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Specifications Stroller Maclaren Volo

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months
Pram weight 4 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane folding with one hand
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Chassis width 48 cm
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Wheel diameter 12 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment not
Carry handle / strap there is

Walking block

Included there is
Seat Dimensions (WxD) 32×24 cm
Seat belts there are five-point


Carrying not
Hood material the cloth
Ability to wash cover there is
Assembled Dimensions (LxV) 26×104 cm

Reviews on Maclaren Volo Stroller

Advantages: We have a version until 2016. In which the brake is on the middle and the visor which does not fold down as much as on the latest model. Great stroller for travel / travel. Very lightweight, folds up and folds out with one hand, weighs only 4 kg, hangs on the shoulder, fits perfectly in the trunk even small car (in my previous vw polo hatchback intermeddle without problems). Easy to operate with one hand. Very comfortable original rain cover (included).
Weaknesses: Weaknesses come from virtues – not the back is laid out (but this is expected – the destination is a little other). Blown away by the wind only on the go! If you hang something on pens, not even very heavy, and the child will get up – somersaults. Well it is not intended for off-road / snow. Too small wheels. When carrying on the shoulder, the leg is dirty with the bottom wheels, and the top dirty the visor (but you can buy covers for wheels). The brake on our model (which is the red rocker for middle between the rear wheels) quickly stops normal work. In the latest model, others made brakes (on each rear wheel) – it should be better, in theory. Expensive wheel repair. And yes … For the first month, the wheels creaked. Tried to lubricate silicone lubrication (as the manufacturer advised) – did not help. Then stopped to creak
Disadvantages: Used for about 1 year. Satisfied with the stroller. Last summer, in the south, I had to ride on the road from rubble. On gravel she doesn’t go – she had to drag her with a drag. In three weeks very the wheels hit hard (pretty decently erased and loosened up). However, after that she served even more than six months. Three days back on a walk the first wheel fell off. I called to find out how much repair will cost (the wheels are all ushatannye). From the price tag a little added 🙂 For non-original wheels: 300 r each (8 of them), per bushings between wheels: 350 r. piece (there are 4 of them). Total almost 4 tr Well, the work is likely to be flattened. For the original wheels generally for 600 p. asking for a piece. The price tag flies above 6 tr (easier then buy a new one). But we were lucky – yesterday through one famous bought a site for 3 tr the same stroller in a new condition (her family bought for a trip to Europe, once went, and now sold since the child has grown). But if you use it for good roads and not through snowdrifts – there should not be such problems. Well, not it is designed for off-road 🙂

Sidorenko Andrey

Advantages: Solid advantages. Used this model with 3 children, but aged 2-5 years. There is no car, so in the city and in parks – only with her!
Minuses: Perhaps not. Locks are not needed, and fast cease to fix on Russian bumps.
Minuses: Favorite carriage! And for traveling to Europe – Maclaren Volo is indispensable.

Agrova anna

Pluses: 1. Very easy. You can play on stairs holding with one hand. 2. A pleasant surprise – in it you can sleep (despite the fact that the back does not fall) – child sags like in a hammock. 3. Really fold and unfold, holding the baby in one hand (although to decompose, you need to put her to the ground with a certain side). 4. It is easy to roll with one hand. five. Durable. 6. Non-marking – synthetic mesh fabric is easy to clean. AND hardly gets wet in the rain. 7. A good shade of pink – bright, but not too, coincided with a shade of winter overalls (huppa).
Disadvantages: 1. Wheels are not very conveniently fixed (I do not I fix).
Minuses: I bought to ride with a child in a minibus. By use fact much more – so convenient. You can sleep in it, change diapers when the child is in a stroller – no. I use with six months. The hood was removed to make it even easier to fold (from snow / rain sufficiently protects the winter jumpsuit).

Galimova Anastasia

Advantages: lightweight, reliable, functional, ergonomic, stylish
Minuses: not found
Shortcomings: We have chosen this carriage for travel. On the first the place was then compact, light and reliable. But in the end, I admit that this is the best cane of those that I saw and kept in hands not only on the specified parameters. First, simple and quality construction. Goes in two movements: pressed the lever leg and folded his hand, and the stroller can be moved with one left to car trunk or throw it over your shoulder (there is a special belt). Very effective in appearance – beautiful design, high-quality materials, fabric does not fade even under the scorching sun, easy erased. Despite the fact that the stroller has only one position, it is impossible to decompose it, the child in it often fell asleep, and felt comfortable. Thought-out rain protection: the cover locks in Multiple points, easy to put on and off. Now we are already 3.4 years, but still not in a hurry to convey our Maclaren Volo by inheritance, and no, no, and we will use its help, for example, when long walks. Our weight is already more than 14 kg, on which she designed, but the stroller adequately copes with the load.

