Stroller Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Classico

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Specifications Stroller Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Classico

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months
Pram weight 5.7 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane folding with one hand
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Chassis width 49 cm
Wheels plastic
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Folded Wheel Position down
Wheel diameter 14.60 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustable
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 3
Seat belts there are five-point
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child not


Carrying not
Accessories Sunshield
Hood material the cloth
Assembled stability there is
Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 32x34x94 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 84x50x101 cm

Reviews on Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller Classico

Pluses: Plik Mini – I have a 10 stroller and probably ours 2 years, it is almost perfect)) Because pram now we use only on trips) + Convenience of addition, everything is very here quick and easy to assemble with one hand) + Compact and cost itself, but the front wheels are better to block, otherwise they will have to correct with your foot) + Depreciation on all wheels) Here I was surprised))) For this class of stroller – it’s just great) + Driveability: In the shopping center it’s easy and real to carry with one hand, on even asphalt, on the tile makes a little sound of the wheel) On not even pavement will rumble, but all canes ride like that, even mine the former Mac HT, made the same sounds) On the curbs with my fat man in 15 kg, the same flies rather meadowly) + Sitting, deep and tall, with our 91 cm, very comfortable, up to the plastic footrest, we not yet mature))) The berth is the same comfortable)
Minuses: – probably for us, only one) This is rumbling wheels, on rough asphalt, but on the one hand – ABSOLUTELY all canes ride like this, on an uneven surface (Well, we made it a little quieter, glued silver caps on wheels)))) Just they most of all they make a sound, because not quite tight)
Minuses: Corrected after 5 years)))) Those pluses that are described when compiling a review in 2012, I was clearly exaggerated and were made after a couple of days of using the stroller. BUT!!! from the stroller I got rid after 3 weeks of ownership. And she is terrible! Horrible quality, not at all maneuverable, poor cross-country ability ideal asphalt, heavily calls on borders and very, very not comfortable handles, when you bring the stroller to the curb, you get the feeling slipping pens. In general, another Peregovsky misunderstanding, I didn’t like this company, I don’t like it anymore. Italians do not know how do make strollers at all.

Potekhina Irina

Advantages: Weight, design, price, comfort
Minuses: rattles, handles do not stretch
Minuses: We took this stroller for travel. For this purpose fits well. A child can sleep in it, because folds out almost horizontally wide enough too. Very easy develops, weighs a little. Roads in Turkey are flat, so it goes softly, the baby sleeps comfortably. My wife and I are tall enough, I have height 183 cm, it’s generally inconvenient to carry, as this is useful bend over, and legs while walking continually kick the stroller. therefore adapted to go sideways and carry with one hand. On our roads thunders quite enough, but I do not see this problem absent from other canes. Therefore, at home we continue use the walking block from Bebecar Stylo AT, so for any potholes rides quite softly and easily. In general, we are a stroller happy if the handles were pulled out, would be generally ideal for our goals. UPD: After a year of use, it stopped add up.

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Advantages: Lightweight, maneuverable, quality materials, suitable for a grown child (2.5 years weighing 12 kg), easy folding, stable when folded
Minuses: only to find fault: the hood is small, but not critical (it is decided by a raincoat or a cape from the sun), it is inconvenient to be selected to the basket (but it is still quite roomy), you need adjust to smoothly lower the back
Minuses: I do not compare this stroller with a full walking, and with another cane (cheaper). The stroller goes smoothly even on bad asphalt and gravel, does not rattle as badly as about it they write. It rolls itself, unlike the previous one, which was needed push by effort. It’s really possible to roll it with one hand (not compare with an all-terrain vehicle on inflatable wheels with a solid handle) and hold the child’s hand, phone or carry an umbrella. Basket roomy, though not the most comfortable. Creeps into it as much as in an ordinary cane, it is simply located differently. On the the curbs rise, the ramps are the misfortune of all the canes. Smoothly wheel locking and braking mechanisms work. Let go of the back also not as difficult as they say. The hood is small, but it is reliable fastens and is not blown away by a wind. The raincoat came from the previous canes. In all respects, the stroller outperforms its predecessor, which was 2 times cheaper, but served 2 of the year. In general, if it is possible to take more expensive – take it worth it.

