Stroller Maclaren Twin Techno

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Specifications Stroller Maclaren Twin Techno

General characteristics

A type walking for twins
Recommended Age from 6 months
Pram weight 12.2 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane folding with one hand
Number of wheels 12
Wheels plastic
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Folded Wheel Position apart
Wheel diameter 15 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment not

Walking block

Back adjustable
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 5
Berth length 65 cm
Seat belts there are five-point
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child not

Car seat

Anatomical pillow there is


Carrying not
Accessories sun visor, raincoat, cape on feet
Hood material the cloth
Ability to wash cover there is
Assembled stability not
Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 48x43x114 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 78x74x111 cm

Reviews on Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller

Advantages: More compact than a book, the backrest is comfortable are adjusted to a lying position separately,
Minuses: Did not live up to the expectations of the convenience of a stroller cane
Disadvantages: Of course, the choice of canes for twins is small, p. no matter how much you find fault, you’ll still buy what you have … Stroller disappointed. Firstly, she is not maneuverable! Compare with my favorite book. It’s hard even to steer with two hands. One handed – impossible: i.e. either go or eat ice cream / speak phone / hold the baby. It’s very disappointing that unreliable: first one bar of the folding mechanism has broken, but nevertheless the stroller took shape, then the tendril of a small detail broke down, pressing upon which the toe of the boot, the mechanism of the cane was folding, after that it became possible to fold the stroller by taking away certain levers, and this time and nerves. Five-point belts fasten easily, but adjustment is exhausting! In a prone position and a sitting position, in demi-season jumpsuits and sandboxes (yes, such a wacky summer 2016) the length of the belts needs different, but often it is necessary to adjust “hammer” so as not to spend an extra half hour on fitting. Lining fidget and rarely remain in their places. To fold the hoods you must first raise your knees, those when in the summer it needs to be done a hundred once a day, maybe the shadow / sun / drink / nipple correct (unfolded the condition of the hoods is inconvenient to do) I was tired of this Pts. Further … the stroller is really heavy, almost like a book, p. pen for Carrying on the side is useful only for strollers in the trunk, and driving it folded from the entrance to the parking lot is difficult: for one pen it doesn’t work, for both – it’s inconvenient, nothing more you will not take. Advantages … Stable through central wheels, it’s convenient to lower the back of a child who has fallen asleep and not to disturb him, viewing windows, there is a basket under each seat, two cup holder, the appearance is not bad … I bought a stroller with hope make life easier in the literal and figurative sense, but this is not It happened. The only plus because of which I will continue it use – compared to my favorite book takes less places in the trunk, it is indispensable when traveling.

zayanox zayanox

Advantages: Relatively light (as for double), simple develops, not easily soiled coloring, quality materials, softly comes, convenient basket, reliable strong handles, 5 positions backrest adjustments.
Minuses: Wraps on the legs are not comfortable, small some.
Disadvantages: We bought such a stroller for our boys. They chose a gray color – not easily soiled, but not as gloomy as black. Wheels go softly, do not rattle, amortize. The backs are falling regardless, kids can sleep very comfortably in horizontal position. Visors completely hide from the sun, an irreplaceable thing raincoat – always with you in the basket. There are cup holders for drinks. Our sidewalks are not very good, with pits and ledges, but until there were no breakdowns, everything is in order. And then we wait and see)