Esaulenko lilu

Pluses: very beautiful. Great rides. Easy. Maneuverable.
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: The stroller was taken when the child was already grown. Not at all the back leans back, it has not yet been announced))) the wheels are super, the seat is deep, comfortable, the child sits very comfortable. And what is she like beautiful! We have a red version, mesh. Well, just a doll, not stroller! Withstands heavy children, more than 15 kg. Light shorter I do not see any cons. I recommend to everyone.

Maryaeva Valeria

Pluses: lightweight, easy to operate, spacious basket, easy to wash
Disadvantages: price
Disadvantages: use for more than 3 years, very satisfied, take in travel, on an airplane, to a store. no complaints for this period not

Ivanova Lyudmila

Pluses: the stroller is beautiful! For those purposes for which usually buy these strollers, it is certainly one of the best. Lightweight, beautiful, easy to carry, fold and unfold. It is simply irreplaceable in shopping centers and public transport. IN traveling abroad may not be the best option due to not reclining back. That is, if you do not have the most convenient in the world flight and somewhere the child will have to sleep, sitting do not very comfortably. Otherwise, no complaints. Also she really indestructible. Ours was in active use several years before us, then we rode on it for more than a year, to Unfortunately, then I had to change to Quest, just for the sake of trips abroad, and I sold it in a chic condition.
Minuses: You just need to understand why this stroller is bought, if you are looking for a lightweight stroller for shopping centers, trips to public transport and good sidewalks, this is your option. If a you need a full stroller for all seasons, it makes no sense to take this, hard little wheels and lack of cushioning is not the best option for off-road, it is not created for this.

Laud masha

Advantages: Lightweight, mobile, does not take up much space.
Disadvantages: Lack of a reclining back, raincoat. Too light (it happened that with a gust of wind it carried pretty long away)
Minuses: Lovely stroller for traveling, walking around shopping centers. The huge minus of this stroller is the lack of reclining back. The child, when falling asleep in it, is uncomfortable hanging out. Walking in this stroller only on smooth asphalt, tile, because if you go on irregularities, it shakes and chatters a lot. Helped us on airplane trips and city walks. Great stroller! But every time I look at her, and I regret not taken with a reclining back.


Pluses: maneuverability, light weight, ideal for travel with an older baby
Disadvantages: for me they are not
Disadvantages: the most distinctive stroller cane for older children, we flew 2 times, survived 2 train rides, withstood beaches and roads of Crimea. The stroller has a very sturdy construction and chassis, operated a carriage not sparing it 2 years from April to November. we started using it after mclaren xlr, which by the way liked less. What should be noted: 1) the age of the child only after a year for children who know how to sit confidently (we started use from 1.3 to 3 years inclusive); 2) if the child is no longer sleeping in a stroller (although you can take a nap if you wish, the hammock seat is very comfortable and as it turned out roomy, we once fell asleep on the street and I drove the stroller bending over myself so the child’s head did not hang); 3) the hood of the stroller large enough to protect from sun and rain, also comfortable rain mount; safety belts; 4) wheels are comfortable quiet ride quietly, maneuverable – front I never blocked, did not use a brake; 5) the basket is small, but roomy enough it is easy to remove and wash attached to rivets; 6) the seat is also completely removed and washed, dries quickly 7) the hood can be removed completely or from the back for the summer so that it is ventilated the stroller and the child did not sweat, you can twist it and pick it up Velcro 8) the stroller folds and unfolds easily, the handles are strollers are very comfortable, highly covered with pleasant material, I hung bags on them, but my daughter at that time was sitting in otherwise, of course, it will roll over. Thank you all for your attention. maybe a review will come in handy for someone!

Tatyana Eryomina

Advantages: Lightweight, maneuverable, compact, comfortable for child
Minuses: No !!!
Disadvantages: Bought to replace the maclaren xlr, for a child of 1.3. is he no longer sleeping on walks. Bought a stroller in 2014, with modified brakes and slightly modified design, when folding now wheels do not stain cap. With excellent mattress included! With these wheelchairs are familiar, there were no complaints. To volo also no claims. The child is in a hammock, comfortable. Belts are long, my little one large, does not crush anywhere. Stroller light, maneuverable, basket quite roomy, everything comes from toys and into the store for necessary you can go. We bought another big cap, net mosquito and organizer. Super everything! It is convenient for me and the child. No the squeak that they write about (buy new strollers!) and around the city and passing through gravel and parks. The deep sand will not pass, but We normally reached the beach. When traveling is indispensable compact, they let us into the plane with her. Recommend! We bought for 5600 without special stages. In my opinion the price is excellent.

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