Koryakina Tatyana

Pluses: Light weight, large hood, wide seat, footrest, simplicity of folding / unfolding, compactness in folded. The presence on the handles of hooks for bags with shopping.
Minuses: Not very convenient shopping basket, short handles (periodically kick the stroller).
Disadvantages: Great stroller for a small price. Peg quality Perego is felt throughout. Despite the fact that the stroller operated for more than 2 years, the wheels are alive, nothing rattles, Textiles do not tear (and, by the way, are easy to clean). Not very comfortable the stroller is compensated by the fact that several handles can be hung packages. True, we must not forget that the stroller is lightweight and without a child it may roll over under the weight of packages – but this is solved very simple by shifting one or two packets into place a child. Traveled with her to Europe, no inconvenience arose in airport or car.

Makarov Sergey

Pluses: Lightweight, beautiful, good materials, easy running
Minuses: 1.Very stiff back, no lining – just fabric on plastic, you have to put something 2.B so called the “window” on the hood of the child is absolutely not visible 3. Hood does not close well from the sun 4. Back release system very uncomfortable
Minuses: I do not recommend if you have 2 small children, it’s not so easy to decompose or assemble it clicked into place. This probably applies to all canes, but roll it and leading another child’s hand is not real. Very annoying change of position of a back – only with two hands and quickly or on queues, but hovering in an intermediate position I also when choosing I do not noticed that the design does not provide a side, even you can’t fasten the game. It’s not worth the money that is for it asking

Kirov branch of GBUZ VOKTSMR �

Pluses: long and wide place for the child, stroller conveniently folds into a cane, stands stably assembled, compact, good seat and hood fabric, quite manageable, easy. we have a very positive yellow color)
Disadvantages: only for people of short stature (not higher than 175 cm), disgusting rear wheel brake system and plastic quality (broke on 3 day), a short hood, does not fit on any ramp (very small distance between wheels), uncomfortable shopping basket
Disadvantages: We chose the weight of the stroller and the width / length of the seat for child, because he is tall. According to these parameters, the stroller is one of the best for their money and the child to sit comfortably. We got another as a gift a bumper that is not included. For our baby this is significant, he is not used to being fastened. Further solid minuses:!!! The hood is short, does not block from the sun, if sleeping the place is laid out (you need to buy a mosquito or something else). On day 3 operation when installing the rear wheel brake stupidly broke off a piece of plastic, now one of the 4 wheels is not blocked (here it is “excellent” quality of plastic), and this with a gentle press !! in put nothing in the basket, even a child’s plastic truck medium-sized ones were hardly crammed on the side and that’s all, there is no more space and You can get it back with difficulty. I have a height of 171 cm, pens on the maximum position, I go generally okay, sometimes hurt foot rear wheels, but with a higher growth is already uncomfortable, have to bend over. let’s see how much it rolls. and by the way she rattles no more than other canes (somewhere in the reviews I read about a terrible roar is not true 🙂 with one hand it is difficult to control and only on smooth asphalt, but it is visible to any cane ok – the pen is not solid like books

Karjakina Olga

Pluses: very comfortable, lightweight
Minuses: no
Minuses: very satisfied with the purchase

Petrova Alena

Pluses: not found
Disadvantages: The stroller itself seems to be nothing, but if you buy everything accessories to it, you understand that the stroller is just disgusting. The bumper you need to buy separately turned out to be frail, it’s just scary to take it walks a shaker. In addition, all normal bumpers have a foot strap that prevents child fall out of the stroller under the bumper. Here he is not … In addition to of this, as it’s an accessory, and a stroller of this type is a cane, suggests its compact folding, be prepared that this the bumper will interfere, because compact folding design not provided. In addition, the height of the stroller handles is pretty low. With its height about 170, it is not convenient to carry it, because not enough handle height, you have to walk as if in a half-bent condition, the back from this gets tired quickly. Wheels in a wheelchair look kind of tight, double wheels everywhere, but this is only up to the first ramp. Naturally, the distance between the wheels does not coincide with the width not with one of the ramps tested in the underpasses. AND accordingly, when trying to raise the stroller, the stroller along the ramp to external wheels, leads them to such a curved state that you think that now they will fall off …

Eugene Eugene

Pluses: Excellent stroller in all respects: 1. lightweight 2. beautiful 3. maneuverable due to swivel wheels easily turns around and goes around the pits on the roads.
Minuses: for myself I did not find
Minuses: Served us 2 seasons. Of course we have exhausted her, but I have never regretted a choice in 2 years. Additionally acquired cover on the legs.

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Advantages: The stroller is very light, comfortable, it’s easy for my wife raise to the 4th floor
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: I have never seen steeper strollers (I rolled many), namely because the choice of a cane was sooo hard my wife and I were looking for a comfortable easy. The operator contacted us very quickly, got a stroller fast, everything is at the highest level! Thanks to the store!

Vlad Ryazantsev

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