses: Before ordering, I took from a friend completely new quini out of the box. 1.with no bottle instruction sort out. 2. I collected it for about 30 minutes, because the weight of the part comes separately – chassis, seat, cap. blew out scary. together collecting is probably easier. 3. chemical smell and strollers and raincoat – smelled the whole room. 4. folding mechanism – folding is quite hemorrhaging and with one hand it is NOT to fold. in short, you have to train for a long time. 5. the seat is strong shallow, the child (13.5 kg, 1 year 10 months) liked to ride her, like a slide. 6. I didn’t try to carry it around the apartment only, but didn’t like that the handles “go” due to the upper fasteners (or whatever you call it). 7. and most importantly! I wanted to take a stroller light and compact for traveling, but it weighs in a case with a hood 8.5 kg! where there are 6, declared on all sites ?! thank God, looked alive!

Wayne Diana

Pluses: Super stroller in all respects quality, design, convenience, maneuverability.
Minuses: No lying position.
Minuses: I changed my favorite zapp to mclaren because of lying position, zapp is certainly much cooler in every way, except for a berth.

Goryabina Oksana

Advantages: Easy to operate, 360-degree rotation in place, easily drove into high bards, ultra-compact addition, design
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: Took a stroller for several months from a friend for trips to the sea. To travel super – flew on an airplane, lived in house without elevator, to the sea 15 min walk. You can only buy for short trips (travel, playground, shopping center and more). As the main walk is not suitable. (Not a deep drip, not a the back is folding, there is no bumper, the basket is not comfortable and small, no depreciation.)

Lazareva Maria

Pluses: Great stroller. We are glad. We ride a child with of the year. If you need to go somewhere – ideal. Lightweight, comfortable in the folded size fits both in the trunk and in the shelf on the train. They even let us into the plane with her (although they asked everyone else strollers to hand over) – fit in a shelf for hand luggage. Perfectly calls in on the curb, very maneuverable. We went with her and on smooth asphalt and pavers – great.
Minuses: It’s bad that there is no bumper – very much the child loves for hold on to something. And a significant minus that there is no lying position, and this is important enough. The daughter constantly moves out and hangs on a belt – but I think it’s still small.
Minuses: Lovely stroller. Very compact and easy. For trips – just indispensable / Used a stroller up to 3 years old. Of course, as a main walk, it does not fit. But when the child is already large (i.e. does not sleep on the street, and the stroller is used as “transportation” to the site) or for trips – suitable ideally. By the way, I wrote above that the daughter is hanging on the straps (this was in the year of daughters). Then I adapted to fasten it under with mice (i.e., did not put your hands in the straps) – move out and hang on the straps immediately stopped (it was spied on by one mommy with the same pram :))

Berezina Julia

Advantages: Lightness, maneuverability, superdesign, simple compact folding
Disadvantages: Design fragility (more in the review text), and all that the buyer knows initially (no bumper, short trump card, does not go backwards, throws weight on handles, does not the back is laid out, does not ride in the snow, there is no cover on the legs)
Minuses: I really wanted this model, I just flew when transplanted the child to Zapp from the tank-shaped Peregi AT4 … and this the day of the child was burned in the sun. Visor Shade Ends much earlier than the baby’s head, and the stroller doesn’t ride backwards (rides crookedly). How many delicate skin do you need to burn under May the sun? All cheeks peeled off. Further. A month and a half later stopped fixed swivel wheel. After three – began to “crank” brake, i.e. if you want to press it, you can still, but you need a little whether to jump, and so he clicks like, but really does not block wheels. The aluminum frame bends easily, so after regular driving into curbs with applying force to the handle, while child presses booty on wheels, led to its deformation (not so noticeably, but there is). I had to buy a basket, but put in it anyway, nothing really can be done, the axis of the frame that passes in the middle. Instead of a cover on the legs, a blanket was used. Rumble started in a month somewhere … However, this is a cane, for them it fine. A child from year to year and 3 months. about categorically refused to sit in it because of the need buckle up. They had to push by force. Now (2,3) He climbs with pleasure, but shoulder straps have long been thrown off and rides unfastened, which is quite dangerous when crossing the road (her may come up with the idea of ​​getting out of the stroller unexpectedly and go take a walk). So the lack of a bumper is, as it turned out. huge minus. The visor is not fixed in the unfolded state, in the result looks like a rag and constantly develops by itself. IN On the whole, I am somewhat disappointed. As an option for a trip to supermarket – yes. Moreover, it even fits in the Oka 🙂 How basic walking – 100% no.

Kornev Gregory

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