Tatyana Zhukova

Pluses: Stroller stylish black (I had 10 year model). Independent seatback adjustment. Adjustable footrests. The raincoat is convenient and compact, always carried with you in a stroller under the seat of one of the children. Pretty deep Hoods, well protected from the sun and bad weather. Nice stuff on the handles – foam rubber (I also had Mac HLR separately and Mac HT, they have rubber and plastic at the ends – for me, so uncomfortable, I I’d even say it’s unpleasant, it’s chilly in cold weather). Hands on foamed soft rubber did not freeze. Pretty big wheels for canes, drove very well. The presence of depreciation. The presence of two cup holders, albeit with a narrow neck, but packets of juice stood up at times). I bought a mosquito to her – helped out very! True, not from insects, but from prying eyes, when the children were sleeping, they hung like a curtain))
Minuses: Shoulder straps, head restraints turned out to be completely useless !!! Leg capes are small but not critical. Plus: that there are zippers on the sides, it is easy to remove and to seat children.
Disadvantages: The stroller was bought for the weather. Rather, for one-year-old, the difference between the children is 7 months in total with me. Fit a stroller from birth completely. Depreciation didn’t work right away At first I had to run a stroller a few walks, but then was amazing for a cane. The stroller was operated in the country at country road, and in Moscow. Yes, the seats are narrow, but it’s the narrowest stroller with side-by-side seats, and I drove with it many passages where the same Polish counterparts did not go! Situation was such that she wanted to buy one twin carriage for the whole the period of raising their children. Those. I wanted to do one pram. Therefore, I chose with fully recumbent backs for comfortable sleep for children, as light as possible (we often travel), to skate in the summer, and, if possible, in the winter. Frankly, there were gusts in the winter to buy a stroller with large wheels. But I somehow all 3.5 years skated this Mac. Somehow managed in winter pass, where, frankly, could not climb – did not climb)) Children in 3 years in winter Kerry completely fit (the eldest child, in general, is very large and tall), of course, end-to-end, but not critical. there is circle reflectors on a wheelchair. After 15 kg of each of the children (i.e., together with 30 kg of total weight, the maximum allowable, by the way, manufacturer) the stroller became unrealistically difficult to drive. And we it was sold, but the children were already 3 years old and 3.7 respectively. IN In general, the stroller was pleased. If it happens in life to get twins or weather again, I’ll buy it not thinking I advise for mobile parents, for summer and off-season, as an option for traveling. For the winter CITY, for the hinterland of ours I would not advise Russia, because I know, in the majority, roads are not cleaned in winter … Do not drive through). But in general, very worthy option!

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Advantages: Easy to use. Very manoeuvrable wheels which allowed to deploy the stroller in place. Pleased adjustable seatbacks, lowered to a horizontal position. Children slept beautifully in strollers for a walk. Folds compactly stored directly in the trunk of a car in the yard. Take with you on vacation transported by plane, by train. Peaks from the sun – very necessary thing. Convenient raincoat. She dresses quickly and does not interfere with children. The reflective inscriptions on our black stroller were in the most time. I always used the cup holder myself, put a bottle with juice. Baby drinkers lay in a basket under the seats.
Disadvantages: foot couplings seemed not comfortable in use. Headrest and seat belt – useless accessories. The cup holder is deformed when folding strollers, which the manufacturer did not warn about.
Minuses: The best I’ve seen from summer strollers for twins.

Smolyanskaya Marina

Advantages: lightweight, durable, manoeuvrable, fastener on belts reliable, metal and wheels did not break, fabric is strong. Raincoat good.
Disadvantages: Rubber on the handle cracked and parted after 5 months. Children at 1 year old in coveralls no longer fit. Can only be delivered one (!!!) bumper, for the second place is gone. Parasol instantly broke when trying to fold the stroller with the attached an umbrella (there’s no warning anywhere that you can’t do this!).

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Pluses: Very light compared to transformers. Strong and well thought out design, despite the apparent openwork. Three rows of double wheels allow you to drive almost everywhere. Comfortable hoods that are individually adjustable. Backrest adjustment from a sitting position to completely lying. Detachable back at the cape. Fabric-separated children’s places (so as not to disturb each other’s hands). Five-point belts hold great karapuzov, locks are very convenient and easy fastened / unfastened.
Disadvantages: After 9 months of age of children (about 9-10 kilograms) – frankly small footprint width (25 cm). Children begin to crawl with difficulty.
Disadvantages: Excellent stroller up to 9-10 months. Better and not need to. After this age, it makes sense to think about buying two separate canes for each of the children.

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